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  1. Version .


    This page hosts the files for the Standard and Shiny variant of Aron, which can be found in the Cave Poké Spot of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. More Colosseum and XD Pokémon can be found at this page.
  2. The post was last edited in 2016. Safe to say the zip was lost to time... Until @Quibilia comes online and gives you the zip, check Quibilia's Github page. it looks like some of the tools are there. (Also CC: @evandixon, in case you came across this zip during the shift)
  3. What operating system are you on? Did you copy out all the files in the PKHeX.zip into a folder? Are you on the latest .NET framework (if you're on Windows)? There's a way to open your files, BTW. PKHeX allows drag and drop, so you can drag and drop a save from a folder onto PKHeX. (the shortcut CTRL + O also works to open window dialogue) Additionally, CTRL + E works to export save. To export Pokemon, likewise, you can just drag and drop the Pokemon into a folder/Desktop from PKHeX Party/PC slots. I know my suggestion isn't exactly the best, but until you provide more details, this is the best I can. Maybe for now, let us know whether the drag-drop and shortcuts work, at least this way we'll know if it's the entire PKHeX that isn't working, or merely that toolbar.
  4. I think it's still FEAR, since you're using Lv1 + Endeavor and sash.
  5. Is using 4 of the same species even allowed to begin with? plus toxic spikes won't work on stuff that are Poison or Steel type or Flying Type, if I'm not mistaken. Additionally Endeavor won't work on Ghost types, so the moment you encounter a Ghost type your plan is dead. It'll probably knock out all your Pichu before it dies from Toxic. I am not a competitive player so I'm not the best judge, but it just seems gimmicky and would only work in very limited circumstances..
  6. Use this tool to read and edit the game. Keep a back up of the game and save before editing. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2913-gen-4-evolution-editor/
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Use to edit Evolutions of Pokemon, example Evolve without Trading, evolve without stones etc. Original Developer: @Pedro250
  8. @Leprachaun142 1. You can choose to modify the evolution table of the rom, to have the Pokemon evolve via Level 2. You can use PKHeX to "evolve" it
  9. @Kaphotics I'm able to reproduce this issue.
  10. @ICanSnake bulbapedia lists that Sableye from Spooky Manor can be both male and female. Additionally, it also lists that Sableye from Curtis trade isn't gender locked, and would have Prankster. With that said, it should theoretically be able to be bred and obtained with HA. @Yami_Wheeler upload your file for us to see.
  11. Just drag it into PKHeX. It'll auto convert to whichever game you're playing. It's natively Gen3 GameCube format (has Shadow data), but will auto purify if used outside those games. (I think it could only be traded over when purified)
  12. Your save type or size is incorrect. Make sure your .ini has this setting set to this "SAV/SNA File Format == Raw" Make an extra backup of your save, before that change and trying again. Then get back to me and let me know whether it worked
  13. Version .


    This page hosts the shadow and purified versions of the Shadow Salamence obtained during the narrative of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. More Colosseum and XD Pokémon can be found at this page.
  14. what? what file did you download that were supposedly wrong?
  15. glad to read that coordinate control was fixed. Yeah, it is kinda funny, wonder what the difference is.