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  1. North America, United States, North Carolina, Winston-Salem.
  2. So, you play Bass? I play the electric.. But thats off topic... I do have to say, those are some nice looking bass guitars
  3. A site that tries to prevent addiction to Tobbacco/Alcohol gets blocked? Oh well, at my school, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is blocked. Someone i know got blocked from Yahoo.com (WTF)
  4. Soul Silver is just a fine name, normally souls are thought as of a white blob, so that kind works out. Heart Gold, though, i dont know.
  5. absolutely. According to my logic, it would be very smart to have a game that has ALL regions in it, and you can play on each, pick which one you start at.... etc. As for a new generation, that might be a while.
  6. I have absolutely no clue. I don't want to get technical here... i can though, Hm, i guess it is the state of mind in which you care greatly for someone, for their looks, how they do things, how they act, how they treat people (or you), or however smart they are, and etc, usually of the different sex. That is, unless it is family members, but you "love" them for all of the same reasons. However, it is outside the family and of different sex (usually), then you would love them for all of those reasons i stated. You could technically "love" the person of the same sex (as if they were a good friend, etc), but you don't mean it in a sensual or affectionate way. However, if it is in a sensual/affectionate/(insert some word here, i ran out of ideas), hopefully towards a different sex, then you could "love" them, that is if you want to "be with" that person for the rest of your life. That's all i can think of. EDIT yes, this practically sums up what i said, you could say.
  7. understood, i do my best to respect others. However, that is kinda oxymoron for the debate forum, eh?
  8. eh.... i would.
  9. Dropping by to say good job on the signatures. Better than i can do right now, i'm getting there...
  10. lolz good job! I love the drawings.
  11. I understand. Thanks for the advice. I lol'd on the shaymin comment. But, i must say about the signatures, i guess the only thing that i edit now (considering the work of others) is the render, but other than that, BG's etc are made by me in the sigs now. But, once again, i understand what you are saying. Thanks.
  12. My favorite color back then was black (and still is, and no, i am not emo), so i guess i made it that way... but you are right, it does look a little odd, or too dark. Thanks for the compliments!
  13. I think shaymin, in some cases, looks better the way i made him... But, at the same time, he looks better normal. IDK Thanks though. I made the Dialga via Gimp, and i wasn't as experienced back then, so i kinda was off on some of the recoloring.
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