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  1. <p><p><p><p><p>Weren't you banned or something? I don't keep up with Project pokemon news anymore.</p></p></p></p></p>

  2. <p><p><p><p><p>Weren't you banned or something? I don't keep up with Project pokemon news anymore.</p></p></p></p></p>

  3. Very nice, much better than I can do. Quit being so modest. :3
  4. I've met these so-called "ex-gays". You can tell most, probably all, are lying about it so mommy will love them. It's all just repressed. The fact they get married means nothing. It's acting. Like... Well, porn. Most of the women look like they enjoy it. They don't. My friend told me a story about a friend of her cousins that did porn, I won't go into detail, but the acting she did is on the same level as "ex-gays". You'd be surprised how good at lying they are. You can't change it. It's like my friend and gay camp. You know what he did? He went and shot himself because of that mentality, that he could be "changed". Ask ANY psychologist, one with an actual degree and years of research under his or her belt. All of them will say it cannot be changed. Repressed? Yes, but that's a horrible thing to do. It's even more "immoral" than sodomy.
  5. Amen to that. I also agree that religious beliefs need to be taken out of the government. Really... If the country was run according to the Bible... What hell would we be in? Let's see... We'd still be stoning people. We'd still be sacrificing people/animals. It would be the death penalty if we wore clothes made of different materials. I could go on and on, but I won't. I'm not saying your beliefs are wrong, I'm just saying that religion and government should be two separate entities. I say, give them rights. If you don't like it? Suck it up and tough it out. It has nothing to do with you. Nothing at all. I wish people would quit PMSing over the lives of others. >_< If you believe how they live is a sin, fine. Trust me, everyone has heard the "going to hell, immoral, blah" speeches. They obviously don't care. They just want to live their lives. And don't even say that "they corrupt our kids into lives of immoral, wanton pleasure" or something like that. Let's adopt the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, and get on with our lives.
  6. Uhm, wraith, I think you're the one confusing love and lust. You cannot choose who you love. Not in the least. You can choose to ignore or respond to those feelings, but you cannot choose who you feel for. I fell in love with my best friend. Did I choose to love him? No. Did I even want to love him? No. That doesn't change the fact that I did, and still do. A friend of mine fell in love with a guy of a different race. I mean, head over heels in love. I live in the south. Down here, interracial relationships are spit upon. She despised herself for loving him, but no matter what she could do, she still loved him more than anything. Love IS an emotion. What else could it be? It's the strongest of positive emotions. I think you are the one that is misled. Love... Is beautiful. It leaves you broken, breathless, scared, and yet, wanting more. It's what we live for. If you ask anyone, what they really want, something immaterial and invaluable, they will say "love". Love is the thing that keeps us living, keeps us energetic, and keeps us on our toes. Why? Because it's unpredictable. We cannot anticipate who we love. We cannot change those feelings afterwords. That is the beauty of love! It's an emotion, yet, it can be something more, though all it ever really is, is an emotion. The varying degrees of those feelings are how we define love, and what it really is. At it's best, it is Nirvana. Something so wonderful, no words, be them written or spoken, can ever define or change it. At it's worst, it destroys us. But, the thing is, even if it hurts us, we desire that hurt. The pain, the destruction... It makes us feel complete. Even if it hurts, you never want to feel anything else. Love does sometimes lead to lust, as does lust lead to love, but they are two different emotions. Two different worlds. Lust is pleasure, physical pleasure. Love is... Unconditional. It requires nothing physical. It is Nirvana. Peace. Joy. Immeasurable. Incomprehensible. An emotional high. Our emotions define us. We cannot, under any circumstance, define our emotions. Homosexuality is not about lust, though, like heterosexuality, it can be. It is about love. Finding someone, no matter what gender, that lets us reach Nirvana. True happiness. Finding someone that makes life worth living for. As much as you'd like to deny it, it's true. Repressing love only leads to pain, the pain nobody wants to feel. The pain that I wish you could feel for five minutes. You'd explode. I'm for love. You're against it. That's how it will always be. Love versus religion. Trust, happiness, and peace, versus a legion of people following a man who taught love, and yet they refuse to practice it. /sigh... People these days. >_< EDIT: To clarify, I wasn't talking about any one person. Just the general populous against gay marriage... Like, Fred Phelps and that whole "God Hates Fags" deal. Goddess... If I ever got my hands around his neck... He'd be WISHING he were in hell.
  7. I agree with you, Illithian, although I'm bringing up some of my own points. First off, I'm going to come out and say it. I'm bisexual. Now, I am more straight than I am lesbian, but if I see a beautiful woman crossing the street, I acknowledge that she is very attractive. Would I automatically want to sleep with her? No. It's NOT like that. It hardly ever is. We, as in homosexuals, are not the sexual, perverted deviants you seem to think we are. We do not sleep around as much as you think we do. In fact, we probably sleep around less than heterosexual couples. It's about love, not sex. You know, LOVE, the thing your teacher, Christ, taught. I love how, nowhere in the Bible, Christ mentions homosexuality as a sin. If it were so important, wouldn't he mention it? Also, what does it do to you if a man and man, or woman and woman get married? Yeah, nothing. They aren't forcing you to live like they do, rather, they'd LIKE it if you ignored them. I know a lesbian couple in my town. They are the nicest people I've ever known, and they are in more love than I've ever seen between two creatures. Their love has nothing to do with you, since they respect others, and do not show PDA. They keep it in private. What impact does it have on your psyche? Are you really so... Pathetic, that you let something like love scar you for life? I certainly hope not. Well, I guess since you can bring in religion, so can I. The Goddess has specifically stated that, "All acts of love and pleasure" are Her rituals. Where has She said this? In our hearts. Our minds. Our soul. I do not need a book to tell me what is right and wrong. Love is love. Regardless of gender, if it brings pleasure, why is it a sin? I know that, in my heart, the Goddess (and God, but my Goddess and I are closer, she's the mother I wish I had) sanctions all love. If both parties consent, and it brings them pleasure, there is nothing "sinful" about it, in fact, it is absolutely beautiful! The beauty of love, and sex, is that it does nothing but bring pleasure! STDs are the result of carelessness and stupidity, not sex in itself. To Her, it does not matter whether you have (I'm going to assume we're all mature enough here to handle sexual terminology) a penis or vagina, but rather, whether or not you have LOVE. Marriage? If your priests wish not to perform it for same-sex couples, that is their choice. But, if a priest (or priestess!) wishes to, why stop them? It was never a Christian concept. There was marriage long before the Catholic church. Floot, you sadden me. You really do. There is NO CURE. It isn't a disease. To think so is disgusting. I recommend the movie Religulous. I am not atheist, but that movie brought up so many good points, it's incredible.
  8. See, even you don't get it. o_O;;; Oh well. Lolwut? Methinks you just read the title. >_>; Meaning you can't think of a rebuttal? I don't see how it's unfair. Just because you can't come up with an answer, doesn't make it unfair. <_< I hate that. If Christians make fun of Darwinists/Evolutionists, it's perfectly fine. But if Evolutionists make fun of Christians, it's discrimination.
  9. I think you missed my point. Quit acting all high and mighty. Believe what you want, but quit dismissing everything before you learn the facts, like you were obviously doing with Enkidu and Jiggy. The conversations looked like this, in a nutshell: Jiggy/Enkidu: Uhm, about evolution... The concept of the theory -cut off- You: LOL Bible omgwtf J/E: But, if you just look at this and try to understa- You: BIBLE SAYS NO J/E: You aren't even try- You: BIBLE IS RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG YES J/E: Never mind >_< You: LOL I WIN Honestly, it really did look like that. Bring up another point instead of using the bible. It is a BOOK. Unproven books have no place in a logical discussion. If you had a valid point, such as carbon dating, then maybe. As of right now, all you have is a book, and it gets real old, real fast. Why was god afraid for man to eat from the tree of knowledge? Did he want us to live in ignorance? That's... Quite douchebaggy. Don't even start with "ITS A TESSSST" That is tempting you, like putting wine in front of an alcoholic suffering from withdrawal: "Hey, look at this. It looks mighty good, but you can't have it. If you try to take it, I'll kick your ass". Really. That isn't very nice. That doesn't excuse putting them through pain at all. We're his SERVANTS? Wow, that makes me feel like I'm worth something. This great quote describes my feelings. I'm not atheist, but it describes this well. "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" - Epicurus Why. Let. Evil. Happen. At. All? If he's going to get rid of it at judgment day, why would he let it happen at all? Don't start with the testing crap. Again, that's pretty mean. Do we just exist to give him an ego boost? To make him feel loved by something, and if we don't show that love (because he hasn't given us any proof) we burn for eternity? Why didn't he just zap satan? If he couldn't because of free will, he is not omnipotent. If he didn't want to, he is malevolent. I've been told there will be no sin in heaven. That means there will be no free will. There cannot be free will without the option to do bad. I'd rather burn in a lake of fire for being free than live in Neverland for being a slave. We've listened to your arguments. Go read up on what evolution ACTUALLY is, and reread the info Jiggy and Enkidu gave you. If you still don't believe it? Fine. But from the looks of it, you just saw the word "evolution", and entirely dismissed it. How can you not expect us to do the same to you?
  10. As long as you believe it and feel good about it, it's fine. You do NOT know that Christianity is the right path. You may believe it is, but that does not, by any means, make it completely true. I guess I can never install that into you, but belief and truth are two different things. I do believe my faith. I honestly and truly do. That does not mean it's the right one. Islam may be the "right" religion. Hindu might be. Asatru might be. Christianity might be. We don't know, and should quit pretending we do. Your logic still baffles me. Why would god give him permission to hurt people? To test their faith? IMO, that's an asshole-ish thing to do, right there. There is NO reason to do that. If they choose to defy him, fine, but why give an evil being permission to hurt them? It just makes no sense.
  11. That is what you believe. Again, not my belief system. I prefer to believe in a God and Goddess that do not let the world be ruled by a "creature of pure evil". I prefer to believe in a world where we choose our own destinies, our own paths in life, no strings attached. I prefer to believe in a world where the battled between "good" and "evil" is not made up of a God and devil playing a betting game, but rather inside ourselves, trying to find out who, or what we really are. Keep true to your beliefs. If they make you feel good about life and keep you going, it's always worth it. I don't agree with it, but it doesn't matter what I think in the long run. This is YOUR life, YOUR call. Do what you feel is right, but try not to hurt others in the process.
  12. Because the scripture is, indeed, mistranslated. You won't believe it, so I won't try. I'm attracted to it because I believe it, nothing more, nothing less. My Goddess has helped me through thick and thin, just like your Christ has. It's my belief system. Yes, I know, EVIL. Witches are NOT evil. Not in the least. That logic makes no sense to me. The article, again, their belief system. I do not believe Christ was the son of god. Therefore, I am not a Christian. I never will be. That person believes in Christianity because they decided the path of the Lord and Lady wasn't right for them. I firmly believe any path that makes you do good in life is a good path. Earth is not ruled by satan. Yes, people can be evil. Again, my belief that everyone, and everything have two sides, "good" and "evil". Satan is simply a scapegoat for people to blame their misdeeds on. If people choose to believe a little red man made them do something, fine with me. That doesn't change the fact that THEY are the ones who made that decision. It's fine, really. You just need to be a little more educated before you post. :3 EDIT: Turtlekid, the scripture has no REASON to be valid. It is, again, a book. If you believe it, fine. That does not make you right, or your religion the only answer.
  13. Oh lord... This makes me think all future legendaries will be like this.. Dialgatwo, Palkiatwo, Shaymintwo, Suicunetwo, Enteitwo, etc... O_o;;;
  14. Lol, nawww, thanks. Or are you 14, or just pedobear reincarnated? Just kidding. People, pics, NAO.
  15. Yeah, I remember FEAR. It's impossible to pull off successfully now, it's become quite common. I did use it on my friend though... It was quite like this comic here: http://www.gurl.com/showoff/comix/pages/1,,711789-1,00.html (20 pages long, btw. >_> I love that person, plus, she lives in VA! ) EDIT: Or maybe 10 pages, I apparently can't count. o_O;
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