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  1. Interesting. Thank you very much! this helped alot :grog:
  2. Well iPhones can be epic and it does so much. I recomend it but.... the Battery is your enemy.. Trust me. the Battery will choke you to death @coolness2 You fail
  3. Ok 1- Windows XP 2- EI 8 3- I have Norten (i know it sucks..)
  4. I need some PC help. Thats why i'm posting it here at Off-topics. Im not sure but i hope some of you could help me out. Well. I put my PC on. and clicked on "Opera" (My Browser) And it took me to Internet Explorer and at the top it said: http://%22c/Program%20Files/Opera/opera.exe%22 So it didnt work. so on IE i went to google and Downloaded "Safari" and installed it. And the same thing happend! it opened IE and said http://%22c/Program%20Files/Safari/safari.exe%22 Well. Anyhelp?
  5. Hmm... Starring Lugia, ho-oh, Celebi and the 3 Dogs. Thats pretty crazy... because thats the whole Johto lol. I just wonder what the Plot is... like there going back to Johto? For what reason? Ho-oh and Raikou needed a film, but this is overdoing. Anyway... we allready have seen a Darker Ash.. Remeber Battle Frontier? lol
  6. Hey! Welcome to the forum! Read the rules and stay active
  7. Your here at an unlucky time. Projectpokemon had once a download section where you could download events. and they where legit. i think nathanmcnnutt gave you the right file.
  8. Aw sorry! i just never notice stuff easy... anyway i will test these pokemon out and see if there legit on Pokemon Rev!
  9. Thanks! but can you tell me what you edited? the onlything i saw was a new ID and SID
  10. Well just making your Ids from D to Pt wont really help. theres lot of In-Game stuff what you have to edit to cheat MyPokemonRanch. But thats impossible unless you want to open your games and do some master hacking its really no use using pokesav. Because you cant read there Main stuff what you only get to see in pokesav. The only best way is by trading. the effort is really worth it. It took me allmost an hour Trading my best pokemon from D to Pt If you dont have a 2nd DS. then your f*cked. You could use Pokesav... but not that good.
  11. Does that go as Zip? i cant open RARs...
  12. Woah!!! Thanks a bunch Marshstomp8 and Bananaman! you guys are "da best"
  13. Hey guys... around a few months ago i downloaded some pokemon here. I edited them to my likings. i was using the Projectpokemon pokedex for help. But when i used the pokemon in Pokemon Battle Rev. they still came out as "Bad Eggs"! I was hoping if some could Download this and make all the pokemon as legit as possible, that would be very kind
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