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  1. LVL 100 Iv's: Attack: 24 Defence: 25 Speed - 26 Sp attack: 15 Sp defense: 14 Hp: 27 Ev's: Attack: 85 Defence: 85 Speed - 85 Sp attack: 85 Sp defense: 85 Hp: 85 If not, what should i do to make it seem/look legit? Aslo, based on these Iv's, Ev's, and its LVL, is this pokemon weak, strong, or too strong? - If not strong, what number's should i change my Ev's and Iv's to to make it strong? - (not weak or too strong, just strong).
  2. Alright so to get a pokemon i enter the code in the ar. Then to get it i have to press L+R to get the pokemon code to work. Well i have a problem. I want so many pokemon but i cant get multiple pokemon at a time without turning my ds off and selecting the other pokemon code. Well my question is(il make an example): I want a lucario, kyogre, and groundon. I make a groundon on pokesav. I get the code. I put it on my ar. I put a check. I press L+R = Groundon. Now if i want the other ones i have to turn it off and do those steps again for the others; and if i keep turning my ds lite on and off, it will get damaged. So is there anyother way of getting multiple pokemon at the same time other that turn it off and on every time?
  3. In pokesav is it alright if i put my pokemons Ev's 85 and its Iv's 0 - im trying to make it look legit? Also if i put the Ev's 85 and Iv's 0 will my pokemon suck in battling, will it be good, or will it be super strong?
  4. What number of Ev's and Iv's should i give a pokemon at level 20 using pokesav to make it look legit and for it to have good normal stats so i wont suck in battling? Please list it: EX: Defense: 34 Attack: 45 ^ Thats what i mean by list it. Please i really need help with that!
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