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  1. Since home came, I have been recreating pokemon from my old games to pass them to the bank. The only problem I have had was when trying to recreate my colosseoum starters. I'm editing my Ultrasun save with PKHeX and RNGReporter. I don't have any access to the Colosseum save. I dont have the Gamecube/Wii modified or any transfer cable. I can only see the data that appears on the screen when I play. All is Legit. Can someone help me find the SID? ================================= Umbreon ♂ TID: 54297 - EO: LEO Attacks: Bite, Secret Power, Taunt & Snatch Nature: Calm - Ability: Synchronize Level: 28 - EXP: 22889 Languaje: ESP HP 95 - Atk 44 - Def 69 - SpA 39 - SpD 86 - SPe 44 ================================= My try (invalid unable to match an encounter conditions to a possible rng frame) 197 - Umbreon - B70716FDD3F4.pk7
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