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  1. Read: second-top line of first post of PK3DS. I've split off your post, since it's explicitly warned against in PK3DS thread first post. You will need to search the net on how to extract files from the games. Best I can point you to is here, here and here. (Don't ask me about how to use them, tho, as I won't be of much help in those categories. You gotta find that out yourself. Two of those links above are guides anyway..)
  2. If this is true, then it would be a rare case of them "unlocking" something ahead of the distributed event. (Traumatic flashbacks of all the people posting is this event legal? why can't I trade it?)
  3. We have the wonder card here. If you drag the wonder card into the left side of PKHeX when a Gen 6 save is loaded, it'll generate a pk6 for you.
  4. Is this a trade request, or asking if we have the events uploaded?
  5. Before we go into editing saves, probably should get your site to display various features of whatever save is uploaded onto it. If your site can't recognize stuff, then editing saves is impossible. And the only way to test and know for sure if your site is recognizing the correct data.. is to get your site to display the data ><
  6. Great, at least you know how to get a very basic site up. Before we jump too far into the rabbit hole, I think you should make your site is able to "recognize" which sections each part of any given save is, before we continue any further. After all, the save blocks shuffle. So that probably is the most basic functionality you'll need to program in. I recommend you get that done, before worrying about other steps. As for why Trainers values doesn't exist, did you save twice in-game? Is your save one that is recently started (has 0 progress in it)? It should be there, since the save B is meant to be backup in case save A corrupts. No reason why it wouldn't be there.
  7. Erm, do you know how to build a website? Have you got a functioning website up yet? Also, regarding how to "transform the value into hex", most programming languages (including whatever language your site uses) should have simple to hex and to dec operations, though if you're modifying a value, it isn't necessary to transform a value to hex, because hex and decimal is basically just different ways to represent the same value. All you gotta do is to write the value as byte (or however it is expressed in the programming language you're using) Congratulations, I see you understood what the documented data on bulbapedia mean. What is this "SEC00" you speak of? As in you don't understand how they're stored, or don't understand how to find it in the save? If it's how they're stored (if I'm not mistaken): Think of the hex 0xFF, in binary it's: 11111111 Now look at 0xFE: 11111110 and 0xFD: 11111101 Each 1 or 0 represents whether a Pokémon is seen/caught (depending you're at seen or caught offset). For each byte->binary, the furthest right is the smallest value, starting from 0, and ascends up for everything Pokémon seen/caught.
  8. Hmmm, is the update for Ultra Moon installed? I’m assuming that’s a dump report from Luma (it was luma that crashed). remove the update for Ultra Moon (can uninstall it using FBI or SD management in system settings). If it doesn’t work, then I’m out of ideas. I’m not exactly a PK3DS user, but I’m aware that overlay files that originated from different game version as compared to an installed game updates can cause Luma crashes. (Typically when one uses base game for overlay files, but have a game update installed)
  9. If I am not mistaken, the original developer is Japanese and was the program was made solely in Japanese. What was uploaded here are translated copies. Good luck with trying to find the original author :3
  10. It should be fine. One way you'll know for sure, is when you go fight the Rival ><
  11. Have you tried using PKHeX to change the trainer's gender, or is there a problem with that functionality?
  12. it needs to be researched, in order to be implemented on PKHeX.
  13. Because it was removed. The files uploaded doesn't adhere to the guidelines of our site
  14. Current Handler has to be you, whether you received it in trade or event. (Once you received a Pokémon, regardless of 'how', the current handler gets updated to you) I don't think there's anything else to change.
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