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  1. I believe I've figured out a method of calculating the coordinates but it's not so simple and the address moves around. If you send me your dolphin memory card file I'll see if I can sort it out for you.
  2. Here you go: Pokemon XG Etrian.ups This patch should allow you to catch shadow pikachu finally. I got a bit lazy so I gave it to the super trainer outside the pokemon hq lab. You can just battle him again until you get it. Apply the patch to a clean ISO. I'm really happy to hear that Yes, it is a bug of which I am aware. I made surf work like earthquake so it hits your ally as well, which it doesn't normally do in gen III. However, water absorb and volt absorb aren't programmed to take earthquake's effect into account since it doesn't need to in the vanilla games. Storm drain and lightning rod initially had the same issue when I added them but I managed to fix it. I can do the exact same process for water/volt absorb but it's been a lower priority than some other stuff (mainly because it's tedious and only one or two people had even noticed the bug anyway). I'll have it fixed soon though!
  3. Try this patch and let me know how it goes. Apply to it to a clean ISO. Pokemon XG v1.0.7-4.zip I'm glad it worked! If you'd like to finish off your run you could always switch back to the previous version you were using now that you've got suicune. Ah, I see. It doesn't sound like you'll be able to catch it then. If you tell which version you're playing on I can help you reset the flag for shadow pikachu's trainer, allowing you to battle her again. It looks like for whatever reason you didn't actually encounter it in the first place. This time you should be able to catch it and even if you knock it out it should go to Miror B. as normal. The legendaries are triggered at certain points in the story. There is usually some dialogue to inform you when they are available. The legendary beasts are available once you beat Gorigan at the Cipher key lair. The weather trio are available after you beat Greevil.
  4. The shadow pikachu shouldn't be possible to miss. It was right at the beginning of the game in the Cipher Lab. If you check your shadow monitor in the PDA menu does it show as seen? I assume you knocked it out and will need to get it from Miror B.
  5. I did all the movesets from scratch and didn't reference the canon movesets because it would have taken far too long. I'll add it in the next update. Pokemon XG v1.16-2 Jayrod suicune fix.ups Here's your patch. Apply it to a clean ISO and you should be able to continue playing as normal. I haven't been able to test it so let me know if it works. You'll still only have one chance at suicune so good luck Which version are you playing on? This was an issue a while back was fixed in a later update.
  6. I stand corrected, it's the reward for beating pyrite colosseum the second time. Happy to hear that! v1.1.6-2 fixes some of the bugs in v1.1.6. I'll make you a new patch based on v1.1.6-2 which will still be compatible with your save since it's from v1.1.6. Sell or toss out the ones that didn't work. Certain pokemarts sell invalid pokesnacks. I believe the ones in Agate village are good and they should all work in v1.1.6-2.
  7. hi I have a question when I patched the Pokémon Xg to my rom/Iso as soon as I start it up the game freezes at the part where it tells you about safety etc. I don't know if I did something wrong or is it broken???? anyways I just need help and I cant get none thank you for your time read to this

    1. StarsMmd


      It's possible that your ISO didn't match mine which caused the patching process to mess up your ISO. If the unpatched ISO runs but it freezes once it's been patched then that's probably the case. Did your patching program give any warnings?

      You may need to try another ISO. 🙂

      let me know how it goes!

    2. Enozne


      it did give one a message saying the patch doesn't match the file patch anyway? so I clicked yes then that lead to the game frezzeing I did try it without the patching but is was just the PXDGoD  sadly I don't have another  Iso if theres another way then ill try it thank you

    3. Enozne


      Hi again I found out the problem the version I have was not the NTSC usa but I found one that was thank you im playing the hack right now


  8. Thanks for the kind words. Its all a lot of hard work and perseverance, plus I had help from some talented individuals. Compared to the things that will be possible soon, that's nothing Somewhere with lots of lava Remind me which version you're playing on? I'll sort out a special patch. That would be my bad. The email with the locations accidentally missed out Outskirt Stand. Ah yes, I hadn't even noticed this before. They are indeed locked to be male. This has been sorted out for the next update. Pokésnacks purchased before the update will still be bugged. You'll need to buy new ones. Pokemon with evolutions in gen 4 such as magneton are programmed to be compatible with the eviolite. Please don't ask for or share ROMs on these forums. It's against the rules and is a quick way to get forum sites shut down. As above ^ I believe it had to be taken out a while back to allow something else to be programmed in.
  9. This has now been fixed in v1.1.6-2 which is compatible with v1.1.6. Technician boosts shadow rush like normal. It may still feel a bit weak due to shadow moves not benefitting from STAB and also the fact that the expert belt didn't work on shadow moves. I have made it so the expert belt does affect shadow moves in the latest update v1.1.6-2. This has now been fixed in v1.1.6-2 . Thanks for the kind words. As above ^ Good to hear. Try pyrite's duel square and pyrite colosseum as well. Can't you continue playing by turning off the function? If not, you could try the Pokemon XD save editor by @Tux. I think you may be able to use it to change your location to somewhere that works. I've had a few reports of shadow trip and foul play (both have the same effect) not working properly. I haven't been able to find the issue yet but worst case I'll remove the moves for a while. If you're playing on Dolphin could you PM me the memory card file? It's all luck. The shiny odds in XG are based off the shiny charm/masuda method in the later games so it's not quite as high as the 1/8192 of gen III but still pretty rare. Glad you figured it out! You can continue using the same save file in v1.1.6. However, if you saved after encountering the suicune it will not return. If that is the case I could help you reset the suicune's flag. This is actually a technique used in vanilla XD to make shadow pokemon slightly more threatening by increasing their levels slightly until they're caught. It's usually just a 2 or 3 levels in XD but I thought I'd troll a little with the post game shadow pokemon
  10. In general, pokémon that would normally require a trade to evolve, evolve at level 40 instead in this hack. It is worth mentioning though that this is a generation 3 game so magneton is unable to evolve.
  11. I have now uploaded a new version of the tool which shouldn't have that issue. The file common.rel in the common folder is corrupted so you'll need to copy it again from the randomiser folder. If you don't have a copy then you can fix the file using this program. Colosseum Fix.zip Place the file "battle_fix.bin" in the Colosseum-Tool folder and then run the colosseum fix program. You can delete both files once you're done.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. I'll have that fixed in a couple of days
  13. I've seen another similar report of freezing from pokemon which in hindsight also knew foul play. Unfortunately I've been unable to find any issues with the move when testing it myself and I've looked through my code for foul play and failed to find any issues. Without the save file it'll be hard for me to figure out the exact cause but I'll keep an eye out. Lo siento sí mi español es malo. Yo pienso que las opciones de dolphin has la problema. Sí cambias unas opciones probablamente el juego sería mas mejor. High End Computers: Run as admin Config -> General -> Untick Dual Core and Cheats (Optional, but less likely to cause crashes) Config -> Interface -> Untick Use Panic Handlers Config -> Audio -> DSP LLE Recompiler Graphics -> Direct3D 11 or OpenGL Graphics -> Hacks -> Texture Cache Safe Pokémon GX (XD) Properties -> GameConfig -> Tick Synchronize GPU Thread (Only use if you keep Dual Core enabled) Low End Computers: Run as admin Config -> General -> Untick Cheats (Optional, but less likely to cause crashes) Config -> Interface -> Untick Use Panic Handlers Config -> Audio -> DSP LLE Recompiler Graphics -> OpenGL Graphics -> Hacks -> Texture Cache Safe Pokémon GX (XD) Properties -> GameConfig -> Tick Synchronize GPU Thread
  14. I've identified the issue and I'm cooking up a fix for it right away.