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  1. As for the Pikachu, whether it gets added to PKHeX depends on whether there’s any documentation to confirm the various relationships to its RNG seed, like PID, IVs and OT gender.
  2. Yup, most gifts do not have preset origin game. And it's not something a "normal person" can identify too, unless they transfer the mon away (cause only then origin game would be identifiable, as region name). Most gifts do not have preset origin game, and they normally just follow the received game. The ones that *might* have a preset origin game, are usually copies of mons belonging to real life trainers, like champions of VGC and stuff. That's why the Met location in Gen 6 is Route 7. It imitates the fact that it was a bred Tyranitar. (In the wonder card, you'll see there's an Egg Level and Met level. If you look at my app near the bottom left corner, it's the 1 and 55 respectively) edit: anyway, some of the info (in a more visual format) can be seen here:
  3. Bulbapedia presumably never mentioned it has the origin game locked to X, because that's data one would normally not get to see unless one transfers out. They only mention games that can receive it, not origin game the file was preset too. Also, it's not confused with those two you linked. Look at the OT on my app. I'm looking at the right wonder card. Assuming you're referring to this. For the record, this is my app, not PKHeX. Also, the filename says "ORAS", because that is how the nomenclature for our files work. ORAS is the only pair of games that can receive this event. However origin game is preset to X, regardless of what game you receive it on. That is all there is to it. I've already given you the accurate recounting. It should be Kalos, since origin game is preset to X.
  4. The shininess would normally depend on the hatching TID/SID...
  5. Looking at the wonder card, the Pokémon was distributed with the Origin Game locked to X. Hence, when transferred up, it'll say Kalos. So PKHeX is working as intended.
  6. Long story short, I think this is a an artifact of you messing around with saving into EmuMMC, and then transferring into SysNAND (which may or may not be successful). There's also a chance your EmuMMC and SysNAND is presently "synced", so there's already some weirdness when handling saves. (While this is thoroughly irrelevant to you, at some point I talk about 'syncing'. More background: sometimes, an odd thing happens, where injecting a save into Emu causes the save to appear in Sys. So people expect it to be fine, to just inject into Emu. However when the Emu/sys 'desync', they'll complain to the forums that injecting stopped working, when in fact, you're not supposed to be able to directly inject into Sys from Emu; it working previously is unintended. You likely have to do some kind of transfer mentioned in the video [I did not watch it].) In any case, this is not related to PKHeX, and until someone can reproduce it purely using SysNAND (no EmuMMC installed), I'm more or less convinced it is related to your setup. I sadly won't be of much help since I don't use your setup. edit: If your present EmuMMC is made recently, and it's made from a recent SysNAND, your profiles may very well be linked. Try injecting a save with Checkpoint in EmuMMC, and see if it shows up directly in SysNAND (like reboot your system and check).
  7. In that case, it's likely illegal because PKHeX does not have checks implemented for it. Just carry on with it.
  8. Before I answer that, are you injecting the edited save into EmuNAND, but trying to use HOME with SysNAND? (And hoping the edited save somehow goes into SysNAND when it was injected into EmuNAND?)
  9. @Snackedfor it there any chance you're using EmuNAND/EmuMMC for CFW on your Switch?
  10. Upload said file. Also where is the file from? Looking at it, there is a chance it is custom made, and the maker missed some important details.
  11. You can go to the PKHeX page. There's an option near the bottom of the page (before comments/reviews) that let you change the version to download.
  12. as in she can't be reached or she doesn't say anything? Doesn't sound mighty normal, but as long as it doesn't crash the game it should be fine.
  13. Try this. Import the save as battery. It might start off from a slightly different spot than where you were at. (1) 6149 - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced).sav (1) 6149 - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced).sav
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