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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is Red's team since Gen 4 with perfect IVs and the same movements, abilities, and objects that trainer Red has. This is based on HeartGold/SoulSilver and you can use it in any main pokemon game since Gen 4. Tips: If in a 3DS or in a Nintendo Switch use Hombrew with caution. Warning: Do not use in any game before Gen 3. PKHeX credits to: PKHeX.exe
  2. Hi, I'm currently hacking Pokemon Omega Ruby, and I went through most of the game's files, but I couldn't find anything with Team Magma's logo (the one that appears in battle). I just want to know where in the game's files it is. Thanks!
  3. Hi I am new to the competitive scene and could use some help... This is what I had in mind, but I'm not sure how to finish the team, any ideas?
  4. With the game's official release, you can now direct all of your small questions/game help related questions here. All Project Pokemon forum rules apply. Please do not ask for cheat or hacking assistance here. Take that to the appropriate Game Mechanics and Research forum.
  5. Hello there I would love to have this team to battle with. I already made the PKHex files. I hope you can acces the files by clicking the link? If not, please let me know. I would like to Wi-Fi Trade them. IGN: Ben FC: 2466-4209-0751 Thank you in advance.
  6. I want to challenge myself and was wondering if people could help me chose a team to beat the game with. I dont want any legendarys and would like 1 fire, water, grass, electric, and flying type. The final pokemon is up to you and they all need to be obtainable before the elite four and no pokemon with trading evolutions please. Thx for the help.
  7. Pokémon Team Building Guide - Guide Created From: Silent Storm Welcome to the guide! This guide will cover everything you need to know about team building and the statics of a Pokémon and how they be modified. We hope you enjoy the guide and be sure to read the EV Training Guide for more info on how you can make the most of the Pokémon's stats. Movesets I take it you know what movesets are so there is no point explaining what they are. When deciding a moveset you have to consider the fact that you can't have two moves of the same types unless its a power up move or a move like Spikes or w
  8. Does Anyone Have An AR Code To Reactivate Spear Pillar/Distortion World/Team Galactic Event For Platinum
  9. RANDOMSPOT555 EDIT: To stop the random complaining, while at the same time able to maintain some humor in here, all gimmick teams can go in here. As in, teams that would in no way function outside of being complete jokes. Sound good? Okay. Introduction So are you tired of fighting those ugly uber teams unprepared? Well, I devised a team that's foolproof and will ALWAYS defeat. Ready? The Roster [sprite]129[/sprite] Magikarp@Focus Sash Flail Sweeper 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed Jolly Nature - Splash - Tackle - Flail - Bounce With Magikarp you're going have a blast! So here is the ide
  10. Hello there! Fox here, I'm new, so you probably don't know this is a shared account with my brother, Dusk. I'm a girl, he's a guy. We share 'cuz we're too lazy to log in or out Anyway enough messing around; I want you people to tell me if my team is good or bad C: THIS IS MAH FUTURE TEAM :C I HAVE PIKACHU EEVEE HOUNDOUR AND GHASTLY RIGHT NAO. Also a star next to the move means they already know it Raichu female Moveset -Volt tackle* -Thunderbolt* -Thunderpunch -Irontail* Houndoom male Moveset -Crunch -Flamethrower -Fire fang -Rock climb Gengar male Moveset -Hypnosis -Dream ea
  11. you could say this is an extremely customized AR Code request. I need specific moves for the specific pokemon. I'll still try to follow traditional format. also note i need these to replace my current party pokemon. thank you for your patience and understanding!!!
  12. I probobly should have done this a long time ago, but anyway; I'm ShinyLucario889; My name, you might realize, represents my favorite pokemon and more... that's about it.
  13. I have a team that has an uber pokemon in it but I don't really feel like it's complete especially with my Magnezone.Here's the team and info: the team is currently used in heartgold and is for all-over gaming/ wifi competitive I don't know the specific EVS for this team ill have to get a ne action replay to be certain Tyranitar@ Dread Plate Garchomp@Life Orb Charizard@Flame Plate Spiritomb no item yet Gallade@scope lens Magnezone@quick powder (whyd I put that there?) if you need any more info just message me.... am I doing ok with this team or do I need to change something? ans
  14. Note: I changed my team entirely around. This team is deprecated and is only there for nostalgic purposes in the rare case that I feel like looking at my previous failures again. Hello. After several really unsuccessful and some moderately successful attempts of creating a team, I'd like to get my current team rated. Illithian gave some advices earlier and they were really helpful. Currently, I'm either rampaging through a team or losing completely, it's rare to get a close situation. This team abuses Toxic Spikes to cripple sweepers while keeping the pace of the battle. TS gives me the pos
  15. This thread is to discuss your opinions on team galactic in the anime. Like are they efficient, not in it enough, cool, or maybe you dislike them in the anime and turn the TV off when they are in an episode. What are your thoughts. I think team galactic isn't in the anime enough. They are pretty cool and efficient I think it makes the episodes better because there operations are all planned out right down to the letter and the good guys are constantly trying to keep up. They should be in it enough. I loved the episode losing its lustrous and the one that followed it. Please comment!
  16. Updating this RMT because I love this team so much, it is much better than I expected. I've used it over a hundred times, funny thing is it has a winning ratio against standard teams. I'm updating it, give off any suggestions, opinions =) Anything bold is what has been updated Hello I'm from the shoddy battle server of project pokemon, awesome site When I make teams I ussually like restricting myself to a sorta style, and I thought a unpredictable normal team! Smeargle lvl 15 - Focus Sash 252 atk 252 spe Ivs: 0 HP Trick Room Endeavor Spore Beat Up The ultimate F.E.A.R pokemon, people
  17. Firstly I would like to say thanks to everyone who will help me along the way. This is my OU Team and how I would use it. First of all, my team contains these following pokemon; Lucario, Swampert, Rhyperior, Torterra, Blaziken, Togekiss --- Lucario @ Life Orb Inner Focus @ Timid Hp: 259 Atk: 242 Def: 198 Sp.Atk: 285 Sp.Def: 187 Speed: 233 - Aura Sphere - Close Combat - Extremespeed - Sword Dance Lucario is my sweeper. With Sword Dance I'll be able to raise my Atk greatly at the begining of the battle. Aura Sphere will likely never miss. Close Combat is like Aura Sphere, but muc
  18. Blaziken (male) Nature: Jolly Ability: Blaze Item: Choice Band EVs: 255 ATK / 255 SPEED Moves: Flare Blitz Stone Edge Superpower Thunderpunch I gave the advice for Blaziken that I was given some thought, tested it out, and I like it. After all, it got me to the second battle with the Tower Tycoon, and helped me win. But I'm wondering if I should replace Thunderpunch with something like Earthquake (I decided to ditch my whole "style" thing with moves). I only keep Thunderpunch to deal with Gyarados, and other water types. I tested Stone Edge on a Level 100 Gyarados and it did not OHK
  19. ok dont ask me why but my ards wont work on my comp so i need a team that i cant make :[ Plz and TY :]:bidoof: FC:5199 1772 3789 SodaPOP.pkm Ketchup.pkm Frenchy.pkm Meaty.pkm Nacho.pkm Nugget.pkm
  20. [sPRITE]212[/sPRITE] Scizor@ Lum Berry EVS:100 HP / 148 Atk / 252 SpD Attacks: ~ Bug Bite ~ Bullet Punch ~ Brick Break ~ Roost Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant I was thinking this move set could easily get rid of any pesky ubers who might get in the way. [sPRITE]448[/sPRITE] Lucario@Life Orb EVS: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Attacks: ~ Swords Dance ~ Close Combat ~ ExtremeSpeed ~ Ice Punch Ability: Inner Focus Nature: Jolly [sPRITE]230[/sPRITE] Kingdra@ Leftovers EVS: 80 Atk / 252 SpA / 176 Spe Attacks: ~ Hydro Pump ~ Draco Meteor ~ Outrage ~ Waterfall
  21. Can you please make this team for me? I need it traded because i dont have a working AR!
  22. I need these traded. I don’t have a working action replay… pokemon: Bulbasaur Level: 82 Ability: Overgrow Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Mild Attacks: Power Whip, Leaf Storm, Water Spout, Rock Climb PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Pallet Town on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: Lv. 5 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951 pokemon: Squirtle Level: 82 Ability: Torrent Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル
  23. First Glance: Introduction: Hello, my name is Sondre(HeatVire and Electivire on Shoddy) and this is what I consider to be the best team I've ever made for the DPP OU metagame. This team ended my slump of bad teams that had been plaguing me for about a month. After the summer ended I really couldn't get my shit together and was making what were frankly unoriginal, boring mediocre teams. Then one day I watched Panamaxis from Smogon battling and he was using a combination of the utmost strength that intrigued me. And that's where our story begins... Roserade (M) @ Focus Sash Ability: Natur
  24. battle frontier is getting on my nerve lol, so now i tried to build a team specifically for it. Dragonite w/Dragon Fang -Dragon Pulse -Fly -Brick Break -Aqua Tail Hitmonchan w/Fist Plate -Thunderpunch -Firepunch -Icepunch -Close Combat Shedinja w/Spell Tag -Shadow Ball -Toxic -X-Scissor -Aerial Ace what do you think ???
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