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  1. about the baby-book thing, when i was in GIMP, it wasn't like that.... i think it must have to do with the fact that the quality goes down when you save it as a JPEG even if you choose highest quality? I'm working on fixing the Dragonair and the background right now.....
  2. kay guys, this is my third sig I've ever made.... I made it in GIMP, so it may not be as good quality as a photoshop sig, but oh well. hopefully im getting Photoshop soon...... (the latest version, because I already have a different version of photoshop.... its really old) i made this sig with Illithian's sig tutorial on YouTube, but i didn't completely follow it step by step. for example, i added the other dragonair on the right, which took me a looooooooooooooooooooooong time....... anyways. back to the point. here's the sig, which is in my sig folder on Project Pokemon, because for some reason when i uploaded it to Photobucket, it took the quality waaayyyy down. please criticize, rate, and make any suggestions that would help me for future sigs. (oh yeah, sorry..... its kinda big)
  3. <p><p><p><p><p>I'll miss you...... Wait no, not just me..... EVERYBODY will miss you Telos!!!! *sniffle...... Sniffle......* D'X *breaks off into a sob*</p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>Oh, and in case you haven't read my post on the sig thread yet, I'm using the sig you made me as my way of remembering you....... *sniffles some more*</p></p></p></p></p>

  4. Oh okay, thanks!! I'm actually trying to make a sig..... But compared to you guys, it'll wilt lol!! Anyways, could somebody please PM me Illithian's sig tutorial? I'd really like to see it. Thanks!
  5. @ Okami: exactly my thoughts!!! (For all of what you were saying) @ Naru-Chu & Illithian: are you doing anything to the word itself? Like, maybe filtering for example? It seems awfully glowy..... Well, awful is most definately not the right word for it lol. More like pretty
  6. awwwwww Telos I'll miss you....... :'( thanks so much for everything!!! im putting the sig you made for me as a way of honoring you...... you should still visit every so often!
  8. *chokes* i-it's...... absolutely positively GORGEOUS!!!!! I think I'm in love. If i didn't know any better, I would steal it and make it my own.... *looks around* >.> <.< explanation for why I'm acting like a stupid idiot: because my username is Dragonite.Luv. doesn't that explain it.... just a little bit?
  9. uhmm.... does it? cuz i think that's an avatar thread...... *EDIT AHHH sorry sorry sorry never mind!!!! I feel really stupid. lol its late here, okay? **EDIT what about for the putting-in-my-name part?
  10. This request is pretty unique. I already made a signature, similar to the one Narwhal made me, but different. I tried putting my name in somewhere, but I couldn't find a cool way to do it.... Maybe put my name into the clouds, somehow? Anyways, I'm just asking you guys to spice it up and find a cool way to put my name into the sig. That's all I'm asking. Actually, that's not true. I'm also asking for constructive criticism. Thanks in advance! *EDIT whoops, forgot the sig. lol
  11. kay, I recently tried this MMORPG and really, REALLY liked it. I guess it may be because I've only played stuff like RuneScape, but this (in my mind) goes beyond amazing. so anyways. anybody play it?
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