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Found 11 results

  1. hello everyone i`m now downloading Call of Duty 6 for my Laptop but is it a cool game on a Laptop?
  2. RJFLA

    Tekken 6

    Tekken 6 came out Tues. Oct. 27, 2009. I was wondering if anyone likes Tekken on the forums. If you do, who are some of the people you're good with? I'm good with Kazuya, Jin, Devil Jin, Bob, Eddy, Christie, Law, and somewhat good with Lars.
  3. Hi, I'm new here. I need some help, I lost my party, a friend released the pokemon and save the game. :mad: So, i created some .PKM files on Pokesav, they're exactly as the one i have, well, except for the IV's and EV's. I can offer some legit event pokemon in return, i have a TRU Arceus, shokotan Pichu, etc. I can post the AR code for the pokemon, just tell me where i put them (party, box1, box2, slot 1-20) Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. Takes up 6 pokemon in the party. My FC is 1290 6176 1532 Thanks so much =D
  5. Hey, me again, asking for another full party of pokemon, this time Ubers all around. By the way if you want to tell me to take a hike and come back in a week for asking for too much too fast by all means do. I have a habit of doing things as soon as they pop into my head, so I'm sorry about that. On the other hand if you don't mind, heres the team I would like:
  6. Hi, I know thats a lot to request, but I can't for the life of me get pokesav working myself, and I really wanna get this team going. Let me know what I need to do, friend code etc! Thank you
  7. I know thats a lot to request, but I can't for the life of me get pokesav working myself, and I really wanna get this team going. Pokemon Species: Swampert Held Item: Leftovers Level: 100 Ability: Torrent Nickname (If wanted): Trainer ID (If specific):13582 Secret ID (If specific):13582 Shiny (Yes or No):No Egg (Yes or No):No Nature:Impish Pokérus Status:Infected Pokéball Captured In:Pokeball EV Stats:HP 240/ Atk 58/ Def 212 IV Stats:31 HP all Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met:Pal Park/ May 2009 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Friend Code (If Trading):3137-6977--75
  8. I need 6 Pokemon of mine to be made and then traded over Wi-fi. Thanks to anyone who helps in advance. If it matters I use Pokemon Diamond. My Friend Code is 2020 9494 3902 If I made any mistakes please correct me. We can Schedule when to trade. My friend code is above. Many thanks to whoever can help me.
  9. RJFLA

    Tekken 6

    Anyone like Tekken? I love it. I can't wait till Tekken 6. http://tekken.namco.com/
  10. Hey guys, can anybody send me a pokemon team via Wi-Fi? Thanks in advanced. Name: Tsukasa Friend Code: 3566 7741 6296 Blackjack Absol.pkm Calm Mind Gardevoir.pkm Choice Scarf Typhlosion.pkm Curse Umbreon.pkm Swords Dance Lucario.pkm Underworld Darkrai.pkm
  11. Hey ^^ I have lots of events but first the rules ^^ Rules ~Don´t offer hacks ~Don´t scamm me ~Don´t flame me ~I don´t want Shinys,only events. ~Have FUN ^^ Most wanted: Nok mews Pikacafes GTS 2009 events And all events I dont have.... [Events with * are Shiny] Global Trade Station 2009 : Bidiza/OT:[???]/ID:27471/Hitzig/17.Mär.2009/UT <-Very Rare [100% Legit] NFT Sheinux/OT:[???]/ID:42356/Ernst/17.Mär.2009/UT <-Very rare [100% Legit] NFT [Nur für Rare Events] Pokémon Ranger Manaphy Eier: [Komplett] Manaphy Egg/Usa/UT/16.Mai.2008 <- [100% Legit] Manaphy Oeuf/Frankre
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