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  1. Version 1.0.0


    ¡All Square Shiny Galarian forms, Alola Forms and Normal Forms available in Pokemon Sword and Shield! (Sorry for my english, im Spanish) (If something is wrong, please excuse me) Hello, today I am leaving this file that has all the Square Shiny Pokemon Forms 6 Ivs available in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Gen 8). This file contains: - All the Square Shiny Galarian Forms 6 Ivs - All the Square Shiny Alola Forms 6 Ivs - All the Square Shiny Normal Forms 6 Ivs Note: Alolan Exeggutor and Alolan Marowak have 3 versions. Alolan Raichu and Normal Weezing also have 2 versions: - One of them ("Alola") is because the Origin Game is Alola. - Another of them ("Galar NO OT") is because the Origin Game is Galar, can be Shiny, but you can't change the OT, TID and SID. - The last of them ("Galar OT") is because the Origin Game is Galar, you can change the OT, TID and SID, but can't be Shiny. And that's it, I hope this file helps you and works. Have a nice day. // Español - Spanish // ¡Todos las Formas Galar, Formas Alola y Formas Normales en "Square Shiny" disponibles en Pokemon Espada y Escudo! Hola, el día de hoy estoy dejando este archivo con todas las formas pokemon en "Square Shiny 6 Ivs" disponibles en Espada y Escudo (Octava Gen) Este archivo contiene: - Todas las Formas Galar en "Square Shiny 6 Ivs" - Todas las Formas Alola en "Square Shiny 6 Ivs" - Todas las Formas Normales en "Square Shiny 6 Ivs" Nota: Exeggutor Alola y Marowak Alola tienen 3 versiones. Raichu Alola y Weezing Normal también tienen 2 versiones: - Una de ellas ("Alola") es porque el Juego Original es Alola - Otra de ellas ("Galar NO OT") es porque el Juego Original es Galar, puede ser Shiny, pero no puedes cambiarle el EO, ID y la IDs. - La ultima de ellas ("Galar OT") es porque el Juego Original es Galar, puedes cambiarle el EO, ID y la IDS, pero no puede ser Shiny. Y eso es todo, espero que este archivo te ayude y funcione. Ten un buen día.
  2. I'm trying to make a monotype Normal team to compete in a casual monotype tourney. I know of at least one mono Bug team for certain (some of which are also Steel-type) and I strongly suspect at least one mono Fighting (which is obviously problematic). I'm mainly picking Normal for its surprise value, and because Normal-types only have one weakness but can learn many different types of moves. My problem pokemon is Magnezone, but I am willing to switch strategies/pokemon with my Magnezone, Porygon-Z, and Skarmory if need be. Not sure if these are official rules, but we are required to have four pokemon with the same type and are playing with the option to switch out if you KO something and it says, "[Trainer] is about to send out [Pokemon]. Do you want to switch?" I've never played pokemon competitively before. Not that I won't have fun, but I got roped into this entire deal because my brother was in the tourney already and they needed an eighth player -.-' So, this is my absolute, first attempt at team-building, and any advice from anybody would be great! Smeargle @ Focus Sash Nature: Jolly Ability: Own Tempo EVs: 0 HP / 252 Spd Role: Lv. 1 (Suicide) Lead -Spore -Endeavor -Trick Room -Dragon Rage Well, what else was I gonna have him do? Smeargle is out here as a suicide lead. He should at least be able to take out or severely weaken the opposing lead, which should hopefully discourage entry hazards or weather conditions, since Normal-types are damaged by all of them (three of my pokemon are holding Leftovers just in case, though). ----------------------------- Snorlax @ Leftovers Nature: Careful Ability: Thick Fat EVs: 188 HP / 104 Def / 216 SpDef Role: Curse/Wall -Curse -Body Slam -Fire Punch -Rest Snorlax is here as both a wall and, to some extent, a wall-breaker. Curse is used here in case my Smeargle gets off a Trick Room and I have an extra turn to set up. Fire Punch + Max Atk IVs should hopefully handle any unwary Bug/Steel-types. ------------------------------ Porygon-Z @ Choice Specs Nature: Timid Ability: Adaptability EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spd Role: Main Special Sweeper -Tri Attack -Hidden Power Fighting (69 base) -Dark Pulse -Trick My team is basically built around this guy. He also has some surprise value because he is not listed on the Smogon OU Tier. Hidden Power Fighting is super-effective on Rock- and Steel-types that resist Normal and double super-effective on Tyranitar (of which I know for a fact there is at least one). Trick is for a sacrifice play if, for example, a Steel-type shows up that Porygon-Z can't take out but Magnezone can. ------------------------------ Togekiss @ Leftovers Nature: Timid Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 20 Def / 236 Spd Role: Support -Encore -Wish -Air Slash -Thunder Wave By the time I get Togekiss out, odds are the other guy will have figured out that my team is mono Normal and will be expecting a Support/Wall/Stall Blissey instead. Togekiss is not as good as Blissey in many ways, but won't be taken down so easily by Fighting-types because of its typing and its super-effective, flinchy Air Slash. I'm considering nicknaming her, "BLISSEY." ------------------------------ Skarmory @ Leftovers Nature: Impish Ability: Keen Eye EVs: 252 HP / 164 Def / 92 Spd Role: Taunt Lead/Wall -Taunt -Spikes -Whirlwind -Roost Skarmory and Togekiss are my answer to Fighting-types with this team. Skarmory should be able to fend off strong physical attackers with Spikes, Whirlwind, and Roost. Taunt is there to prevent entry hazards--I don't have a Rapid Spinner on my team, so the only way to avoid entry hazards is to prevent them. ------------------------------ Magnezone @ Salac Berry Nature: Nature Ability: Magnet Pull EVs: 28 HP / 252 SpAtk / 228 Spd Role: Secondary Special Sweeper -Substitute -Charge Beam -Thunderbolt -Hidden Power Ice (70 base) Definitely my problem pokemon. Magnezone is my counter to Steel-types and a back-up sweeper in case Porygon-Z is taken out, but he doesn't have all that much else going for him. Getting rid of him, though, would also reduce the usefulness of my Porygon-Z. I'm really having problems with Fighting-types. Machamp still basically destroys my Smeargle, and even though I have my Skarmory (my best bet) with Spikes and Whirlwind, I still have nothing resistant to Fighting. I'll be honest here: What I really wanted was a team that could beat my brother's mono Bug team. I know he has a Scizor, a Heracross, and a Forretress, and possibly a Heatran as well. So, I wanted A) A team built around Porygon-Z, whom I believe is underrated, B) A team that can beat my brother's team in round 2, C) A team with enough coverage to survive round 1, and D) A team without Blissey, because I just don't like her for some reason. However, I'm perfectly willing to swallow my pride and switch out my Porygon-Z for a Blissey if the people here think that is really my best option (although if my team desperately needs a Blissey, I would really prefer to switch out my gimmicky Smeargle for one). Either way, I'll probably end up with a Blissey like: Blissey @ Leftovers Nature: Bold Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd Role: Support -Wish -Protect -Seismic Toss -Toxic This would effectively replace my current Togekiss's role, so if replacing Porygon-Z, I would need to make Togekiss a sweeper, maybe something like: Togekiss @ Life Orb Nature: Timid Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 192 HP / 80 SpAtk / 236 Spd Role: Special Sweeper -Nasty Plot -Air Slash -Fire Blast -Aura Sphere This sweeper has similar coverage as the Porygon-Z it is replacing, and is significantly bulkier to boot. If switching out my Smeargle, I wouldn't necessarily need a Togekiss Sweeper, so I'd go with: Togekiss @ Leftovers Nature: Bold Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 188 Def / 68 SpDef Role: Paralyzer and Flincher -Air Slash -Thunder Wave -Aura Sphere -Roost A Togekiss whose main purpose is to stall while making it easier for my Porgon-Z to sweep by slowing down or even taking out the competition (i.e. Fighting-types or Bug-types weak to Air Slash). I'd then probably need like an Azelf Lead more than a Skarmory: Azelf @ Colbur Berry Nature: Jolly Ability: Levitate EVs: 8 HP / 140 Atk / 144 SpDef / 216 Spd Role: (Anti-Machamp) Lead -Stealth Rock -Taunt -U-turn -Explosion A set that Smogon swears will beat out Machamp Leads, which makes it preferable over Smeargle vs. a mono Fighting team. It can also prevent entry hazards, which is again useful due to the lack of a Rapid Spinner on my team.
  3. Updating this RMT because I love this team so much, it is much better than I expected. I've used it over a hundred times, funny thing is it has a winning ratio against standard teams. I'm updating it, give off any suggestions, opinions =) Anything bold is what has been updated Hello I'm from the shoddy battle server of project pokemon, awesome site When I make teams I ussually like restricting myself to a sorta style, and I thought a unpredictable normal team! Smeargle lvl 15 - Focus Sash 252 atk 252 spe Ivs: 0 HP Trick Room Endeavor Spore Beat Up The ultimate F.E.A.R pokemon, people do not expect this strange beast. Facing a highly unprepared foe could result in two KOs or more (My most is four). I get the biggest kick in using beat up, it makes the opponent think I've revealed my team, only to realize I have completely different pokemon. The reason for it being lvl 15 with 252 atk is to do heavy damage to gengar with beat up My Smeargle I hope people won't predict. It's moves go in this order, 1. Trick Room, Spore, Endeavor, Beatup rinse and repeat. So far I have been able to take as much as three pokemon out. I'm not sure why but when I trick room-endeavor it does as much as damage as I would do in low health (even when I'm full health) I choose beat up as the finisher because it shows all the names of my pokemon which... I name to different pokemon to throw people off (Blissey is named Tyranitar) Ambipom - Focus Sash 252 Atk 252 Spd (+Attack -Special Defence) Technician Fake Out Last Resort Never has been the star of the show, but it still has it's uses, one extremely lucky time he almost sweeped a team with 3 crits , might replace this with F.E.A.R Clefable what do you think? This has two purposes 1. If there is no spikes or whatnot laid out I bring it in and last resort till it die (ghost pokemon ruin the fun and I must switch out) This also always seems to beat an infernape 1on1 2. If there are spikes which ruin the focus sash I use it to pick off already weak foes Blissey - Leftovers 252 Def 126 SpA 126 SpD (+Defence -Attack) Serene Grace Protect Wish Seismic Toss Toxic blah standard blissey, she's a special wall. It's the stalling set My special wall which always comes on top of special sweepers, I love it. It also is a cleric Slaking - Choice Scarf 252 Atk 252 Spd (+Attack -Special Attack) Giga Impact Earthquake Fire Punch Nightslash with the right predictions... nah I just use Giga Impact, I've OHKOed Luke with it, so it has do be deezed. Earthquake n TP is there for good measure. Nightslash is for those pesky ghost. My physical Revenge Killer, no one seems to think it's fast (which it is) Giga Impact it the main move as it pairs with his 160 base attack and stab which does major damage which I don't mind the recharge for obvious reasons (although it disables me from retreating) Earthquake is always good, and beats pokemon that resist giga impact Nightslash for ghost pokemon Togekiss - Choice Scarf 252 SpA 252 Spd (+Speed -Attack) Serence Grace Air Slash Tri Attack Aurasphere Shadowball I usually just use airslash flinch haxs, it's cheap and effective. I occasionally have to use shadowball to ghost though, and auraphere is steel. My special revenge killer/sweeper. Serene grace because a 40% chance to burn, freeze or paralyz (can't spell) is awesome Aurasphere to pokemon once again that resist tri attack People laugh at me when I have shadowball on togekiss but I need to in order to stand a chance to against ghost pokemon which I struggle with a lot. Air Slash for stab flinch hacks Snorlax - Leftovers (+Defense -Minus Special Attack) Thick Fat Curse Outrage Rest Sleep Talk Info: My only new pokemon in the squad, before it was clefable. He's a tank that absorbs sleep and I put him in if trick room is still in effect. He's biggest problem is SD Luke. It's basically Curse talking snorlax. But with outrage, now many people question this, why not stab body slam? why not an attack that doesn't trap and confuse you? - Well I used outrage over bodyslam to hit ghost - Also every other move is x4 resisted by some pokemon, but there is no pokemon that x4 resist a dragon move, because only steel resist dragon. And with 4 or more cursing, steel pokemon are 2-3HKOed pokemon with a x2 (Metagross was 2HKO with full health) - The confusion is a problem, but missing a turn actually isn't a big deal, he's a tank. any damage is minimal and my leftovers heal it, and that's if it connects. - The trapping effects don't really matter, I'm going to stay - Sleeptalking an Outrage also prevents getting trapped and confused, which I usually do. It may sound like I'm just trying to defend this pokemon using outrage, but trust me it is very effective, I have countless logs proving it's effectiveness Old pokemon Clefable - Toxic Orb Magic Guard Facade Trick Wish Protect I wanted to put this pokemon in because it screams awesomeness with the creative ways it can be used. Toxic orb because magic guard nullifys the damage and makes facade a whomping 140 damage. When Toxic Orbs use is done I trick if I can
  4. What's Your Favorite Pokemon? The good ol' classic question: What is your Favorite Pokémon? Since I'm sure most of you have several favorites, this is going to be done slightly different. First I'm going to post a Type and you can comment on your favorite Pokémon of that type. The current Pokémon type will change after a few days, so post your favorite quickly. You may also save the Arceus pictures that have been recolored. In case you are confused, here is an example: Current Pokémon Type - Dragon Person #1 chooses Dragonite Current Pokémon Type - Dragon Previous Types: Fire Dark Grass Water Psychic Fighting Flying Electric Ghost Ground Ice Rock Steel Normal To Learn How To Post Sprites, Click Here.
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