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  1. really dumb question, but thought I'd ask someone who knows what they're doing with changing up in pokemon games, is it at all possible to change Micheal's Character Model and textures out with Wes' from Colosseum? Simular to the "play as Red" action replay codes in BlackWhite/HGSS

  2. any possible update for neXt Gen rom hack just like Grand Colosseum 3.0?

  3. Hi, thank u so much with this proyect, I had been dream with a continuation of this fantastic saga of pokemon in game cube with shadow pokemon, I am so grateful with your efforts. only that have some error that stop me to continue enyojing this gem of game, I hadn´t any type of error when I played and save the game, but when I finished the campaign it doesn´t saved and show an error that threw my progress and i can´t continue after I the credits .

    I attach the screeenshots of the error

    save 1.png

    save 2.png

    save 3.png

    save 4.png

    save 5.png

    1. erni


      i deleted the memory card, and download another one, but the game says that isn´t a memory card


  4. Seems a few people were having problems with the download link. I've uploaded the patch directly to project pokemon now so hopefully it works better now. You can now download it from here:
  5. Version 1.2.1


    Main Features: Physical/Special Split Gen VII type matchup chart including fairy type New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon Over 100 Shadow Pokemon Over 50 Shadow Moves Over 75 Wild Pokemon Moves and abilities from later generations Mostly Gen VII Game Mechanics More challenging opponents How to patch your ROM: Known Bugs: Discord: If you have questions about XG, modding gamecube/wii pokemon games or just want to chat with like-minded fans then join us on discord here
  6. A quick reminder that I won't be following this thread anymore but I can be reached for support in my discord server for Gamecube and Wii Pokemon game ROM hacking: https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv Also a reminder for those asking how to use the patch that patching instructions are in the original post. I've moved the instructions right under the download link now so hopefully they're easier to see.
  7. Hey there I've had a few people have this issue all of a sudden the last few days. I've reuploaded the patch to the same download link and I think it should be working again now. Try downloading it again and you should be able to extract it from the .zip file.
  8. Tagging @jojo12100 as well. So I was recently able to recreate the code for encoding/decoding ereader cards which allows us to see the actual trainer and pokemon data very clearly and I was able to dump the data from all the officially released cards. Next I looked into those 21 cards that can be found in the colosseum ROM (contained in menu_carde.fsys) but the format for them is slightly different, the format must have changed a little by the end of development. This means, in their current form they didn't work with my code, nor do they work if you force load them into the game for the game to decode. Whoever said the thing about the 21st card containing "Team Snagem Goku" is probably making it up. However, I was finally able to decode those cards yesterday. It required a couple of small changes to the decoder which I was able to figure out with a little trial and error. I've dumped the data from all 21 cards but there's nothing super interesting on them unfortunately. They're all test data that was automatically generated by an algorithm; they were not in any way designed or intended as game content. They were only for the purpose of testing the ereader functionality and are unrelated to the officially released cards. In case anyone is curious anyway, most of the cards contain data for shadow makuhita, misdreavus and spoink with shadow ids 69, 70 and 71 respectively. The last card has data for shadow regirock, rayquaza and deoxys but only because the algorithm filled the cards in pokedex order and those pokemon happened to land on the shadow slots on the last card.
  9. Thanks to those helping answer questions. A quick reminder that I won't be following this thread anymore but I can be reached for support in my discord server for Gamecube and Wii Pokemon game ROM hacking: https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv
  10. Btw I've been helping someone look into some e-reader stuff recently. Discovered quite a lot about how they work. If you're interested in chatting with us you can join my discord server here
  11. That tutorial is outdated btw. You can come join my ROM hacking server and we can show you the latest tools and everything: https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv We're currently able to rip the sound fonts but not the midis yet.
  12. This guide is probably outdated. Come join us here:https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv
  13. If anyone has any questions you can find me here: https://discord.com/invite/xCPjjnv
  14. Hey all, sorry I've been unavailable for a while. Someone suggested I start a discord server so it would be easier to communicate and have a central hub for NGC/Wii ROM hacking updates. Here's the link if anyone wants to learn, get support, ask questions or have a chat: https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv
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