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  1. No worries, just telling you how to find it just in case the locations aren't fixed, so that you can find it if that happens
  2. I used the these bytes to try to find the save from here Once I find that part in your save, I take the first address of the 0xFF, and minus 0x1E000 from said address, so that I find the starting address of the save. That's how I got the two locations in prev post. (not sure you saw it, but I added in a part that both saves seems to be the same) I'm also not sure that the saves are in fixed spots. Any further dumps may have them in a different point, so you can use that method to search. Anyhow, the two files test.sav test2.sav
  3. Erm, that's if we assume the data you sent isn't an encrypted save. Otherwise, the data you sent is garbage data and isn't the save. If you can hex edit the rom, try looking for the save inside. or screenshot any area that have blank spaces and data at the end, that might be the footer of the save. Also take a look at the bulbapedia link I sent you, to help you figure out if it is or isn't a save. edit: Your save is in the game you uploaded (but I removed). Location.. This is your save, right? Edit again: location of another save: Both seems to be the exactly same tho.
  4. its looks like complete garbage data, though there is a chance it's encrypted. Gen 3 save structure has recognizable "blocks", that can be seen at the footer of the block. (my save) However your file is filled with non-0 values, so it doesn't look like any block footer can be seen..
  5. @sobbingsobble I removed the gba file, because ROMs, even ones from bootleg games, are against our rules. The save you uploaded doesn't seem to have a save partition in it.
  6. Because allowing hacking would potentially look bad. Most genned mons look okay, so it's not like you can catch them. Stopping genned mon is probably extra server costs, and server is not directly controlled by them. So it's along the lines of "they don't allow it, but they don't seem to enforce it". I mean, how many VGC got caught with Illegal mons, but weren't DQed?
  7. If I understand you right, you're saying "from GO (the mobile app) to PK7 (save)", as opposed to GO -> GO Park (save) or GO -> Home -> save If so, "integrating GP1 editor" and "removing GP1 entirely" would not deal with this. And if so, you're out of your mind. Would require figuring out how to hack to GO (their servers) first. Thus, unrelated to PKHeX until that time. Until any external developers figure out how to hack into GO servers, what you're asking for is nothing short of magic. that I agree with. I actually had a response for something similar to this on the first segment of this post, but I shifted it down cause it is more appropriate here: If you're asking for "recreation based on stats" type of thing, where you can just use stats from GO for PKHeX to recreate a mon, then what I can say is: I am not sure what the summary screen shows on GO is enough. Purely for the sake of accurate recreations: the height and weight there is truncated/rounded, you need to use another mobile app to figure out the level of the mon. Whatever floats your boat, I guess XD Though, I can see why gp1editor being merged into PKHeX would make the above be doable. Except, I've got no idea how to program in C# (gp1editor was made in VB.net), nor do I know how to create a plugin for PKHeX. Given such a thing isn't one of the features where the demand is a high priority, I'm not certain it'll get done. Well, one can dream (and request it) As what was once mentioned for generation of legal PIDs for Gen 3/4 or handling of Gen 3 Mystery Gift importing, there's no need to add support for it when... (also related to adding features)
  8. But why would you need to do that? Besides being able to view the stats when dumping, PKHeX can also dump GP1 straight, and can import the GP1 into the box. If you replace GP1 with PK7 for the statement I just said: Doesn't it sound exactly the same as how PKHeX normally works? To be clear, when I said "GP1 files can be dragged into your PC box/viewer" in my previous post, I literally meant it goes into your PC, not that it goes back to GO park to be caught... Or what else do you want. Press a button and everything in GO Park gets magically imported into your PC? I know you said "you wanna cut out the requirement of needing GP1", but how is that any different from PK7? Ultimately, it's just a file format that you export out so that others can use it. As a matter of fact GP1 has more uses, since it can be inserted into GO Park, or inserted directly into the box... As the creator of GP1 Editor, I can safely say I have no idea how to do that. Plus having an extra editor in PKHeX, doesn't that sound more like introducing a middleman?
  9. In this case, 0x10B9 is an address. (I also give locations in their hexademical representation, cause most hex editors have the locations represented as hex values by default) So go to that location, then change the value at that location. If you are using HxD, Control G should pop-up a window that will direct you to that location
  10. While the rest looks like interesting requests, this is one you need clarification on: GP1 files can be dragged into your PC box/viewer, and PKHeX will convert them to mon. That functionality already exists. You can then change the IVs however you want, as long as the combination you change to are legal. Also, attempting to hijack into GO via Bluetooth has absolutely nothing to do with PKHeX. I do not think it has been done, probably because it really depends on what needs to be sent to GO's servers from the Switch. If it requires authentic certificates from the Switch, I doubt it would be done. Let's stop going off topic now
  11. Erm. What? Simply put, the values are 0 or 1 in hexadecimal. there is no "value with "x" in it". The "x" in 0x00 or 0x01 is a representation, to show that the value is in hexadecimal. For example, if I simply type 16, I could confuse some, as 16 in decimal isn't the same as 16 in hexadecimal. The fact that I had to explain what I meant, let's just chock if up to that XD Also, the thing about hex editing, if you're modifying the values, each half byte/nibble has the range of 0 to 15 in decimal (which is 0 to F in hexadecimal). Hex values don't have an "x", and will not present as an "x" in the hex values portion
  12. you probably didn't name it right, or have extra stuff in your save folder. Show us a screenshot of the save inside the folder.
  13. ??? The only shiny Metagross in Cherish Ball I remember, is the one from ORAS. Since it comes with the Fateful Encounter flag, the game will display it as Square Shiny when transferred up, regardless of shiny PID. (it's how the game handles Fateful Encounter shinies) Also, PKHeX allows for shines to be square, if you hold down Shift when clicking the Star (for Gen 8 saves).
  14. hmm, that is kidna odd. You're sure you not using a save that has gone online right? Chances are, if you check the files on a hex editor, they're likely exactly the same
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