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  1. I have 200 to giveaway, and will be doing them in batches of ten, and only adding more after the previous batch has been confirmed by users to be used up. Also, please don't DM me for codes, you'll be ignored. Please: - only claim the codes in pairs - mention which codes you've claimed - don't claim more than one pair for yourself. Anyway, have fun! 1 Celebi : U120GJ59H5MUSVUB & Zarude : U121G087EG1KR6V5 (taken) 2 Celebi : U120B1EKC15BRQS0 & Zarude : U121D5CKQC1HTNPQ 3 Celebi : U120H68FV8NF15JN & Zarude : U121AN04PBXDTVNK 4 Celebi : U120B1EKQ68587QK & Zarude : U121D5CLYPTH61UR 5 Celebi : U12078TQ4EU6B17V & Zarude : U121C7CPDJX0TXLJ 6 Celebi : U120B1ELS1KWYER8 & Zarude : U121D5CNVHCQSCVK (taken) 7 Celebi : U120GJ2N5XMVB2WN & Zarude : U121G05HCQHHXHMG 8 Celebi : U1202KJC8GPEC1TQ & Zarude : U12195CWTPMM02S9 9 Celebi : U120AR3SQ7BJVD0B & Zarude : U121C7PGYYTEU9ER 10 Celebi : U120AR3U6AR44L2S & Zarude : U121C7PK0EFTG0Y7 (taken)
  2. PKHeX normally can load dsv anyway. Given how little context we've gotten, I can only assume this user never saved with the in-game menu, and only used save states of the emulator. Please save using the in-game menu (not the emulator menu) twice, then close the emulator, then load the DSV into PKHeX.
  3. The Galarian birds have PIDIVs correlations. Haphazardly changing any values will cause illegalities. Consider trying to follow the tutorial:
  4. The mega stones for the other Sceptile and Swampert don't exist in Y.
  5. Unless powersaves changed their model, all bins from powersaves can only be used by the cartridge it was exported from. So, what you're asking is not possible.
  6. Yeah, best not to fake HOME tracker ID. They'll be assigned one when they enter HOME with no ID anyway. Anyhow, like I said, traded GO mons in HOME won't have the GO OT, so it's fine.
  7. I don't see why you PM'd me. Anyway. Step 1) Download a save from here. Step 2) Use this program to properly import the event flags. Step 3) Use PKHeX to fix the checksum. Step 4) Now restore the save into your game, and play it.
  8. What game are you playing? If SWSH, just get one traded from a sysbot. (Also, you posted in the wrong thread. Begging for Pokémon != contribution. I've split out your posts, and merged them)
  9. That information isn't stored on PK8. It's on HOME tracker ID. The mons you injected do not have a "GO Transferred HOME tracker ID". If I'm not mistaken, once the mon is traded or transferred away, it would lose the original GO trainer details anyway. Also, to add on, once it is transferred out to SWSH, it loses the GO symbol. (at where the arrow is located; that info too is held by HOME tracker, not on the pk8) Why don't you try trading for a mon obtained from GO on the GTS, see if the GO trainer name shows up? ;3
  10. @Charblee It is one of two things: 1) For that date, you can only get Groudon via Research, not via raid, hence why you couldn't change the ball. 2) Met level is below 20. Raid Pokémon have a minimum of Met Level 20 when transferred. [Note: I'm not checking the date against known dates, so I'm just listing it as a possible issue] If you wanna change the ball to Premier Ball, change the date to a period where it could be found shiny in raids. Also make sure the Met Level is at minimum 20.
  11. As for .HT_Name, I'm assuming it's the same issue as .CurrentHandler. It presumably partially auto corrects to fit the save's OT. If the mon's OT data is the same as the save, then perhaps it can be changed. If the mon's OT data isn't the same as the save, .HT_Name has to bear the save's name? That's just my guess. So to modify CurrentHandler, one of the details, either OT or HT, needs to match the save's OT, that's what I think. I just did a test where I made the HT follow the save's OT, and I was able to edit CurrentHandler (it was on the OT section of the mon, and I forced it to the HT section) [all edits mentioned are batch edits] As for Hyper Train Flags suggest, got no clue really.
  12. Looks like you going for Gen 7 TID. You should be using TrainerID7 and TrainerSID7 I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Literally just worked for me. Perhaps because the OT_Name, TID, SID doesn't match your save? I imagine that were to be the case. Can't say for sure. I can confirm Met Year isn't working for me too. It looks like you're trying to randomize the Date/Month? Perhaps use this to apply the entire datestamp (includes the year) first, then perform date/month randomization. .HT_Name isn't working for me too. Presumably it becomes the name of the save file. .HyperTrainFlags=$suggest ain't working for me too.
  13. The person didn't specify which game the code is meant to work for. There's a chance the code is not meant for your game. Try googling for the code + your game name.
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