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  1. I always use the battle recorder test to check whether or not my pokes are legal (poke data can't upload if its hacked) and I notice my Gengar isn't passing this test if i trade my gengar to you could you put it on pokesav fix the problem and use the legality checker then trade it back to me the reason i ask for this favor is because i'm unable to use pokesav since I can't access my save without a SD slot and the laptop i use that for is unavailable now...
  2. ok how about edit the pokes i want then trade them to an untouched copy of platinum?
  3. the legality checker checks for the right PID/IVs together so I know I'll be fine there since my team comes with up with Wild NDS or GBA i guess i should be good.....
  4. The use of external devices to alter the Pokémon in a player’s party is expressly forbidden. Random checks will be performed throughout the tournament to determine whether or not an external device has been used to modify a player’s party. Sure my whole party might have perfect IVs but thats not impossible without an external device. So long as the pokes are legal no machine they pull out can tell if the pokemon wasn't edited? maybe I'll put a few IVs that aren't as important in the high 20s lol
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