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  1. On my Gen 4 sav (Pearl), a random Grimer showed up as invalid: unable to match an encounter from origin game. The level is the cause of the invalid. According to Bulbapedia, it should be legal between Lv18 to 20 on Route 212 (Swarm), but PKHeX only accepts Lv18. On my Gen 6 sav (OR), my 3rd gen (Ruby) Gardevoir failed legality check with the Artist ribbon. On Gen 3, Artist ribbon is received once a mon gets a sketch in the museum, which requires all ribbons of a particular contest category (in my case, Smart). Upon transferring to Gen 4, the contest ribbons were consolidated into a blue Contest memory ribbon. Is the Artist ribbon being deemed invalid because the mon no longer has the 4 original ribbons? Using the latest release of PKHeX 20171205. 088 - GRIMER - 2CA1251A9444.pk4 282 - Gardevoir - 778197DEAD77.pk6
  2. I have this "legal" Gen IV event Jirachi that I snagged (pun intended) off of Pokecheck back in the glory days. It comes up as illegal on PKHeX, just curious if it's actually illegal? EDIT: The issue is "Encounter Type PID mismatch". Jirachi.pk7
  3. You can pass down learn-able moves as egg moves as long as both parents know the move, and the base form also knows the move. EDIT: After seeing the above post, so it still shows up as illegal when hatched in XY?
  4. Possible missed case of legality? Play Rough is a pre-evolution move not passed down on the Slaking line, but breeding 2 Skaloth with Play Rough makes it a re-learnable. Using the current 9/22 release.
  5. Doesn't it also generate a "legal" PID for Gen V pokemon with the PID field empty?
  6. Do BW and B2W2 generate PIDs differently? A few months back I had a problem where pokegen gave me invalid PIDs in B2W2 (which I found out through Pokecheck.) No problems were encountered when doing so with BW. I would have to save a pokemon with blank PID about 4 times before it started giving me a legal one. Is this a problem with pokegen or did I miss a step? I'm wondering because I completely stopped using pokegen on B2W2 because of this problem (and I've recently started playing B2W2 again.)
  7. Exactly so. Let me upload 2 Pokemon that it has happened to. Both were caught in-game and untampered with. After extracting them to .pkm, their trashbytes are no longer correct. Not sure if trashbytes are affected when just opening the save file, however. Rhyhorn..pkm Altaria..pkm
  8. When extracting Pal Park 3rd Pokemon to .pkm, trashbytes are corrupted. The Pokemon extracted are 100% legit and caught in-game (from Ruby.)
  9. I'm most likely setting the IR-GTS wrong... Could you give me some clear instructions? The IP address it gives me is which can't be inputted and when I try own IP address it works but I can't connect.
  10. Er, I don't get an error number The game just tells me "Unable to connect to the GTS, returning to the reception counter"... I'm using linksys, and the port forwards are ranges, so I just set it to 53 to 80 BOTH (TCP/UDP).
  11. I'm trying to use IR-GTS, but whenever I try to connect to the GTS, the game tells me it's unable to connect to the GTS. I'm trying to send some .pkm into my PC.
  12. Do you mean the Extra Bytes? If so, how come the values don't show stuff? Example, I caught a Pokemon in HGSS with a Ultra Ball, the value would become 02, etc. etc.
  13. I was thinking of this: Earlier I asked about the hidden hex values, you said that they changed according to the stuff we changed in PokeGen, so I was wondering if it would be possible to show the hidden hex values anyways.
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