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Found 16 results

  1. I changed my location using pokesav to the Victini Island. Now everytime I try to continue it freezes. Can someone help I really need my SAV file working since it is the one I use in global link and have lots of stuff... :( I will be greatefull for any help!!!! Pokemon white(U)..SAV
  2. Sorry I do not know how to upload files >__> Thanks for your help.
  3. i got kicked out my last acount:frown: can Ray make me the following pokemons It would be awesome if you give me the files groudon from HG and SS kyogre from HG and SS suicune from HG and SS entei from HG and SS raikou from HG and SS palkia from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set giritina from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set dilga from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set Lugia from HG and SS ho-oh from HG and SS all of the pokemons has to be in Japanese and it has to be exactly like the one on the HG and SS it would really help if Ray or any one of you guys could help me
  4. Hi, I have Pokemon Sapphire Original cartridge and R4 with Pokemon Platnum(which I also own legaly. Whenever I palpark something from sapphire, the trash bytes are shown as invalid. The pokemons I palpark are 100% legal and untouched from sapphire. The same applies when I palpark on my CycloDS, the trash bytes are shown as invalid, no matter what pokemon I palpark. I just palpark on my R4/CycloDS because I have lots of rare candies so I can level them up easily after EV training. Is there any way to fix it? I dont want to be seen as hacker when my Pokemons are actually legaly breeded and palparked. If there is any way to fix it, please let me know. Thanks ---------- Post added at 01:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:54 PM ---------- By the way, it doesnt even get fixed after running through trashbyte fixer.
  5. [Pokemon] Latias [Hold Item] old amber [Trainer ID] 30348 [secret ID] [Level] 50 [Nature] Adamant [Gender] female [shiny]yes [Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] infected [iVs]187 HP, 119 attack, 127 defense, 145 speed, 145 special attack,163 special defense [EVs]28 HP, 252 ATTACK, 228 SPEED [Contest Stats] None [Nickname] Sasha [Trainer Name + Gender] Sid (male) [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Levitate [Moves] hidden power, thunder, Draco Meteor, Giga Impact [PP Maxed]Yes [Met at level] 50 [Met at place] pal park [Met in Fateful Encounter yes/no] yes [Game Met] emerald [Game Region] ENG [Date Met]W/E GIVEN TO ME [Ribbons]NONE [Pokemon] Charmander [Hold Item] Azure Flute [Trainer ID] 30348 [secret ID] [Level] 1 [Nature] Brave [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither] Infected [iVs] Max [EVs] whatever [Contest Stats] None [Nickname] Sid [Trainer Name + Gender] Sid (Male) [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Blaze [Moves] Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch, Fire Blast, Focus Punch [PP Maxed] yes [Met at level] 1 [Met at place] Twinleaf Town [Met in Fateful Encounter yes/no] No [Game Met] Diamond [Game Region] ENG [Date Met] 2009/09/17 [Egg Hatched] 2009/09/18 [Ribbons] None I am at that wi fi club now and will be here til 10am (if you can have the pokemon hold the flute I'll understand) my name is Sid and my code is 5070 4505 0751
  6. does anyone have the pokemon wishmaker event files, especially looking for Chansey with Wish
  7. In pokesav, the limit is 999 can i break the limit? i wanna make it over 9000!
  8. As the topic said, I think it would be nice if someone would make a stickied topic in Event Pokemon forum regarding the issue, so that new people *might* stop and read the sticky topic first before flooding the forum with the same question. Mods, please close the thread if someone had already suggested this idea. :rolleyes:
  9. hiny Koffing, Bold with eggs moves Pain Spli Will-o-Wisp and just add a normal move o koffing Shiny Spoink, Timid nature, Thick Fat ability. Move Calm Mind and one normal moves for spoink Shiny Hoppip, Jolly Nature. Egg move Encore. and a normal move for hoppip Shiny Chatot, Timid nature. egg move Nasty Plot and a normal move for chatot PLEASE make then look like hatched at lv 1 and add mines Ot.ID and SID OT:Trukito ID:36273 SID:61198 i dont have Ar, I need then by Wifi Trade
  10. Hey guys, I know how to use platinum pokesav editor but I've been just wondering if there is already made save that has all pokemons on it? I do not want them to be lv 100 or watever. I just want them to be lv 1 or something. Or I dunno is there a way to upload all of them to your save file? Or is there a option is save editor to add all pokemons to your storage and so? Thanks~ EDIT: All also is there a pokedex that would show all that status for a pokemon at a certain lv? Cause I only see at lv 50, 100 and base lv and then im confused what status should I give to a certain lv so I does look normal!? Or all the other info like catch lv and such...
  11. Why can't this pokemon and other 4th gen pokemons join the online battle on pokemon battle revolution? Almost all my 3th, 2nd and 1st gen legendary's can join execpt mew celibi jirachi and deoxys. Mahbe thats because they are all event pokemon and these are tricky to make legit. But my azelf can't join a online battle on pokemon battle revolution. Why cant my azelf join? the legal checker says its all valid. Thanks, Shann
  12. I used the checker and nothing came up invalid. Besides that and trying to submit a battle video, is there another way to check it?
  13. I can make any Pokémon, just post a request. Fill this out: Pokemon Species: Held Item: Level: Ability: Nickname (If wanted): Trainer ID (If specific): Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): Egg (Yes or No): Nature: Pokérus Status: Pokéball Captured In: EV Stats: IV Stats: Ribbons (If any): Location/Date Met: Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Friend Code (If Trading): I can only make them for D/P. They may take some while to be finished.
  14. (im creating a hacked totodile) - for its hometown (i got it from the day care couple) do i have to put hometown diamon because i hatched it there, put johto becaue thats where its actually found in the game, or should i put colosseum?
  15. What number of Ev's and Iv's should i give a pokemon at level 20 using pokesav to make it look legit and for it to have good normal stats so i wont suck in battling? Please list it: EX: Defense: 34 Attack: 45 ^ Thats what i mean by list it. Please i really need help with that!
  16. In pokesav is it alright if i put my pokemons Ev's 85 and its Iv's 0 - im trying to make it look legit? Also if i put the Ev's 85 and Iv's 0 will my pokemon suck in battling, will it be good, or will it be super strong?
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