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  1. Hello there, I've been making a Rom hack of Pokemon Ultra Sun and I've run into an issue. I've looked around on the forums and I haven't been able to find a similar issue, but if there already is sorry for asking. In short, every time I try to open static encounters, I run into an error message. Here is the message. Exception Details: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: InvalidArgument=Value of '65535' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'. Parameter name: SelectedIndex at System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me out with something. Not even sure if I'm in the right area. But, I'm trying to randomize alpha sapphire on pk3ds and so far everything is working except for the ExeFS section where the selections are Move Tutors, TMS/HMS/Pokemart/Pickup Items/O-Powers/Shiny Rate is grayed out. I have the folder of ExeFs but for some reason, I can't randomize the sections I mentioned. My first time for Omega Ruby I tried it it worked but I had forgot to randomize trainers pokemons so I went back and downloaded Alpha Sapphire. I have the right bin file. I have co
  3. I've been using PK3DS to work on my romhack of Pokemon Y for several months now. My hard drive recently corrupted and I lost everything apart from a previously built version of the rom hack as a .3ds file. PK3DS gives me the error listed below when I attempt to extract it and i've search and tried every extraction method I could find and nothing has worked! Is there any way to extract it and continue or is this the grim end of my romhack!? Exception Details: System.OverflowException: Array dimensions exceeded supported range. at pk3DS.Core.CTR.RomFS..ctor(String fn) at
  4. So I'm trying to make a rom hack of pokemon ultra moon where all battles are changed to double battles and changes to some pokemon to make them more viable. I used Pk3DS to unpack and edit the ROM. I've tried this before but last time when trying to rebuild the rom it would say: 'an unandled exeption has occured' just before closing Pk3DS entirely. I figured that I had done some weird input of some sort but I want to try to look what happened and figured it would be faster to just start fresh. So I got a fresh Ultra Moon ROM, changed some stuff and tried to rebuild it. But the same message occ
  5. I've been trying to make a rom hack of Pokemon Ultra Moon using Pk3DS, but the when rebuidling the .3ds file an error message occurs and Pk3DS closes down. When I rebuild the RomFS or ExeFS it works fine and they appear as .bin files. But I'm not sure if how to make those work with the main file. Does anyone know a way to fix this or maybe another way to rebuild the file?
  6. I'm trying to make a rom hack of Pokemon Ultra Moon, with all battles changed to double battles and some minor buffs to weak pokemon. I extracted the files using pk3ds and changed the stats and abilities of some pokemon and I also increased the shiny rates. But now, when I try to rebuild the ROM, after a while of loading it says An unhandled exception has occurred before closing pk3ds entirely. Does anybode know what might have happened and what I can do about it?
  7. I've been want to make a Ultra Moon ROM hack where all battles are changed to double battles, but after extracting the files in packenglish and when I try to open it in Pk3DS nothing happens. I've used pK3DS with Pokemon X before and it worked just fine. When comparing my Ultra Moon files with my Pokemon X files and the UltraMoon files in a tutorial I noticed that the usual ExtractedBanner, ExtractedExeFS and ExtractedRomFS instead where called ExtractedManual, ExtractedN3DSUpdate and ExtractedO3DSUpdate. The contents of the files where also different. I don't think I did anything differ
  8. Sorry if this isn't were i should put this, but When i load up PK3DS ( pokemon Y ) and click on the Wild encounters Button make a quick change, adding in a pokemon that comes in Pokemon X, Gastly. When i go to save the encounters (Button) it pops up an Error. Exception Details: System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for a UInt16. at System.Convert.ToUInt16(Int32 value) at pk3DS.XYWE.MakeSlotData(Int32 species, Int32 f, Int32 lo, Int32 hi) in D:\a\1\s\pk3DS\Subforms\Gen6\XYWE.cs:line 445 at pk3DS.XYWE.MakeEncounterData() in D:\a\1\s\pk3DS\Subform
  9. I can’t figure out how to use the trainer editor on PK3DS on ultra moon. Can somebody help me? I can’t change the Pokémon people have. In the picture it shows a mime junior but I can’t change it.
  10. Hey guys Im new here Ive just started a new adventure on a Omega Ruby Randomized Nuzlocke I edited myself. I just randomized trainers pokemon, wild pokemon and gift pokemon. The thing is I allowed Mega Evos to show up in the wild and for my surprise I catched a Mega Altaria lvl 5. After a few hours of playing Mega Altaria went back to its original form of Altaria and I dont know the reason nor the way to fix it. The whole point was that the Mega Forms you catch were always gona be Megas.. Let me know if someone happens to encounter the same issue or someone knows how to fix it.
  11. I've just gotten into ROM hacking, playing around with pk3DS in ultra sun. I notice that some moves have inherent effects that cannot be changed with the standard move editor, the main culprit being Mind Blown. I am trying to remove the 1/2 health recoil effect and it seems it's built in to the move's code. What is the best path forward if I want to change this?
  12. Hi, I’ve been trying to make an oras randomizes and everything works except for the item randomizer, tm randomizer, and pokemart editor. This is day 4 of trying to solve this problem, I need help, plz
  13. I've edited moves in Pkhex but their names and descriptions (which i edited in game text) arent showing. The moves themselves have the new base powers and effects I set though. Any ideas? All other game and story text I've changed works fine, it's just the moves that aren't changing. I've ensured the hack I've made is the only one with the game's titleid, etc etc.
  14. i cant seem to use the new snl version of the pk3ds .exe any ideas?
  15. Hello! I'm trying to randomize my pokemon y file using pk3ds, but when I downloaded it (tried it both unextracted and extracted) it didn't have any runnable files. I haven't found anybody else with this issue, please help!
  16. So after scouring the internet for far too long on trying to figure out how to extract the battle and OW models from Ultra Moon (I have concluded that these are located within a/1/7/4 and a/2/0/0 respectively, please correct me if this is wrong), I've run into an issue. Attempting to extract 0 and 4 within GARCTool results in a OutOfMemory error (GARCTool successfully extracts the battle models for Omega Ruby for me, so it's not totally broken in that sense). GARC UnPacker yields the same error message. I try to use the "(un)Pack + BCLIM" tool within PK3DS, but every single forum resp
  17. Im gonna copy the whole error message here so its a bit, whenever i try to randomize wild encounters this message shows up and pk3ds crashes: Exception Details: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Der Wert 10 ist für Value ungültig. Value sollte zwischen 'Minimum' und 'Maximum' liegen. Parametername: Value bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous) bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args) bei pk3DS.Main.<B_Wild_Click>b__36_0() in C:\BuildAgent\work\ccf72a59f99
  18. Hi all I have recently benn trying to randomize pokemon sun and moon and i keep getting a recurring issue. Everytime i try and randomize trainers PK3DS just decides to crash and i dont know the resolution and i need help to resolve this issue if any of you know anything to help me with a resolution to this subject. -MasterADogg
  19. 1. Are you able to edit totem pokemon battles? (eg. I change Gumshoos to a Pikachu) 2. If so, will the models used in cut scenes be replaced or nah 3. How can I change a battle from a single battle to a double battle? 4. What does "AI Val" mean 5. Can you change the z crystal rewards using Pk3DS? Hope somebody can help. Many thanks, Ben
  20. Agregar esto ayudaría a muchos youtubers o solo a los jugadores que quieren hacer un aleatorio o cualquiera de ellos, en mi caso con amigos jugamos el pokemon randomlocke ultra-aleatorio, en el que hicimos una regla para elegir qué haríamos o si moriríamos. un pokemon, etc., pero el problema es que pk3ds elimina el juego guardado y luego no hay otro editor, sabemos que pkhex es mucho más fácil de usar, pero sin la capacidad de cambiar la habilidad a elección, esto nos serviria para cambiar la habilidad a el otro o para nosotros mismos. Al final terminamos sin usar pkhex cuando sabemos lo fácil
  21. Hi I would like to create a .3ds file after editing with pk3ds. How do I do that? I want a .3ds file to play on the pc Initially, I'm Brazilian, and hacking using guides in English is not the easiest thing in the world. Please be patient. How I got here: I extract the file from a .3ds file using HackingToolkit (by Asia81 - I think) Uncompressed .bin file in edit form on PK3DS using ctrtool And after editing in PK3DS I can not make the output files become a .3ds file. How do I do this? How should I save on PK3DS, and what software should I use? If it is something
  22. Hello! I wanted to know how one would go about editing the moves of a ROM: adding new ones, change/recycle the animations, change the effects, change the descriptions, etc. All the hacks I've played of X/Y seem to be limited to changing things with pk3DS (power, accuracy, type, etc.) Isn't there a way to edit the actual raw code? By using pk3DS, I've noticed that the code in a/2/1/2 doesn't change a bit. So how come when I rebuild the ROM, I see the changes? Does that mean that the actual code that controls the move is somewhere else? Perhaps in the ExeFS folder's files? If so, how c
  23. So i used pk3ds to randmoize my USUM everything works and i can run the game just fine but the trainers that I randomized have random levels which makes no sense and I dont know why... They have random pokemon names and classes which is what i checked off in the settings but my first rival battle was versus lvl 54! The game that I randomized is USUM please help!
  24. I've been trying to randomize my pokemon sun game, and when I try to load the folder where all the information is kept onto pk3ds, this happens: When I press yes or no, this pops up, but when I press continue or quit the buttons stay gray: When I press cancel, this pops up, and the buttons also stay gray no matter what: When I say gray buttons, I mean this: I don't know what's wrong, and any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Before I ask this, I AM AWARE THIS IS ILLEGAL BUT I DO NOT PLAN ON USING IT AGAINST ANYONE, ITS JUST A PERSONAL THING THAT I WILL REVERT TO NORMAL LATER. So I wanted to edit the zygarde encounter in Ultra USUM for him to be in his perfect/complete form. Just for the battle, my question is that what form should he be in? I've attached a screenshot for what i did, from what i gathered from testing, Form 0 is his 50% form, 1 is his 10%, 2 is his 10% form again BUT he will go into his perfect form when he drops below 50% health. My question is, is there a way for me to encounter him already i
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