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Found 19 results

  1. So I have a few Problems with Pokémon I legitimately hunted being flagged as hacked for whatever odd reason A common Problem I have is pokemon caught in Legends Arceus massive mass outbreaks being flagged as illegal for not being able to match an encounter from origin game I also have a few more odd examples: A greninja I caught in the X&Y friend safari, only iffy thing I did was level it up with hacked rare candies on a different save file than it was caught and I have a whole mess of issues. An appletun hatched around when SWSH came out that isn't supposed to know a move or something A gyrados from the lake of rage with a "HT" problem??? and a floatzle from USUM ultra wormhole with similar problems. again none of these are hacked or modified and most of them were caught before i even had access to a computer so any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Official Help/Small Questions Thread for DPP! In effort to help reduce clutter and the many threads asking small questions, this thread has been created. Forgot where to go next on Route 212? Lost on Mt. Coronet? Wondering why Shaymin won't change forms? Any of your small questions can be answered here. Well, almost. Threads that may answer your questions: EV Training Questions/Hep Here Team Building Questions/Help Here Smogon Rule Discussion Common Rules of Battling Basically, do you have a question that can inspire discussion? If so, post a thread (if one hasn't already been made). If it's game help or general questions about the 4th gen, then post here. Hopefully this will reduce clutter in the forum.
  3. I need someone to modify my save in the Ultra Moon pokemon after Photo Club, I can not do this, can anyone help me?
  4. So what Happend is that I wantet to do a Garchomp with Stealth Rock, but this move is only learned in Oras by the Attack tutor guy, So what kinda settings do I need, and where is even the met location of the OrAs eggs? Also If I already started, I got Problems with this Error Code same to heatran I'm really looking forward for some help, I'm kinda to stupid for that, that it already gets me crazy.
  5. Why? It says that the codes cannot be located. Please direct me to a video or post instructions on how to fix this. Thanks! :grog:
  6. Hey guys... around a few months ago i downloaded some pokemon here. I edited them to my likings. i was using the Projectpokemon pokedex for help. But when i used the pokemon in Pokemon Battle Rev. they still came out as "Bad Eggs"! I was hoping if some could Download this and make all the pokemon as legit as possible, that would be very kind
  7. I have a problem with wondercards on platinum pokesav whenever i download a WC and load it on pokesav it changes the accent e in pokemon to an l, how do I fix it?
  8. So here's the deal. I have Windows 7, and there is no NDS cable driver on it yet. So I can not transfer codes from the Action Replay Manager onto the Action Replay. I have Pokesav and all, and have the code all ready. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could put in the code and transfer me the 6 pokemon. I have a few legit shinys for trade is it is any incentive. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, im writing as a complete and utter N00B when it comes to .sav and everything. I recently got interested in using no$gb and everything but i havent really known what im doing. Ive some how managed to get my Pokemon Diamond Rom working and then decided to use a PokeSav Editor. At first, i tried opening my own Save but i got a weird error file so i then decided to use the .sav file that i found on the internet. It was fine with editing, but when i saved it then tried to open it on no$gba, i got ""no$gba fatal" then the name of my save file. Now i don't know what to do here and was wondering what i have done wrong and would be grateful if somebody could assist me into getting my file working. Many thanks.
  10. For some reason I'm getting logged out, this usually happens if I'm just staying on one page, like several times i would be posting in a thread, and i would post something big, like I'm explaining how to do something, or helping someone, but i take a while typing it all up, then i post it, but i was logged out, and lose what i type up. And everytime i try and log into the site, as soon as I'm logged in, I'm prompt this message: "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error." And i always get this when i enter User CP, no matter what i do. I first thought it was only my Firefox, then i tried Google Chrome it still happens. So i thought it was my options, and my laptop. I tried Project Pokemon on my Mum's computer, and the problem still arises.
  11. Kay, so. I got that action replay DSi thing since my old ar is broken again. And it comes with the save dump/restore feature. And of course. It comes out as a .duc file. I'm attempting to dump pokemon platinum. And, I noted that pokesav is not compatible with these file types. So, I converted it on shunyweb, got the 512KB file, and it didn't convert right since random characters are displayed in the team window and it says I have 256 party members. So, any ideas on how I'd get this to work? I don't even want to restore it. I'm big on trading pokemon so if I can use the legitimacy checker, that would be great
  12. Hey folks, this is Fist Omega! I've got the German Version of Pokemon Platinum and 2 problems with Pokesav Platinum: The first one is relating to the "Secret Key" for the 5 different Rotom-forms in that Team Galactic Base. I've added the "Secret Key" to my Key Items, and it is visible, but I can't use it. Whenever I stay there in front of that wall in the Galactic Base in Eterna City pressing the A-Button the whole time, nothing happens. I hope it won't be the same with "Azure Flute" and "Oak's letter"... The other problem is relating to the NationalDex: There are 2 Pokemons I've to see before getting the NationalDex; Hippopotas and Medicham. I thought of creating these 2 Pokemons in my storage so I would also have there Pokedex-Entrys, but somehow it doesn't work, although I've got those 2 Pokemons in my storage and can use them..what can I do? Hope somebody can help, Fist Omega EDIT: The Item "Oak's Letter" doesn't work either...pls help!
  13. I seem to be having a major issue seeing signatures in spoilers. They just simply cut off! This includes my own, and users like 'Dimi'. I've truncated my signature several times, thinking that was the problem, but nothin. Anyone else having this problem? :confused::confused::confused:
  14. Hi, i would like to translate the pokesav platinium into german, but i have some problem with the pokemon names. i'm using Hex-Editor MX to translate the names into german but some of the pokemon names are longer ans then they not showed in the drop-down-menu example rattata = ratzfratz How can i edit them?
  15. its not leetting me change my name...I there a solution?
  16. I've heard a lot of people complaining about the ARDS portion of pokesav isn't working.. well, here's some explanations, of why they aren't working as well as they should, and what solutions you can take, to make the AR codes working to your advantage. pokesav, proper lists version this version clearly doesn't like to support ARDS function, because of the spacing bug. why this happens? it could be that it's tied to the full names of the pokemon and items that are listed properly. there are two ways to fix the spacing issue. one way, is the old-fashioned, time-consuming way, of doing it yourself. it's not recommended, unless you have a crapload of time on your hands. there's also another way, with a web page, that does the spacing for you, which is here(thanks to Jason). also, if you want to fix the problem offline, there's also this program to download(thanks to Biohazard), if you like. I would recommend the web page more though, because that also supports .txt format files as well, unless someone proves otherwise that the program also supports .txt format files. pokesav, ARDS Code Output version this one is most reliable for people who has ARDS, but the names of the pokemon and the items aren't consistent with the game, so you would have-to add the full name manually, which can also be a little time-consuming, if you want your pokemon to be completely legal and "look legit". there's also a bug in the ARDS portion of this version, which I thought was fixed completely, but I guess I was wrong, since I've noticed a couple of posts that the game ID isn't complete, and is missing a letter. there's two ways to fix this as well. one way, is to fix it by opening up in notepad and putting that letter that is missing in the game ID. another way, is to just save it as .txt format, so you don't have-to deal with the game ID bullshit; since because .txt format only saves the code itself and maybe the name of the code, not the game ID and extra HTML junk that comes with .xml formats. but doing it this way, would have-to make you put the codes in the old-fasioned way, by copying and pasting the codes into your ARDS Code Manager(tutorial of that is here), which could take a longer time to put your codes in your ARDS cart. so, there you go. ways to fix your AR codes! have fun hacking! - Soldjermon
  17. I've downloaded Pokesav successfully, and it works fine. However my only way of using Pokesav is by Action Replay, sadly I cannot do this because my action replay refuses to connect with my Laptop. The Action Replay keeps being refered to as "NDS Link", and attempting to install it into the PC to use is failing. Attempting to install leaves me with a message "insert CD to install NDS link." The Sad part is, I NEVER got a CD for installing Action Replay. I have downloaded the ARCode Manager on my laptop, but the Code Manager refuses to connect with the Action Replay on the DS. How do I get the Action Replay to connect with the Code Manager so I can operate and use Pokesav?
  18. Ok I downloaded the code manager from codejunkies and seemed great until I tried to connect from my DS to the Manager and they couldn't find each other (The PC fails to detect Action Replay DS and Code Manager software continually reports waiting for DS) so i went to the support section on codejunkies [http://us.codejunkies.com/support/article.aspx?article_id=372] and tried the Windows XP part but I couldn't do the last step because I can't use the CD that came with my Action Replay [CD doesn't fit...] so what am i suppose to do to get it working? :confused: any help is appreciated, thanks I GOT IT, thx person on youtube >_>
  19. So im not all that new to pokesav, i've used it a zillion times in the past when pearl first came out. I just recently picked up platinum and used pokesav for my pearl to hack up some pokemon and transfer them to my platinum game. Well when i enter my trainer id from platinum 07612 and click ok, then realize i forgot to add one attack so i go back in and it dropped the 0 from my trainer id. I thought nothing of it, well when i traded the guys over to my platinum they wont obey me because the trainer id is now 7612. So i re-edited the pokemon and tried to add a 0 to the trainer id and it drops it still. Any ideas how i might be able to keep that zero on the trainer id? Thanks in advance!!
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