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  1. In game, when you fail a legendary raid, the scientist at the entrance would ask you if you wanna note it down. With that, you can redo that legendary. in PKHeX, it’s somewhere in the block editor, with a somewhat readable name. If I was at my com I’ll give it to you, but for now we just have that
  2. The legendary saved in your notes, yes. (This way you can encounter them after you pick the note). besides that, no real way to edit what else you encounter.
  3. I don’t think GodMode9 is capable of writing back ROM dumps, so you’re out of luck. What you’re supposed to do is write edited save files back to the repro rom, then write back the edited repro rom into the repro cart. without a way to write back, you’re stuffed. (also, your idea of writing back retail ROMs isn’t going to work)
  4. YUP, ROM files are not allowed here, offending part of the post removed. Without an appropriate tool that can overwrite ROMs on your repro carts, there’s no way you can inject a save into your repro cart. What ROM dumper are you using?
  5. It has to be BW, and has to be Japanese. This event was not given to any other region nor language.
  6. Was it redeemed on Japanese copies of BW?
  7. Legitimately, using Pokémon Bank.
  8. Nothing to do with PKHeX. If you can legitimately transfer the move, but can’t use it online, then it’s the server that messed up. Wouldn’t be the first time. In SWSH, Cap Pikachu could get Pichu’s egg moves via the move transfer, but it can’t be used online.
  9. Outside of the Gamefreak Mew for VC, at present, any Mew events from retail carts would be illegal on newer generations.
  10. What they need isn’t Dream World mons in game, it’s that you have a computer that accessed Dream World that’s still around, haven’t had the hard drive wiped, that sort of deal.
  11. You need to dump the ROM from your cart, then use the program to read the ROM. It’ll find a save if it’s a bootleg cart (most Gen 3 bootleg cart store saves inside the ROM)
  12. No. Goes against TOS, high ban risk, so we won't share that information. Not that I know how it's done, but I got a few informed guesses..
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