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  1. Oh boy, seems like it's even more work than I first anticipated lol. No wonder why Colosseum shinies are so notoriously hard to find. I could have sworn shadow pokemon retain shininess when purified if they already were shiny, but I trust what you are saying is true. It's going to be a lot of work regardless, but I will probably end up trying to get them anyway. Thanks for the replies again!
  2. Yeah I figured as much, thanks for the reassurance. But forgive me, what exactly is this glitch and how would it affect my attempts at shinies if you don't mind me asking? Is it the one where enemy trainers can have it appear as shiny but it is not shiny when you catch it? Also, if I remember correctly, if you lose against Nascour the first time, you spawn at the Realgam Tower but instead of facing the trainers before, you go straight to Nascour again. Would the PID of the Metagross have stayed fixed or does it change again when you encounter it the second time? It would take less time if it changes again the second time because that means I could save right before Nascour, battle him and catch Metagross, repeat
  3. Hello everyone, I know it's probably going to take a while to get a response to this most likely but I wanted to ask a question. Is getting a shiny Nascour's Metagross or Evice's Tyranitar possible? I'm fairly certain all of the shadow pokemon can be found shiny under rare circumstances (excluding the Japanese E-reader events since they have fixed values I think), but I have to make sure first before I play through English Colosseum again and start spending a whole load of time trying to get either of these lol
  4. Okay well I uploaded all the images to imgur and I am aware the pictures aren't that great, but I hope they will suffice. Let me know if there are any problems. http://imgur.com/a/BzIM7
  5. For what other thing? The Manaphy? Idk, I just will upload photos for all three of them, I will do that real soon
  6. Well I decided to look at the relearn moves for those and I just now noticed this. While it's strange, I used the actual serial codes to get these events so the "mistake" would be on the event's part itself. I took pictures of me receiving the events, so if you are skeptical or something I could upload the images. Also, I just looked at different pk6 files of Ash's Pikachu and Serena's Pancham including my own legit ones and they have the same thing going for them so it's not something I made up.
  7. Here are pk6 files for the 7/11 Seven Spot Lugia and Latios for those who want them http://www.mediafire.com/download/a6mrnku5usn6xau/Japanese+7-11+Seven+Spot+Lugia+Latios.zip And also the Korean Water Tribe Manaphy http://www.mediafire.com/download/3f0hzzl5cq5zl91/Korean+Alpha+Sapphire+Movie+Water+Tribe+%EB%A7%88%EB%82%98%ED%94%BC+-+DE40E3E4.pk6
  8. Ah, thank you very much! I would have responded immediately, but I just wanted to make sure that the file you provided would work just fine with my game (nothing personal, just a simple safeguard) and it works perfectly! Again, thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
  9. Hello everyone, I am looking for a pkm file on something more specific, the Korean version of Goon's Scizor that was released for 4th gen Pokémon games. I would just use the wonder card file posted on the events page, but the problem is that I don't have a Korean 4th gen game and even if I try to inject it into an emulator version through PokeGen, it doesn't seem to work and the save shows up as corrupt when I boot it up. If anyone could provide a pkm/pkx file (4th, 5th, or 6th gen, doesn't matter too much to me but I would prefer 5th gen or 6th gen) of it and possibly a legit one if you can, that would be most appreciated since I have been wanting this for a while. And to further clarify my post, I looked through the Event Contribution Thread and several other ones on this site but could not find a single pkm file of this, nor anywhere else through Google searches. There was wonder card info in the thread I mentioned, but as far as I am aware there was no pkm file provided. At this point, I will appreciate any sort of help whether it's through a trade of this, a pkm file provided, or a solution as to how I can put the wonder card into the Korean Diamond version I have on my emulator.
  10. Wait, are these seriously yet another exclusive set of events for Japan? Don't get me wrong, I love it that the Unova starters are finally having their hidden abilities released, but Japan exclusive? If that's the case, then wow just wow
  11. Okay, this seriously is just awesome lol. I REALLY want one of these, but like you said ignisrothe, it's probably going to be very hard to obtain unfortunately...
  12. Umbra

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    I don't have any helpful suggestions, but the thing you described in your post is exactly the same problem I am having. Whenever I set the level of a pokemon in PKHeX, the experience automatically is set to what it would be at level 100, even if I put it at anything not 100. Hopefully this can get fixed soon. What you will have to do for now is manually set the experience points so it matches the level you want until it gets fixed.
  13. For those who don't know yet, the people willing to trade these things are saying that it IS indeed tradable, but only when Wide Guard is deleted from it for some odd reason. Luckily, you can have Aegislash relearn it via Move Reminder and Heart Scale, or so they say.
  14. Apparently it can't be traded over wifi, or at least not yet because I have been hearing from multiple people the same exact thing. I know for a fact that I want this real bad too and have been waiting for quite some time for a friend to trade me his lol
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