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  1. Aww I haven't been here in a while and I missed a lot :/

    1. jasenyoface


      Welcome back!

    2. PokemonKing99


      hey man how is it going @wraith89

    3. wraith89


      Oops. It's been another whole year. How is everyone? I am getting busy with my work, but should I finish this term well, I should be graduating soon.

  2. I am positive it had that since ORAS. On another note, there seems to be what I believe four new tutor moves, though most are carried along from ORAS. Most notably, Defog returns, so this would be very useful for many Pokemon. Liquidation is also another good move tutor, as for those that depended on Waterfall for their physical water attacks can go for the -Def effect it offers, along with it being slightly stronger. Azumarill, which was pretty slow to abuse waterfall's flinch chance to begin with, could probably use it for better wallbreaking capabilities, for example.
  3. Sorry I'm late to the party. Yeah, this is actually Local Wireless, how quaint! I assume you guys already know the details of where the event is, yes? If so... I'll just write in the details of the Piplup: Level: 30 Type: Water OT: 다연 (Da-Yeon... I don't know who this character is. Is this Dawn?) Ball: PokeBall Techniques: Hydro Pump Bubblebeam Whirlpool Drill Peck
  4. Sure thing. Honestly there is not much information on this single poster. First poster: PLAY with Pokemon National Greatest Scale of Pikachu and Together Pokemon FESTA Finally Korea event is decided! 2017 November 4 (SAT) - November 12 (SUN) *Exact information will be released later (Second poster starts with that same heading from above) * Pokemon Popup Story (1F Atrium) * Pokemon Movie Stamp Rally (Shopping Mall Whole Area) * Pikachu Parade * Dance * Phototime (Shopping Mall Whole Area) * Pokemon Game * Card Game Event (7F Cinepark) POKEMON GO: There will be a Mass Outbreak of a rare Pokemon usually unable to be found.
  5. Too many cognates in Gen 1 which makes it really hard in Hard mode, where if you do not pick the one they wanted specifically, they mark you wrong. Things like Slowbro | Machamp, Poliwag | Ditto, Caterpie | Goldeen, Charizard | Rhyhorn, Poliwhirl | Wigglytuff, Doduo | Diglett, Omanyte | Machop, etc... I think I'm missing some, but some of the others that sound similar I could somewhat distinguish (Cloyster | Fearow, Chansey | Pidgeot, Venusaur | Dragonite), but these are somewhat tough.
  6. wraith89

    Hey guys.

    Hi. I am not sure if I recognise you, but nonetheless welcome aboard! I have been here for a long time though, maybe you went by a different name, or you were hidden under plain sight. Glad to see you though.
  7. Wrath, I snagged this file a long time ago. See if this helps you, as it certainly helped me identify some of the sets that these Pokemon use in the Battle facilities. Granted, cicciochiave already uploaded corresponding text files, but I hope it is useful. Formatting may be atrocious but you may edit it as desired. Battle Tree + Battle Royal Data.xlsx Note: Regarding Ruby's reacts: I just put Confused because it had Froakie in it, not because I am actually confused.
  8. Oh yeah. I found it. Still, I only discovered this today because I have not kept up. I downloaded it a few hours ago, so yeah.
  9. I did not see anyone post this thread, and I almost missed this entirely. Also I had to look up these characters' English names, so I hope i have that right. Anyways, this is a character from SM series's Steenee. There is nothing special, but acquisition is via Serial Code. Species: Steenee Item: Yellow Nectar OT: 마오 (Mao) ID: 170919 Nature: Naive Gender: Female Ability: Leaf Guard Ball: Precious Ball Ribbon: Classic Ribbon Techniques: Magical Leaf Doubleslap Sweet Scent Acquisition Method: Serial Code ALOLASTEW762 Event Date: The event started at 18 September 2017 at 18:00, but I do not see the information on where it ends in the site. I gave the site a cursory look so I may have missed something. Misc Information: The code reveal is tied to the episode which aired during the following dates: 애니맥스 (Animax) : 19 September 6 PM 대교 (Daegyo) : 19 September 7 PM KBS Kids : 19 September 6:45 PM IVs are randomised. There is nothing else that seems to be interesting about this event. How did it fly under the radar here I don't know. Source: https://story.kakao.com/ch/pokemonkorea/KUcPYVb4ZFA
  10. I'm at school overseas And if I'm at Korea I'm generally not in Seoul area. Usually Daegu and those parts.
  11. Don't worry it took me ages to get that 10 Dragonite. I hope you find yours soon! I am interested if you could let me know how to find Level 1 Gyarados.
  12. Sorry I didn't log into the forums for a while, but you pretty much got it translated correctly. *seriously can they stop with these IR events*? Mimikyu is holding Rare Candy, in Precious Ball, and has Astonish, Play Rough, Copycat and Substitute.
  13. I caught the level 10 whale. HaxAras will upload the file shortly. 321_-_-_7F1911D7C08E.pk7
  14. Level 10 Wailord? That sounds fun. Where is the area might I ask?
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