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Found 12 results

  1. I've just gotten into ROM hacking, playing around with pk3DS in ultra sun. I notice that some moves have inherent effects that cannot be changed with the standard move editor, the main culprit being Mind Blown. I am trying to remove the 1/2 health recoil effect and it seems it's built in to the move's code. What is the best path forward if I want to change this?
  2. One of the biggest things I'm hoping comes to PkNX soon is move editing like in previous gens (i.e., changing move Power, effects, etc). Has anyone had success hex editing so far? Are we close to making the process more streamlined?
  3. I know this feature's available for Let's Go, wasn't sure if it was in the work to work with Sword and Shield as well.
  4. Title. This is with regards to editing things like move power, accuracy, effects, etc. Is this planned on being added in a future update of the tool? If not is there other means to do this with decrypted files?
  5. Hello, I am working with modding pokemon XD. I have heavily modded a few of the moves in Pokemon XD, as well as some pokemon stats... however, I cannot seem to modify shadow pokemon's shadow moves at all. For example, if I give the opponent's (greevil) shadow lugia a moveset of "Shadow Blast, Shadow Sky, Shadow End, and Shadow Storm", and try to overwrite the moves using Action Replay Codes, it would appear the effect takes place only for it's regular, purified moves; it will still execute it's original shadow moves. These are the codes I'm using (Trainer 2, Pokemon 1) 024A9098 0000xxxx - 1st Move Modifier 024A909A 0000xxyy - 1st Move PP Modifier 024A909C 0000xxxx - 2nd Move Modifier 024A909E 0000xxyy - 2nd Move PP Modifier 024A90A0 0000xxxx - 3rd Move Modifier 024A90A2 0000xxyy - 3rd Move PP Modifier 024A90A4 0000xxxx - 4th Move Modifier 024A90A6 0000xxyy - 4th Move PP Modifier This appears to point to the regular address of moves. However, what I need is the address for shadow moves. I looked everywhere via google, and couldn't find anything (but that's probably because it's been made, but made private, not public, via a private forum, hosting file, or network)
  6. Hello everyone. This is my first post. I've been trying to edit some moves on pk3DS, hoping to make them more useful. For example, I'd like to turn Dragon Rush into a Dragon-type Brave Bird and Sand Attack into a move that would be exactly like Mud-Slap (20 BP, 100 Accuracy, Target's Accuracy -1). I have no idea what the "Effect", "0xB", "Flags 1" and "Flags 2" parameters do, but since there are already existing moves I can use as models (e.g. Mud-Slap for Sand Attack), I thought applying the exact same values to the moves I wanted to edit would work. As you can see in the screenshot attached, that's what I did. However, when I tested my changes using HANS, I realized editing moves was not that easy. Sand Attack does not inflict damage, but will be super effective if used against a Pokémon weak to Ground. Could anyone explain to me how the Move Editor works? I can't seem to figure it out myself
  7. Good evening. It's me again. I've posted a lot of junk about editing the move tutors, but is there a way to change then so they teach more moves? Here's an incomplete list of Move Tutor moves for Blitz Black 2 and Lava White 2. I want 88 moves teachable in total. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FmW9B6xT5jYqYJB-cckU-JyWup4qa8Avg9LaG8yzSAY/edit
  8. Myume

    TM Moves!

    So, being all crazy about Pokemon and all, I have double copies of played Pokemon Pearl. This means I have a double set of TMs! I thought I should use them and make some Pokemon more powerful. Does anyone have a link of a good site specifically telling you what is a good move? Or does anyone have any tips for Pokemon that are good to use TMs with.. I'm specifically interested in everyone's view on Mew, Luxray, Shaymin and Glaceon.
  9. There are moves that are very common on pokemon but I can't understand why I'm not saying they suck but I need enlightning on them, they are the following Avalanche on Rhyperior Toxic on Garchomp Fire Blast on Absol Thunder on Registeel Thats all I can think up, If anymore pop into my head i'll edit this thread
  10. Yesterday Pokesav screwed up the r4 SAV file I was editing and I ended up losing the legit lv100 Froslass I had traded over from my original Diamond. (I know, stupid me for not backing up first.) Anyway I managed to reconstruct a new, legal Froslass with exactly the same stats and exactly the same moveset (Grudge-Confuse Ray-Shadow Ball-Ice Beam) as my old Froslass and traded it back to my original game. I then decided I didn't want Grudge anymore so I went to the Heart Scale dude in Pastoria. When I went there, though, the only moves that the new Froslass could remember were its default moves Powder Snow, Leer, Astonish, and Double Team, and not any of the moves it would learn through level up like Destiny Bond (at lv59) or Blizzard (at lv51), or even the moves it used to have as a Snorunt like Hail (at lv40) So, is there any way to use Pokesav to make Pokemon remember ALL the moves theyr'e supposed to learn through level up using heart scales?
  11. 1) Stealth Rocks: change damage output 4x effective: 25% <--- 2x effective: 18.75% <--- 1x effective: 12.5% 0.5x effective: 6.25% 0.25x effective: 3.125% I believe Stealth Rocks are working a little too well against those things with W4 to Rock. Sure, the numbers don't add up, but at least it doesn't render stuff like Articuno or Moltres useless. 2) Vine Whip: change PP to 35 This is a no brainer. It's a Grass type tackle with 100% accuracy... that's about it. Why did it have 10 PP to begin with? Was it because that move was so uber in the anime they were trying to deceive the game players? At any rate, it didn't work well as promised... especially when the player kept on running out PPs and had to head back to the Pokemon center or level their plant Pokemon up until it learned the better Razor Leaf or something. Now Vine Whip has 15 PP... but that's still not enough to relegate it as useful in the early game. I mean, compare it with your other 15 PP moves like Surf, Waterfall, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball... you get the idea. 3) Razor Wind: change power to 120, change typing to Flying, change effect to always cause flinching and have a high critical hit ratio This is Floatzel's ultimate move? I wonder what Gamefreak was thinking to make such a terrible move with such an awesome name. A normal 80 base power move that requires charging and only has a CHANCE of flinching... that's terrible! Sure, I used it with Butterfree back in my Blue version... but that's when I didn't know any better! There is absolutely NO incentive to use this move... sure my suggestion still doesn't make it useful, but moves that require charging should have an effect worth using. We have the 120 BP Solarbeam which requires no charging in the sun... we have Skull Bash that raises the user's defense in its charging turn at least... but what good is Razor Wind? It's one of those moves that hasn't changed its effect other than the flinching thing ever since Gen I. 4) Submission: change power to 120 with 100% accuracy 80 base power move with 80 accuracy with 25% recoil? No thanks... steer clear from this move right now. It also hasn't changed its effect from RBY... although it was seen a lot on GSC Mewtwos in fear of Dark types... and that was the best Fighting move then (Dynamicpunch missed too much). Let's make it a Fighting double-edge... at least that will do. Speaking of fighting moves... why is it that almost every single usable ones has a drawback in it? 5) Mega Punch: 100 Base Power with 100% accuracy The name makes it sound powerful... but right now it isn't. How about if it is a Fighting move like the name suggests? Then we'd have to do the same for Mega Kick too... I don't know. It sounds plausible at least. 6) Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang: change BP to 70 It's too weak right now... and that 95% accuracy bites. I don't know if 70 makes it useful, but 65 is not good. I mean, we already have those 65 base power moves of the same elements like Flame Wheel and Spark... and they're both 100% accurate. So why bother with the fangs now? 7) Poison Fang: change BP to 70 It looks like it goes in tandem with the elemental fangs I guess. Even its animation suggests it is part of it or something. 8) Aqua Tail: change accuracy to 100% Earth Power is 100% accurate... why not Aqua Tail? Although I will say I'm a little iffy on this... 9) Drain Punch: change PP to 10 It's a Fighting Giga Drain... I don't see why not 10) Energy Ball: change PP to 15 It's a Grass Shadow Ball... 11) Raise Blizzard's accuracy slightly... maybe up to 75 or 80? Thunder has 10 PP and has a better chance of paralyzing stuff. Blizzard, on the other hand, not only has 5 PP, but freezing only works 10% of the time, and freezing itself doesn't work to well in this game unless I was the one frozen (I'd post my video with Ludicolo who got frozen for 12 turns straight from a Milotic's Ice Beam, but I'd rather not)... I don't know if I can think of anything else... any suggestions?
  12. I'm not sure if I posted this thread in the correct place but anyway this is where I am going to inform about egg moves and other things about breeding. It is one of the things in Pokemon that I know a good amount about. Plus, I feel that the community may have been deprived exactly of how egg moves work. Although I think bulbapedia has some good information on this stuff sometimes their site doesn't work plus they aren't exactly always accurate and I've gathered a plethora of information throughout my web research and my own personal field testing. I will elaborate in another post, because isnt this just the info on the actual thread. Sorry I'm kind of knew to this. I hope I have helped so far, make sure to post your comments and questions please!
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