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  1. Why I have to work on it? You stated on your site that next step will be gen 3 events and then you left this message for over a year insted of updating the section. This is just laziness. I was thinking that Gen 3 events were incomplete thus the section isn't finished.
  2. I am checking regularly for over a year now and I still see the same sentence in the Events section: "The next step will be Gen IV pkm files such as the Pokémon sets from Colosseum and , and then Gen III events (in Gen IV Pal Parked pkm format)."
  3. I am playing Ruby on VBA-M and I really want "legit" Wishmaker Jirachi (Salac Berry), Channel Jirachi (Ganlon Berry) and Ageto Celebi (Agate Celebi would be even better: https://tcrf.net/Pok%C3%A9mon_Colosseum#Japanese_Bonus_Disc) in my save. Berries can be other way around ofc. So I am looking for someone who I can send my .sav file to so he can transfer those 3 Pokemon to the original GBA game and then trade them with my save using GBA flashcart. Another option is to dump the save file from original GBA game after transfering and then I can trade using VBA Link. Is there anyone here kind enough to do this? This could be useful: http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/consoles-homebrew/1934-gamecube-pokemon-colosseum-japanese-bonus-disc-download-ntsc-j.html http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6586-Pokemon-Colosseum-save-file-from-%28U%29-lt-gt-%28J%29
  4. I encountered a problem when using e-Reader. I scan a berry, dad in Petalburg is giving it to me, then I save the game, then I reset and scan another berry and I got msg that Chilan Berry transformed into Nutpea Berry for example, then I check my bag and indeed the berry transformed. How can I get more than one event berry into my game?
  5. I am playing Ruby on VBA and I want to have legit Jirachi and Celebi. How can I do it? Do I have to find someone with Channel, original GBA game and GBA flashcart and send him my save file? Or is there 3rd GEN event collection of .pkm files that I can inject into my save? Or maybe there is save file that have legit events? EDIT: Found Gen III Event collection on this forums and on pkmdb. Tried injecting .pkm into my english Ruby save (from VBA-M) using A-Save & Pokemon Editor v4.2 and both of them give me error "The file size is invalid" EDIT2: Apparently those guys have almost all if not all GBA events still in GBA games and also as individual files: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/36473/t1402680-events-flawless-shinies-evds-more/ http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/36473/t1903808-event_collectors-3rd-generation-event-file-shop/ Does anyone know where I can find events in .3gpkm or .gpk format? Or maybe a save file with all GBA events?
  6. Now that GTS is down is there any way to inject Beyond The Sea Pokewalker Course into my retail SoulSilver? If no one invented a way so far then is it even possible to do it somehow?
  7. You don't understand. You need second DS because you set wondercards to be ditributable in one save on one DS and on the other one you choose GET FROM A FRIEND. That's why I listed it as fourth method. There are 2 methods which require 1 DS and 2 more that require 2 DS systems. If I want to use Mystery Gift Editor while having only 1 DS then I need to use NDS Backup tool first and after editing is done I need to overwrite the save on retail game which is risky business IMO.
  8. I found 2 another methods but both of them need second DS. #1 WCDPatcher 1.44 + Deoxys Distribution ROM 2008 + wondercard files #2 Mystery Gift Editor + wondercard files So now we have 4 methods total for getting wondercards in retail games. Is there more?
  9. How to get event Pokewalker courses in my retail SoulSilver? The only method I know is using NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f by Rudolph or NDS Backup Tool 3in1+ by Rudolph to copy save file from retail game, then editing the save and then copying it back to the retail game. I am asking about other methods because I am afraid that it will corrupt my save file or brick the game.
  10. It sucks that every time I need to hatch an egg ; s Why no one made proper program till now ; p We need that stuff man...
  11. Let me describe my problem. I want to transfer Stunky from Pearl save to Platinum save. In Platinum I only have seen Stunky. Firstly I've tried PKMDS Box Organizer but when I taken Stuky from the box something went wrong because he changed colors and I wasn't able to take him anymore. Secondly I've tried my luck with PPSE. I've putted Stunky in Platinum box and then marked him as Caught. Still no luck because my party got messed up after this (all fainted with strange HP numbers). I haven't tried pokesav yet but I suppose It too don't treat new pokemon in the box as gotten normally. Tell me If I'm wrong. Is there any program which is able to transfer .pkm files from one save to another without messing up something in game? The only method I know is SendPKM/HyperGTS/IR-GTS but only one of these work for me and even this one don't work very well and It is way slower than doing it without all this Wi-Fi stuff.
  12. no shit sherlock. It's obvious I need to turn off Panda if I want to send .pkm but why after sending one pokemon I need to turn it on and then off again. It works only one time and If it fails on first try I need to do everything all over again. Communication errors and other nasty stuff happens more frequently than successful sending that's why I only managed to send 2-3 Pokemon from my PC right now.
  13. I'm using Python 2.6.6 + SendPKM and I have Panda AVPro 2010. When I drag .pkm file onto sendpkm.py it says set DNS to but when I turn off Panda and drag .pkm after that it says set DNS to which is good. Then I can receive Pokemon in my Pearl but not every time because sometimes I get Communication error... or Unable to connect to GTS. The first problem is that after I receive the first Pokemon I need to turn on Panda and turn it off again otherwise all I have is nasty The second problem is that when sendpkm.py is running (with good DNS msg - and I got Communication error or something else in game I need to close it (the sendpkm), turn on & off Panda and then drag .pkm file again in order to try again in my Pearl game. You know what I mean, I'm traying to say that receiving Pokemon in my game must be successfull on the first time after launching sendpkm.py because otherwise I can try and try and nothing will happen (but sendpkm.py is working properly all the time). Can anyone help me with that? How my antivirus and DNS are connected? ; o Why every time I want to send pokemon I need to turn on & off Panda?
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