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  1. I just verified these entries, and they're correct. I expect it to be hard to get these (gonna need proof for these submissions) In the mean time, I'll add them to the list above. There are some entries I'm worried about too, especially if breeding isn't a thing in Let's Go, such as Stomp Kangaskhan.
  2. Have you ever gone online on your CFW? Played any Mii games or streetpassed with others? Also, are you really able to calculate such a chance? Are you perhaps a statistician or a hacker? [It's a joke, don't be offended] In any case, since we aren't able to say with absolute certainty, here's my warning to the other users (and you should add it into your first post) Use at your own risk. No one is liable if you managed to somehow get your 3DS banned.
  3. Hello all! As we all know, Generation 1 Pokémon (and their Alolan Variants) captured in Pokémon Go can be transferred to Pokémon Let's Go. Presently, we do not know how moves are going to be handled (they could transfer with only 2 moves, or simply top up 2 moves from learnset, or completely change the transferred moveset), so to be on the safe side, I'm looking for any users that are willing to commit to transferring one of such Pokémon. (I'll be using them for our Downloads basically) To be absolutely clear, my main concern: moves that a Pokémon cannot normally learn in normal main-series gameplay. Our best basis of comparison would be against Let's Go level-up, TM learnset and move tutors learnset. (I would imagine it wouldn't stray too far from USUM moveset, but I wouldn't hold my breath) I understand some of these moves might be PGo legacy moves at this point, but it's still worth a shot asking for them. (I'm also looking for more data, as these might not be the only entries) Here are some of such moves that I'm aware of: Community Day Pikachu w/ Surf Regular Pikachu w/ Present Note: During the event period, using Fast TM on any Pikachu results in it learning Present. Without breeding in Let's Go (Pichu egg move), no Pikachu can attain the move Present (unless there's some special move tutor) Jigglypuff w/ Play Rough Kantonian Diglett w/ Mud Shot Kantonian Dugtrio w/ Mud Shot Graveler w/ Mud Shot Golem w/ Mud Shot Kantonian Grimer w/ Acid Kantonian Muk w/ Acid Koffing w/ Acid Weezing w/ Acid Hitmonlee w/ Stomp Chansey w/ Psybeam Staryu w/ Psybeam Staryu w/ Quick Attack Starmie w/ Quick Attack Porygon w/ Quick Attack Omastar w/ Rock Throw These are crucial if moves tutors for them don't exist in the game. Frenzy Plant Venusaur Blast Burn Charizard Hydro Cannon Blastoise (upcoming) Draco Meteor Dragonite
  4. Not spreading fear, but trying to clarify: I think people with "hacked Mii's" have a potential of getting their 3DS's banned, right?
  5. Then try with Time Finder instead, make sure that encounter slot matches the species you want. Change Min and Max delay, etc etc.
  6. theSLAYER

    E-Reader Cards

    Credits to @NinFanBoyFTW for the Hi-res scans
  7. Version .


    This gift was distributed in Korea via the common code KKEUTUIDONGGUL to commemorate their first airing of Pokémon Generations. Species Zygarde Nickname (default, save lang) OT 제너레이션즈 TID 180620 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place Dates Jun 20 to Jul 31, 2018 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games KO 3DS: USUM Lv. 70 Nature Random Ability Aura Break (1) Item None Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Crunch Earthquake Camouflage Dragon Pulse WC ID 1142: 「전설의 포켓몬 지가르데를 선물!」's receiving text 0x35 Thank you for watching the Pokémon animation! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic 전설의 포켓몬 지가르데를 선물! 「포켓몬 제너레이션즈」 방영 기념! 전설의 포켓몬 지가르데를 선물합니다! Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20180621_1339
  8. Use RNGreporter, use chained shiny Algo to find PID with max IVs, but leave "find Shiny" unchecked. then, find legal combo of TID/SID that will result a shiny Pokemon against found PID.
  9. Don't requote yourself unnecessarily, and don't double post. Patiently wait.
  10. I do hope that they program every species inside, but then again, not allowing higher gen Pokemon to be transferred from PGo, reduced my expectation for that. After all, this isn't Gen 3, unlike the example you listed. This is a game that breaks some boundaries and traditions regarding traditional Pokemon game design, and they could easily remove unused Pokemon models (just like how they tried to dummy out unused Pokemon in SM demos), if they do not plan to allow it to have newer Pokemon Granted, even though the main models of newer Pokemon weren't in the SM demo, they did a bad job leaving some data leftover and was able to be datamined, but that data wouldn't be usable in the game in the sense of normal gameplay.
  11. If the method of save re-encryption is not fully understood, then it's not at all possible. The same can be said for how Datel transmit the information as well. Build your own card reader? It might certainly be pointless if you didn't have a Powersaves account. Powersaves definitely authenticates your account (they check whether you registered your e-mail account with a product key after purchase), so without it, the service wouldn't work. Furthermore, Powersaves is region locked. Users who purchased it in the wrong region, had to e-mail Datel to request to get the Product Key's region changed, in order to be able to use it (they were able to do it server-side). You getting a NDS or 3DS flashcart?
  12. You're coming across as rude (at least to me), and I don't like that. Additionally, I'm pretty sure my responses to you were valid questions, which you didn't reply to. As much as this is useful information, which I thank you for sharing. Seriously, DON'T MULTI-POST If no one replied you, edit your new info into the post
  13. The hurdles are: 1. Getting a fully decrypted save that can be re-encrypted correctly without causing problems with the game. There's a method out there to convert a Powersaves save file to a main save, but I'm not sure if it's fully decrypted and can be returned afterwards. (I think it can, so this isn't a problem) [I think the problem was with RAM dumps, not powersaves converted saves] 2. Encrypting the save. The "main" save PKHeX exports is a decrypted save, and users normally use a homebrew app on their 3DS to inject it, and that process encrypts the save. (and the encryption is dependent on the cart and 3DS) Given that you don't have any of those options yet, as much as the 3DS has been cracked apart, I would imagine it is not possible for laypeople to encrypt the save correctly on their computer, without using any of the 3DS services. 3. Hijacking the transmission to inject the encrypted save If Datel's software uses an encrypted tunnel to transfer the save to and fro form their servers, and if they use some kind of verification to cancel the process if checksums mismatch, hijacking it with the sole purpose of injecting resigned files would be tedious to do. 4. Ultimately, no one would tackle the problem as it is not worth the effort. For the most part, installing CFW on 3DS is cheap and easy nowadays. ntrboot works on all 3DS models and firmwares, and only requires a compatible NDS flash cart.