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  1. if you only wanted the Pokemon, here are two ways you could have done it. 1. Use Pokebank to transfer the Pokemon from this save into the Bank, and receive it on the intended save or 2. Dump the Pokemon from the save using PKHeX, then Load them into the intended save using PKHeX (as circled below) [I don't think a tutorial exists for this]
  2. Change it to a bunch of zeros. When you connect online, the server will assign you a new set. I doubt it. I don't use it.
  3. Yes, loading the entire save means you're replacing the character in your existing save. it replaces the entire save. I don't mean to be blasé, but I doubt anyone knows for sure. If a lot of people use the same save, it might be odd to the server (if they take notice of such things) I'll recommend that you change some details of the save, like the Original Trainer Name, Trainer ID, Secret ID, Game Sync ID.
  4. Overall guide for managing 3DS saves: https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/ Yes, but that's for using a hacked 3DS (not exactly Pokemon related, unless you use something ridiculously hacked)
  5. If the data is lost (ie they deleted it from Bank), then you won't be able to get the exact ones back from Bank. [Nothing we could do. It's on the server, so Nintendo/TPCi has to help you regarding that] We do have a bunch of mons and saves in our Downloads section, so just take a look there.
  6. Version 1.0.2


    This page holds files that contains shinies, based on the generation's format. Use PKHeX's import system to import all the wanted .PKX files. Make sure you keep an extra safe backup of the save, before performing any modifications and imports. .rar name Creatures in folder Excluded Creatures Special Mentions Comments Gen 1 #001 to #151 #151 VC Mew distributed with set DVs NIL VC Gen 1 can be imported into Gen 7 saves Gen 2 #001 to #251 #151 VC Mew distributed with set DVs #251 Celebi could be shiny in VC Crystal VC Gen 2 can be imported into Gen 7 saves Gen 3 #001 to #386 #251 Celebi NIL Soft reboot of series; Gen 3 couldn't import creatures from Gen 1 and 2 Gen 4 #387 to #493 #493 Arceus NIL Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 Gen 5 #494 to #649 #494 Victini #643 Reshiram #644 Zekrom #647 Keldeo #648 Meloetta NIL Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 & 4 Gen 6 #493 #650 to #721 #718 Zygarde #720 Hoopa #721 Volcanion #493 Arceus shiny (via event) #643 Reshiram shiny (Fabled Den) #644 Zekrom shiny (Fabled Den) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 3 to 5 Gen 7 (3DS) #722 to #807 #787 Tapu Bulu #788 Tapu Fini #789 Cosmog #790 Cosmoem #791 Solgaleo #792 Lunala #800 Necrozma #801 Magearna #802 Marshadow #807 Zeraora #025 Partner Cap Pikachu #251 Celebi could be shiny in VC Crystal #718 Zygarde (via event) & Alolan Formes (shiny) Missing creatures can be imported from Gen 1 to 6 Gen 7 (Switch) #001 to #151 AND #808 to #809 #151 Mew event not shiny & Alolan Formes (shiny) No compatibility to the rest of mainline series as of now. For clarity sake, I shall describe how the folder system works: For example, if you're playing on a Generation 5 game, to have all complete (excluding illegals), import mons from Gen 3.rar, Gen 4.rar and Gen 5.rar Just remember, the transfer system works similarly to the official system the games use:
  7. Yeah too bad they never gotten it Also, if the dumps were true, Baby Ponyta, Baby Goldeen, Baby Vulpix, and the Raitora lines were in it too! It's kinda sad they got scrapped from not just Gen 2, but also Gen 1
  8. To be precise, I was just summarizing the info helix chamber mentioned. They found a donor who originally wanted to provide their group with the prototype, and they asked for dumped assets as proof. They got maps and sprites (tho the front sprites for the proto-mons were missing, even though the back sprites were included) Eventually they stopped receiving a reply regarding it, so they decided to move ahead and create a rom hack with all the dumped assets they've gotten. I would link to their site, but there could be a ROM lurking somewhere on their site (or eventually they'll upload one), so I'm not gonna link it here. (If need be, I could provide screenshots, tho)
  9. the NA and EU prefixes were supposedly not shared. Also, one would think that we would have heard about the cross-region mix-up sooner.. Maybe it was an issue for only one specific game and specific language (like the ash hat pikachu issue we had recently). Probably time to go back and check the files dating back then.. edit: From what I can see, all the 0630 Celebi (from the server) from the US region (of various languages) had the correct TIDs across versions. I'm probably gonna wait for the @Rayquaza911's system setting image, as well as the .pk7 for the Celebi before I jump out and make any conclusions.
  10. dear @ANNONS, we have a saves section in our downloads area. I've uploaded a bunch of saves, including two that are post game. (link here) Note: it is not 100% (I didn't do the looker quest), but that is probably enough. Also, X and Y saves are mostly interchangeable, so it won't be a problem. I'm locking this thread before we get flooded by 1001 requests (not necessarily by you) Cheers :3
  11. are cheat codes even a thing on the Switch? lol My Switch isn't updated to 7.0.0, so I won't be able to DL it from the eShop until a safe CFW update that works with 7.0.0
  12. Are you able to save in the demo? If not, the only way to extract them would probably be a RAM dump, and I don't know of any public methods so far..
  13. @Rayquaza911 to be certain, take a photograph of the system settings screen (with the fw version) and upload the image (also @Sabresite, I’ll like to think the NA/US code is locked to only US devices)
  14. Version .


    This gift was distributed to players via Local Wireless, to players that went to the site of the Korean League, at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Players with Ultra Sun received Thundurus, and players with Ultra Moon received Tornadus. Species Incarnate Thundurus Nickname (default, save lang) OT 코리안리그 TID 190216 Distribution Local Wireless Location a lovely place Dates Feb 16 to Feb 17, 2019 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: US Lv. 100 Nature Random Ability Prankster (1) Item Gold Bottle Cap Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Thunderbolt Focus Blast Grass Knot Nasty Plot WC ID 1152: 「뇌격포켓몬 볼트로스 선물!」's receiving text 0x2B Thank you for coming to the Pokémon event! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic 뇌격포켓몬 볼트로스 선물! 2018-19 코리안리그 S2 개최를 기념하여 뇌격포켓몬 볼트로스를 선물합니다! Format Ver.1.0.7-0, Post Updated Date:20190217_1218