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  1. Well that is why i said "As legit as POSSIBLE" If not level 1 then 2 or 3 would be fine as well, i just want it to be statistically correct to the specific Pokémon as if i went out and caught it at that level. Also i am very new (obviously) to adding new Pokémon so i'm not exactly sure what info is required and how to keep it correct. There's just SO much info you can alter/add in Pokesav that it is a little overwhelming to say the least. If this doesn't work out then i will have to use AR codes to create wild versions of the Pokémon i want which i don't want to have to do because of how easily AR screws up saves and causes crashes.
  2. I Just beat White and decided to go back to playing SS which i had not finished yet, BUT i decided to start over and customize my team from scratch from the start of the game. Basically what i want to do is choose my 6 Pokémon for end-game at the very beginning so i can level with them and kind of create a better bond with them so-to-speak (corny i know). Now i do not want to cheat with these guys at all (well maybe a Shiny or 2) so i want them as legit as possible. I want to have these Pokémon in the box for when i get to the first Center so i can pull them out then. So my question is how do i create a new character at level 1 (or 5 for my Munchlax mentioned below) in Pokesav HG/SS and keep the info complete and legit for that specific Pokémon? Any help will be appreciated. My final team isn't 100% complete yet, but here are the ones i plan so far. Snorlax (Munchlax until it Evolves of course) will take over for my Totodile and be my level 5 starter. (He's my all-time fav) Then it's between Nidoran (male), Abra, Anorith, Horsea (for Kingdra), Numel, Electrike, Murkrow, Riolu, and a couple more.
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