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  1. You can’t. Either have a Gen 1 origin Clefable, or a Gen 3 origin Clefable. In others words, you have to choose to keep either Teleport or Soft-boiled. Can’t think of a way to reasonably have both.
  2. let your device day naturally rollover 24 hours. Maybe have your game on. and wait.
  3. It's not about what the hack check says. It's about whether they're legal or not. And me asking nicely for their removal is not a suggestion nor feedback. It is about removing either them or this whole download. Between you and me, I think we'll both prefer the download to remain, so you know what to do :3 Word of advice: don't change the OT names of events. Almost all of them have set OT names, so you shouldn't change them.
  4. @VolcanCustom can you remove or fix the illegal stuff, like the shiny guardians, shiny zygarde, shiny light trio, and any other event mon that cannot have custom OT names?
  5. Details for Index 58 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Rewards for Index 58 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Details for Index 58 of dai_encount Rewards for Index 58 of dai_encount
  6. Version .


    This is a Wild Area event held by Sword and Shield. This Max Raid event was distributed to players to commemorate the Pokémon Day 2021. This Max Raid event adds Gigantamax Pikachu as a possible encounter into the previous Max Raid encounters. This event also has an increased chance of landing a Shiny Gigantamax Pikachu; players have a 2% chance of landing on a guaranteed Shiny, only at the 5 star tier. Besides that, there are also specific rewards for the amount of times Max Raid Battles against Gigantamax Pikachu were won: 1,000,000 battles won: players receive 100 Arm
  7. You're correct. You were probably typing the response as I was editing the info into my post. The stats are generated the moment you give the Sapphire to Celio on One Island. So to ensure the Legendary Beast stats will change per soft reset, you gotta save before handing the Sapphire to Celio. (that also means for every SR, you gotta hand the Sapphire to Celio, then return to Kanto, then try to hunt for the beast)
  8. as in how to find it? Go to a low level route, use repel, have a level 40 as your lead, then keep running in, going into the grass and moving around of a minute, then running out of the route, then repeat. As for hunting whether it's shiny, if I'm not mistaken, the PID gets determined the moment you complete the Sapphire fetch quest for Celio at One Island. So before giving the Sapphire to Celio should be your last point.
  9. if anything, the one thing that is definitely very low, is it's defense. I had to give it IVs 4 (with 0 EVs) to get that value. The rest are rather up in the air, so who knows. Yeah, I get the feeling of wanting to recreate data you lost. If you had other entries/images, that could have helped.
  10. Looking at the stats isn't enough; too many different IV and EV combinations can make those stats. Any random passerby could hazard a random guess, and they have a 1/25 chance of getting it right. Anyhow, here is a random Sceptile created with those stats: 254 - Emerald - 8A5108886544.pk3
  11. You could boot the NDS on one date, but only boot the game in another date. Anyhow, to my understanding the data will be sufficiently random. Yeah, in Gen 5, if I recall correctly, the mon's acquired date isn't the same date as the wonder card acquired date.
  12. or, you could save the game every time before you enter the Dynamax Adventures, and if you see your wanted rental team, immediately turn off the game and back up that save. Then you could just use that seed in the future.
  13. @COrNotToC just one thread about this is enough. I've also shifted it into a sub-forum that is more appropriate.
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