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  1. While we're asking generic question about Pokemon editing, is it possible to give a Pokemon the Hoenn contest ribbons via Pokesav? I can only see the options for the Sinnoh contests.
  2. Wait a second, that can't be right. Also, I'm kind of disappointed with no way to catch Celebi. I'm sick of not being able to nickname my legendaries.
  3. Wrong. In Gen II, shininess was tied directly to stats. It no longer is. Shininess is a flag that is completely independent from every other value. The game's random Pokemon generator can only generate Pokemon with particular IVs, Nature, Ability, and Gender, due to the way the generator reacts with the SID and TID, but it is not a direct correlation. You can get every IV spread possible without getting a shiny. By the way, did you actually catch a Shiny Pokemon and see if it follows the same pattern? If not, then you have no idea if shinies are worth more, do you? It is Ace Trainer Abby, one of your possible competitors, I believe, who comments on the fact that Shiny Pokemon are worth more.
  4. The game explicitly states that Shiny Pokemon are worth more in the contest. Also, the highest Pokemon I have seen in the contest is a level 18, and every Scyther/Pinsir I've seen is 13 or 14. Where the heck did you see a level 28 one?
  5. That is what I was trying to explain, but I guess I didn't do a good job. The Pokegear is one of my biggest gripes with this game. The Pokegear was a good tool in G/S/C, don't get me wrong. But we replaced it for a reason. The Poketch in Sinnoh was far better all the way around. It had more functionality, better asthetics, and was far more convenient. Having access to one of the features constantly on the bottom screen was brilliant. Yes, it could do with an easier way to change Apps. But other than that, it was awesome. So, what happens for the next set of games? They remove most of the extra functions entirely, split the Dowsing Machine off as its own item, and use the bottom screen to constantly display...A MENU. I mean, what the hell? All the things they could use that screen for and they have it showing a freaking menu all the time? This, of course, was done to promote the touch screen features of the menu, which is why I have to say: News flash, Nintendo, no one likes the stylus that much. You can pull up the Itemfinder to cover the whole bottom screen (and use it while moving, which is a huge plus), but it will get reset every time you get in a fight, use an HM, or change areas. It is just a step down all the way around from the convenience we received in the Sinnoh games. Either the port was too faithful (keeping an expired tool that should have been junked), or the game was ruined to promote the touch screen, but either way, the Pokegear is the biggest downside this game has.
  6. The new Pokegear map for Roaming Pokemon is nicer, as you can tell which roamer is in an area, which you could not do in D/P/Pt. But it has a couple downsides. First, a couple of the small areas won't display the location of a roamer if they are in the route you are in (they just display your face to show that you are there), nor will it display both roamers if they are in the same area. Also, and worst of all, you can't leave the Pokegear map open the way you could the Marking Map in D/P/Pt, showing yet again why the Poketch was an improvement off the Pokegear that should not have been removed.
  7. So if I have Ho-oh on my team and use a thousand Water Stones on Eevee, I can get as many Suicunes as I want? It's like the Gen 1 Mew theories all over again.
  8. ...No. No I didn't. I thought it was supposed to be a guaranteed pass down. That is...not as helpful as it could have been.
  9. It is essentially gone, yes. I haven't heard of any data-recovery processes that would be able to save a Pokemon that has been wiped from a game that way.
  10. Stats are already somewhat color-coded in HGSS, but based off Nature. A Modest Nature Pokemon, will have the word "Sp. Atk" in red, and "Attack" will be in blue. So perhaps you can abuse that system to get the color changes you want.
  11. It would perhaps be possible, but it would require substantial editing. Kanto is not built for a trainer with a level 5 Pokemon to proceed through the region. The areas don't flow as well and are generally harder. Plus a lot of Yellow's story events would be missing.
  12. Ok, 6 was the answer I got from my stat checker, but which I was sure could not be correct. The Eevee I received from Bill was a Mild Eevee with 12 SpAtk. This indicates a SpAtk IV of 30 or 31. I bred this Eevee in HeartGold while it had the Power Lens equipped, which, according to current information, is supposed to pass down the SpAtk IV. The resulting Eevee, however, wound up with a Modest Nature, and only 5 SpAtk. Which means the Power Lens is not properly passing down the IV as it is supposed to, and breeding in HG/SS is going to be just as hard as it was in D/P/Pt.
  13. I think I might have a slight problem with the stat calculator I normally use, as it seems to be returning a couple of answers which are self-contradictory. That being the case, I figured I would ask for some confirmation here. Take an Eevee (Base Special Attack 45) Special Attack IV: 30 Special Attack EV: 0 Level: 1 What will the Special Attack stat of this Eevee be?
  14. I thought that the Battle Armor was meant to weaken and control Mewtwo, and did not enhance his abilities. And as a control mechanism, it is terrible compared to the power and efficiency of the Shadow Pokemon method. And, yes, Mewtwo was reated and raised to be a killing machine, but he also blew everything up and escaped before the experiments were completed. Converting him to a Shadow Pokemon would still enhance his abilities. Also, don't forget that you still want to capture him with decent IVs and Nature, so the Master Ball will probably still be the preferred method of capture, negating a lot of the point of the Battle Armor.
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