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Found 24 results

  1. Abiezer

    hi guys

    Hello there, I just joined, looking forward to some battling(I'm really rusty), and maybe some trades depending on what I might need.
  2. I've been here for about a Month or two now but never actually Introduced myself I'm Skaraflame (Obviously) and I'm a VERY Sarcastic Person haha I can think of a way to take the Mick out of Almost Everything People Say, and It works too I also have a VERY Short Fuse, I don't take any Crap and I NEVER just "Let Things Slide" Unless there's a Damn Good Reason Is it just me or am I coming off a little Harsh? Anyway, That's my Intro, and I hope to have fun here Cheers:kikkoman:
  3. Entei

    Hey Guys!

    Hello guys how are you doing
  4. i got kicked out my last acount:frown: can Ray make me the following pokemons It would be awesome if you give me the files groudon from HG and SS kyogre from HG and SS suicune from HG and SS entei from HG and SS raikou from HG and SS palkia from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set giritina from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set dilga from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set Lugia from HG and SS ho-oh from HG and SS all of the pokemons has to be in Japanese and it has to be exactly like the one on the HG and SS it would really help if Ray or any one of you guys could help me
  5. Hey guys, I am looking for the yellow forest pikachu UT dialga Lv1 UT Palkia lv 1 UT and giratina UT thats all all must be UT and Birthday chimchar I am offering Spain regigigas Eigakan darkrai PokeFeasta Electabuzz PokeFesta Magmar Palkia Lv70 UT
  6. Mew!

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys I'm Mew! but i think you can already tell soooo....like hey
  7. Al3X

    Hi guys :D

    Just got back into Pokemon after a few years (mainly because of friends playing it) and I found this site. Figured I'd sign up as there is it looks like a good community. Picked up an action replay for my DS the other day so I'm going to need help getting it to work lol. Not much else to say, just a normal kid in high school.
  8. New here, I've been at PokeCommunity since 2005, but I've just started with Pokesav and they don't take too kindly to hacking over there.
  9. Hey, I recently started using pokesav a few weeks ago, however, only downloaded the legality checker today. They work on PBR and everything, yet, to my dismay, all my pokemon were read as "hacked" or "unknown GBA"... I really don't know what I'm supposed to do to make these guys legal and would appreciate any help. Thanks. charizard2.pkm Donphan.pkm gyarados.pkm tangrowth.pkm Aerodactyl.pkm snorlax.pkm
  10. OhLulz

    Hey guys!

    Hey, I just joined here. To say about myself, well..... I like the word (not sure if you can call it a word ) "lulz" a lot, I try to play competitively though I suck at it, and I love collecting event Pokemon. Unfortunately, I don't have a flashcart, so I can't upload any event Pokemon. ): Yeah...I don't have much to say about myself....though I hope to have a great time here!
  11. ^Yeah, you read that right. I'm Prmatt11, an admin over at Bulbanews. Fenzo666 and Poryhack decided to, a few months back, create a sockpuppet, named QuickAttack. Then, they made a fake flyer for the Platinum release party at Nintendo World Store, saying there was going to be a Mystery Gift event. They posted it on our site, then blamed us for reporting fake information. However, they were the ones who did the whole thing. So, if either of you want to delete this thread, that would mean you are ashamed of yourself, which would be even worse than hiding this as you have.
  12. envavne

    HI guys!

    hey, i am envavne. I am new to this site but have loved the pokemon games since the gameboy color, which i started playing my gold, silver, and crystal versions on lately to keep me busy until the remakes are out. Anyway... i hope to make friends with you all.
  13. Hey, Just signed up and glad to be here. ~Elite_Riku
  14. As the title says , i just joined this forum. But , i've been here several weeks as a guest. Let me introduce myself ... I play pokemon since red/blue versions. I am living in Belgium , just next to France. I am the Moderator of www.pokemontrash.com's forum , specialist of Linkers and Pokesav. I written a tutorial for french users of Pokesav , as Gruntz did too. Right now , i'm just looking for events pokemon i don't have. Sometime , on PT (pokemontrash) , i enjoy making pokesav event , giving away legal event pokemon. The end , for now :kikkoman:
  15. Hey everyone, I'm new here so I hope I'll get to know all of you sooner or later I've been playing Pokemon since I was 10 and I have to admit, it's a great game. I hope joining the forums here will help me understand the game a little better and maybe find out things that I didn't know before Nice to meet you all ~
  16. Hi guys, I am Angellore, most known as Vermillion on other websites. I came here because I have a lot of knowledge in programming, but I am not very good when it comes to hex codes, so I hope I can learn and contribute to the community with what I can .
  17. I have here the 492 pokemon PKM (No Arceus) files categorized into folders of their respective Pokedex numbers. Simply just load them up. All, I'm 95% sure, are legit pokemon. Event Pokes are all legit and valid too. This would be useful for people who wish to start the game immediately with all the pokemon available to them. Of course, even with the 492 pokes, the Pokedex won't be updated. =/ (For D/P Pokesav, there's a flag check for Complete National Dex but not for Pt) If there are any illegal ones, do let me know, I'll change accordingly. Hope that this small contribution can help as many as I can, just like how you guys in US or wherever are rendering me help too. Singapore's Pokemon community I notice is pretty small =( Entire Pokedex in Sequence.zip
  18. Hows it going i cant think of a good introduction so .... hi
  19. Hey man, a buddy told me 'bout this site, looks pretty cool. I used pokesav before but I had no idea you guys had such a cool site. So many cool stuff on this site, PokeMod looks interesting, Legal.exe looks nice, a bunch of stuff I can download, really cool yo. Hey, I got a bit of coding experience too ya know, I took a course in school on it, didn't do too bad, I did ace the course, literally. Maybe I could try programming my own thing, looks like there's some talented people here who could help. Does anyone know VBE? :grog: to this site mates, can't wait to get jumping around.
  20. Bhik95

    Hi guys

    Hello! I'm new here and I'm italian so my english isn't very good.
  21. New to the forums. Glad to be here. Ready to learn everything I can about this amazing thing called Pokemon.:kikkoman:
  22. I don't know where exactly to post this sorry but here goes... I currently have an R4 for my DSL and I need someone to help me "copy" my pokesav generated xml file to the R4. I actually know how to do it but I'm stuck on importing the pokesav generated xml file to the R4's cheat code editor. Whenever I choose the xml file to import it to the cheat code editor, it always says "the xml file format is error." Can anyone help? Thanks
  23. hi guys im new here my name is Lindsy im glad to be here i love all the events here:grog:
  24. Found this on 4chan: 1 in 2 The chance of getting a specific ability (if two are available) in a wild Pokemon. 1 in 25 The chance of getting a specific nature in a wild Pokemon. 1 in 32 The chance of getting one perfect IV in a wild Pokemon. 1 in 204 The chance of getting a shiny wild Pokemon with pokeradar chaining (max). 1 in 8192 The chance of getting a shiny wild Pokemon without pokeradar chaining. 1 in 1024 The chance of getting two perfect IVs in a wild Pokemon 1 in 32768 The chance of getting three perfect IVs in a wild Pokemon 1 in 1048576 The chance of getting four perfect IVs in a wild Pokemon 1 in 33554432 The chance of getting five perfect IVs in a wild Pokemon 1 in 1,073,741,824 The chance of getting all perfect IVs from a wild Pokemon. 1 in 26,843,545,600 The chance of getting all perfect IVs and a specific nature from a wild Pokemon. 1 in 53,687,091,200 The chance of getting all perfect IVs, a specific nature, and a specific ability (if it has two) from a wild Pokemon. 1 in 10,952,166,604,800 The chance of getting all perfect IVs, a specific nature, a specific ability (if it has two) from a shiny wild Pokemon with pokeradar chaining (max). 1 in 439,804,651,110,400 The chance of getting all perfect IVs, a specific nature, a specific ability (if it has two) from a shiny wild Pokemon without pokeradar chaining. 1 in 1 The chance of getting all perfect IVs, a specific nature, a specific ability (if it has two) from a shiny wild Pokemon without pokeradar chaining with pokesav.
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