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  1. This guide is for those who are interested in editing an actual trainer e-Card to use with the real e-Reader. If you are capable of save editing or you are playing on an emulator it's probably easier to inject the trainer into your save file directly. Requirements your custom Trainer (ECT) of course (can be created with this tool) e-Reader dev tools (https://caitsith2.net/ereader/devtools.htm) e-Card headerfix tool headerfix.zip (source) a hex editor (like HxD) a raw e-Card which we will use as a base (English, Japanese) Editing the raw
  2. This is a very basic tutorial on how to add a new overworld to any map and add a connecting script to it. This is being made upon a request from somebody but I'm hoping it might help anyone else who's not sure where to start. Please note that I'm using PPRE for this tutorial. While I do appreciate that SDSME is generally more reliable, I can't seem to get it to work for Platinum. Every time I save an area's script, it just deletes the whole thing! PPRE is buggy but it's possible to get around the problems. This tutorial is primarily focused on Platinum but the content here should app
  3. Main effect: The probability is PP/65536. PP is equal to 08 by default. You can now put the value 10 (16 chances in 65536), like in Gen VI. Decompress arm9.bin. Go to offset 0×70080* and change the value 08 into QQ. QQ can take any value from 00 (no shiny at all) to FF (roughly 1 in 257 chance). *Regions' differences: Language Shiny chance Japanese 0×6FAC0 Spanish HG 0×70078 Korean HG 0×7017C Korean SS 0×70174 Others 0×70080 Side-effect: Formula reminder: (Trainer ID ⊕ Secret ID) ⊕ (16 leftmost bits of PID ⊕ 16 rightmost bits of PID) = CID What I call the CID (
  4. Hi everyone! I just uploaded some Pokemon DS rom hacking tutorial vids and wanted to post them here in case they help anyone out. They are definitely not high level stuff, mostly a showcase of how to use tools like Tinke, Kiwi, PokeDS/Pis, DS Text Editor, and PPRE for trainer editing. So more of a "rom hacking for dummies" kind of guide. Topics Discussed: Pt 1: Overworld Sprites (including the elusive HM summon sprite) Pt 2: Trainer Front/Back sprites and VS faces before a gym battle Pt 3: Pokemon Sprites Pt 3.5: Advance Pokemon Edits Pt 3.75: Gen I
  5. So you want to make a ROM hack? First, you need a ROM to hack. It would be illegal to download one, but there are other ways to get a ROM. There's 4 major ways you can get a ROM, in order of speed (descending): USB Backup Device Slot 2 flashcart Slot 1 flashcart + EZ Flash 3in1 Slot 1 flashcart + Wi-Fi Note that 2, 3, and 4 all require that you use a DS lite (or original DS). Now for the details of each: 1. USB Backup Device There's several out there that you could find with a web search, but for ROM backups, I recommend the SMS4.
  6. This tutorial will show how to replace textures in a .BMD0 file (Vs. Scenes, Fly sprites, etc.) First off, download the following programs: NitroExplorer2 Tinke (latest version) Mario Kart DS Editor Some kind of image editing software For this tutorial, I will be replacing Vs. Scenes. Step 1. Open NitroExplorer2 and navigate to a/1/6/6, extract the NARC. Step 2. Open the NARC with Tinke. Step 3. Find the file that you want to edit, the Vs. Scenes are usually start around the 80th file. Step 4. View the file and extract it (be sure when extracting the file you put .nsbmd at the e
  7. Hello All! As I have started to make my own skins, and see myself continuing to create more in the future I've decided to create this step by step tutorial to help out! This way I can have a nice and easy place to point people towards for install instructions and as a file dump for my own created skins . What this will allow you to do: You can use any official c-gear skins that you either missed or are unobtainable due to region or release. You will also be able to use completely custom skins, I will provide my skins I have created in this thread. Ultimately you will get to turn your bland
  8. So alot of people have been asking how I do animation swaps and stuff in my hacks, so I decided to post a tutorial. You will need: pk3DS (Latest Version) Ohana3DSRebirth (mariosonicds build) Step 1: Uncompress a/1/7/0 in pk3DS Step 2: Find the bin that contains the model that you want to use Step 3. Uncompress the bin in pk3DS, You should get a folder named ID_CM (ID being whatever number the file is) Step 4. Inside that folder you should see 9 bin files, copy the file named 0.bin Step 5. Find the bin the contains the animations you want to use, a
  9. DISCLAIMER: As of now, this is only a beta (revision 4 since the Pokémon summary freeze fix), but at the very least the type chart works. NEW: Download link at the bottom of this post! You read it right, we're going to make the game take into account the Fairy-type! Also, STAB works too. But keep in mind this is still primitive and the Hall of Fame freeze on a NDS need to be addressed ASAP. While it may seem it is a one-man project, it is not; anyone who knows how to ameliorate the code or knows something useful is a welcome guest (credits will be given where they are due obviously). Par
  10. Ever notice how the majority of command-line applications require about a dozen commands for a single logical operation? This tool aims to fix that! ROMs can be extracted and repacked with a single command per operation, like so: To extract: ToolkitConsole.exe MyRom.3ds RawFiles To repack as a CIA: ToolkitConsole.exe RawFiles Repacked.cia To repack as a 0-key encrypted CCI (for use with Gateway): ToolkitConsole.exe RawFiles Repacked.3ds -key0ORToolkitConsole.exe RawFiles Repacked.3dz Note: 3dz files will be invalid until a private header is applied.
  11. Hey guys So I've seen a couple threads asking how to replace the musics in Pokemon XY(I even posted one myself but remained silent) I am now starting this thread to show you how to replace the musics in XY ! (I checked there wasn't any tutorials on that) Big thank you to PlatinumMaster and his friend record reader who were the first to do it and to show me how it's done (the tutorial was written with permission) I wrote it on GBAtemp and Pokecommunity, and I thought that there were maybe people only monitoring Projectpokemon and are looking to know how, so here is the link to the
  12. I've noticed there seems to be issues with extracting readable data from a Pokémon X/Y ROM. There are plenty of tools, like Ohana3DS and GARCTool, but they don't go together very well, and they don't support some file types. Therefore, I've posted a consolidated tutorial here for those of us who crave complete control over their data! All the files you need are in a ZIP file attached to this thread, save for the ROM because posting a 2 GB file would be a big no-no. You'll find a program labeled XObj (https://github.com/Quibilia/XObj) in the ZIP file. I wrote this program myself to examine th
  13. It occurs to me that I've not actually explained how to do this yet so I figure I may as well: Step 1 - What's the file you need? You'll need to extract the a/2/7/3 .narc file from Black 2 or White 2. It doesn't really matter which. Step 2 - Starting Preparations. Open it up in a hex editor. I'd recommend crystaltile2 so you can quite easily jump between the files. Alternatively, you can use the kiwi.ds editor to extract the files separately, or whatever other method you wish. I'll walk through this tutorial using the Floccessy Ranch Grotto, which is the first file in the .narc. Step 3 -
  14. Don't you worry guy, I got you! I actually wanted to do the exact same thing as you, switch out all the Main character graphics with my own, except I was aiming to change the Female MC ones lol. So anyway, there is a horrible lack of tutorials on the web/youtube about editing character graphics (except sprites, seems everyone knows how to do sprites). So I started digging around the rom using Tinke, and eventually I found a reasonably easy way to get my own sprites in to replace the originals. This guide I wrote was originally like 2 paragraphs and served just to remind me in case I forgot
  15. General Is PKHeX available for the Macintosh OS or Linux? No. You can use software like Wine/Mono to run it on these operating systems, however the program may not function as intended. My Pokémon won't work on WiFi battles or can't be traded. Why? This is usually a Pokémon legality issue. These problems aren't dealt with in the PKHeX subforum; see the announcement regarding cheating online. What is the Mystery Gift "Received List"? Every Gift has a unique ID associated with it. When you receive a Mystery Gift the game flags your save file as having obtained the g
  16. Can anyone lay out a step-by-step process for doing the same type of extreme randomizer nuzlocke that TyrannitarTube did in this series (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGIM7vfCzC8)? Myself and 3 friends want to do a soul link play through on top of the other challenges that TyrannitarTube did. I've already tried looking for this, but I couldn't find anything like this. It might just be that I didn't look hard enough, but here I am. We all already have the physical ORAS games so I'm pretty sure we don't need to get an illegal ROM or anything like that. I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering h
  17. So, as the title states, this is just a little tutorial on how to work around Illegal mode not changing the forms of Pokemon with Alternate Forms. It's actually really simple to do. You need to have two copies (just copy+paste the first one) of PKHeX (to make it faster) and you also need to know how to activate the hidden "illegal mode." You can look it up for yourself, however, if you do not know. The steps go as the following: 1. Open up PKHeX. 2. Create any Pokemon that has an alternate form in the alternate form you want it to be in. (Ex: Mega Charizard X) 3. Save that creation of your
  18. Is this possible, I want to actually be able to use my pokedex. And the data is already in-game. Is there a way to edit ORAS/XY/BW/BW2/PT/HG/SS to support these features? I want lbs to kg and feet/inches to proper meters. Anyone know if and how to do it? Thanks, searching yielded no results.
  19. I figured out how to get PKHex working on Linux using Wine and thought I would share my info. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit using the stock repo version of Wine. First off you have a have a 32bit Wine environment which doesn't seem to be the default if your system is 64bit so you may have to move or delete your .wine directory. All you have to do is run this command to setup Wine WINEARCH='win32' winetricks dotnet40
  20. Anyone with a guide or tutorial that they would like added to this directory please post here and I will add it to the first post. Please be sure that all guides are complete and as accurate as possible. DDD's Sprite Editing Tutorial &
  21. Hey everyone! I've been trying for weeks to get Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 to look 2D thanks to camera cheats but this seems worthless. Here is the cheat : By hacking the game's maps in SDSME and exporting the models of the maps or buildings to Blender, I discovered the orthogonal perspective which shows a a perfect 2D view (as in HGSS because the 2D view is possible in those games thanks to AR cheats). The only problem in Blender is that the models look blurry and it's impossible to obtain a perfect size of the models without the blurring. That's what I mean : So I wanted to know i
  22. Complete title: Treat two different lines as the same species for breeding purposes Disclaimer: For now this goes for games in: English French German Spanish (SS only) We already have the Nidos and Volbeat+Illumise. This time we're going to add (not replace mind you) two new rules for breeding (males on the left, females on the right): the controversial Tauros+Miltank Gyarados+Milotic Decompress arm9.bin First we're going to change the pointer so that it points to the new piece of code, go to offset 0×6CA88 and change FFF7AEFE into 91F0F6FF At offset 0×FEA78
  23. Main feature Awwww… too bad that Deoxys' stats are not recalculated after each fight like in Gen III, otherwise I would have used that. First and foremost, you have to know that the game double-checks for the 100 EV limit: the first check is triggered by the corresponding vitamin, the second check is run no matter the used vitamin. Now we choose a value to replace 64 (100) with, might as well use FC (252) for convenience's sake. Here's how you proceed to lift the limit: Decompress arm9.bin Case-by-case checks Go to offset 0×90034* and change the value 64 into FC, this is t
  24. Credits go to PowMikelan98 for discovering this and giving me permission to post this. Original post: http://wahackforo.com/t-21923-pag20#195 Open your HeartGold or SoulSilver ROM with CrystalTile2 Go to folder a/1/8/0 right-click and then click on sub-file sort. The data is 89 bytes for each Pokémon, the first bunch of data being that of Pokémon with ID 0. For example to go to the data of Milotic (ID 350), we do this simple operation: 350×89=31150 31150 is 79AE in hexadecimal, thus you add 79AE to 3C to get the relative address for Milotic's data. Note: first byte is labelled as
  25. I wasn't kidding when I said that I had a load of tutorials to write down. Decompress arm9.bin Go to offset 0×FF4AE* You should see this: 68 01 FF 00 CA 00 2A 01 FE 00 B7 00 B7 01 3A 01 7A 00 B6 01 3B 01 B9 00 BE 01 3C 01 8F 00 CA 01 3D 01 E2 00 96 01 3E 01 3B 01 B8 01 3F 01 71 00 B1 01 40 01 66 01 Format is BB BB II II DD DD. BB BB is the baby produced when at least one parent holds the corresponding item. II II is the item that at least one parent has to hold. DD DD is the default baby when none of the parent holds t
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