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  1. Its because you chose the incorrect version of the game. For mewtwo you would have to pick fire red or leaf green.
  2. I'm having a tad of trouble with legal legendarys, just suicune and latias really. They have legal everything except location which if checked with pokecheck says unknown. I was curious how we make legal pokemon for black 2 that are legendary. Be they poketransfered or not. It used to be that if it passed with nintendos checks when you submit a video, it was legal and legit as far as you could tell, but now It feels like I have to try much harder.
  3. You already did help me, thanks. Also since when is this forum not all about the pokegen? I really don't see how anyone thought this was not going to be used to gen legal pokemon.
  4. Ok. I just moved him from another game is all. I don't see how that makes him hacked.
  5. Lucario is legit. He is mine. I moved him originally to view my SID and it says the moves are hacked. As far as suicune goes, yea, totally cheated. Long story but I sold games to eat and sold my HG and black 1. So yea, sorry for that. Still, thats a glitch right?
  6. Can anyone tell me how to make a pokemon that has been transfered from say, HG? I cannot get my suicune completely legit. Also it shows dream world ability water absorb as hacked https://www.pokecheck.org/?screenshot=2191903&la also it says these valid arcanine moves are hacked http://www.pokecheck.org/?screenshot=2191707&la Lucario's moves also showing as hacked even though they are valid. https://www.pokecheck.org/?screenshot=2192120&la Or is it these moves ar enot valid in black 2?
  7. Yea, nothing comes out. It just sits there with the directory in the cmd and nothing happens. I press enter and it vanishes. Edit: got it to work and all is well. Now if I could only backup my HG and get the pokemon of that too. I dont have a backup tool for it though, just ardsi.
  8. doesnt seem to work for me. No shifted file appears.
  9. I cannot find anything on google about this pokeshift. Is there really nothing else that can make them as if I transferred them from my HG? I can get another ds probably, but it may take time. I rather not wait almost a month.] Edit: Somewhere during transfer all their natures became hardy, and im banking it screwed up their PIDs as well.
  10. Ok I just took my pokemon from a platinum save, changing their location to sinnoh in the B&W pokesav but they are detected as illegal. Is there more to it then that? If I could get another DS and transfer them from HG/Plat and use the stupid transfer service would they be legal? They were legal in both platinum and HG.
  11. doesn anyone have a unobtained complete pokedex? I just want them all seen. These both dont work
  12. Give it time. I think ARDSi will have a firmware update that can bypass the lock on the cart nintendo put. There is no need to do this. For now, make a pokemon for Platinum, then trade it to HG/SS or get a friend to help you over wifi.
  13. ARDSI cannot backup HGSS, It works perfect for platinum.
  14. They need to update it bad. I need a pokegear fix because another code I used without even realizing it removed my kanto map from my pokegear. Thanx code junkies!
  15. I accedently used the code junkies ar code for complete pokegear. I dont remember using it, but I must have. Now my pokegear wont show anything besides johto map. How can I fix this? I dont have a save backup or anything. It removed the white paths from newbark to victory road and so on. How can I fix this? If someone can make a code, that can make it so it thinks i've been everywhere in kanto, it will fix it. It has deleted my map locations from newbark to kanto. edit: moved my pokemon and started a new game.
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