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  1. Thank you for the previous pokemon you guys hacked me! I have one more Pokemon for now though if that's ok! An Extremespeed Dratini from SS. Thanks in advanced! I set this code up for SS but if possible could you hack it for Diamond, but like it was traded over from SS so that when I trade it back over to SS when I get it it still works on the Nintendo Wifi hack checker? If not then the above is fine!
  2. I'm having trouble setting up the .pkm file for this krabby myself so I'm looking for some help. Basically, I want this Krabby on my diamond. However, I want him to have the HG/SS only egg move Agility. I'm not sure how I set up the whole Location met, location hatched bit if he's to look like he was created in Johto (soul silver), but was then traded to Diamond. Bare in mind that I plan to then trade him back to Soul Silver when I get it so he'll need the Hex Values I think if he is to pass Nintendo's hack checker in the VS. Recorder... hopefully you understand all that haha. Thankyou very much for who ever takes this because I haven't made it sound simple I know... thank you.
  3. Ah right, last question though. (Sorry for all of these but I really appreciate the help!) If I am hacking these on to diamond, with the intention of trading them to HG/SS, will I need any hex values?
  4. Ah so that is right. Thanks! Hidden Values? Do you mean Hex Values...? If so, this is for Diamond so...?
  5. So we're basically talking about having the right poke ball, level met, location etc. Do you think I'll need Hex Values?
  6. Yeh, I need to find out what it is... otherwise I'll just put a random one in :bidoof: I'm more confused about clearing up the trainer memo section. This is what this particular cyndaquil has on the game: Mild nature. Dec. 28, 2008 Day-Care Couple Egg received. Dec. 28, 2008 Solaceon Town Egg apparently hatched. Is that right? It seems like an awful lot of info haha?
  7. Haha, you're right I did. That's just me making a stupid mistake. >.< Sorry about the confusion.
  8. Hi, A few months ago there was a thread discussing how well hacked a poke sav'd Mon had to be to be uploaded via the VS. Seeker. I went back and found the thread, however, it never got clearly answered and I was wondering if anybody here knew how to do so?
  9. Hey, I joined the forums a few months ago when I started Pokesaving and for the last few months I've been struggling to clean up the trainer notes section of my sav'd Mon. The legality checker reads them as hatched but I just know that the trainer section is wrong and I can't seem to come to terms with why and I've read all the guides. I really hope you don't mind helping me by taking a look at this .pkm file and telling me what I've done wrong, then I can do it myself in the future. I think it is something to do with location recieved and stuff. Thanks in advance! typhlosion.pkm
  10. Hm, well those natures are the prefered ones. For the 'mons that require those IVs for a certain Hidden Powers [Charizard- Ice, Tangrowth- Fire] could you try to retain the type of the attack through the IVs? Thanks a lot for the help.
  11. Hey, could somebody fix these up for me please? All the work is pretty much done, but they're deemed hacked so could somebody try and fix them for please and attach the fixed .pkm files? I'd be very thankful. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=38585#post38585
  12. I think this may have something to do with Hex values?
  13. Hey, I recently started using pokesav a few weeks ago, however, only downloaded the legality checker today. They work on PBR and everything, yet, to my dismay, all my pokemon were read as "hacked" or "unknown GBA"... I really don't know what I'm supposed to do to make these guys legal and would appreciate any help. Thanks. charizard2.pkm Donphan.pkm gyarados.pkm tangrowth.pkm Aerodactyl.pkm snorlax.pkm
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