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Found 8 results

  1. Hello. I'm having an error while running Pkhex in Citra. The error only occurs with Pokémon Ultrasun, with Sun it's all ok. The error is 0x6CC00. Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. My version of Pkhex and Citra are the latest.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Just got my 3DS CFW working and got the saves for the Solgaleo and Lunala shiny popped over to upload. The PID says they are not legit, but I have done nothing to them and they are directly from my save (I moved Lunala from my Ultra Sun via Pokémon Bank). I am guessing that it is going to be illegitimate like a few others I brought over from the events, but here they are. Mewtari
  3. 1. Are you able to edit totem pokemon battles? (eg. I change Gumshoos to a Pikachu) 2. If so, will the models used in cut scenes be replaced or nah 3. How can I change a battle from a single battle to a double battle? 4. What does "AI Val" mean 5. Can you change the z crystal rewards using Pk3DS? Hope somebody can help. Many thanks, Ben
  4. So i used pk3ds to randmoize my USUM everything works and i can run the game just fine but the trainers that I randomized have random levels which makes no sense and I dont know why... They have random pokemon names and classes which is what i checked off in the settings but my first rival battle was versus lvl 54! The game that I randomized is USUM please help!
  5. I use gateway my game save is located within the new 3ds sd card ya know the back of the new 3ds moves save to desktop to try as well and same issue how do i fix this?
  6. I am currently trying to set my Pokemon UltraSun in order to let me scan correct QR codes created in PKHeX. I have installed the recent b9s firmware, updated luma to its latest release and done everything. Now, following SciresM's guide on installing the patch, I assume that this is the working way: Step 1) If I do not have a folder called "titles" in my luma folder, create one Step 2) If I do not have a folder with titleid of Pokemon UltraSun, create one Step 3) Download the first .isp file from SciresM github (the "UltraMoonPatcher.isp" file) Step 4) Put the .isp file into the UltraSun folder Step 5) Rename it "code.isp" Step 6) Put everything into the 3DS and play N.B.: I have Luna3DS, "enable patching" is checked, everything "looks" fine N.B.2: I just have "code.isp" in the UltraSun folder, not any code.bin So, whenever I try to load UltraSun, it freezes and says "An error occured", forcing me to turn the power down and try again. I have tried everything, but I do not sincerely now what to do right now. Is there something I missed? Regards
  7. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding pkhex and the bans. I have finished the game and recently I put many objects with the amount of 900 with pkhex as well as some illegal pokes (more than 510 in evs or permanent megas) for sporadic offline use (I'm not thinking about using them in online matches byany means, since in case of doing such matches online I would logically use the obtained and trained legal pokes. Special mention is that I did everything with turned wifi OFF and I have never registered the ultrasun game ID in the PGL. However, I would like to complete the pokedex and that includes having to use the gts to get alakazam and other evolving poker trading or exclusive Ultramoon pokes and Legends. If I connect to the internet in the game and do trading with the gts, could I be banned in spite of not having those illegal pokes i my team? I have searched for the answer to this in many places but it has never been clear to me. I hope that you can enlighten me. It's not necessary to say that I wont by any means put an illegal pokemon in the GTS, I dont want to spoil any other player. PS: maybe it's a stupid question but, to directly trading pokemon through the trade button in the screen below in Festiplaza do you have to register your game in PGL? Thanks and greetings to the forum
  8. Please, I was about going to the last island when I wanted to try some things on my 3ds and I lost my savegame. I use jksm for my savegames, can someone please upload a save for me somewhere near the last island? I would be very grateful, I just don't want to start a new game again... Thank you!
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