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Found 5 results

  1. What is HTML? HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists etc as well as for links, quotes, and other items. It allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. It is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of "tags" surrounded by angle brackets within the web page content. It can include or can load scripts in languages such as JavaScript which affect the behavior of HTML processors like Web browsers; and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the appearance and layout of text and other material. The W3C, maintainer of both HTML and CSS standards, encourages the use of CSS over explicit presentational markup The Basic Tags Basic Structure Basic Presentation Dividers Lists Positioning Links and Graphics Scripts&Java Note: This guide is not finished, i just don't have the time to finish it now. If you have any questions, just ask. Credits Me for writing this BareBones for teaching me HTML Many years ago CloneCharizard for pointing out some key tags. I hope many people will use this when building their Websites
  2. Hey! I just got up to the Second Gym in Pokemon S/S. And I chose Totodile as my starter... So I need a Fire Pokemon to help me beat it. Thanks so much to anyone who does this for me!
  3. can i get basic help 4 my team? Staraptor: Close Combat, Fly (i need this), Aerial Ace, Ominous Wind. Venusaur: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Rock Climb, Energy Ball. Blaziken: Flamethrower, Sky Uppercut, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace. Empoleon: Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Waterfall, Drill Peck. Dragonite: Surf, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Aerial Ace. Snorlax: Psychic, Strength, Crunch, Brick Break. Any recommendations welcome.
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction: ------------------------------------------------------------------ I personally like offensive play as well as offensive teams, when played correctly offensive teams can end matches very quickly for me. My goal here (was) is to have immunity and resistances to: Spikes Toxic Spikes Stealth Rock In a way I have accomplished most of those, which me only having one Stealth Rock weak Pokemon and one Pokemon hit by Spikes / Toxic Spikes. My second goal is to try and have an alternate win condition, Azelf is my main late game attacker as well as my back up card in case Salamence or Scizor somehow fall early game, with this offensive team I can't really play around as one wrong move can potentially end the game for me, then again I have gotten better at playing with offensive teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Offensive Team Line Up ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ My opinions plus summary ------------------------------------------------------------------ From the current line up things are looking decent for me, this team is not afraid of and entry hazards (which could screw me over) also the type coverage is excellent when you look deeper into things I tried to have as many resistances as possible while using some of my favorite Pokemon, though Swampert is not really one of my favs he does help this team out from time to time I am liking the line up, I have a lead that set up Stealth Rock reliably while dealing with most leads and common threats. ------------------------------------------------------------------ In-depth look ------------------------------------------------------------------ Jirachi @ Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -Special Attack) EVs: 80 HP| 252 Attack | 176 Speed U-Turn Trick Stealth Rock Iron Head ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Swampert originally was here in place of Jirachi, but seeing I hate Swampert now also the fact that he is affected by Toxic Spikes means he need to be replaced. Anyways, Jirachi himself is a marvelous lead, being a lead that achieves setting up rocks effectively is a plus while having Choice Scarf means I have a great weapon against the likes of Scizor (if I decide to ditch Trick) Salamence (Ice Punch) while adding a bit of hax into the game. I made some small changes to the moveset, removing U-Turn completely and adding Trick into the mix, even though I hardly ever feel the need to use it, having it there can help at times. The EVs are borrowed from a set on Smogon, 200 Speed EVs makes it so Jirachi hits 429, which outruns lead Aerodactyl and Azelf (non scarfed), then I split the EVs in half giving Jirachi a bit of health and attack respectively. Jirachi being a steel combos well with Latias and Salamence, but also gives my team triple ground weakness, which I am not too bothered about. Though I am having problems with what to add, if I add Fire Punch then Scizor is defiantly going down, if I add U-Turn then I have some scouting, but that is assuming I have Trick here, I might go with Fire Punch as I really don't like Scizor. ------ Salamence @ Life Orb Ability: Intimidate Nature: Naive (+ Speed, - Special Defense) EVs: 16 Attack | 240 Special Attack | 252 Speed Outrage Draco Meteor Brick Break Flamethrower ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Salamence is by far the most controversial Pokemon I have used, but now he seems to be working extremely well for me. Salamence has near un-resistance coverage to everything, this helps with his great speed and nice distributed stats, Salamence on a whole is the best member here as he does not need one turn to cause hell for anyone. Salamence's moveset can go either way here, if I need the extra power then I keep Fire Blast and Earthquake, but here I am minizing risk, so Brick Break and Flamethrower is the best choice for me, Flamethrower hits the same thing but has better accuracy and brick Break hits Blissey incase I am saving Outrage for late game, it also scouts Skarmory switch ins which are taken care of by fire just incase he decides to stay in predicting an Outrage, Skarmory is not getting past Salamence. ------ Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special Attack) EVs: 248 HP | 252 Attack | 8 Speed Bullet Punch Superpower Pursuit U-Turn ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Scizor with Choice Band is an excellent addition to any offensive team that needs a raw revenge killing Pokemon, with Choice Band + Stealth Rock you are looking at killing alot of Pokemon denting enough to be killed by other offensive pokemon. The key to this set is making sure you are not predicable, this means most of the time you are going to need to use the odd pursuit, but I mainly stick to U-Turning *** scouting is a massive help, with U-Turn I can plan what my next move is gonna be, though this does not work against his main counter that being Heatran, a well predicated Superpower decimates his ***, and if it is not Scizor I am still doing hells worth of damage providing a ghost does not come in and kill me. This is also the perfect trapper imo as well as the best set for Scizor, Choice Band + Bullet Punch will indefinitely deal with Gengar, and if he decides to switch out, Pursuit deals with him, Gengar as well as everything that is weak to Pursuit is in a no win situation when in the same ring as Scizor. ------ Latias @ Life Orb Ability: Levitate Nature: Modest (+Special Attack, - Attack) EVs: 80 HP | 252 Special Attack | 176 Speed Surf Recover Psycho Shift Draco Meteor ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Credits to Panamaxis for the set. Latias has been placed here as not only does she deal quite a bit of damage but she also deals quite a bit of damage to opposing teams but she also deals with something that can screw over any offensive team, that being Status moves, PS absorbs all Satatus aimed at party members and sends it right back to the opposing Pokemon, which can win you matches. Now this is a vital member, I need some way of stopping Infernape, where according to most people, every team is weak to, Latias with her bulk and type deals with Infernape effectively, with her reliable recovery and decent special attack, she is normally one of the last Pokemon to die in battle. ------ Infernape @ Life Orb Ability: Blaze Nature: Naive (+ Speed, - Special Defense) EVs: 252 Attack | 64 Special Attack | 192 Speed U-Turn Close Combat Mach Punch Overheat ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Though this set is not as deadly as the Lucario set I had, Infernape (physically based) can still provide my team with as much offensive power checking many threats that are extremely annoying (them being Agility Empoleon) The set itself is not generally fast for my liking, but with U-Turn and Mach Punch in his set, speed is not an issue for me, the main thing about this set is that Infernape is able to take down Lucario and Empoleon with ease if they happen to switch in and set up on one of my Pokemon (Scizor is usually set up on) Mach Punch strikes first always dealing great amounts of damage to those two while U-Turn is used as my secondary scouting move if I correctly predict a flying switch in or Latias, who loses half her health from U-Turn. Infernape being similar to Lucario in terms of offensive power can function as both an early and late game attacker, in fact, even though I enjoy using Lucario I prefer Infernape over Lucario as Lucario opened me up to a fire weakness. ------ Suicune @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Nature: Timid (+Speed, - Attack) EVs: 40 HP | 252 Special Attack | 216 Speed Calm Mind Ice Beam Hidden Power [Electric] Surf ....................... Comments & Suggestions: To solve my issue with Gyarados which pretty much sweeps my team I decided to sacrifice spikes immunity for dealing with him. Suicune acts are my only set up Pokemon, being able to deal with threats in the game while dealing with my biggest problem which is Gyarados, after Stealth Rock Suicune is able to one hit KO with or without a Calm Mind boost, this is added by Life Orb. Though Suicune is a tank, I believe this set with Life Orb is powerful, I was thinking of using Leftovers but I decided that the extra power with Life Orb was more important than recovery. The EVs may look weird but I swear it works, with 172 HP Suciune's life is prolonged while the rest have been distributed evenly to give Suicune a bit of power and speed, though I am considering going with the standard eV spread for him, right now this spread is working fine for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Change Log: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Changed Swampert with Jirachi. Changed Lucario with Infernape. Changed Latias spread. Gave Salamence Earthquake and Flamethrower over Brick Break and Fire Blast. Gave Azelf Flamethrower over Thunderbolt. Gave Jirachi Trick over Fire Punch. Gave Jirachi Ice Punch over U-Turn. Gave Jirachi Fire Punch over Ice Punch. Gave Salamence Brick Break over Earthquake. Changed Azelf for Suicune. Gave Suicune Leftovers. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Threat List ------------------------------------------------------------------ Green means they are not a problem for me. Orange means they can cause a bit of trouble. Red means they are very difficult to take down.
  5. I'm supposed to help my cousin do a project for her college class but I'm only a freshmen in high school with little VB experience so I need someone who is really good to help me with it. If you can help me, PM me and I'll send you a .doc of what the project is supposed to be and a .exe of an example of what it's supposed to look like
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