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  1. Hi, I'm currently hacking Pokemon Omega Ruby, and I went through most of the game's files, but I couldn't find anything with Team Magma's logo (the one that appears in battle). I just want to know where in the game's files it is. Thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is Red's team since Gen 4 with perfect IVs and the same movements, abilities, and objects that trainer Red has. This is based on HeartGold/SoulSilver and you can use it in any main pokemon game since Gen 4. Tips: If in a 3DS or in a Nintendo Switch use Hombrew with caution. Warning: Do not use in any game before Gen 3. PKHeX credits to: PKHeX.exe
  3. Hi I am new to the competitive scene and could use some help... This is what I had in mind, but I'm not sure how to finish the team, any ideas?
  4. With the game's official release, you can now direct all of your small questions/game help related questions here. All Project Pokemon forum rules apply. Please do not ask for cheat or hacking assistance here. Take that to the appropriate Game Mechanics and Research forum.
  5. Hello there I would love to have this team to battle with. I already made the PKHex files. I hope you can acces the files by clicking the link? If not, please let me know. I would like to Wi-Fi Trade them. IGN: Ben FC: 2466-4209-0751 Thank you in advance.
  6. I want to challenge myself and was wondering if people could help me chose a team to beat the game with. I dont want any legendarys and would like 1 fire, water, grass, electric, and flying type. The final pokemon is up to you and they all need to be obtainable before the elite four and no pokemon with trading evolutions please. Thx for the help.
  7. Pokémon Team Building Guide - Guide Created From: Silent Storm Welcome to the guide! This guide will cover everything you need to know about team building and the statics of a Pokémon and how they be modified. We hope you enjoy the guide and be sure to read the EV Training Guide for more info on how you can make the most of the Pokémon's stats. Movesets I take it you know what movesets are so there is no point explaining what they are. When deciding a moveset you have to consider the fact that you can't have two moves of the same types unless its a power up move or a move like Spikes or whirlwind. You also have to consider that the moveset should be varied to take down a good selection of Pokemon. Take this moveset of an Infernape as an example. Earthquake Grass knot Close combat Flare blitz. This is a standard moveset for a competitive Infernape. Flare blitz and close combat cover a fair majority of Pokemon, mostly common Pokemon used in this generations teams. The moveset is a mixed sweeper moveset, so it can take down a a good selection of Pokemon without too much trouble. Earthquake takes down electric, ground, rock and steel Pokemon, Grassknot takes down the likes of water Pokemon and works effective with heavy Pokemon like Snorlax. Close combat takes down rock, ground, steel and normal Pokemon, and with a hasty nature, defense being lowered while using it is not important. However, movesets are dependent on the natures, a topic that I will cover later in this guide. IV's A Pokemon has 6 stats: - HP - Atk - Def - Sp. Atk - Sp. Def - Spd And every Pokemon gets a random Individual value (consider it an extra bonus) ranging from 0 to 31. (to get an idea of the individual values of a Pokemon JUST BORN you can use two methods, leveling up to at least lvl 20 with rare candies or using the day care, IT NEEDS TO LEVEL UP WITHOUT FIGHTING OR GETTING EXPERIENCE OF ANY FIGHT = no exp.share, and using an IV calculator like the one at Serebii.net) Getting a 0 doesn't mean it's bad, but you're not getting any extra push that could mean victory or defeat... so people aims to get better values on their Pokemon by catching, trading or random breeding the Pokemon they want. But there's an option to at least make it easier. Breeding helps to inherit or "pass down" some of those individual values from the parents to the babies. This is an example (showing stat/IV) Male: HP/31 Atk/16 Def/30 Sp.Atk/2 Sp.Def/31 Spd/20 Female: HP/11 Atk/30 Def/0 Sp.Atk/25 Sp.Def/31 Spd/29 Let's say this Pokemon will be a defensive wall, the Sp.Def on both parents is 31, they can reach the highest value on Sp.Def, and look.. the father has also the highest HP and a very good Def. so we'll be aiming to get those 3 values inherited... the HP and Def of the male and the SP.def of the female... Why only 3? There's a rule for IV breeding; 3 of the IV's of the baby will be inherited from the parents at random and the other 3 will be totally random, so it still be a matter of luck... only that you have a higher chance now of getting the combination needed. Getting the right 3 values can take a long time and lots of rejected babies but you don't need to aim for perfection.. you can use the better babies you get if you get tired. In Pokemon Emerald there was a guy who evaluated your Pokemon by their IV's but now each Pokemon has a little flavor text on their summary Here's the different options and the range of values they cover: the ones in bold contain the highest value of 31... so you should aim for those and check with the calculator if theyare indeed 31's... cause they can be of a lower value btw... the message appears depending on the HIGHEST IV the pokemon has, but if it has more than 1 value at 31, the message will be chosen at random form them (a 31 hp 31atk pokemon can say either "often dozes off" or "likes to trash about" for example) Hidden Power Hidden Power is move where its power and type are dependent on the IVs, this move becomes very useful in the field of battle when you get the type and power you want. To calculate the type and power of HP look at the time below. Or if you like taking the easy and effective route, then use MetalKid's calculatorhttp://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/OnlineProgram/Calculators/HiddenPower.aspx Remember the higher the IVs, the stronger Hidden Power is: NaturesLike EV's and movesets, Natures are vital when you are preparing a good balanced team. These are the natures. Ok by following this, if I get a snorlax with a Adamant nature, I will EV train it with 252 attack evs. 252 defense evs and 4 hit points evs, focusing on attack EVs most cause of the nature. If you don't get the nature you want the first time, re breeding helps (or if its a one off Pokemon like Rotom, soft resetting helps cause Natures are random, hopefully it won't come to that if you are lucky.) Hold items Hold items are also important, cause they can either power up the stats of your Pokemon, or lower the stats of your opponents Pokemon. Hold items can either work in battle or outside of battle, but I am talking about in battle in this guide. So say I have a Snorlax and it has a rest move, I would have it hold a Lum berry so that when it uses rest, Lum Berry effect is that when the Pokemon holding the item is affect by any status affecting moves it will automatically heal the Pokemon. Seeing as rest makes the user sleep, it will heal the user's status, maing it a +1 on your side, and a -1 on the opponent's side. Leftovers is another common hold item, it heals the Pokemon by a bit while battling. Using it with a defensive will make it annoying as hell to beat, especially if you fighting a Blissy or Snorlax. To find out about the different kinds of hold items, check the site's new Pokedex from SCV! To sum it up, to build a competitive team, you are going to have to consider IV's, EV's, Natures, movesets and hold items. Also, I wanted to talk about egg moves, but there is not really much to say, just look on Serebii for egg moves. http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml Tip - By catching a ditto with an adamant or jolly nature, giving it an Everstone and breeding it with the Pokemon you want to train will give the egg Pokemon the nature of the Ditto. Same applies to female versions of Pokemon. Type Chart Links - Under Construction - Threats In The Game Credits Dark_Azelf, JUDGEMENT0, Serebii and Silent Storm.
  8. Does Anyone Have An AR Code To Reactivate Spear Pillar/Distortion World/Team Galactic Event For Platinum
  9. RANDOMSPOT555 EDIT: To stop the random complaining, while at the same time able to maintain some humor in here, all gimmick teams can go in here. As in, teams that would in no way function outside of being complete jokes. Sound good? Okay. Introduction So are you tired of fighting those ugly uber teams unprepared? Well, I devised a team that's foolproof and will ALWAYS defeat. Ready? The Roster [sprite]129[/sprite] Magikarp@Focus Sash Flail Sweeper 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed Jolly Nature - Splash - Tackle - Flail - Bounce With Magikarp you're going have a blast! So here is the idea. Since it rains in ubers thanks to the abundance of Kyogre, Magikarp's speed will double. Then Magikarp will get hit by Thunder, and Focus Sash kicks in, absorbing everything. That Kyogre will laugh so hard he will begin setting up, while Magikarp proceeds to Flail the fish, becoming a 5-4HKO to a max HP Kyogre with 1 HP while Calm Mind does 0 damage to the Red fishy! Take that! It's also 25.73% - 30.12% against a minimum HP Kyogre... so it's a guaranteed 4HKO! Also, a max HP Arceus is 6HKOd while the Extremekiller's Swords Dance will do ZERO damage against the fishy! This wonderful fish is gonna own people tonight! [sprite]011[/sprite] Metapod@Leftovers Physical Wall 252 HP/252 Def/6 SpD Impish Nature - Bug Bite - Iron Defense - String Shot - Tackle The premier physical wall of this team. With + 6 defense, he can take an unboosted Arceus's Extremespeed for a total of 12.17% - 14.47%! And he can take him down with a 63HKO Bug Bite while Arceus can only manage 0 damage with Swords Dance! That Bug Bite can also eat off a Pinch Berry... so if Metapod gets Salac or Liechi Berry... they're in for it! [sprite]014[/sprite] Kakuna@Choice Band Choice Bander 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed Adamant Nature - Poison Sting - Bug Bite With Choice Band, expect things to die horribly. Max HP Steel-type Arceus is a 25 HKO with a Choice Banded Bug Bite! In an environment where Psychics are prevalent, a Kakuna can easily switch into a Swords Dance or Calm Mind and kill off stuff with Bug Bite. To give you a perspective Deoxys-A can be 2HKOd if its negative natured. This Kakuna will NEVER get walled, EVER! [sprite]266[/sprite] Silcoon@Leftovers Physical Special Wall 252 HP/6 Def/252 SpD Careful Nature - Iron Defense - String Shot - Poison Sting - Bug Bite A backup bug... walls stuff like NOBODY else can do! [sprite]268[/sprite] Cascoon@Choice Band The Tanky Sweeper 252 HP/252 Atk/6 SpD Adamant Nature - Bug Bite - Poison Sting - Tackle Walls stuff AND kills stuff! This thing kills stuff like NOBODY has ever done before! If you are unfortunate to meet up with this member of this team, just hope his awesomeness Cascoon will spare you from the wrath of his evil eye! [sprite]349[/sprite] Feebas@Focus Sash Magikarp's Ugly Stepsister 252 HP/6 Attack/252 Speed Jolly Nature - Mirror Coat/Hypnosis - Protect - Waterfall - Flail You thought Magikarp was awesome? Just wait until you see the ugly stepsister! With Focus Sash, she is not OHKOd by the likes of Kyogre and WILL reflect it back with her UGLY stare (Mirror Coat), frying that poor killer whale into dust. If you opt for Hypnosis, the opponent WILL be outsped by the ugly stepsister in the rain and will be hypnotized into sleeping thanks to her UGLY stare and continue to Flail them and STAB Waterfall in the rain. This one's SURE to cause stuff to die horribly! FEAR the UGLY STARE! Any comments? Please rate!
  10. Hello there! Fox here, I'm new, so you probably don't know this is a shared account with my brother, Dusk. I'm a girl, he's a guy. We share 'cuz we're too lazy to log in or out Anyway enough messing around; I want you people to tell me if my team is good or bad C: THIS IS MAH FUTURE TEAM :C I HAVE PIKACHU EEVEE HOUNDOUR AND GHASTLY RIGHT NAO. Also a star next to the move means they already know it Raichu female Moveset -Volt tackle* -Thunderbolt* -Thunderpunch -Irontail* Houndoom male Moveset -Crunch -Flamethrower -Fire fang -Rock climb Gengar male Moveset -Hypnosis -Dream eater -Shadowball -Mean look (for those annoying Entei and Raikou) Vaporeon female Moveset -Surf -Waterfall -Aqua tail -Water pulse Marrowak male Moveset -Rock smash -Strength -Bone rush -Skull bash Dragonite female Moveset -Fly -Dragon breath -Whirlpool -Hyperbeam Please correct me if these pokemon can't learn these moves, I'm not all that familiar with pokemon moves ^^; Also if anyone has an idea on where to fit in cut, it was originally for Raichu but Pikachu couldn't learn it.
  11. you could say this is an extremely customized AR Code request. I need specific moves for the specific pokemon. I'll still try to follow traditional format. also note i need these to replace my current party pokemon. thank you for your patience and understanding!!!
  12. I probobly should have done this a long time ago, but anyway; I'm ShinyLucario889; My name, you might realize, represents my favorite pokemon and more... that's about it.
  13. I have a team that has an uber pokemon in it but I don't really feel like it's complete especially with my Magnezone.Here's the team and info: the team is currently used in heartgold and is for all-over gaming/ wifi competitive I don't know the specific EVS for this team ill have to get a ne action replay to be certain Tyranitar@ Dread Plate Garchomp@Life Orb Charizard@Flame Plate Spiritomb no item yet Gallade@scope lens Magnezone@quick powder (whyd I put that there?) if you need any more info just message me.... am I doing ok with this team or do I need to change something? answer the poll up top and give me advice if you think I need it Ive noticed that magnezone's best attacks are only electric or steel type moves and remedy for such? Im not looking for pokemon that cover their own weaknesses but a team that covers everyone's weaknesses any advice?
  14. Note: I changed my team entirely around. This team is deprecated and is only there for nostalgic purposes in the rare case that I feel like looking at my previous failures again. Hello. After several really unsuccessful and some moderately successful attempts of creating a team, I'd like to get my current team rated. Illithian gave some advices earlier and they were really helpful. Currently, I'm either rampaging through a team or losing completely, it's rare to get a close situation. This team abuses Toxic Spikes to cripple sweepers while keeping the pace of the battle. TS gives me the possibility to abuse sweepers even more and pressure the opponent or to use walls as effective sweeping Pokemon. -- Lineup: [sprite]407[/sprite] [sprite]373[/sprite] [sprite]245[/sprite] [sprite]466[/sprite] [sprite]479-1[/sprite] [sprite]242[/sprite] -- [sprite]407[/sprite] Roserade @ Focus Sash Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 4 Def/252 Spe/252 SpA Timid natured (+Spe, -Atk) - Sleep Powder - Leaf Storm - Hidden Power Fire - Toxic Spikes Roserade is the supporting lead and sometimes early game sweeper/anti-lead. The first turn is always Sleep Powder, to ensure that the opposite lead doesn't gimp me. If the other lead outspeeds Roserade and Sleep Powder misses, I'm usually doomed. After Sleep Powder, I set up Toxic Spikes twice. If necessary, I'll sacrifice Roserade to cripple the opposite team. HP Fire gets rid of steel type leads and other stuff that happens to be weak to fire. Leaf Storm is my main STAB and will get rid of Swampert and other frail leads. Setting up Toxic Spikes usually allows me to gain control over the battle, since sweepers can't stay out very long and bad poisoning + Life Orb damage will soon KO the foe. [sprite]373[/sprite] Salamence @ Life-Orb Ability: Intimidate EVs: 232 Atk/252 Spe/24 SpA Naive natured (+Spe, -SpD) - Dragon Dance - Earthquake - Fire Blast - Outrage My main sweeper. Not much to say here, Sala just takes out stuff fast. Outrage is somewhat risky after its end, but it can take down stuff after a single DD in one hit. I don't really like him to be killed and thus he often gets to be a late game sweeper. [sprite]245[/sprite] Suicune @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure EVs: 4 HP/252 Def/76 Spe/176 SpA Bold natured (+Def, -Atk) - Calm Mind - Surf - Ice Beam - Roar Suicune serves as mid to late early game sweeper and does this job well after some Calm Minds. I often switch it in to take out some Pokemon and if something looks like it's going to Thunderbolt, I switch to Electivire. Suicune also takes the role of a tank and stalls stuff a little while, TS will usually do the rest. If they don't I'll roar the (often boosting) enemy away. It's one of my most versatile Pokemon and usually does everything well, unless something explodes at its face. This Suicune, while using a defensive move set, is built to be a hybrid and it does that job quite well. [sprite]466[/sprite] Electivire @ Expert Belt Ability: Motor Drive EVs: 4 HP/176 Atk/76 Def/252 Spe Adamant natured (+Atk, -SpA) - Earthquake - ThunderPunch - FirePunch - IcePunch Electivire is another late-game sweeper/revenge killer and, if Motor Drive boosted (Yeah, thank you Rotom!), it can rip through entire teams by its awesome type coverage. Almost nothing that isn't levitating can safely switch in. It plays an important role in guarding Suicune from electric attacks and revenge kills lots of stuff anyway. Its versatility and movepool make it a pain to predict. Especially if someone predicts EQ (what most Evires run) and I'll Ice Punch their Salamence. If I can't gather a Motor Drive boost, I'll just get it out at a moderately safe moment and kill as much as I can without any regrets. Expert Belt is to give additional power to all of its super effective attack potential while not losing any HP to Life-Orb. [sprite]479-1[/sprite] Rotom-h @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/176 Def/80 SpA Bold natured (+Def, -Atk) - Thunderbolt - Overheat - Shadow Ball - Toxic Rotom-h is my early game sweeper and does two things: Sweep stuff and last as long as possible. Many things are scared of it and there's no real safe switch in. It also stops suiciding Pokemon and rapidspinners in their tracks. Especially Starmie seems to be scared. TB is just a bread and butter STAB and rips some flying/water types apart, Shadow Ball is another STAB and usually checks other Ghost and Psychic types. I rarely use Overheat due to its SpA drop, but it'll get rid of some steel types really fast. Toxic poisons everything levitating that didn't get the free portion of poison already. [sprite]242[/sprite] Blissey "Da Wall" @ Leftovers Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 120 HP/252 Def/16 SpA/120 SpD Sassy natured (+SpD, -Spe) - Ice Beam - Aromatherapy - Softboiled - Toxic Da Wall walls stuff, obviously. I send Blissey in to wall some scary things like Alakazam, Porygon-Z or Gengar. Blissey has two major functions: It walls and it's a cleric. Ice Beam gets rid of any Dragon, or even worse, Dragon/Flying types instantly. Aromatherapy helps my own team while keeping Blissey free from possible poisoning of other Blisseys. Toxic just again poisons opponents that didn't get affected by the spikes already. --- That's about my team. Please rate and give some suggestions. I'm particulary worried about stat-uppers like Porygon-Z and Infernape that can sweep my entire team after Blissey's death, while Suicune probably won't roar them away in time. I'm also in trouble if Rotom gets killed and a rapidspinner messes up my setup, Roserade is usually dead after five turns in early game. Anything that levitates can ruin me completely. Gengar is a very good example, especially if Rotom has fallen. My team fails completely if I fail to land any toxic spikes at all.
  15. This thread is to discuss your opinions on team galactic in the anime. Like are they efficient, not in it enough, cool, or maybe you dislike them in the anime and turn the TV off when they are in an episode. What are your thoughts. I think team galactic isn't in the anime enough. They are pretty cool and efficient I think it makes the episodes better because there operations are all planned out right down to the letter and the good guys are constantly trying to keep up. They should be in it enough. I loved the episode losing its lustrous and the one that followed it. Please comment!
  16. Updating this RMT because I love this team so much, it is much better than I expected. I've used it over a hundred times, funny thing is it has a winning ratio against standard teams. I'm updating it, give off any suggestions, opinions =) Anything bold is what has been updated Hello I'm from the shoddy battle server of project pokemon, awesome site When I make teams I ussually like restricting myself to a sorta style, and I thought a unpredictable normal team! Smeargle lvl 15 - Focus Sash 252 atk 252 spe Ivs: 0 HP Trick Room Endeavor Spore Beat Up The ultimate F.E.A.R pokemon, people do not expect this strange beast. Facing a highly unprepared foe could result in two KOs or more (My most is four). I get the biggest kick in using beat up, it makes the opponent think I've revealed my team, only to realize I have completely different pokemon. The reason for it being lvl 15 with 252 atk is to do heavy damage to gengar with beat up My Smeargle I hope people won't predict. It's moves go in this order, 1. Trick Room, Spore, Endeavor, Beatup rinse and repeat. So far I have been able to take as much as three pokemon out. I'm not sure why but when I trick room-endeavor it does as much as damage as I would do in low health (even when I'm full health) I choose beat up as the finisher because it shows all the names of my pokemon which... I name to different pokemon to throw people off (Blissey is named Tyranitar) Ambipom - Focus Sash 252 Atk 252 Spd (+Attack -Special Defence) Technician Fake Out Last Resort Never has been the star of the show, but it still has it's uses, one extremely lucky time he almost sweeped a team with 3 crits , might replace this with F.E.A.R Clefable what do you think? This has two purposes 1. If there is no spikes or whatnot laid out I bring it in and last resort till it die (ghost pokemon ruin the fun and I must switch out) This also always seems to beat an infernape 1on1 2. If there are spikes which ruin the focus sash I use it to pick off already weak foes Blissey - Leftovers 252 Def 126 SpA 126 SpD (+Defence -Attack) Serene Grace Protect Wish Seismic Toss Toxic blah standard blissey, she's a special wall. It's the stalling set My special wall which always comes on top of special sweepers, I love it. It also is a cleric Slaking - Choice Scarf 252 Atk 252 Spd (+Attack -Special Attack) Giga Impact Earthquake Fire Punch Nightslash with the right predictions... nah I just use Giga Impact, I've OHKOed Luke with it, so it has do be deezed. Earthquake n TP is there for good measure. Nightslash is for those pesky ghost. My physical Revenge Killer, no one seems to think it's fast (which it is) Giga Impact it the main move as it pairs with his 160 base attack and stab which does major damage which I don't mind the recharge for obvious reasons (although it disables me from retreating) Earthquake is always good, and beats pokemon that resist giga impact Nightslash for ghost pokemon Togekiss - Choice Scarf 252 SpA 252 Spd (+Speed -Attack) Serence Grace Air Slash Tri Attack Aurasphere Shadowball I usually just use airslash flinch haxs, it's cheap and effective. I occasionally have to use shadowball to ghost though, and auraphere is steel. My special revenge killer/sweeper. Serene grace because a 40% chance to burn, freeze or paralyz (can't spell) is awesome Aurasphere to pokemon once again that resist tri attack People laugh at me when I have shadowball on togekiss but I need to in order to stand a chance to against ghost pokemon which I struggle with a lot. Air Slash for stab flinch hacks Snorlax - Leftovers (+Defense -Minus Special Attack) Thick Fat Curse Outrage Rest Sleep Talk Info: My only new pokemon in the squad, before it was clefable. He's a tank that absorbs sleep and I put him in if trick room is still in effect. He's biggest problem is SD Luke. It's basically Curse talking snorlax. But with outrage, now many people question this, why not stab body slam? why not an attack that doesn't trap and confuse you? - Well I used outrage over bodyslam to hit ghost - Also every other move is x4 resisted by some pokemon, but there is no pokemon that x4 resist a dragon move, because only steel resist dragon. And with 4 or more cursing, steel pokemon are 2-3HKOed pokemon with a x2 (Metagross was 2HKO with full health) - The confusion is a problem, but missing a turn actually isn't a big deal, he's a tank. any damage is minimal and my leftovers heal it, and that's if it connects. - The trapping effects don't really matter, I'm going to stay - Sleeptalking an Outrage also prevents getting trapped and confused, which I usually do. It may sound like I'm just trying to defend this pokemon using outrage, but trust me it is very effective, I have countless logs proving it's effectiveness Old pokemon Clefable - Toxic Orb Magic Guard Facade Trick Wish Protect I wanted to put this pokemon in because it screams awesomeness with the creative ways it can be used. Toxic orb because magic guard nullifys the damage and makes facade a whomping 140 damage. When Toxic Orbs use is done I trick if I can
  17. Firstly I would like to say thanks to everyone who will help me along the way. This is my OU Team and how I would use it. First of all, my team contains these following pokemon; Lucario, Swampert, Rhyperior, Torterra, Blaziken, Togekiss --- Lucario @ Life Orb Inner Focus @ Timid Hp: 259 Atk: 242 Def: 198 Sp.Atk: 285 Sp.Def: 187 Speed: 233 - Aura Sphere - Close Combat - Extremespeed - Sword Dance Lucario is my sweeper. With Sword Dance I'll be able to raise my Atk greatly at the begining of the battle. Aura Sphere will likely never miss. Close Combat is like Aura Sphere, but much stronger except it will most likely miss a lot. Extremespeed is my finisher move because at the end of the battle when the opponite pokemon has a little bit Hp left, thats when I'll use it. Weakness: Fire, Ground, Fighting, Flying Super Effective Against: Rock, Ice, Steel, Normal Resistence: Poison --- Swampert @ Leftovers Torrent @ Mild Hp: 317 Atk: 257 Def: 202 Sp.Atk: 243 Sp.Def: 223 Speed: 176 - Surf - Ice Beam - Earthquake - Protect Swampert is my mixed tank. Surf is my power house move. Ice Beam provides with much coverage. Earthquake provides with deffense. Protect is very useful against pokemon who are faster than me. Weakness: Grass Super Effective Against: Rock, Ground, Fire, Grass, Bug, Flying, Steel, Poison, Dragon, Electric --- Rhyperior @ Life Orb Lightningrod @ Lax Hp: 371 Atk: 337 Def: 342 Sp.Atk: 142 Sp.Def: 153 Speed: 122 - Rock Polish - Stealth Rock - Earthquake - Rock Wrecker Rhyperior is my physical attacker. Rock Polish is to boost its speed since it lacks speed. Stealth Rock is a great move on switching pokemon. Earthquake is a great coverage for it. Rock Wrecker is my power house move. Torterra @ Leftovers Overgrow @ Mild Hp: 303 Atk: 269 Def: 242 Sp.Atk: 210 Sp.Def: 222 Speed: 173 - Razor Leaf - Sunny Day - SolarBeam - Earthquake Torterra is my second mixed tank. Razor Leaf is a great sweeper attack with a high critical hit ratio boosted with the ability Overgrow which is excellent. Sunny Day and SolarBeam is a strong combo against stronger pokemon. Earthquake is a coverage against stronger pokemon. Weakness: Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison Super Effective Against: Water, Electric, Rock, Ground, Fire, Poison, Steel --- Blaziken @ Life Orb Blaze @ Serious Hp: 286 Atk: 280 Def: 198 Sp.Atk: 267 Sp.Def: 177 Speed: 216 - Brave Bird - Sky Uppercut - Flamethrower - Bulk Up Blaziken is my special and physical attacker. Brave Bird is a strong long distance attack. Sky Uppercut is a fast and strong physical attack boosted with the move Bulk Up. Flamethrower is a great fire type move for long distance attack that will never likely miss. Weakness: Ground, Water, Flying, Psychic Super Effective Against: Grass, Bug, Steel, Rock, Normal --- Togekiss @ Life Orb Serene Grace @ Bashful Hp: 288 Atk: 135 Def: 234 Sp.Atk: 283 Sp.Def: 288 Speed: 221 - Sky Attack - Roost - Aura Sphere - Thunder Wave Togekiss is my special attacker. Sky Attack is a great combo with Thunder Wave boosted with Serene Grace. Aura Sphere is a great move that will likely never miss. Weakness: Ice, Rock, Electric Super Effective Against: Fighting, Bug, Grass Resistence: Ground, Ghost No legendary pokemon at all.
  18. Blaziken (male) Nature: Jolly Ability: Blaze Item: Choice Band EVs: 255 ATK / 255 SPEED Moves: Flare Blitz Stone Edge Superpower Thunderpunch I gave the advice for Blaziken that I was given some thought, tested it out, and I like it. After all, it got me to the second battle with the Tower Tycoon, and helped me win. But I'm wondering if I should replace Thunderpunch with something like Earthquake (I decided to ditch my whole "style" thing with moves). I only keep Thunderpunch to deal with Gyarados, and other water types. I tested Stone Edge on a Level 100 Gyarados and it did not OHKO it. Shiny Gardevoir (female) Nature: Timid Ability: Synchronize Item: Lum Berry EVs: 188 SP.ATK / 67 DEF / 255 SPEED Moves: Psychic Calm Mind Focus Blast Thunderbolt Same as before. Though I am thinking about leftovers for her. The disadvantage to that is that my friend could now use his Starmie to thunder wave her without much worry. Salamence (male) Nature: Jolly Ability: Intimidate Item: Yache Berry EVs: 255 ATK / 255 SPEED Moves: Outrage Fire Blast Earthquake Dragon Dance Like I said before, I ditched my "style", and Salamence's earthquake has done him well. Other than that he is the same. Roserade (female) Nature: Timid Ability: Natural Cure Item: Black Sludge EVs: 188 SP. ATK / 67 DEF / 255 SPEED Moves: Energy Ball Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Sleep Powder Same as before. I am thinking about giving her a choice specs and teaching her Leaf Storm, but her sleep powder is too useful to throw away. So I'm still not sure. Milotic (female) Nature: Modest Ability: Marvel Scale Item: Salac Berry EVs: 255 SP.ATK / 255 SPEED Moves: Ice Beam Recover Hydro Pump Mirror Coat Same as before. I'm thinking about hypnosis, but one: it is innacurate, and two: Mirror Coat has proved really useful to me in the past a lot of times. For instance, using Mirror Coat, she can usually OHKO a Kyogre, provided that the Kyogre used Thunder. Metagross (genderless) Nature: Adamant Ability: Clear Body Item: Life Orb Moves: Meteor Mash Agility Explosion Earthquake EVs: 204 ATK / 152 SP.DEF/ 154 SPEED I ditched ice punch and taught Metagross explosion. It packs more power than ice punch, and if unresisted, it can usaully OHKO the opponent's pokemon. I use it when either Metagross' HP is low (after he used agility), or if it is my opponent's last pokemon. If I make a mistake or something this time, can you please not close this thread? Can you just inform me of any mistakes, and I'll correct them when I have the time? Please rate.
  19. ok dont ask me why but my ards wont work on my comp so i need a team that i cant make :[ Plz and TY :]:bidoof: FC:5199 1772 3789 SodaPOP.pkm Ketchup.pkm Frenchy.pkm Meaty.pkm Nacho.pkm Nugget.pkm
  20. [sPRITE]212[/sPRITE] Scizor@ Lum Berry EVS:100 HP / 148 Atk / 252 SpD Attacks: ~ Bug Bite ~ Bullet Punch ~ Brick Break ~ Roost Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant I was thinking this move set could easily get rid of any pesky ubers who might get in the way. [sPRITE]448[/sPRITE] Lucario@Life Orb EVS: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Attacks: ~ Swords Dance ~ Close Combat ~ ExtremeSpeed ~ Ice Punch Ability: Inner Focus Nature: Jolly [sPRITE]230[/sPRITE] Kingdra@ Leftovers EVS: 80 Atk / 252 SpA / 176 Spe Attacks: ~ Hydro Pump ~ Draco Meteor ~ Outrage ~ Waterfall Ability: Swift Swim Nature: Mild [sPRITE]485[/sPRITE] Heatran@ Life Orb EVS: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Attacks: ~ Fire Blast ~ Earth Power ~ Hidden Power Grass ~ Taunt Ability: Flash Fire Nature:Naive [sPRITE]145[/sPRITE] Zapdos@ Leftovers EVS: 248 HP / 228 Def / 32 Spe Attacks: ~ Thunderbolt ~ Roost ~ Hidden Power Ice ~ Heat Wave Ability: Pressure Nature: Bold [sPRITE]143[/sPRITE] Snorlax@ Leftovers EVS: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 SpD Attacks: ~ Body Slam ~ Earthquake ~ Crunch ~ Selfdestruct Ability:Thick Fat Nature: Adamant Please rate my team. Am I violating any ''Clauses''. Any suggestions on how it could be better? Thank you for rating my team. 'Til next time ~hotpinkmunchlax
  21. Can you please make this team for me? I need it traded because i dont have a working AR!
  22. I need these traded. I don’t have a working action replay… pokemon: Bulbasaur Level: 82 Ability: Overgrow Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Mild Attacks: Power Whip, Leaf Storm, Water Spout, Rock Climb PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Pallet Town on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: Lv. 5 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951 pokemon: Squirtle Level: 82 Ability: Torrent Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Bold Attacks: Hydro Pump, Water Spout, Thunder, Blizzard PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Pallet Town on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: Lv. 5 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951 pokemon: Charmander Level: 58 Ability: Flash Fire Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Bold Attacks: Heat Wave, Fly, Surf, Dig PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: New Bark Town on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: Lv. 5 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951 pokemon: Lapras Level: 85 Ability: Water Absorb Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Bold Attacks: Blizzard, Cut, HydroPump, Thunder PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Safari Zone on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: 20 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951 pokemon: Munchlax Level: 86 Ability: Thick Fat Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): No Nature: Bold Attacks: Blizzard, Thunder, Psychic, Strength PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Daycare Center hatched on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: 1 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951 pokemon: Pikachu Level: 89 Ability: Static Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): ミシェル (girl) Trainer ID (If specific):50499 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Bold Attacks: Fly, Thunder, Quick Attack, Flamethrower PP (max or normal): Normal Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball Items Held: Rare Candy Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Yellow Forrest on 1 1, 2010 Level Met At: 15 Friend Code (required for Trading): 3910 7639 6951
  23. First Glance: Introduction: Hello, my name is Sondre(HeatVire and Electivire on Shoddy) and this is what I consider to be the best team I've ever made for the DPP OU metagame. This team ended my slump of bad teams that had been plaguing me for about a month. After the summer ended I really couldn't get my shit together and was making what were frankly unoriginal, boring mediocre teams. Then one day I watched Panamaxis from Smogon battling and he was using a combination of the utmost strength that intrigued me. And that's where our story begins... Roserade (M) @ Focus Sash Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature - HP Fire - Toxic Spikes - Sleep Powder - Leaf Storm The strongest of leads! Actually usually only works against slower leads. But Sleep right from the get-go when most teams are pretty ill prepared to let anything go to sleep is always good. Also early Toxic Spikes is very beneficial to my team as it helps me deal with some big threats and help out my main sweeper. Usually I only lay 1 layer down to begin with since I like the immediate 12% damage on things like ttar and infernape. The 2nd layer only comes later if I'm playing full stall. I don't like to let Roserade die early. So it's not a suicide lead per-say. However I don't like to use it lategame since it really is Salamence bait, a Pokemon that when wielded correctly is one of the few deuteronomys who can really give me problems. Latias (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP/252 Spd/4 SAtk Timid nature - Dragon Pulse - Substitute - Recover - Surf An odd set, but it really holds the team together. It provides me with a second fire resist that you'll see later that I lacked for a while and really bit me on the ass whenever Blissey got boomed on. Substitute is great on Latias and if I get into a groove with Latias my opponent can really be in a world of trouble. The speed is really what drew me to using Latias, as having a good revenge answer for Mixmence is something any team needs. Sometimes if I'm feeling randy I'll even try and bait Mence into Fire Blast! Fuck Mence though... Machamp (M) @ Choice Band Ability: Guts EVs: 128 HP/252 Atk /128 Spe Adamant nature - Close Combat - Payback - ThunderPunch - Ice Punch With a Choice Band, Machamp reaches an attack stat of 591. With 120 Base Power a STABbed Choice Band Close Combat will make the hell out of my opponent. It 2HKOes every Pokemon that doesent ressist it. Payback OHKOes Gengar,Rotoms and Cresselia. ThunderPunch is there for Gyarados. Ice Punch make pringles out of Salamence,Flygon,Dragonite and Gliscor. If it get statused, the 1.5x boost from Guts alongside the boost from Choice Band, making Machamp even a bigger beast. All in all, the star of the team. Electivire (M) @ Expert Belt Ability: Motor Drive EVs: 36 Atk/252 SpA/220 Spe Mild nature - Cross Chop - HP Ice - ThunderBolt - Flamethrower Do not come and tell me that electivire sucks. Because this shit has saved me many times. It is absolutely amazing, when Gyara is out, and the opponent will use the electric attack comes this guy in and takes the attack. Motor Drive increases the speed and it is ready and sweep your team. Gyarados (M) @ Salac Berry Ability: Intimidate EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe Adamant nature - Dragon Dance - Bounce - Substitue - Waterfall DD is my basic setup move, and without it the set almost crumbles. Waterfall is my STAB, Substitute on somthing that will give me a free round, and Bounce for Fighting pokes. I ran Salac over Liechi for hunging up with allt the Scarfs around. Is there anything more to write about this thing? You all know how it works. Magnezone (M) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Magnet Pull EVs: 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe Timid nature - ThunderBolt - HP Fire - Flash Cannon - Explosion For the record this thing has saved my butt so many times its not even funny. This thing is the worlds best steel killer. I can normally threaten dragons that i have hp ice and scare them away. I only use this guy once its late in the game and i can come in and revenge kill everything with flash cannon or thunderbolt, if he gets low on health i will normally save him for later so he can come in and explode. If mmy opponent threatens me with a possible ground attack i switch in togekiss or salamence then i can either wish with togekiss or i can be OUTRAGEOUS with salamence. That concludes my team, i beilieve that this team works really well and is able to counter nearly everything. But i need you to help me, so please. Dont be afraid of rating! Thank you. Many people has helping me building it also, thank you everyone.
  24. battle frontier is getting on my nerve lol, so now i tried to build a team specifically for it. Dragonite w/Dragon Fang -Dragon Pulse -Fly -Brick Break -Aqua Tail Hitmonchan w/Fist Plate -Thunderpunch -Firepunch -Icepunch -Close Combat Shedinja w/Spell Tag -Shadow Ball -Toxic -X-Scissor -Aerial Ace what do you think ???
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