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  1. oki, thanks for all the response ^^
  2. oki doki thanks. but if pkhex says it's legal but in reality it isn't, could he still be able to be go on the pokebank/home or would the game not allow it :?
  3. thanks for the responce. so if those are legal those that mean that the pokemon I created also are if pkhex say they are legal :?
  4. Hello everyone, I wanted to catch all pokemon in there receptive region so I could all transfer them in home and have the special Magearna, so far I caught all of them up to the 5 generation expect for the totemic forms from RADAR (Tornadus,Thundurus and Landorus), zekrom and black kyurem and that's when I decided too generate them with pkhex so it'll be easier and that I wouldn't have to re do the same game again, but apparently doing this isn't legit even if pkhex says that they are legal so I wanted to know if this is the same thing for pokemon caught on emulator (if you are wondering why I
  5. oh yeah I'm so dumb they only are on pokemon Colosseum. Really sorry for the bother and thanks again for the help ^^
  6. 281 ★ - KIRLIA - 2366FB3550D8.pk3 here, thanks a lot.
  7. anyone know how to fix this ? my Kirlia just became illegal in the new version, any idea why :?
  8. I put my togekiss in pkhex and I saw that he was illegal because of his contest ribbons, I search a solution to that and the only thing I could find was to change the affection of the OT to max but I assume affection is not on pokemon SS anymore because it always goes to 0 when I edit it.. I really don't know what to do know, I don't want to lose my pokemon but I can't find a solution to that, any help please ? thanks in advance
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