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  1. Your save is saved different from a legitimate carts, so most save editing methods won't work. I don't have the expertise in this area, hence it's better if someone else that knows can jump in and help. (one of the reasons why it's better to have it posted in a public area). The next best thing I can think of, is cheat codes. Check if you can use Action Replay/Gameshark on your cart. If cheat codes work, then able we can do something bout it.
  2. @PapierDragon post what you sent me here (as well as read this thread). What you're asking should be in a public forum.
  3. pretty sure PKHeX in HAX mode can convert down. It won't be legal, but it can be done.
  4. The entire file is pretty much like this, filled with garbage data. So your save isn't really a save. Either your dumper is doing something wrong, or your cart is a fake cart.
  5. upload the sav (only the sav, rom uploads are against the rules) here.
  6. I believe this is what it looks like for you: (top being gen 7, bottom being gen 8.) However with one simple step, it's legal. Hint: Green box determines whether the current handler is Original Trainer or Handling Trainer. Hint2: It is not logical for the details of the current save to match the Original Trainer. Thus, who do you think the current handler is? :3 Check whether Modify PKM info is checked in your settings. If I'm not mistaken, it should be checked.
  7. That's not the case. That's also what Prejie was talking about (to some extent, tho he was only talking about moves). yeah chances are the base relearn move issue is because the mon doesn't exist in SWSH. Others shouldn't have that. you still need to upload the file so I can explain it. It's still a legality issue. It's only part of the problem. There's another problem, which hopefully you can resolve after I explain it to you. However for me to explain it to you, you need to upload a pk7 and pk8 of the same mon. I hope I won't have to ask for them again. se
  8. sorry for not specifying, please upload a mon that exists in SWSH. I need a pk7 and pk8 (of the same mon) from you.
  9. upload the file. upload the pk7 and the pk8. Also, I hope you realized that Spearow/Fearow isn't in SWSH.
  10. Details for Index 44 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Rewards for Index 44 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Details for Index 44 of dai_encount Rewards for Index 44 of dai_encount
  11. ... Let's look at your wall of text, and I got one thing to point out: August comes before September. There is no distribution of Aurora Ticket in JPN after Emerald was released, they were all before Emerald's street date. Also, even if you managed to somehow obtain an early copy, FRLG and Emerald wonder cards are different. So if the distribution system isn't set up specifically to cater to Emerald (which is unlikely - game wasn't released then), it still would not work for those sneakily early obtained copies.
  12. Well to be clear, it's that the PID & IV combination doesn't match wild encounters. For example, using the PID of your Slowbro, at a glance, I could tell that none of the IVs on it matched. (of course, we could have used those IVs too, but there's no guarantee that PID matches the proper encounter slot etc) It's easier to Gen mons in Gen 5 and above; don't have to worry about this kind of stuff. No worries mate :3
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