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  1. 1. use PKHeX on your save file 2. Drag the mon into PKHeX window, let's say the PC 3. use PKHeX to save the file This presumes you have CFW on your Switch, and you are able to import and export saves.
  2. You can't feed Dynamax candy to Zacian, so indeed it is illegal. This will be removed in some time.
  3. I've seen that before as well. There's some kind of factor relating to this, and I don't know for certain what it is. Maybe sysMMC and emuMMC have the same game updates installed in order to achieve this. Maybe sysMMC stock OS and emuMMC CFW OS has to be at the same firmware version. I've read that people don't know how, but suddenly the sysMMC and emuMMC profiles became split and was treated as 2 different profile, despite being originally same profile. I can only imagine that a firmware update would cause such a split, since people update the emuMMC without paying much attention to their sysMMC, but without concrete proof (and a way to test, since my SD card ain't big enough), I can't peddle that as fact now, can I? XD It could be your router settings. My router could broadcast at 2 bandwidths, but I think my Switch can only connect to one of them. But yeah, controlling the wi-fi using the phone as a hotspot may be an extra switch for you, tho it doesn't exactly stop your Switch, if it's holding a report and waiting for a connection.
  4. I don't think PKHeX handles finding PID for Gen 3 (including Colo/XD) and Gen 4. (because for those gens, PID-IV-Gender tied) If I'm not mistaken, the dev once said there's already existing programs that handles the PID finding process, and it would be way to much effort to add such a small feature in, when other programs exist that can accomplish said feature.
  5. so far, based on my experience, Hekate isn't able to boot into sysMMC with CFW when emuMMC exists. Meaning, the only way to do so, is to remove emuMMC. well I can't say if it'll be worth it. As it is, it is risky enough (for me anyways) to be using a CFW unit online. (to clarify: I bring a CFW'd unit for online competitions and stuff) Tho, I say it is risky, because I absolutely do not edit the save in the profile that I go online with. As such, I do not know whether it is safe or unsafe bringing an edited save online. Tho, I do disable my Wi-Fi switch on my Switch, when I go into Homebrew. I don't pirate any games nor use any installed themes (people tend to make illegal themes). So that's something.
  6. It doesn't appear you can access your sysMMC stock when you have an emuMMC CFW. If you want to be mostly risk free, then: 1. First Switch has homebrew 2. Second Switch pure stock and has Bank/HOME access. First Switch allows for save editing. Then trade to the Second Switch. Then access Bank/HOME. Besides that, we can't give any other advice. Your method seems fine, but you gotta accept the risk that you might get banned, no matter how small the risk is.
  7. that can't be right: Look at the title bar of PKHeX. It says "US", and that means the save is Ultra Sun. (Also, it shows USUM, in case you're unaware.) Thus, the save that I loaded was a Ultra Sun save. (Also, the image you sent me, with the "Manga" OT, I'm sure that screen is a Ultra Sun screen. Did you mix up which save is which?) I was asking if it loaded in Citra, not PKHeX. Also, use the latest PKHeX. You're using an outdated PKHeX. Your screenshot from earlier is missing the date portion. Get the latest version via this link. In any case, I think you were using a version from before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was supported. Conclusion: You are not certain which saves are which. You probably went into the wrong folder and sent me the wrong file as the first file (has empty playthrough). If you update your PKHeX to the latest version, the Ultra Sun (the second file) will load just fine. PKHeX will continue to not load the empty first file, because well, there's no progress in that file for PKHeX to load.. Additionally, both files have the save size of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Pokémon Sun save files are smaller. Example below: More proof that you sent the wrong save: 001b5100 isn't Pokémon Sun as you claimed, but rather the game code for Pokémon Ultra Moon Anyway, a list of the IDs, to help you in the future:
  8. The second file you sent loads fine in PKHeX. I can't get PKHeX or Citra (Canary 1539) to load your first file. If you replace your Citra main with the first file, does it load?
  9. hmm probably somewhere in the ROM too. you just to find out how to write that value. Or alternatively, bundle your game with a must use sav, and figure out how to turn off that option for the game.
  10. Yay battery lives! sadly no, only the one that has name GF will be legal via transporter
  11. You know that file you sent me? Try this: Removing that file from that folder (but keep it safe on your Desktop). Then, try launching the game. What happens then?
  12. Your save file is empty. It appears that you didn't save the game in Citra. When I place the file in Citra, it asks me to start a new game. Not the "corruption" screen, but rather sent me straight to the language selection screen. Did you save in-game in Citra?
  13. Okay, here it goes: Send me, via our forums, the file. Send the file to me. Yes, this one: When you make a post, drag and drop that file here: Then, hit submit reply with the file attached.
  14. 0x00000064 of the referenced save block. 6th bit (with the right most bit being the 0th), 0 is Shift, 1 is Set. [also, I don't see how this info can be derived from the disassembly; I did a simple before and after save, and did a hex-comparison of the saves]
  15. Upload the save file. This is not what I asked. I asked for the save file.
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