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  1. I was thinking maybe some kind of hard knock (either dislodge part of the connection or broke the internals of the chip), or maybe the chip was substandard to begin with, thus leading to it's failure. Yeah, I know nothing about flashing the chip elsewhere..
  2. I hope you're referring to the original questioner, cause I definitely am not familiar with SWSH's RAM, nor am I going to dedicate time to it ><
  3. Not that I can refer you to a specific video, but I've seen videos of repairmen dealing with circuit boards, and what they tend to do, is to place the prongs of the multimeter around the chip, to see if any voltage passes (to know if the chip is still functional), or to place them at the beginning of the chip and beginning of the where the current should originates from, to see if the voltage travels right up to the chip (no breakages in between circuits etc). However, without a specific blueprint for the voltages that should be across the board, we can't just do that haphazardly. Or course, you could do a simple compare and contrast with a working board, however I'm not certain you want to put the working board at risk (from you know, not knowing what you're doing ) From what I understood, it's not the save that you value, but the cart itself. Provided it's only the chip that's dead, and not the circuits on the board (or some other factor), someone with the appropriate tools can try to transplant a working chip onto it, but it's hard to save it'll work, and the cost and time taken will probably be high. Even if it's not you, ultimately it would have to be determined if the chip is dead or the circuit board is functional, before any decisions of what can or cannot be done be proceeded with.
  4. And here I thought it could all be explained by the presumption that you had a fake cart. The explanation honestly fits, if it were a fake cart. Not that I believe that GameStop sells fake carts, but I don't know what's their policy, especially if it's related to second hands goods. Or maybe they had some kind of mix up. Who knows at this point. I used to own a fake cart that battery ran dry (not that I knew it was fake until after the fact), and this was exactly what happened. Once the battery ran dry, I could no longer save the game. I don't know how it would be possible. I also wonder what you should do. Replace the entire chip? Check the traces on the circuit board? Run a multimeter before and after the chip to check if it's dead? It's possible the memory chip itself is dead, or unable to draw power from your battery. But here's the thing: as far as I know, on a real cart, the battery isn't for running the memory. It only runs the RTC. Maybe someone who knows what they're doing can come along and advise you, but my impression would be you should just buy a new cart.
  5. no idea how to manipulate the drops of event raids (save editing). If ROM editing, the edited raids cannot even be shared locally, so no dice.
  6. This seems more like researched stuff, as opposed to being a guide, so here it is.
  7. First, don't hijack someone else's thread. Start your own. Next, the only known way where you can only send a savefile from an unhacked to hacked console, is if they share the same user profile (can be done via official methods). However this would required the hacked console to have Internet access (no idea if you blocked it etc). If you have more questions regarding this, start your own thread.
  8. This goes without saying, but you have to set the changes into the PC space. Left part of PKHeX is for viewing and editing, right part contains the PC slots that you view from and set into.
  9. event pokemon do not naturally come with the ribbons, unless you won contests with them. Even then: It's PROGRAMMED to add affection to OT affection, not Current Trainer affection. So contest mons will have the affection added to OT (incorrectly), as explained. Unless you meant something else with your question?
  10. Yeah there shouldn’t be any difference. It’s like giving 2 shiny charms won’t double the rates further.
  11. No Shadow Pokemon from XD can be shiny.
  12. https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery I've also uploaded the missing chu here.
  13. Just change the species, and put a name in Latest Not_OT Handler. Additionally, there's limited amount of Gens where Kangaskhan could have known learn Body Slam: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Body_Slam_(move) Given your Kangaskhan was caught in Gen 6, and in a Gen 6 format, your Kangaskhan could not legally know Body Slam.
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