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  1. Just leave it and wait for PKHeX to update.
  2. Sounds like Tera den verifications is up on your copy of PKHeX.
  3. Piracy is a no-no. We legally cannot assist pirates.
  4. We don’t deal with those dodgy people. I can only speculate that they’re abusing bad online hack checks.
  5. I don’t know if this matters, if the OT details isn’t yours, make sure the Handling Trainer (not current OT trainer or whatever it’s called) has the name and gender matching your save.
  6. Did you actually get the 8 gym badges in-game properly? Are the Pokémon obtained legitimately. Can’t think of any reason to why they won’t listen.
  7. Yes. Stay offline, import the blocks into your save.
  8. @rafapaiva rather than spam the thread, post your files in the downloads and let that be that, thanks.
  9. I've yet to see it, but it's in the form_args area of PKHeX i assume?
  10. Sprigatito is a fun little kitty But yeah, I think they’ve got the main encounters and stuff added in, but marks and ribbons is probably a work in progress. Curious to see them add overworld legality (if possible) and that might come in too
  11. Basically black dens needs to be unlocked. Well documented online.
  12. Mark legality is something that’s a work in progress. Pretty sure the issue existed since old PKHeX for SV, not just the current one (I have stuff with Marks marked illegal). Please do wait patiently
  13. Make sure you set into the save. Make sure you export the edited save from PKHeX. Make sure it’s actually edited (after export, drag the save back into PKHeX to check if the edits are there) Make sure you’re restoring the edited save into JKSV. Dont try to restore saves into Sysnand from EmuMMC and expect it to work
  14. If you did a quick google check, you'll find out they were added to Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, and don't exist in Sun/Moon.
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