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  1. I reckon it's this one: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/41865-usum-roto-o-powers-distribution-jp/ https://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2017/10/171020_p01.html?list=campaign After all, no official end date is slated on the event, so it's likely a continuation of the same event. (also, please source by giving the direct link. This is the direct link: https://twitter.com/iceposs2000/status/1118749467564318720 I don't think people want to jump through hoops and scroll through a profile just to find the link. Especially if they're in the future and trying to looking at the sources.)
  2. Pokémon Festa 2019 has been announced for South Korea! Duration of the Festa was announced to be from May 3rd, 2019 to May 12th, at the Starfield Hanam Store, Coex Mall. While no event distribution has been officially announced, it's important to note that various pop-up stores in South Korea traditionally had a local wireless or infrared distribution running alongside the physical pop-up store. Along that note, this image was posted on the official site. If I'm not mistaken, the text roughly translates to: Perhaps these souvenirs are serial codes that can be redeemed on Let's Go!? Only time can tell. If any new details were to show up, it'll be added to this thread (by others) or post (by me)
  3. I literally just edited this save. my OT was GF, and I changed both my trainer and Pikachu to GF1. As you can see, it's still following me. I tested changing the TID as well, still works.
  4. Pretty sure as long as OT and TID both matches exactly, there isn't a problem. Deposit the chu then withdraw it, see if it works.
  5. Citra is known for hanging all over the place for XY. Play the game on the 3DS, there’s no proper fix.
  6. Not sure if any such editors exist.
  7. No, I was saying I did those as well, and nothing worked. I reworded that original post for more clarity. Maybe one of the recent updates blocked something. This normally works for me (dragging a mon from G1 window into G2 window):
  8. Can recreate I tried using the uploaded file, as well as Changing DVs, PP ups etc, and still ran into this.
  9. Sounds like a fun event, wish I had something like that. Yeah gotta check the battery first, that's always a thing. Previously when I replied you regarding value, I meant emotional value. Well, whenever there is emotional value, there probably is monetary value, but I won't hold my breath on it.
  10. Hmm it's normally related to using some physical dongle to back up the saves of the retail carts (provided you already don't have such a dongle. I'm not sure if Gameshark/Action Replay back in gen 1/2 provided such a service, but I know Gen 3 and 4 copies did) Because there is always a little preservationist in all of us. It's true: we could just hack one in or make one, but somehow the notion of preserving something that once existed lights the bulb in our head. Normally we'll preserve images of the event (distribution pamphlets, certificates, photographs showing the distribution etc) alongside the data. I guess the next important thing I should ask if it's the same FINLAND distribution as we've obtained, or is it some other OT?
  11. I edited my post for a clearer answer. But in any case yes, if you got only limited natures, sound like you got it right :)
  12. There's only limited natures for Flawless IVs (non-bred Pokemon); not every nature could get Flawless IVs. Sounds like it you got it right then. Also no such guide exists. We've got one for solving "PID Mismatch" which is close enough (here), but I personally think it should be re-written, and would get to it if and when I find the time.
  13. Cause you're doing it wrong? Use the 4th gen time finder in RNG reporter, then use Method 1 to find the IVs. Make sure you replace the PID, Nature, Gender, IVs as per the generated data.
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