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  1. I need it traded over Wi-Fi. Friend Code:1805-8287-2398 Species (Pokémon): Eevee Held Item:Masterball Trainer ID:45057 OT (Original Trainer):Alex Level:80 Nature:Bold Gender:Female Shiny (yes/no):Yes Ball Caught In: Pokeball Location Obtained: Trophy Garden IVs:Max EVs:Max Nickname: Don't put a nickname Ability:Run Away Moveset:Blast Burn Thunder Waterfall Grass Knot Request Type (Trade/AR Code): Trade Game: Platinum
  2. In pokesav, the limit is 999 can i break the limit? i wanna make it over 9000!
  3. i got kicked out my last acount:frown: can Ray make me the following pokemons It would be awesome if you give me the files groudon from HG and SS kyogre from HG and SS suicune from HG and SS entei from HG and SS raikou from HG and SS palkia from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set giritina from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set dilga from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set Lugia from HG and SS ho-oh from HG and SS all of the pokemons has to be in Japanese and it has to be exactly like the one on the HG and SS it would really help if Ray or any one of you guys could help me
  4. need some legit looking pokemon I need an Action Replay code This is for Pokemon Platinum SORRY ABOUT ALL THE BLANK FIELDS All the blank fields can be filled with anything as long as it's legit looking and legal. thank you
  5. 1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random” or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 - Go to "Random quotations" or click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. 3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days” or click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together. 5- link the finished version here!
  6. OK Ive been reading that the RNG Method can be used to make pokemon that pass the Nintendo Tournament Hack Tests. I have tried to understand this method but just cant get the hang of it. Now I have a R4 (FlashCard Thingy). What would be best way to make pokemon with pokesav that pass the Nintendo Tournement Hack Tests. I can make pokemon that pass the PBR Hack Test and the Platinum Battle Video Test. (All my pokemon from eggs have a hometown of Diamond (10) and hatched in Solaceon Town (4) from the Day Care Couple (2000) at Level 0) (Does the PID/IV combo change with evolution. So would i be able to hatch a legit pokemon so its Bytes and Hex Values are OK. Then just change it to its evolved form and change the IVs/PID combo using the Generate button) (All pokemon i make are legit as possible) Thanks for any help.
  7. Well, my friend wants to get into competitive battling, but, I don't have many Pokemon to lend him. You will be trading the Pokemon to me. Can someone make him a team as follows?; Thank you Dems. :wink:
  8. Hey! I just got up to the Second Gym in Pokemon S/S. And I chose Totodile as my starter... So I need a Fire Pokemon to help me beat it. Thanks so much to anyone who does this for me!
  9. So they are yours but not traded because everytime i do even if i put in both ids they end up not being my own and game thinks they are traded is it something to do with the fact i make them in storage rather team?
  10. Yesterday Pokesav screwed up the r4 SAV file I was editing and I ended up losing the legit lv100 Froslass I had traded over from my original Diamond. (I know, stupid me for not backing up first.) Anyway I managed to reconstruct a new, legal Froslass with exactly the same stats and exactly the same moveset (Grudge-Confuse Ray-Shadow Ball-Ice Beam) as my old Froslass and traded it back to my original game. I then decided I didn't want Grudge anymore so I went to the Heart Scale dude in Pastoria. When I went there, though, the only moves that the new Froslass could remember were its default moves Powder Snow, Leer, Astonish, and Double Team, and not any of the moves it would learn through level up like Destiny Bond (at lv59) or Blizzard (at lv51), or even the moves it used to have as a Snorunt like Hail (at lv40) So, is there any way to use Pokesav to make Pokemon remember ALL the moves theyr'e supposed to learn through level up using heart scales?
  11. Lets say I used a Manaphy Egg downloaded from the main site event downloads (which for some weird reason under Summary says obtained from mystery zone) Using Pokesav am I supposed to set the met location to Link Trade (arrived) or Link trade (met)? Next, will the fateful encounter check remained ticked? Also, if I using the Shiny code from found in the forum, Will its PID look legal? Lastly, while it is in its egg, are there supposed to be any trash bytes which needs to be corrected, and is there anything else I need to know?
  12. e and my freind have just started to get into the RNG world, and have released that it is easier to use the international egg option. Because of this, we would really appreciate it if the following could be made: Thanks for the help! SG
  13. Does anyone know how to make cheats for Pokemon Gba games like Emerald?:confused:
  14. Hi i was wondering if anyone could make me a ligit manaphy at level 99 that is holding an exp share that has levitate ability and knows the moves Judgement 30pp, Overheat 30pp, Draco Meteor 30pp, Brave Bird 30pp, and with all ribons and maxed out stats and contest levels (example: Coolness, Beauty, Toughness) that was met at spear pillar at level 10 and hatched in the hall of origin could you just post the code here bc i can use pokesav and make the manaphy but i just cant figure out how to post it to action replay yes i do have ar
  15. Hey, I recently started using pokesav a few weeks ago, however, only downloaded the legality checker today. They work on PBR and everything, yet, to my dismay, all my pokemon were read as "hacked" or "unknown GBA"... I really don't know what I'm supposed to do to make these guys legal and would appreciate any help. Thanks. charizard2.pkm Donphan.pkm gyarados.pkm tangrowth.pkm Aerodactyl.pkm snorlax.pkm
  16. As the title implies, I have an idea for an interesting team that I want to implement in my area during local tournaments (unofficial). I want to make an HP Sap team. Basically, I'm going to spam obnoxious amounts of sleeping agents and life leechers. Put my opponent's team to sleep, leech seed them, and continue to sap their HP while maintaining their sleep status. Obviously I need to watch out for Ice and Fire. Please don't post telling me that, it's kinda obvious. With that aside, I AM looking for a way to keep those things away, so suggestions for moves will be greatly appreciated. Also, this team is meant for Doubles only, which increases the challenge. So far I have two Pokemon in mind - Breloom and Tangrowth. *King* Breloom @ Toxic Orb Poison Heal - Spore - Leech Seed - Mach Punch - Thunderpunch *Bojanbo* Tangrowth @ i have no idea, probably leftovers Chlorophyll - Sleep Powder (Can I egg move Spore? It's in the same group as Shroomish/Breloom) - Leech Seed - Knock Off - Seed Bomb All advice is appreciated. Still need 4 Pokemon (IF these don't get replaced). Any Pokemon selection advice, move advice, and item advice is welcomed. On an ending note, not only is this team for doubles, but the particular group of whiners I'm trying to stomp with this obnoxious team has a "No Same Item" rule, meaning my Pokemon must all have different items. Their policy is "if it beats you, ban it", I swear. :grog: EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention, no idea where the EVs should go either. If this team wins, it'll be up on fliers all over my city as "Team ProjectPokemon". Put your heart into it! EDIT2: Maybe that sounds cheesy but I really don't care. :grin: If I actually get any help with this I'm not taking all the credit, that's not cool. Also, I was thinking about a Gengar, abusing Hypnosis or something like that. I dunno.
  17. (Idiot 1 v. Idiot 2) Shoddy Warstory This is how you can also have fun. There are other ways to play than to play competitively people :tongue: Rules: Rules: Sleep Clause, Species Clause, No Items, Metronome Only Clause, No Pressure Pokemon Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Idiot 1 Idiot 2
  18. Wiki Question Center (Links) If you have any questions how to code, add, etc. anything to the wiki, ask here. If it is a general statement and/or problem with the wiki itself, then start a new thread. Links: General Format Guide Table Format Guide Automatic Table Generator
  19. I need all the pokemon files for Platinum Pokesav. Thank You!
  20. well i made it starting from a TRU shaymin. i changed the location met to flower paradise. Changed OT and id# and i changed the IVs and gave it a matching type1 pid. changed location to sinnoh plat and i think thats all of it. Did i miss anything? Does flower paradise need a hidden hex?
  21. I need all the pokemon files for Platinum Pokesav. Thank You!
  22. I always use the battle recorder test to check whether or not my pokes are legal (poke data can't upload if its hacked) and I notice my Gengar isn't passing this test if i trade my gengar to you could you put it on pokesav fix the problem and use the legality checker then trade it back to me the reason i ask for this favor is because i'm unable to use pokesav since I can't access my save without a SD slot and the laptop i use that for is unavailable now...
  23. I will post the Pokemon I need once I get the form
  24. Are "Posts" when you make a new thread? It says I have only one post, but I have made a new thread and replied a total of four times. I have only made a new thread once, though.... is that what it means? In the old Pokesav Forum, number of posts was how many new threads you made and the number of replies together..... *EDIT Actually, it must be a bug, because I just posted this thread and it still only says I have one post. Weird, isn't it?
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