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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, I am looking for a way to extract the music from Pokémon Colosseum. I have already decompressed the files I need from the bgm_archive.fsys thanks to the decompressing tutorial from @StarsMmd. Reason for that is that i found a MIDI / soundfont pack with the music from COL, but it seems that some of these .mid files are a bit.... off? Most of the tracks are okay, only the time signatures seem to be wrong, but the pitch (in all songs where pitchbending was used) is more than only broken. The pitch lines are wide over the song duration, which can be sen on picture 1 and 2. The samples are okay, so I don't need them to extract. I will attach some examples for my problem and why i want to extract the music. Is there anything known how to convert / extract the MIDI files from Colosseum? Thanks in advance! ^^ (Oh, and if anyone thinks that I am new to this site and only came in for asking this: no, I had an account here already, but I can't remember my old login data, since it was more than 5 years ago when I have visited this community the last time, I think.)
  2. Johto Trainer/Wi-Fi Battle Music Modifier Johto Wild Battle Music Modifier Kanto Trainer Battle Music Modifier Kanto Wild Battle Music Modifier
  3. Hey guys So I've seen a couple threads asking how to replace the musics in Pokemon XY(I even posted one myself but remained silent) I am now starting this thread to show you how to replace the musics in XY ! (I checked there wasn't any tutorials on that) Big thank you to PlatinumMaster and his friend record reader who were the first to do it and to show me how it's done (the tutorial was written with permission) I wrote it on GBAtemp and Pokecommunity, and I thought that there were maybe people only monitoring Projectpokemon and are looking to know how, so here is the link to the tutorial https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-put-custom-songs-in-xy-finally.519941/ Enjoy and if it worked/didn't worked comment down
  4. I developed a Sound font from some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon samples. There are just a few things, If your going to use this Sound font with LMMS (Linux Multi Media Studio) then you need to use a VST Plugin that plays sound fonts because I tested it and LMMS's built in Sound font 2 player severely distorts the instruments output. There are repeat instruments, I don't know why it just happened. There are also unnamed instruments, don't worry about those I tested and their also just repeat instruments. The download can be found below: (Mystery Dungeon.sf2)
  5. I understand that music in OR/AS/X/Y is linked to each trainer class, is there a known method for changing which trainer class is linked to which song? For example, say I wanted to give the Magma Admin trainer class the Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem battle music without affecting the Team Magma Grunt trainer class's music.
  6. I have come to a roadblock in the development of my project. You see, I want to add move legendary pokemon encounters into the game, but if the species isn't already registered as a special encounter, e.g. White/Black Kyurem, Landorus, Musketeers, it will play the standard wild battle music by default. I have a couple questions: How do I indicate/program a special encounter marker? Do I have to edit over an encounter marker? Can I accomplish this easier through scripting? On a side note, If I were to edit the species of an already existing stationary encounter, how would I go about doing so? and yet another question: Can I add roaming encounters similar to Tornadus/Thundurus in Black and White? I know this is a lot to ask, but if this is possible, my project can be extremely better than it is now.
  7. On the japanese PGL, starting as off today the 13th june, there is a new musical background ! But a password is needed ! Thanx to this http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_smash/news/index.html#101914 and since I don't know japanese at all I figured out how that work : First of all put ポケスマ!ミュージカル in the caption box and click OK ! On the next picture figuring a theater curtain, clic on the little black triangle similar to the "play" symbol ! The symbol become 2 vertical bars, the "pause" symbol and the background will change, as if the lights were cut off ! Now click OK and you're done ! Enjoy ! :grog:
  8. NOT the Pokemon Musical already circulating... [video=youtube;DiwPPlvtNOY] We performed at Sega's E3 party last week, too. Enjoy! o^w^o
  9. These values are to be used in conjunction with the Pokemon HG/SS Battle Music Modifier Code: 62110DC0 00000000 B2110DC0 00000000 1003FF58 00000XXX 1003FE9C 00000XXX d2000000 00000000 Simply replace the Red X's with the desired Value and enter a Battle to hear the altered music. The top line in Green alters Wild Pokemon Battle Music, and the bottom line in Blue alters Trainer Battle Music. Values 400~*** (Whatever I'm currently at):
  10. shinedown second chance this proabably the saddest music video i have ever seen i dont know if i am allowed to post this anywhere but i love the song just a sad video. ~hotpinkmunchlax P.S. i am sorry i dont know how to post videos i only know how to do links
  11. literal music videos are extremely funny as hell. you can post em in this thread http://www.boingboing.net/2009/06/08/literal-music-videos.html watch this, its really funny
  12. I tried submitting the code 2 days ago after I completed it to the USA Platinum OFFICIAL AR Codes Thread, but so far it hasn't been added, so I decided to post it here. Made by KazoWAR Battle Music Modifier Demo: gimMPi45go4
  13. Hehe, this is one of those generic forum questions, but I love, love, love, love music, and I find the type of music a person likes says a lot about them. Personally, I'm big into gothic-metal. Not sure why, but a few of my favourite bands, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Leaves` Eyes, are classified as "goth-symphonic metal". I guess I just dig singers with opera voices. >.> And I've been listening to Sara Bareilles a lot lately. Gravity is one of my new favourite songs, it kinda fits the mood I've been in lately. .-. So, what genre of music, or artists, do you like?
  14. I have finally made a code for every battle theme in the game. just enable one of the codes and get in a trainer battle. These codes do not work on wifi, the game freezes when someone connects with you, to use these songs on wifi you need to use a patched ROM on a falsh cart. The patches can be found here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=873 AR Codes Game ID: CPUE D074D1B3 Mute 0210B76C 00000000 1210B770 00000000 Rival Theme 0210B76C 00103DE0 1210B770 00002050 Wild Theme 0210B76C 000EE580 1210B770 00001E08 Gym Theme 0210B76C 000F03A0 1210B770 0000360C Grunt Theme 0210B76C 00102140 1210B770 00001C90 Commander Theme 0210B76C 0010F340 1210B770 0000201C Boss Theme 0210B76C 000F8BC0 1210B770 000033B8 Giratina Theme 0210B76C 0017A440 1210B770 00006094 Uixe/Azelf/Mesprit Theme 0210B76C 000F39C0 1210B770 00002EAC Elite 4 Theme 0210B76C 00117280 1210B770 0000360C Champion Theme 0210B76C 000FF3A0 1210B770 00002D98 Dialga/Palkia Theme 0210B76C 000FBF80 1210B770 00003404 Ledgendary Theme 0210B76C 00106B20 1210B770 00000820 Regi Theme 0210B76C 00184260 1210B770 00001570 Tycoon Theme 0210B76C 001804E0 1210B770 00003104 Arceus Theme 0210B76C 00105E40 1210B770 00000CD4
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