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  1. Hey all, sorry I've been unavailable for a while. Someone suggested I start a discord server so it would be easier to communicate and have a central hub for NGC/Wii ROM hacking updates. Here's the link if anyone wants to learn, get support, ask questions or have a chat: https://discord.gg/xCPjjnv
  2. I'm looking forward to trying these out!
  3. Version 0.9


    A work in progress tool for modding Pokemon Battle Revolution. I've already done a lot of the reverse engineering work and I'll add more tools and features over time.
  4. Stars, you still active here, or are you no longer modding?

    1. StarsMmd


      Still doing the same stuff but a lot busier these days. It's easier to reach me on discord Stars#4434 or twitter @starsmmd 

  5. Colosseum Tool crashes when attempting to extract an iso on both high sierra and mojave. This occurs with 1.0.1. Cannot extract and import textures either, which you say requires a gtx or an atx file, but nothing of the sorts outputs nor can I find anything online about those two file types.


    EDIT: Here's the log of the issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tXYc-31jFrslRaJT_zE_tEVwmMjB-zsH


    EDIT 2: Hmm... after looking over this issue, seems there is a problem that keeps popping up now and then from past releases. Versions 8.1 and 9.0 did not have this issue, but versions before that was looking for pocket_menu.fsys and other fsys files that did not exist in my rom. As far as I know, these never existed in colosseum, only gale of darkness...


    EDIT 3: Found the pocket_menu.fsys on my iso. Not sure why it's not returning positively found. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NMM1BBxc2v_P4A-Q-X71fV65cWnQwWqc

    EDIT 4: After double checking the error, the error points to the Colosseum tool's own source of files, namely, the FSYS Folder. Indeed, the pocket_menu.fsys file was not created upon first opening of Colosseum tool. Maybe that's the problem? Double check the creation of ALL the required files. A screenshot of what I have in that folder. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nm-CYI8T-Eq24SozP5YH2nCAVT459vxz


    EDIT 5: Pocket_menu.fsys is located in MENUFSYS, not FSYS. This was probably a typo, but moving the file from MENUFSYS to FSYS temporarily fixed the problem. Also, another problem cropped up: Pcbox_pocket_menu. It searches for Pcbox_pocket_menu file without a file extension in the correct location. However, since there is a file extension with that particular file, it returns nothing and crashes. MIDEDIT: Same thing with the pcbox_name_entry_menu, pcbox_menu, pda_menu, world_map, and pocketchange_menu. Changing those will fix the issue, and the iso extraction completes.


    EDIT 6: after all this. textures still fail to export

    1. KrustyKong


      yo just lettin you know this helped me out w getting the ISO export and import to work so thank you for that, I hope your texture problem gets solved eventually too.

    2. Aurorans


      Hey, glad it worked out for you!

  6. Which version is this on? If it's 1.2.0 or above then I'll need to go fix that. If you want us to keep enjoying this lovely forum, please don't ask for such Similarly, if you want us to keep enjoying this lovely forum, please don't post such Great, glad it's figured out now. Hope you enjoy the rest! Hmm yeah if it's consistently freezing at a particular part it's probably XG but if it's random freezes from time to time it's likely Dolphin. If you're using an older version of Dolphin you can try Dolphin 5.0 as I've found it's a lot more stable than the previous ones.
  7. I was just about to say. Yep, that bug was in one of the older versions. Updating that far will likely cause a few inconsistencies though. Normally recommend using a new save file with an update but shouldn't be anything game breaking :-). Glad you also figured out your problem XD. I think that issue is solved by turning off the panic handlers option. Dark (and ghost) are no longer resisted by steel types as of gen 6 so dark is now super effective on Metang. Also, shadow sky doesn't affect pokemon holding the "aura filter" item, nor does it affect any pokemon if any of the active pokemon have cloud nine as their ability. Could it have been one of these scenarios?
  8. The Miror Radar for the final battle only triggers once you visit Gateon Port after catching all the Shadow Pokemon. It's like that in vanilla XD as well and I don't think the game really hints at it. It's pretty dumb. Hope that helps It's still just me working on it. As far as your question goes, I haven't seen any issues with the trades at all. What exactly happens when you try to trade? Does he talk to you at all? Do you get to pick the pokemon to trade from your party?
  9. There is a list included with the download link in the "documentation" folder
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately due to my lack of a proper scripting tool in the past, Raikou's appearance flag is slightly later than the other 2. You have to progress the main story by one more flag after beating Gorigan in order for Raikou to appear. There is a list of recommended settings on the original post. Hopefully it helps. Not sure what caused the crash but I'll look into it. Thanks for reporting. As for the difficulty, I'd recommend using all the tools the game has to offer. There are a lot of great TMs, move tutor moves, a move relearner and a wide variety of hold items available. Also there's plenty of money to go around so don't be shy about buying potions and revives to save trekking back to healing machines. Make sure your team has a good selection of moves and consider some of the more supporting moves like fake out, reflect, light screen, tailwind, trickroom, etc. That's odd. You're not the only one reporting this so I'll take a look and see if I can fix it. If you'd like I can help make a special patch for you where you can get magmar somewhere else. Miror B can also appear at any of the pokespots. Be sure to use the miror radar from your key items pocket to see where he is. I don't know myself but it should be the same as you would do for vanilla XD. All evolutions stones are Mt. Battle prizes that can be exchanged for coupons. I got a bit carried away and ended up making bulletproof immune to a whole bunch of moves Same as I said to LeXerneas Same as above for magmar. Yes, but by someone else so I don't know exactly how far along it is. Your ISO data needs to be exactly the same as the one I used to create the path. Best bet is to try a different ISO. You can download the path by following the links in the original post. PKHex won't be useful but if you use the program "GoD Tool" linked in my description you can change it. Are you sure? How could you tell? Also, just to confirm, was there a pokemon with the ability "cloud nine" on the field, such as altaria or golduck? Yes multiturn moves are bugged so they are being removed from the gane, The newly uploaded v1.2.1-2 doesn't have bounce anywhere to be seen. Shinies are already available in XG. When the shadow pokemon is generated, it is generated with the player's TID rather than its current trainer's TID.
  11. It sounds like you've activated the physical special split but haven't actually assigned the physical/special categories to any of the moves. It sounds like flamethrower wasn't set to either physical or special and you put on the physical/special split. You can use GoD Tool to set it to special. I've just checked and it was a typo on my end. Will update the tool so that flamethrower is properly set to special. Sorry this is a bit late but I can make this for you if you'd still like. All my code is in the repository linked below. It's a huge project and quite a mess though as I've been working on it for 5 years now I'm more than happy to collaborate on it if you want to host it publicly. I'm no good with UI stuff and platform specifics but I can help with the data structures and algorithms. https://github.com/PekanMmd/Pokemon-XD-Code
  12. Hi all! I moved home and started a new job a couple of months ago so I've been mad busy! I've settled in now so will hopefully be more present. Thanks to @Emalisha @PinkOnion and everyone else that has helped answer questions and such while I've been preoccupied. The games stopped capitalising everything at some point and personally I think it's a lot better without it. Unfortunately there's no easy way to swap between the two. That's probably a mistake in my script. I'll look into it. Unfortunately it's a limitation in how much I was able to do with the assembly code. I am planning to enable access to the PC between orre colosseum rounds. It's just a little trickier than the regular colosseums because you have to check that the player didn't swap in an ineligible team, for example by adding a shadow Pokemon to their team. Me too! It's been my dream since before I even started. There's new stuff being figured out about the game everyday and I'm getting help from more and more people as time goes on so it only a matter of time! There is someone out there working on it on and off but he's very busy. I don't want to name drop otherwise people would spam him every day asking about it The under is not currently accessible but it is something I'm working on. Based on some tests I ran, it looks like it will be possible to copy the maps over from colosseum. It was really tricky but I managed to get pyrite cave working in a test version. It will still take time to actually add content to those areas though such as writing scripts for story events and trainer battles and the likes. Miror B. mostly functions the same as in regular XD but he does also appear in one of the rounds in orre colosseum so technically, yes you can! Adding new Pokemon is currently beyond my capabilities but the second it becomes feasible I'll be on it. There are no random encounters the way they are in the handheld games. I think it would be fairly easy to do something similar to let's go pikachu & eve with random encounters but I can't think of a good place to add them into the game. The maps aren't designed for wild Pokemon. It would probably only work in Pyrite cave. Character customisation isn't feasible atm unfortunately. In theory it would be possible to convert the PBR map data format into the XD map data format but no research is being done into that at the moment. p.s. I like the username It's a deadweight in the sense that you don't need that many Pokemon at the beginning of the game. It also decreases the incentive to try out the many other Pokemon later on. Zigzagoon on the other hand, is mildly useful at the start but you won't even hesitate to get rid of it as soon as something else comes along. Essentially I found that a lot of people would use Beldum in their first play through but then felt conflicted about dumping it in future play throughs so they could try out new things. Sorry I'm late but if you still need this then let me know! I can try and look into this. Could you DM me a video of the issue? Still no battle CDs for now. I keep planning to but it's actually a lot more work than you'd think. Really makes me appreciate the original developers. It's tricky coming up with interesting strategies that also aren't immediately obvious so the player has to think about them a little. That being said, if anybody has any ideas then I'm happy to take some suggestions. I'll see what I can do about the circle throw bug. Thanks for reporting. I actually do have a list of all the hideous models from gen 1/2 that I want to replace if possible. It's one thing that keeps the game feeling a little dated even with all the updates I've made. The download for the patch should contain the documentation which contains a text file with all the obtainable Pokemon and their rough location. Don't worry, the highest patch version number is the latest. The latest versions are always linked in the original post of this thread. Blame @PinkOnion for that. He had this one run where he used prankster jumpluff with sleep powder and it was ridiculously OP. I knew it was kinda busted but I didn't think anybody would notice . Ended up having to nerf jumpluff a bit. I think tailwind last the correct number of turns. If you have footage of it lasting 2 turns then please DM me. Thank you! All of deoxys' forms have data in XD because in gen 3 the form was dependent on the game you were playing, e.g. defense in leaf green and attack in fire red. Since you could do link battles with all the gen 3 games through XD it had all the forms. However, it always defaults to normal form in story mode. Sorry for the late reply. They were moved to being obtainable from the mt battle coupon shop. They are all intended to scrapped pretty early on. There are so many great options in the game that I didn't want the player to commit to their team fully too early on. Should be the same ones as regular XD that you can find online. Just beware that some of them may cause weird things to happen in XG since I've moved a lot of the code around. I appreciate it! Yes. It should run perfectly on nintendon't or any other gamecube emulator for the wii. I think disabling panic handlers in the settings may resolve the issue. Also apart from one of the recent versions which you may have downloaded before it was fixed, it should work perfectly on nintendon't
  13. The Message was can you make the XD editor Windows Compatible?

    1. mrichman45


      Also Bounce is glitched. Rapidash used bounce repeatedly

  14. I believe I have fixed the issue and have now reuploaded the patch through the same link.
  15. First of all sorry to everyone who's had issues running the game. It was due to a bug in my code which only crashes on certain versions of Dolphin and on Nintendon't. This has now been fixed and I've uploaded a new version. I'll look into something similar for future versions. Thanks for all the detailed feedback. I'll look into them for the next version
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