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  1. Not gonna lie, I miss mediawiki. One big issue with using the CMS to display articles is how it doesn't adjust to the screen size and there's a lot less width to work with.. And the theme makes it hard to read things or format things.. It would be fine for pages with community guidelines and rules and etc, but its not really enjoyable or easy to write technical documentation using the forum text editor. You're pretty much constrained to things in-theme, and lots of things don't seem to work quite right.. If the issue with mediawiki was just the separate accounts, this could help maybe? https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:IPBAuth
  2. Now based on the title I'm sure you can realize that this page is going to be about the wiki social group I made. This group is dedicated to working on the wiki by making in depth articles that clearly, show mastery of the topic, are neat and organized, and pleasant to read. The group is also dedicated to brainstorming ideas for articles because sometimes its hard to come up with things to write. We all have our writers block moments. Here is a link to the group page. If you either have the wiki contributor badge, have ever contributed to the wiki, or want to contribute to the wiki but need ideas then this is the group to join. I highly suggest that if you do have the wiki contributor badge that you join the group, just because you obtained the badge doesn't mean you should ever stop contributing. *note: You do not have to be a member of our group to edit the wiki...just thought I'd say that.* Some standards we want the members of our group to abide by. Current projects For specifics on the projects go to the topic that talks about them on the group page. Current members Wiki pokedex project info Bag data project JOBS ==========================Project Workers============================== I'm very sorry if I forgot your name in some of the places where it needs to be. DISREGARD EVERYTHING I SAY ABOUT SEREBII FEEL FREE TO USE IT. It would be nice if you double checked the information you took from their with some other source though. As SCV said they sometimes make up things just to have something to say. If you decide to start working on one of the projects please PM me otherwise try to stick with one and not spread yourself out. Also if I forgot your name somewhere in a spot where you have been working please PM me so I can fix that. Also if you have any project suggestions please PM me. Several people have and their projects have not been added yet due to the fact that we have lots to deal with at the moment. If we get two or three projects out of the way the new ones will be added in. =========================================== I will be editing with more updates! Please join!
  3. hello everyone, i am having trouble making a new account on ppWiki. whenever i try to make an account, i get a 500 Internal Server Error. Any Help?
  4. Since the main page is now locked, can somebody keep it updated to include links to the new pages, there are a lot of pages people are creating but there is no real easy way to navigate to them. Please and Thank You -dP
  5. We would like to let all our forum members know, that starting today, you can now log in to Project Pokémon's Wiki with your forum username and password! The Wiki is still a very preliminary part of the site, so we can use as many contributors as we can get! By default, all users are able to edit and create their own Wiki pages. If you decide that you want to contribute, please do not copy content from any other site. All your content must be 100% original. By contributing quality information on a constant basis you can even earn the contributor rank on the forums. I would like to also point out that this new synchronization will not work in the opposite manner. That means you cannot create a Wiki account and then expect the username and password to work on the forums. That is all for now! Enjoy!
  6. I took it upon myself to use the RSS feed from the Project Pokémon Wiki to create a PP Wiki Twitter! For those of you with a Twitter account, you can now track changes made to the wiki! So hopefully this is useful to someone.
  7. Ok, this is going to come across as a rant. But I could spend all day editing and come close to no progress, becuase this Wiki is just in a sad state. Just clicking random page: http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/EP036 Let's pretend you never heard of the Pokemon anime. This Wiki page would leave you wondering stuff like: What the hell is this about? What journey? What heroes? What's Sunnytown? Why do they need to go to Sunnytown? Knowing it's about an anime episode brings in even more ponderings, such as: What's the episodes title? What Pokemon were featured? (reading it, you can't even tell it's about Pokemon) After a few more random page clicks from the same editor having the same problems, I come across this gem: http://projectpokemon.org/PPwiki/index.php?title=Pokemon_breeding&action=history "I" statements in a Wiki? No one cares. The article is about Pokemon breeding, not Behind the Scenes of PP's Wiki. The grammar, spelling, and overall quality of writing looks like it was done by a junior high school student. These "Credits" pages are annoying. Wiki's a group effort, and your contribution to it might be edited or deleted entirely in an hour. These aren't reliable. If you need to use it to link to a source, do so. But don't glorify yourself or others by putting a PP's members name there. As I said, I could honestly spend all day re-writing these articles and make next to no progress. We need quality control. So, first off: We need admins for the Wiki that have power to...I dunno, mass edit stuff, warn people for making crappy edits/articles, and so on. This is part of the problem, that any random person off the street can come in, write an article, and their poorly researched or poorly spelled article can sit there for weeks without anyone noticing. In some cases, they get "Wiki Contributor" recognition, despite the fact that their edits are poorly done. And until that happens, I really think we should re-consider letting just anyone edit. It's clear that many people who put these articles up have no idea how to write. They're breaking the very basics of Wiki writing, such as inserting opinion/bias, I statements, crediting themselves, and almost never citing a source. That isn't to say they don't ahve the potential, but right now, they're doing more harm than good.
  8. Wiki Question Center (Links) If you have any questions how to code, add, etc. anything to the wiki, ask here. If it is a general statement and/or problem with the wiki itself, then start a new thread. Links: General Format Guide Table Format Guide Automatic Table Generator
  9. Do you have to be an admin to edit the main page. I know you can because..hehe..I have..I recently added a link to a page titled berries. I'm the creator of the page and I find it very useful (its not done yet) I use the information I posted there often when I forget things. Anyways I was wondering if thats ok to do that.
  10. Its not that a big of deal but, when you click the link to go to PP forums from the wiki. when its finished loading the page it says im not logged in, so i guess its the difference of the site. pp site to pp forums : http://projectpokemon.org/forums pp wiki to pp forums : http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums that extra WWW made a difference LOL
  11. Ok I noticed something when I started to write more on one of my pages. It said that it was 32 kilobytes long or something like that and that certain webbrowsers will have problems editing the content of this page and that you should put it into smaller sections. Here are my questions. When it says certain web browsers which ones does it mean? What are those problems with editing? And how do I put it into smaller sections because I have subtitles and stuff like that? I would most appreciate it if someone answered my questions.
  12. Ok, my current wiki project is a large one. I'm working on building a guide to all the places in pokemon sort of like Serebii's pokeearth. These pages would include a lot of information that of course is only obtained while in game and not using any other outside resource to build the page. It will cover detailed information on all the places a page for each place. This information should be listed by game so for example route 201 (my current page in the works) should have information for platinum, pearl, and diamond games. What is included in these pages? ~Place name ~How to get to place ~Pokemon that are in this place while walking around in morning, day, and nighttimes ~Pokemon that can be found using only the pokeradar ~Pokemon that can be found only when a certain GBA game is inserted into the GBA slot on the ds/lite ~Trainers in this place and pokemon ~Items Where I need help Everywhere, this is a big project for one person to take on alone. I was hoping to get people to handle certain routes or people to handle certain aspects of a page. Like a certain group of people will handle what pokemon can be found in the morning in platinum. Or people that do specifically the pokeradar pokemon. If you would like to offer your services PM me. What region to start with? Sinnoh is the current region to work on. Then we'll work back from there. However, sinnoh, in and of itself will be hard to complete and should take a while. The next region to work on will be hoenn but dont even bother with that. For now sinnoh. I will update this post when sinnoh gets completed. Questions? PM me if you have any questions or you want me to assign you a job. If you do help.... If you do help and decide to finish a route or notice a route is complete please PM me telling me it is complete so I can take it off of the list. Note: I will be doing other side things for wiki whenever I get like, a light bulb idea, so to speak but this will be my main focus. Please comment, and PM me with your questions and offers to help!
  13. From wikipedia If you want to get rid of the table of contents put __NOTOC__ anywhere in the page and placing __TOC__ forces it to go anywhere on the page. for example here http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/TMs_and_HMs i forced it to after the Intro section.
  14. i have a suggestion. someone should make ranks on wiki users. Just a thought. its either that put up a non-registered users contribution page.
  15. I have been looking through the Wiki and I have noticed that it's had a good start but I'd love to see this thing take off so I have a suggestion. Who here wants to form a sort of mini clan like group that basically dedicates their time to finishing the Wiki? Like update current info, add new info, finish certain areas that have been started. Touch it up make it look nice. Idk but if anyone is interested I'll add your name to the list and we can get started. PS: This will take time and if you lose focus fast... this might be a bit challenging at first. List
  16. you say you should never stretch the page, but the project pokemon wiki has almost ALL of the pages stretched ridiculously horizontanally. this makes it hard to read the contents. and it breaks the rule that i have made bigger and bolded to show you which part I am reffering to. EDIT: sorry to annoy you, there is no contradiction. I will now fix the one wiki page I was reffering to.
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