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  1. You haven't explained how you're importing it. Checkpoint? JKSV? Gateway SD card? Into Citra? Chances are, the problem is with your methods, and not the file. I can always check my files again, but if there's nothing wrong with them, the only thing I can do is wait on your reply. I will check my files later, but in the mean time, it's easier if you tell me how you import the save file.
  2. Main file

    Where is your main file from? Played on 3DS or..?
  3. Is it possible to hatch an egg while soaring in the sky?

    I think Pokemon can be caught there (the wild flying birds) but cannot be hatched there.
  4. @Sachin chatur Asking for roms is piracy, and not allowed on our forums. Please modify your post.
  5. Mystery gift database issues

    Like I said, origin game was likely the problem (lol)
  6. USUM - Roto O powers distribution (JP)

    Did the distribution even end 😂
  7. Mystery gift database issues

    Uploading screenshots of the Pokemon details in PKHeX. presently, I'm assuming their region or origin game is incorrect. (As in the game they were received in Not set as per event details) PKHeX will not necessarily set those details correctly, cause it isn't detailed in its wonder card.
  8. Pokémon mmo 3d

    @Firebreath did you make this?
  9. no worries, glad it was resolved!
  10. Its okay to delete the copy-pasted folder, and its also okay to keep them. any edits you do, you must save back into the appsdata folder.
  11. That's the problem. You're not supposed to rename those folders. That's how the 3DS (and citra) looks for the saves! After you edit the save, the save has to go back into the correct folder in Citra! New steps for you 1. Use the right-clicking to open save location option. 2. The folder opens. Drag the main file into a PKHeX window (PKHeX supports drag and drop) 3. When you File>Export Save in PKHeX, it'll save to the correct location (the location which you dragged in from) Give that a try.
  12. Do you know how to gain access to your save?
  13. @Rens, what are you playing on. Citra? 3DS?
  14. Need help with PokeGen for No$gba

    try changing it from "RAW" to "Raw". (I'm wondering if the capitalization matters) Here's my .ini file: NO$GBA.INI
  15. Which Lycanroc should I choose?

    I've added a poll!