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  1. Scwib


    welcome to project pokemon!
  2. lol okay. I smudge on these newer sigs as well, but I use a lot more effects with them.
  3. Gallade - it's good for what it is, but it's pretty plain. I give it a 7/10 Rate:
  4. Scwib


    Welcome to Project Pokemon.
  5. Decided to make a permanent gallery for my GFX works. Sigs and Avatars are listed from old to new. I am taking requests. HOWEVER, I may and probably will not complete everyone's requests. This is fair warning, so do not complain if I deny your request. Signatures: - - - Avatars: - - This gallery is a constant work in progress. More will come.
  6. My point exactly. You're improving a ton. I really favorite the Lugia avatar that looks as though it's flying out of the square.
  7. The pen tool that you used was distracting to me at first, I can tell what it is now, but I didn't see it until I read the poll. I said that it was good because the effects you used are nice. Overall though, I voted that it was OK because that's how I see it.
  8. New avatar looks good. I can't quite tell what it is though. I only know it's a Drifloon because of the Poll.
  9. But what is the artistic value of it? =/
  10. That's a cool idea. There's a lot of cool Pokemon in both tiers, so maybe I'll make a team along the same guidelines as yours.
  11. Which tier do you prefer to battle in? UU or OU? I personally prefer UU, just because I feel there is more of a challenge, many more variations within a team, and fewer "cheap" Pokemon than we all like to complain about within OU. In UU, you have fewer Pokemon that you need to designate a counter towards, which is obviously not the case in OU (Blissey, Scizor, Salamence, etc.). Your turn!
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