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  1. read: Same thing for you. You need CFW. Sky3DS uses encrypted saves. So either loading a save from sky3DS or loading up a new save onto sky3DS. CFW and homebrew to encrypt and decrypt saves.
  2. I've moved your thread to a more appropriate location. If you don't get any replies, consider hacking your own 3DS. All 3DS are hackable.
  3. @droidperson are you requesting for a trade, or requesting for files? I've seen a similar post of yours got deleted in the trading section, hence the question. If it's files, we have files here and here.
  4. Maybe the file title should have clued you in, but that's the USUM save. If you load the save in PKHeX, it also loads up the USUM version of PKHeX. Also, while the Necrozma was Caught in Moon, N-Solarizer/N-Lunarizer in USUM works on ANY Necrozma. In case you didn't notice, they're stored in a USUM save. It's fine.
  5. theSLAYER

    List of Clothing titles

    To note since Wonder Card Records don't display the additional flavor text, what these names are, are lost upon me. Please note this is accurate as of SWSH ver 1.1.0. In the wonder card records, these were the identifiers used for each section Male Female
  6. Errors all over, so I'm gonna say no. I'll be locking this thread and removing the upload. If the OP wants to have their upload up, there is a User Contributed Saves sections in our downloads. Fix your entries, upload it there.
  7. I gave advice in some other thread, but I can't seem to find it. You probably want to only make changes to mons without fateful encounter, so at the top of the list add =FatefulEncounter=False
  8. Yup. As long as they have the ribbon (usually Classic Ribbon, but some events give other ribbons, and I have a sneaking suspicion those are blocked too), can't Surprise, Wonder, GTS trade them away. There are a few rare events with no ribbons (one of the Yokohama outbreak chus, if I'm not mistaken) and I'm not sure where does lie. Additionally, while not completely off-topic, it appears HOME can't trade ANY Mythical Pokémon. edit: From Bulbapedia's page:
  9. you probably didn't include modifiers to change only mons that belong to you.
  10. Our PKHeX version is the same, and as far as I can tell we're checking the same Xerneas, and it INDEED has relearn move, because that's the gift. You should redownload PKHeX.
  11. By trade, you referring to GTS? You always could not GTS mons with the special ribbon attached, it's nothing new. Also, don't hack in mons that had their special ribbons removed.
  12. going back to this @Kaphotics Gen 1 HA and mixed ball is possible: Male starter to pass ball, female starter to pass HA. Gen 7 Starter cannot have mixed ball, since they both male and female can only have pokeball.
  13. Oh right that's a thing. That would make dream ball Primarina legal too, since Dream Ball can be used on Ditto.
  14. If they were reporting users with hacked mons, I imagine it wouldn't matter how you obtained the hacked mon. It was the fact that your device is exploitable and you used it. Then again, people could have received hacked mon via trades (provided they weren't blocked) and the put them into HOME. So they can't just ban anyone with hacked mons now, can they? (Also, I think while online trades block some hacked mons, local trades absolutely doesn't block these)
  15. oh if you are referring to Switch bans: There's no evidence that the Pokemon team reports hackers to Nintendo to get the them banned for Homebrew/CFW. Granted, I've heard of people hacking in Splatoon getting banned (tho I have no idea what kind of ban is it, is it just in-game ban or console internet ban), but I've yet to see any console internet bans for Pokémon hacking. If anything, they've let Pokémon hackers run free for generations. The only example I can see where they collaborated is the USUM Pirates ban. (You understand that whoever that is running Pokemon servers, are different from the banning team in Nintendo right?)
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