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  1. No worries, it's a common mistake. Same thing happened with all the previous PGL events. People see the announcement regarding the participation battles commencing, and they think the event distribution has started...
  2. Then no worries about it>< BTW I provided Seadra in the previous pak, but you listed it as the GO icon, instead of ball edit: Got an extra Gastly, so here's a Gengar 094 - Gengar - lv1 - 06.10.04, Move1 264, Move2 90 (CP 37).gp1 and a Gloom 044 - Gloom - lv1 - 14.15.05, Move1 225, Move2 47 (CP 22).gp1 and a Weepinbell 070 - Weepinbell - lv1 - 07.15.04, Move1 271, Move2 118 (CP 21).gp1
  3. Just in case you don't get a response: Also, I shifted your thread into the correct sub-forum
  4. Kudos to posting in the right thread. Tho relax, it is not out yet. It isn't even on servers. For the record "the event came out last month" is inaccurate. The PGL participation for the event (the battles) ran from November 30th to December 2nd. (the EVENT DISTRIBUTION isn't even done yet. only the participation battles to qualify for the event was done) After the participation, it takes close to 2 weeks to tabulate the ranking info, only then will the event be distributed. The same thing happened to PGL's Shiny Mimikyu: Battles ran through October 26th to October 28th, and the distribution only started on November 13th. (almost 2 weeks lapsed in-between the last day of participation and the first day of distribution). Be patient, and wait a few more days...
  5. yeah. Sadly I chanced upon a Hitmonchan (that spawned due to Lure on Pokestop), so it despawned as I switched accounts. (I noticed that spawns from Lures on Pokestop don't last long) I didn't know the level cap changed too, at least this proves it. Questions is whether it's intended behaviour; would it change back or is this the new norm. In any case, I'm gonna try to get at least one legendary bird from research breakthrough on either one of the 3 low level accounts I'm in contact with. If possible, I wanna get an Alolan Marowak (or maybe somehow evolve a Cubone on those accounts) Thanks for updating the list! [Also, is there a reason Seaking is missing from the list?]
  6. Serial Code, distribution between Dec 19, 2018 to Feb 28, 2019. More details on this page: https://pokemonkorea.co.kr/m21?notice_1&amp;id=jsHBmMvfndbyYrE2AOM
  7. Are you sure IV's was the message? I tried that "evolving" technique, and the errors went away right after I checked and unchecked Auto CP. (it forced recalculating the CP, height and weight)
  8. dump the Pokemon on this save into a folder, then import the folder of Pokemon into your main save. (the load boxes and dump boxes options) Always keep a back up of your save elsewhere, before attempting any modifications.
  9. I can’t remember for sure, but it feels like they did this for ORAS too. while I’m not too keen on item events, I’ll upload them when they’re up
  10. Hey, could you give us an example of a simple legal edit you did, that gave an illegal result? Such specific reporting style will help us to attempt to reproduce the result, rather than doing random edits akin to a wild goose chase.
  11. I recall being able to get a Ditto egg in Gen 2, tho I might be mistaken. Regardless, a level 1 Ditto wasn’t possible until now. also, having difficulties with Geodude and Hitmonchan. I nabbed another bellsprout for good measure. 13-dec edit: with the releases of PvP, it appears that doing battles gives stardust and friendship level, without giving EXP. This might be a good way to keep and maintain your account at lv10, and useful for grinding up stardust for trade. This is useful for obtaining underlevelled raid bosses and research breakthroughs (such as legendary birds) ----------------- @jojo12100 @CryHaddock Trading a raid boss Alolan Raichu to a lv 10 account kept the level at 20. Based on that, I would think that trading over legendary birds won't drop their level to lv 10. (and for the record, I'm certain that on the lv10 account, I transferred the one I got from trade, not the one I got from raid) This is the file in question, I can provide screenshots if necessary. 026-01 - Raichu - lv20 - 07.11.04, Move1 206, Move2 251 (CP 1210).gp1 Does the level only drop if it's too high? Maybe 20 isn't sufficient enough to warrant a drop? edit again: Interesting, it appears the min Level Cap is 20. I traded over a Geodude with CP100X, and it got reduced to 20. 074-01 - Geodude - lv20 - 05.14.01, Move1 227, Move2 63 (CP 671).gp1 ====and edit yet again==== Now that the account is lv10, here are some of the Pokemon: Arbok, Nidorino, Venomoth, Machoke, Slowbro, Muk, Haunter, Weezing, Rhydon, Seadra, Seaking (is this missing from the list?) export.rar
  12. For the Pokemon to be identified as yours, TID, SID and OT of the mon need to match your save.
  13. gengar and golem just need to evolve gastly and geodude, and those nest. As for Hitmonchan, I set aside a Lv 1 account. If I see a Hitmonchan spawn, I will swap to the level 1 account to catch it. edit: I got Koffing, Doduo and Weedle (for Kakuna) AND Beedrill. Next is Gastly. Also, shouldn't Ditto be on the list? It could only be bred in Gen 2, and those eggs hatch at Lv 5, not 1. (Also, I submitted it) edit again: Got a Lv 1 Abra and Gastly edit yet again: Having difficulties with Bellsprout and Oddish. It's always either Grass or Poison weather boosted -.- and edit yet again: Got an Oddish. An earlier post of mine says I have bellsprout. Just need to find which account that's on. Also damn, Geodude no longer nests.
  14. We probably need an image dump from someone, since cropping it from screenshots resulted in a hideous mess...