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  1. Foxhax

    Just my Team

    I have removed this post due to some issues. I accidentally deleted the part where is says not to use the Pokemon in online play, so jut post your teams, I guess.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Just got my 3DS CFW working and got the saves for the Solgaleo and Lunala shiny popped over to upload. The PID says they are not legit, but I have done nothing to them and they are directly from my save (I moved Lunala from my Ultra Sun via Pokémon Bank). I am guessing that it is going to be illegitimate like a few others I brought over from the events, but here they are. Mewtari
  3. I play Gen 3 alot and I decided hoarding Pokemon and items was a pain when storage space was so limited, that and trading takes forever. So I created a PokeBank-like program for hoarding, trading, and managing Pokemon, Items, Pokeblocks, Mail, and Decorations. Trigger's PC is a tool designed for legit purposes. There really aren't enough tools for legit-play out there sadly. However, note it does extend some of the boundaries of the game to increase replayability and customization. Image Album | News: Release v1.0.1.1 is Here! (7/18/16 8:05PM) Big thanks to everyone who helped improve Trigger's PC during beta in order to make it into what it is now! Please read the following documentation before using Trigger's PC: Safety Guide Troubleshooting and Bug Reporting Guide Links: Trigger's PC Wiki GitHub Repository Smogon Forums Page Suggest Achievements for Trigger's PC! Project Goals for Later in Development: In-Tool Mart for all currencies. Use items and feed Pokeblocks to Pokemon. Ability to write mail. Show other miscellaneous stats in the Trainer Info tab. Achievements. Statistics Page. Long Term Project Goals: Add support for Gens 1 and 2 (Especially since trading between those games is even more of a pain). This will include trading Pokemon up to gen 3 permanently. Changelogs: Download: Trigger's PC Release v1.0.1.1 (Recommended) Some Saves to Try Trigger's PC Out With Some Secret Bases to Import Previous Downloads: Enjoy!
  4. Okay so im trying to generate, from scratch, a shiny kyogre, groudon and rayquaza. these pokemon are only available as shiny from gen 3. im using emerald, however if i try to use the ones i have so far in rated special battle, it tells me that something is wrong with one of my pokemon (being on of these 3) i was wondering if anyone have detailed information on how to make these legit. i would love to pull out a shiny primal kyogre or groudon in rated battles
  5. hello friends, anyone have a legit mew and mewtwo they can clone with pokesav and share with me? my friend's code is 0517 5401 2786 thank you in advance :smile:
  6. Are these legit? and I based the stats and IV's off Marilland. and if its not legit, can someone please fix the PKm file and upload it again, it would be greatly appreciated. Salamence.pkm
  7. Fate

    legit egg

    I am new at this so I do not really know what or how. I am still figuring it out. My question is: what do I have to know if I want to make a complete legit egg pokemon. Let say I want a riolu in an egg what do I have to do to make it legit? I appreciate if you can help me out
  8. i got a shiny mewtwo from a trade and use the legit check and says unknown gba type what it means? is the mewtwo legit?
  9. I can't seem to be able to use the legit checker so can someone check if tis pokemon is legit? I want to be able to send pokesav pokemon into my PBR Scizor.pkm
  10. Hey guys... around a few months ago i downloaded some pokemon here. I edited them to my likings. i was using the Projectpokemon pokedex for help. But when i used the pokemon in Pokemon Battle Rev. they still came out as "Bad Eggs"! I was hoping if some could Download this and make all the pokemon as legit as possible, that would be very kind
  11. Hey I'm trying to Pokesav an UXIE that I can use for the E-4, and it always ends up saying that it's a hacked pokemon in the legality checker. How do i get around this, to make it appear legit? is it the hex values that im messing up on? help would be most appreciated. thanks.
  12. OK Ive been reading that the RNG Method can be used to make pokemon that pass the Nintendo Tournament Hack Tests. I have tried to understand this method but just cant get the hang of it. Now I have a R4 (FlashCard Thingy). What would be best way to make pokemon with pokesav that pass the Nintendo Tournement Hack Tests. I can make pokemon that pass the PBR Hack Test and the Platinum Battle Video Test. (All my pokemon from eggs have a hometown of Diamond (10) and hatched in Solaceon Town (4) from the Day Care Couple (2000) at Level 0) (Does the PID/IV combo change with evolution. So would i be able to hatch a legit pokemon so its Bytes and Hex Values are OK. Then just change it to its evolved form and change the IVs/PID combo using the Generate button) (All pokemon i make are legit as possible) Thanks for any help.
  13. I'm new with this but i wanted to check if this is legit for a egg. Edit: Also how do you know your Secret ID?
  14. What is your first actual shiny pokemon that you have ran into or caught WITHOUT THE USE of Pokesav or other cheating device? Mine would be a Rattata on PKM Silver. I attempted to catch it, but it fled eventually.
  15. Thankyou alot for reading my thread. <3 I need help creating a Shiny Cherish Ball Salamence. Their was an event for one in Japan a long time ago. I was wondering if it was possible to create a Shiny Cherish Ball Salamence using Pokegen. Can someone please tell what to put in the fields in the to make it look like an event. Heres what I want it to have: Shiny Salamence Cherish ball 31 Ivs in all stats Evs: 252 Atk/252 Speed/6 Sdef Hasty Certain OT and ID Moves: Dragon Claw Dragon Dance Protect Heat Wave It has egg moves so I was wondering what should I fill out in the Pokegen to make it legit for wifi. Thankyou again for reading my thread. <3 - SirMathewSexy
  16. I was wondering if anyone could make me codes for 100% legit ALAMOS Darkrai, TRU Shaymin, 10 ANIV Celebi, and WISHMKR Jirachi for Pokemon Pearl Version:). This means that everything must look 100% legit. I have viewed other codes but for some reason the classic ribbon always has the text "A ribbon obtained at Mystery Event" instead of the text "A ribbon that proclaims love for Pokemon" for Darkrai and Shaymin. I also can't seem to find a working legitimate Celebi and Jirachi code anywhere I look. I would also really appreciate it if the Secret ID, ID Number, the Original Trainer, Place where met and all the Pokemon's coding's are in place. I would also like for the Pokemons to look untouched. If making the Wondercard codes instead of the Pokemon itself would be easier than that would be fine too. So for Darkrai, Shaymin, Celebi, and Jirachi: -Any nature; anything that would make it LOOK and BE 100% legit not SEEMINGLY legit! Thanks to whoever can get me or make me the code(s) I need. Would really appreciate it! Sorry for hassle and fuss. P.S. If you want me to do the research on how the Pokemons are supposed to be like to be 100%, I'll be glad to look everything up on Google:).
  17. Hey there, I made some pokemon on pokesav. I want these pokemon to look like i palparked them from the GBA game to Pearl/Diamond, and then traded them to Platinum. I left all the hidden hex values 00 and met in Pal Park. (these hidden hex values need to 00 in this case right?) I also fixed the trashbytes. So my question is do these look legit? Thank you in advance, Shannon box 10_01.pkm box 10_05.pkm
  18. Since I heard Old Sea Chart can only be obtained for JAPANESE games of Pokemon Emerald at the Poke Festa Event in Japan, I found out my Mew was hacked. My Deoxys/Lugia/Ho-Oh however, also says it was transferred from Hoenn and I also have a Groudon from Emerald with matching OT's and ID's notifying that the Deoxys/Lugia/Ho-Oh was from Emerald. Was Aurora Ticket and Mystic Ticket ever available or obtainable for the U.S. Version of Emerald at the Pokemon Rocks America 2005 events? If it isn't then my 3rd Gen Event Pokemon are fake.
  19. i want to make a legit jirachi (from pokemon colloseum) through pokesav. i made the OT WISHMKR, and ID 20043, but, what should the secret ID be? Also, where should i say i met the pokemon?
  20. Hi, I'm new here. I need some help, I lost my party, a friend released the pokemon and save the game. :mad: So, i created some .PKM files on Pokesav, they're exactly as the one i have, well, except for the IV's and EV's. I can offer some legit event pokemon in return, i have a TRU Arceus, shokotan Pichu, etc. I can post the AR code for the pokemon, just tell me where i put them (party, box1, box2, slot 1-20) Thanks in advance!!!!
  21. need some legit looking pokemon I need an Action Replay code This is for Pokemon Platinum SORRY ABOUT ALL THE BLANK FIELDS All the blank fields can be filled with anything as long as it's legit looking and legal. thank you
  22. Now I download a Pokemon from the database on the site. Then I open pokesav and edit the Pokemon Afterwords I use IVPid.exe to generate a shiny PID code. When I have may shiny PID in insert it in pokesav. But is there a easier way to make a “legit” Pokemon? Because now it takes plenty of time to make just one shiny Pokemon.
  23. Can somone check if these pkmn are legit? i receved them from wi-fi trade kyogre(test).pkm Cresselia(test).pkm
  24. it are 2007 GTS events and one aggron PCNY* heracross_christy_gts.pkm
  25. I got this bagon of a trade in GTS, i find it weird for someone to have a lvl 1 bagon with max pp on first move. i checked on the legit checker and im still not sure if legit.
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