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  1. haha i know how you mean =P i was asking for help in getting a munchlax...and then finally decided to cheat =\ now lo and behold, i can't stop creating fake pokemon T_T
  2. Pokeballs seriously...never used any other pokeball (except safari balls in great marsh) unless facing a legendary x)
  3. For me, second gym was the hardest. I had to catch a ponyta and train it to lvl 16 in order to be able to drag myself through the trainer battles. Ponyta died against the leader =.="
  4. diamond: starly (but never used it =.=") platinum: shinx (used it until lvl 36)
  5. Bibarel - surf, waterfall, rock climb, cut Tropius - rock smash, fly, strength, defog Gyrados (surf )
  6. Hi! well...i was wondering how to create a non-'Type: Hacked Pokemon' pokemon it seems as if everytime i create a pokemon, it says 'hacked'. So i would appreciate knowing what i am doing wrong. =P Thanks! Here's one of my failed pokemon =( *Edit: oh yeah...i'm also wondering how to make a valid munchlax found from a tree... Eevee1.pkm
  7. oh woah! that was fast! =O umm, .pkm would be nice thanks soo much! ^^
  8. oh...one more thing...i don't have wifi over here, is there another way you could send me the file? Thanks in advance! ^^
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