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  1. Yesterday Pokesav screwed up the r4 SAV file I was editing and I ended up losing the legit lv100 Froslass I had traded over from my original Diamond. (I know, stupid me for not backing up first.) Anyway I managed to reconstruct a new, legal Froslass with exactly the same stats and exactly the same moveset (Grudge-Confuse Ray-Shadow Ball-Ice Beam) as my old Froslass and traded it back to my original game. I then decided I didn't want Grudge anymore so I went to the Heart Scale dude in Pastoria. When I went there, though, the only moves that the new Froslass could remember were its default moves Powder Snow, Leer, Astonish, and Double Team, and not any of the moves it would learn through level up like Destiny Bond (at lv59) or Blizzard (at lv51), or even the moves it used to have as a Snorunt like Hail (at lv40) So, is there any way to use Pokesav to make Pokemon remember ALL the moves theyr'e supposed to learn through level up using heart scales?
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