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  1. The randomiser functionality has been incorporated into Gale of Darkness Tool. This makes it easier to make small tweaks after randomising (e.g. making sure the starters are viable) and to apply patches such as the physical/special split. Available here -> Gale of Darkness Tool
  2. Pre-randomised patches *************************** Randomised Trainers and Moves *************************** These randomise all the trainer pokemon, as well as all obtainable pokemon and the movesets/learnsets of all pokemon. All pokemon with trade requirements for evolution now evolve at level 40 instead. Enjoy. Randomised Trainers and Moves Patches *************************** Randomised Trainers Only *************************** These patches don't randomise the moves, just the pokemon. Randomised Pokemon ****************** Extreme Randomiser ****************** Randomised trainer pokemon, moves, abilities, types and evolutions Colosseum Extreme Randomiser ******************************** Video Tutorial on how to patch your ISO ******************************** Randomiser Tool (Max OSX only) Colosseum Randomiser Thread Pokemon Colosseum Hack Also, I was previously working on a Hack version of Pokemon Colosseum. I started it long ago before I knew much about hacking so it's not drastically different but it does contain a few new moves, all new trainer and shadow pokemon and new TMs. I don't have plans to work on colosseum for a while but I thought I'd release what I'd done for anyone who may be interested. I've played through most of it a few times myself and it should be pretty stable. It's called Pokemon Mausoleum. Pokemon Mausoleum Patch.zip P.S. I deleted all the battle mode trainers to save space so you can only play these on Story Mode. Credits --------------------------------------- @Tiddlywinks @psy_commando These two helped a lot in terms of researching various elements of colosseum so it feels appropriate to at least give some credit.
  3. Since home came, I have been recreating pokemon from my old games to pass them to the bank. The only problem I have had was when trying to recreate my colosseoum starters. I'm editing my Ultrasun save with PKHeX and RNGReporter. I don't have any access to the Colosseum save. I dont have the Gamecube/Wii modified or any transfer cable. I can only see the data that appears on the screen when I play. All is Legit. Can someone help me find the SID? ================================= Umbreon ♂ TID: 54297 - EO: LEO Attacks: Bite, Secret Power, Taunt & Snatch Nature: Calm - Ability: Synchronize Level: 28 - EXP: 22889 Languaje: ESP HP 95 - Atk 44 - Def 69 - SpA 39 - SpD 86 - SPe 44 ================================= My try (invalid unable to match an encounter conditions to a possible rng frame) 197 - Umbreon - B70716FDD3F4.pk7
  4. Version 1.0.1


    A tool for hacking Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It isn't complete but it is still being actively worked on and will be updated with new features over time. Mac OSX only and designed for US versions of XD. ?
  5. This is a collection of a few small Java programs I wrote and have been using to edit some files in Pokemon XD: GoD and I've also recently found out that some of them also work with Pokemon Channel and Colosseum files. They're mainly just more convenient than manually editing the files. Almost all of them have size limits because changing file sizes needs modifications to the game's .toc and FSYS list. GTX to TGA: Converts .gtx files to TGA images, mainly useful to find out what they are I_SF Tool: Inserts/extracts DSP files into/from XD's music FSYS files, the filenames usually begin with "stm_" SAMP Tool: The same as above, uses .samp and .sdir files to extract and insert music samples, can be used to replace sound samples for sequenced music (Colosseum) and soundeffects, Pokemon Channel contains some too LZSS Tool: Inserts/extracts files into/from .fsys files, filenames should not be changed for the insertion to work ModelTextureExtractor/Inserter: Inserts/Extracts textures from model files in the form of .tpl files, the standard offset should usually work for most battle models, the offset needs to be set to 32 for overworld models and maps and to custom ones for some battle models that have particle data before the model Insertion has two options of reducing the palette of a TPL using a palette in case it is too large, though both are quite buggy, it's mostly a last resort option Again, don't change filenames of extracted textures for the insertion to work These should also work for Pokemon Channel's .dat files and Pokemon Colosseum's models MoveTextureExtractor/Inserter: Does the same as the model one, but only works directly on FSYS files, I'm really not sure why I wrote it like this String Table Editor: Just a more convenient way of editing the String tables, just removes the need to manage offsets and so on, top right corner shows all Special characters, adding a single byte can be done with {} too XD THP Tool: Inserts/Exracts THP files from FSYS archives, the filenames usually start with "movie" Download: Here EDIT 22.03.2017: bug fixes to model texture tools
  6. Hello! I am using the Model Texture Extractor supplied by Made_S, a user of this forum. I'm trying to rip textures from all of the pokemon from pokemon colosseum. However, the default offset, 3712, does not yield any results. How would I find the correct offset without having to resort to hex editing (I suck at that... )? If anyone already knows the correct offset, please tell me! Thank you! P.S. Dolphin Emulator, when dumping and importing textures, has some select textures that cannot be changed even after dumping them and importing them.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I would have filled the PC Boxes with all 386 Pokémon...but you only have 3 PC Boxes! I added some useful Pokémon into box 3 though. 750 the most important items are in your bag. Pokémon Colosseum: Save 1: Beginning: The headquarters of Team Snagem has been rigged by Wes to explode! He successfully infiltrated their ranks and stole the snag machine! Will he use keep it to prevent Team Snagem from using it or will he use it for his own desires? Wes has aided a girl called Rui escape from two kidnappers. Take Rui to Mayor Es Cade! Wes could also train at the pre-gym in the centre of Phenac City... Travel to Pyrite city and snag the distributed Shadow Pokémon from the Pyrite Colosseum Winners! The Pyrite Colosseum's Generator had a gear stolen... Save 2: Knockout Challenge!: Wes has captured the Shadow Pokémon of Pyrite Town and helped find the gear necessary for the Colosseum's electricity! Duking, the owner of the Pyrite Colosseum has asked Wes to participate in the Pyrite Colosseum battles! Win 4 times in a row to be the Pyrite Champ! Empty the Pyrite Team Snagem Hideout, and travel to Agate Village to learn more about the Shrine of Celebi... Save 3: Purification: Wes can now purify his Team at the Shrine of Celebi, which is located behind the cave, below the Pokémon Centre. Duking has asked for help at Mt. Battle! Prepare to face Cipher Admin Dakim and his Shadow Entei! Explore "The Under", located beneath Pyrite City and defeat Cipher Admin Venus and her Shadow Suicune! Save 4: The Shadow-Lab: Having defeated Dakim and Venus, Wes and Rui prepare to enter the Shadow Lab, where the Shadow Pokémon are being created... Prepare for Cipher Admin Ein and his Shadow Entei! Save 5: Realgam Tower: This Tower seems to be connected to Team Cipher somehow... Save 6: The Final Colosseum: Wes must defeat the true Leader of Team Cipher! Save 7: Orre Region Saviour!: With Teams Snagem and Team Cipher defeated, Wes can now find the last remaining Shadow Pokémon in the Orre Region. Head to The Under, where Nett has the List of remaining 6 Shadow Pokémon... Save 8: Postgame: All 48 Pokémon have been found and purified. Team Cipher and Team Snagem no longer exist. Wes could challenge the Mt. Battle facility.... (My Headcanon Ending: ....But Wes and Rui's thrill for adventure has not been satisfied yet...the two have seen all sorts of battles and Wes would like to become a Pokémon Trainer. But only if Rui joins him. Rui agrees and is given the Plusle from this adventure. The two head for the Hoenn region, believing the threat of the reemergence of Shadow Pokémon has been stopped. A few moths later, a ship goes missing and a boy named Micheal has an adventure of his own...) (Useful Batch Editor tips: In PKHex go to tools->data->batch editor->copy paste the text below: .OT_Gender= (0 for male; 1 for female) ; .OT_Name= (your name) ; .OT_Friendship=255 ; .IsNicknamed= (true/false) .Language=(1=japanese, 2=english, 3=french, 4=italian, 5=german, 6=spanish, 7=korean) (be aware of some event pokemon being of a certain language; mostly english)
  8. Hello everyone, I know it's probably going to take a while to get a response to this most likely but I wanted to ask a question. Is getting a shiny Nascour's Metagross or Evice's Tyranitar possible? I'm fairly certain all of the shadow pokemon can be found shiny under rare circumstances (excluding the Japanese E-reader events since they have fixed values I think), but I have to make sure first before I play through English Colosseum again and start spending a whole load of time trying to get either of these lol
  9. Hello, Poison types are my favorite in Pokémon, and thanks to StarsMmd I was able to mod my favorite game to make all the Shadow Pokémon poison type. Since there aren't enough poison types, the unevolved forms received stat changes so they can still perform well. They don't evolve so they have their own role. For example, the Nidorans are fast and have great attack, while their evolutions have more balanced stats. I was still short of Shadow Pokémon so I made up new ones, like Umbreon, who is Dark/Poison since his sweat is poisonous. The hack is tested and possible to beat. Features -All the Shadow Pokémon are poison type. -The unevolved Pokémon have updated stats. They don't evolve and the stat total is the same than their last form. -"New" poison type Pokémon. -Slightly modified learnsets for few Pokémon. -Shadow Pokémon are purified faster. -Opposite teams are changed but bosses retrain the same strategies. Nobody uses poison type Pokémon except you, aside from the shadow ones. Mt. Battle and Battle Mode trainers are unchanged. -Custom banner. Screenshots Download https://mega.nz/#!clBC1CQA!rXl9WoAe4bgVPgHupVThS9jJ6oku_xI4dbF96Ls_hB0 Quick summary of changes in the Pokémon you can have
  10. Ok today I begin a new quest, I'm not sure if we'll finish it. According to TCRF there are 13 extra Shadow Pokemon mentionned in the unused Pokemon colosseum text ( Kecleon, Minun, Spoink, Baltoy, Castform, Psyduck, Teddiursa, Wobbuffet, Wailmer, Porygon2, Xatu, Whiscash, and Magcargo). The question is: are they still in the final games? If have a theory: there are also cut trainers in the games. Maybe they are related to them? Hope that this quest will interest you. I'm not a specialist of this games so I won't be very usefull this time.
  11. Looking for Colosseum Starters, Espeon(Timid)/ HP-Fighting/Takes Plenty Siesta(31HP/SPD) Umbreon(Jolly)/ HP-Psychic/Quick to temper(29ATK/SPD) I lost Memory card for game cube. Looking for same trainer ID&SID(But Don't care what numbers), Just Don't know how to reverse seed. Just looking for PK files
  12. Hello. I'm attempting to use my Pokemon Colosseum game save taken from my Gamecube's nintendo memory card, and transfer it to either another memory card, or onto my computer. However, I run into a snag when doing this. Utilizing GCMM, I attempted to backup the save, and restore the save onto a different memory card. When entering the game, the game save loads fine, except that I cannot save the game to that memory card, stating a message similar to "This is not the same memory card as the one associated with the game data. Please insert the correct memory card to continue saving" This happens on both the memory card, and on dolphin emulator. I even tried the following cheat on my game cube: Make Game Save Copyable [Ralf] QBG7-6X4E-UN7DU NH26-2519-VTJPM 6M8C-N29E-1Z7JW XU5Y-MH41-JCGCQ CVWN-QFAZ-UWB1B V2ZY-PM7G-8MCKZ Am I forgetting a step, or is this actually impossible to do at the moment?
  13. I have been reading about the Japanese bonus disc for colosseum and I keep seeing that the disc transfers 1 celebi to colosseum and then you can transfer up to 48 more to japanese gba games. I was wondering if this means it is a total of 49 per disc or if you can repeat this and get more than 49 (such as beat the game again on a different save file and then you get another 49 more).
  14. Can someone please tell me how to RNG a shiny in Colosseum? I haven't seen any clear guides on this. I've seen bits of information, but nothing like how the RNG is generated, what frames to select, how to know which frame you need for which TID and so forth. Can anyone write a guide up for it or point me towards information on how to do this?
  15. Hello readers! About a year ago I found on an archived Geocities Page linked via a strange Pokemon forum a zip file which contained a readme, and a strange binary file called colbtl.bin that is to be used to replace Pokemon Colosseum NTSC-U's copy with a program, that instead of GBA trading over the link cable, flashes any region of RS with a self-contained save file that is expanded. The gba displays info with a splash screen, while the Gamecube appears to fail the trade. I have painstakingly dumped this save file via FIX94's tool. You need to extract this zip file, grab colbtl.bin, put it into a Legit US (or possibly British/Aussie) Colosseum ISO (using GCISOTOOL, GCISOREBUILDER, or GCMTool, maybe wiiscrubber), and replace the file. You also need a way of loading the iso, so either PSO, XenoGC, Wode Jukebox, Swiss, Nintendont, Devolution, Wiikey/Wasp Fusion, QOOB, or other loaders/chips. No actual Nintendo rom code is in the zip file, all of it was freely given as public domain by an ancient hacking group. I suspect FIX94's PokeLoad Gamecube HB exploit for Colosseum and GoD, would be able to allow a talented GC hacker to make some sort of .dol executable on a memcard, that has Ralf@gc-forever's Colosseum Codes for enabling, farming, and Swapping the Ageto Celebi Event out for a selection of events, or allow them to hex it in, along with patching and loading colbtl.bin from the card's dol to trick Colosseum into flashing duplicate saves. There is no current way to set the save file in the colbtl.bin file. Hopefully some data can be found so that the data can be swapped like how Decchi.bin has swappable wondercards. Here is the zip, which also has my personal save file. That one has the word current in the filename. colbtlsv.zip
  16. Hey there! Recently this caught my attention: tcrf.net/Pok%C3%A9mon_Colosseum#US_Bonus_Disc I would like to reconstruct it and mess a little bit with the Main Code. I need this also for some research which I want to do. Does anyone know what's the best way to dump the multiboot file and the best way to decompress the main code? Would it be an good attempt to just dump the memory from VBA-M's Memory Viewer during the connection process? Would I still have to decompress it in this case? Because the memory would still be compressed in this case I suppose... I think there must be better ways so it would be cool to get some expert advise. I have never done reverse engineering with anything like this, so it would be cool if someone can help me out with this one. Thanks in advance!
  17. A similar topic was back in July but its over a month old and I didn't want to get in trouble for reviving an old thread. Basically I'm looking for a completed save file of Pokemon Colosseum with all pokemon including Jirachi and Ho-Oh if possible. I need them in .gci format. I've seen the ones up on gamefaqs. One looks perfect but it is in .gcs format and despite my best attempts with a hex editor and a tool called gcs2gci I can't convert it. The other two saves there that are in .gci format are awful. Can anyone help me out with this? I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you.
  18. i've been asking on quite a few sites to try and find out whether umbreon and espeon can be shiny through SRing (and got a lot of mixed answers); i already know eevee in xd can be shiny but i'd rather try in colosseum.
  19. Pretty much what it says. Which Snagger do you like the most, and why?
  20. hi, i just finished the game in about 3 days of playing, but over like a month, and it was really good i think! it was my first time playing it. it took around like 20 hours, and yeah, i'm just wondering how long it took other people. it was challenging for me, because i ONLY used unbreon and espeon, and left all the other pokemon untouched to put on my ds later. and soon i can get celebi! wooooooo! did anyone else use the two pokemon only?
  21. I am playing Ruby on VBA-M and I really want "legit" Wishmaker Jirachi (Salac Berry), Channel Jirachi (Ganlon Berry) and Ageto Celebi (Agate Celebi would be even better: https://tcrf.net/Pok%C3%A9mon_Colosseum#Japanese_Bonus_Disc) in my save. Berries can be other way around ofc. So I am looking for someone who I can send my .sav file to so he can transfer those 3 Pokemon to the original GBA game and then trade them with my save using GBA flashcart. Another option is to dump the save file from original GBA game after transfering and then I can trade using VBA Link. Is there anyone here kind enough to do this? This could be useful: http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/consoles-homebrew/1934-gamecube-pokemon-colosseum-japanese-bonus-disc-download-ntsc-j.html http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6586-Pokemon-Colosseum-save-file-from-%28U%29-lt-gt-%28J%29
  22. Title says it all, i would also like to know how you approached the issue and achieved the results thanks! Pokecheck for it: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=10199210 .pkm file for it: fg5.pkm
  23. Hi everyone, um... I've recently been researching shiny pokemon in colosseum and noticed that if a shiny pokemon is encountered and caught then there's a 1/8192 chance of it retaining it's shiny-ness. Right so I was wondering, is it possible to: Save, find an unseen shadow pokemon (up to now like... starting a new game saving and buping into the shadow Bayleef) and then battle it and catch it. Check if it is a shiny then hitting the reset button if it isn't. If I kept this up would I eventually find a shiny shadow pokemon or would it be the same everytime? Thanks, Shay.
  24. The Whole Point Is To Share Pokemon Colloseum Info. Got A Few Links And Bits Of Info, Concerning The Bonus Disks And The GBA Games. Just Take A Look At These Forums Posts And Hopefully You Can Find Some Useful Info. I Spent A Lot Of Time Trying To Find Info On The Colosseum Bonus Disks. Jap Colosseum Bonus Disk Contents http://lparchive.org/Pokemon-Colosseum/Update%2044/ Jap Colosseum Bonus Disk Download And Some Interesting Convo's http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/consoles-homebrew/1934-gamecube-pokemon-colosseum-japanese-bonus-disc-download-ntsc-j.html Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi Topic/Question http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?13862-Shiny-Jirachi-from-WISHMKR Check Your Ageto Celebi/WISKMKR Jirachi And See Which One You Have http://www.pokecheck.org/ These Could Possibly Be Used If Somebody Has A 100% Complete Jap GBA Save File That We Could Download To Our Jap Copies. (Saves Us The Trouble Of Beating The Game) How To Build An XBOO Cable http://pokemonhackingclub.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/2561337-how-to-build TUTORIAL: How to get to Faraway Island to capture a legit Shiny Mew (Emerald) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYHJjoXHjec&list=PL67160A0031285E4E&index=10&feature=plpp_video
  25. ATTENTION: All of you in this Forum probably know what the Pokemon Colosseum E-Reader Room is, or may have heard of it. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Pokemon Colosseum E-Reader Room was "APPARENTLY" said to be "REMOVED" from the Localized Retail Versions of the Game. If you look at these pictures which are not faked, 100% real. IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2 You can see the E-Reader Room is actually still in-tact in US Retail Copies. Unfortunately though, this is not accessible through the use of glitches in any US Retail game. You would need to edit a copy of the Japanese version's disc image to read GC6E save files. With that you can simply enter the Room if you've completed the main story in the Phenac City Stadium Registration Room (Green Door) and save on the PC, and pop in your US Retail or "Back-Up" copy and you will be in the Card E Room in the US Version and you will see all text is in English, regardless of the Fact that the room was hidden and has never seen the light of day in the US Version until today. The video attached will be uploaded soon, but you will see that in the video, everything is in English. Quite odd, if any of you hackers can get into the coding and activate the E-reader cards without having to actually physically add them, please let me know because I am highly interested in this beta room, and what it looks like because there are no videos on Youtube with a battle of the scanned e-cards. VIDEO
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