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  1. You get Shadow Smeargles that can use Sketch. You get 2 Shadow ones before leaving Phenac, and before leaving Pyrite you'll have a complete team.
  2. Version 1.1.1


    Welcome to a hack where all the Pokémon where created equal (for the most part). If you love a Pokémon that is almost unusable, here's your chance to make it the MVP in your team! Features -Every Pokémon have the same stat base total. Pokémon that evolve twice have 300, the ones that evolve once 420, and the ones that don't evolve 540 (exceptions below). -Rebalanced moves, types and movesets. Drill Run added (single target Ground attack). -Different Shadow Pokémon, making enphasis in the ones with most changes. -All trainers are changed, specially bosses. Bosses on XD only have one Shadow Pokémon. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. The most notable changes Known bugs: -The Eldes fight is bugged. He clones his Shadow Pokémon. -CD Battles will probably not work well because of all the changes. -When a Pokémon suffers from a status effect, it's name doesn't appear, or an incorrect name appears. -There might be a problem with Hordel's Shadow Togepi, sadly I haven't been able to check if it's solved, but in the worst case scenario you just have to teach it new moves. Check out my other hacks:
  3. Version 1.1


    Pokémon Colosseum and XD where you can only use Smeargles. Simple has that. But why play this hack instead of using Smeargles in the base game? First, the Smeargles are given to you and/or have to be captured, so you don't need any external software to put them in your team. Second, que Smeargles have edited stats. The goal of these hacks is to beat the game taking moves from enemies, not grinding. After testing this myself, I think I got the sweetspot for the new stats, where they aren't that great but they aren't trash. Features -You can only use Smeargles. Shadow Pokémon have a stupid low catch rate, and wild Pokémon don't appear in XD. You'll get a Master Ball in Colosseum, but you'll get something else in XD. -Smeargles are slightly improved to minimize level grinding. Their new stats are 55/55/55/55/55/75. Their ability is now Trace. -Miror B. won't appear for rematches, since you can't capture the Shadow Pokémon anyway. -Very few text changes to adapt the changes. -Custom banner. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. Check out my other hacks:
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Welcome to two more of my hacks, done with StarsMmd's tools. This time I remixed Pokémon Colosseum and XD with changes accross the board. This is based on a idea from a friend that wanted to make a hack for Leaf Green but had technical issues. Features -Changes to all Pokémon. Typing, abilities and stats are changed to something that is thematically better or help the Pokémon. -Every Pokemon has one ability. -Moves rebalanced. Almost every move is now useful and serves at least a niche. -Different Shadow Pokémon, making enphasis in the ones with most changes. -All trainers are changed, specially bosses. Bosses on XD only have one Shadow Pokémon. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. The most noticeable changes Known bugs: -The Eldes fight is bugged. He clones his Shadow Pokémon. -CD Battles will probably not work well because of all the changes. Check out my other hack:
  5. Version 1.0.1


    Pokémon XD is a fine game, but it would be better with dancing Pokémon. Introducing the first XD hack with custom music: Pokémon XD: Groovy Version, a hack where you can feel like Miror B. (more or less). Every usable Pokémon has animations that resemble dancing, or fits Miror B. in some way or another. Features -Custom music (mostly in combat). -Changes done to some Pokémon. -Every trainer is changed in some way, specially bosses. -Only the grooviest Pokémon are obtainable. -Make a full party of Ludicolos. -Some text is adapted to the changes. -Custom title screen and banner. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. Known bugs: -The music loops aren't perfect. -Eldes has his Shadow Pokémon duplicated. -Duking doesn't take your Trapinch for the trade. -The Shadow Monitor has mutiple empty Torchic entries. -Zook's battle doesn't have the intended music. Custom Music list: List of changes to the Pokémon Check out my other hacks:
  6. Version 1.0.1


    Hello, Poison types are my favorite in Pokémon, and thanks to StarsMmd I was able to mod my favorite game to make all the Shadow Pokémon poison type. Since there aren't enough poison types, the unevolved forms received stat changes so they can still perform well. They don't evolve so they have their own role. For example, the Nidorans are fast and have great attack, while their evolutions have more balanced stats. I was still short of Shadow Pokémon so I made up new ones, like Umbreon, who is Dark/Poison since his sweat is poisonous. The hack is tested and possible to beat. Features -All the Shadow Pokémon are poison type. -The unevolved Pokémon have updated stats. They don't evolve and the stat total is the same than their last form. -"New" poison type Pokémon, some with modified textures. -Slightly modified learnsets for few Pokémon. -Shadow Pokémon are purified faster. -Opposite teams are changed but bosses retrain the same strategies. Nobody uses poison type Pokémon except you, aside from the shadow ones. Mt. Battle and Battle Mode trainers are unchanged. -Custom title screen and banner. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. Quick summary of changes in the Pokémon you can have Check out my other hacks:
  7. There was a post or Youtube video with link to three randomized isos, but I can't find it. I suggest you install a Mac virtual machine and do it yourself. You'll be able to make custom handmade hacks too. Look for "vmware El Capitan" and you'll get a bunch of tutorials for the virtual machine.
    One of the best things on the internet to me. Pokémon Colosseum and XD are my favorite games ever, and being able to hack them is something truly special to me. It's also the only Pokémon hacking tool that really worked to me (every time I hacked a portable Pokemon game, I've had errors). This tools had to be updated a few times to work properly, but the creator is very friendly and capable of fixing all the problems.
  8. Sadly, there are not many people interested in hacking Colosseum. You'll have to wait until StarsMmd checks this forum. I'm dying to edit Colosseum and I've been waiting for more than a month so far (I sent a PM since we started discussin the issue there). We have to have patience.
  9. Search for "mac el capitan" and you'll find videos with download links and tutorials. I'm not linking you to one of them because I don't remember which one I watched to do this, but it should work. I suggest you search for shared folders next, they are very useful.
  10. Works perfectly, thanks. I have one question, what does the "Heart gauge" means in the trainer editor? I want to make purifying a bit faster, does that have something to do with that? Edit: Nevermind, I'm pretty sure I figured it out. Is the max darkness. I suppose that if I put Tyranitar's value at 30, it will be purified as fast as Flaffy, for example. Edit2: It seems that nothing I made was exported and that I lost all the work. I think I'll wait for an updated version of the tools or try again when I'm in the mood. Edit3: Nevermind again, I figured out that I could get my changes back when taking back the folders I deleted from Trash. I suppose that I have to click on Save Reference Data to save the changes and then Quick Build. I didn't know what that does because the XD tool doesn't have that. Edit4: It looks that the iso is changed but when I play it, everything is like vanilla Colosseum. I sent you a Private Message. Edit5: After starting a new game instead of loading an existing one, it seems that the changes are there, so I didn't send you anything. I suppose the reason for this is that the memory card contains data about the trainers and stuff like that. When I play the game I'll see if everything is changed or just the beginning. Edit6: I send you a PM because this is making me lose my mind.
  11. It seems to save everything now, so that's great. I don't know if it fixed some herbs not working, but again, a perfectly fine hack can be done with this. The Colosseum tool doesn't save things like EVs, etc but as you said it's a bit more limited. I won't try it now but looks promising, thank you for the tools!
  12. I got running a Mac virtual machine and I already did a hack. It's basically Pokemon XD with slightly improved trainer sets. After I beat it I'm probably make something more different with it. Something curious is that Eevee can learn Thunder Wave, I don't remember changing that in the tool, I'll fix that later. I find weird that some changes don't save, like the enemy EV and IVs, or the exp given by enemy pokemon. But at least the big stuff can be edited so it's no problem. Hopefully, you can also make a Colosseum tool in the future, I'll keep an eye on your releases.
  13. I'm very thankful that someone made hacks for Colosseum and XD, they are my favourite games. But I hate the text changes in both of them. I just started Mausoleum and the meme text changes aren't even done well. The TV lady calls Team Snagem, Team Swagem, but Team Snagem members call themselves with the right name. I hate that name, but if anything, wouldn't the Team Snagem members the ones that should call themselves Team Swagem, to try to be cooler? Edit: Just finished Mausoleum... to be fair, I'm sad that you are the only one making mods for these games, because I hate your game design. The beauty of Colosseum is that you have limited options, but still plenty, to make different strategies, and the bosses have specific strategies as well. You just up numbers with stronger attacks and higher stat pokemon. I would say that you are my biggest monkey paw wish. Not only you made hacks I disliked of these games, but you also release tools to edit the games for fucking Mac.
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