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  1. It's an easy game. There are 2 teams: Red Team VS Green Team It's simple, if your username starts with # -M, you are on the Red Team, if your username starts with N-Z, you are on the Green Team. One person has to make a statement and another person from another team has to say what's wrong with it. eg. "Houndour is a legendary" "No, it isn't" The problem could also be a grammarical or spelling mistake eg. "Houndour is not an legendary" "No. Houndour is not a legendary" See, easy! Points: Every time a player from a team catches a mistake within 1 day, they get 1 point. Rules: The statements have to be Pokemon related. You cannot catch a mistake of a player on your own team If a mod cathces a mistake, his/her team gets 5 points Simple! Points: Red:1 Green:2
  2. my work...Gfx What do you think?...comment...thanks
  3. I didn't see a suggestions section. Anyway, I was lurking around the forums and I didn't see a staff list. I think this would be a good contribution to the community. If there is a staff list somewhere that I didn't see, please post the link and then delete my thread, anyway...if there isn't one I will be glad to create one I just need to know who the current staff is. Anyway thanks.... ~Troy
  4. I'm trying to transfer my friend's Pokemon platinum save from his Supercard Compact-Flash to his new CycloDS. SCF saves are normally 256k, but the platinum save is 512k (seems odd, since his pearl and diamond saves are 256k) The platinum save works perfectly in-game on his Supercard, but so far I have been unable to convert it or load it with Pokesav. I've tried ndssavetool and that online sav converter page... both create output files but the output just gives blank info in Pokesav and a new game on the CycloDS. Presumably the Supercard has done something weird to the save file, but exactly what is beyond my expertise... someone suggested looking at it with a hex editor but I wouldn't know what to look for anyway! Anyone got any ideas? Many thanks
  5. Help pls? (I have PLatinum (U) btw) http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=PqgNLZi Oh yea, and all my edited retro mons say Unknown GBA type, but everything else is VALID. I have another question as well... Did I edit this Mew right? And what's all this mess about the Trash Byte Normalizer not working with Platinum saves? I made the Mew in the attached files down there with Valid info, except the fact that it says 'Unknown GBA Type'. Mew.pkm
  6. Help pls? http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=PqgNLZi Oh yea, and all my edited retro mons say Unknown GBA type, but everything else is VALID.
  7. Hi, I just started using Pokesav, and something is really wrong. I am using the AR Pokesav Code Generator, but when I export it to the Code Manager, it's name is "okemon Diamond" and the game id is wrong. When I change everything right, the code won't work. What am I doing wrong?? Is there a glitch in the software? :( :(
  8. This is all really long, so be prepared..... Well, since I've been addicted to my Platinum and haven't really been on the forums lately since I didn't think I did anything wrong, I haven't been reading anymore about tips or how to make legality. To be honest, I have no clue if anybody has already posted a topic like this, and I'm sorry if they have, but I couldn't find anything like this, so I'm just making a new thread. I started making a new team for my Platinum very long before it came out. In fact, I started making it even before anybody knew it was going to come out, so as you could of guessed, I was bored and wanted to start a new team. Conveniently, a little bit after I had finished making my team, I found out that Pokemon Platinum was coming out, and I got really excited because I was actually going to be able to start fresh with my new team! Now keep in mind that I didn't have an action replay back then, or was my Pokemon Diamond hacked in any way. I also bred them all to perfection, down to making sure the nature was right, and even the gender I wanted them to be. I saved the training for my future Platinum when it came out, so it would be completely trained by my Platinum. About a month before it came out was my birthday. My best friend had an action replay, and I was against cheating like a good democrat is against Bush. But, eventually, I gave into that evil temptation and asked for an Action Replay for my birthday. My birthday, Feb 26, I did get an action replay. I decided to join the Pokesav Forum. I read all about hacking and cheating, and what EVs and IVs were, and how many EVs were the max, etc. Then I thought, how cool would it be if I hacked my team instead of using the legal pokemon I had spent over 4 months breeding to perfection? After all, their attack and speed would be amazing.... At that point in my thoughts, I started drooling. I couldn't stand it any longer! I had to get hacking! So away to my computer I went, copying down their abilities, levels, original trainers, and more to Pokesav. My hands were shaking with excitement when it came time to export the code. It would be amazing. I exported the code onto my Action Replay, and activated the code onto my DS.... (I had heard about it replacing any other pokemon in your party, so I was sure to get stupid pokemon to fill my party up such as Bidoof) And there was my gorgeous dream team before me! I was so happy. I opened up the summary to check if I had done everything right, and.... what does it say?!? Egg "obtained"? Not egg "recieved"?!? Also, "apparently hatched"? Not "hatched from egg"?!?!? Argh, back to the drawing board. Anyway, I spent some time researching about how to fix that, and after multiple tries of trying to get the team right, came to the conclusion I would have to trick Pokesav into "changing" my name and Trainer ID to what it was already in the game to get it to make the pokemon look completely legal. So, I tried again, and finally, oh this precious moment was too much to bear. I was praying I had done it right this time.... and as I open my eyes, I realize I had done it right! I was pretty much hopping up and down with joy. I hadn't realized what I had done until I looked at my original Diamond party, the one which I had trained before that. They all said that I hadn't hatched them from beloved eggs, or that the trainer that had hatched them wasn't me! I was pretty sad, but then realized it wouldn't matter because my main game was going to be Platinum. That cheered me up a little bit. Anyway, time warp ahead to when I get my Platinum game.... April 6th, 2009 The day had finally come. I had convinced my parents to take me along with them on one of their errands and let me buy Platinum while they're there. I was pretty excited. When I got home, the first thing I did was get to Sandgem town so I could trade the sparkly new team I had made in Pokesav to my Platinum. Time warp ahead to me realizing I had made my Pokemon team just a little too powerfull to be true... A little after I beat the Elite Four, I took a look at my Pokemon's stats. They did look a little too powerful, after all. I mean, come on! My Tyranitar was only at level 50 or so and had an attack of 224 already? That's what my Luxray's attack was at level 74 in my Diamond game! I started to get a little nervous. Time warp ahead to after beating the Elite Four and after making a battle video of me beating the Castle Brain of Battle Fronteir..... I had just made this awesome new video of me beating the Battle Fronteir Castle Brain in a breeze. I quickly Fly to Jubilife City and run to the Global Terminal so I can post my amazing new video on the network. I go to the little station and select "Post My Video". Here's where the whole point of all this writing comes in. After about 3 seconds, it says "Something seems to be wrong with your Pokemon. We were not able to post your video." Or something like that. That really freaked me out. My pokemon were already all at level 62, and NOW it tells me I have something wrong with my pokemon?!?!?!? What did I do wrong? Someone please tell me. Also, sorry for taking up so much space with my extensive writing.... I just felt I had to get it out. If someone requests it, I will post all the stuff I put into Pokesav to make this team. My suspicion is it either has something to do with the Hex Values or the EVs. What I think I did wrong is I put the EVs at like, 250 for attack and all the rest of the stuff, but the total does not exceed 510. I made sure of that. But what I think went wrong is that as they level up, they gain EVs, so in the long-term, they did exceed 510.... is that true? Another suspicion I have is that I did create a Shiny Swampert as one of my team members. I didn't use an application to create the PIV of PID or whatever it is, but the only question is I didn't use it in that battle video..... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! Thank you so much!!!
  9. So I made myself a code for items, that gives Super Repel/Power items for EV training/EXP.Share, and some random items. The code I used was the following. 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E0000644 00000294 00050125 00050124 00050122 00050121 00050123 00050126 0087004C 000400E5 03E7004A 03E7004B 03E70049 03E70048 03E7005D 000600D8 But the code was very long, it had 00000000 00000000 for like 50 more lines, so I decided to cut those lines and just end it with D2000000 00000000. Now after about a week after I used the code, I can't seem to get anymore items.. If I pick up an item or take one from my pokemon, it simply just isn't in my bag anymore (Moon Stone + Lucky Egg).. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?? ---------- Post added at 04:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:27 PM ---------- I should include that the code I used, replace ALL the items in my bag with the items listed in the code (Power items / all the Shards + some random crap ). ---------- Post added at 05:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:29 PM ---------- I'm been fiddling, and this is what I think happened : Since I didn't copy the 00000000 00000000 lines (I think these are placeholders in your bags..), I think my bag only holds the items I pokesav'd for.. Now how would I revert this code back?
  10. hi, when i try to load my pokemon platinum save file in my pokesav, a msg pops up saying "wrong file type". i loaded my .SAV file, wut am i doing wrong? ---------- Post added at 06:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:03 PM ---------- bump, anyone help plz
  11. so I made this code that should give you on box 12 all 10 ANIV pokés but after I put the code on the AR, the screen freezes before entering the game (stays white) Theh Code: Long code, ain't it?
  12. Does anyone here know how to make or upload .pkm files? All I want to do is check some of the Pokemon I've recieved in trades that I feel are suspicious and I'm literally at the end of my tether trying to figure this out with no luck. Thanks to anyone that can help and sorry to the mods if this is the inappropriate place for such requests as this is for the Legality Checker...
  13. i just downloaded the latest version of Pokesav for pokemon platinum:).And i tried to open it and it said "wrong save type":mad:.After a long search,i found an answer told me to make the save type of my Pokemon game between 256k-512k,is that right??:confused:
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