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  1. Spanish Pokémon names are identical to the English ones.
  2. So some time ago I RNG abused for a Cute Charm TID/SID combination, now after the I checked the save they are in (in gen 4), they are all flagged as illegal despite they were caught IG. The other problem I found was that when the mons were transfered to gen 7, their PIDs (like 0000000E, for example) got changed to 00000000. I attach to my post two of the mons I caught: 129 ★ - MAGIKARP - CA570000000A.pk4 042 ★ - GOLBAT - F4050000000E.pk4
  3. Will a JP B2 work on a US 3DS?

    You would need CFW or a JP 3DS or a regular DS/DS Lite (any region).
  4. Found my first GEN 2 Pokemon on a floppy disk

    That is a great find.
  5. The Legality Question/Check Thread

    There was a discussion here not too long about Gen 1 glitch Mew and if it should be considered legal or not. I would expect the same situation if the Gen 2 games get released but unless Pokémon/Nintendo releases an event that activates the flag IG those Celebis won't go through PokéBank.
  6. I need help.

    I had this kind of problem with my retina MacBook Pro (with other software) and the issue when using Windows with Bootcamp was that the screen had too many pixels per inch and the UI looked incredibly small. The initial fix I found was to use the option that upscaled everything UI-wise but it looked pretty horrible and a lot of apps had its UI messed up badly. The fix that still works for me now is using the stock scaling with a lower resolution which means you're sort of wasting a portion of the screen's full resolution but the result is better imo. (This may have nothing to do with your problem, but it look like it does though).
  7. Nobunaga's Rayquaza flagged as illegal

    Interesting. I opened my save with PokéGen and the met location appears as Faraway Place (2) which isn't included in PkHeX (or at least that is what I noticed).
  8. Nobunaga's Rayquaza flagged as illegal

    I'll try to RNG it again to see what I get. When does the met location reset? One of the Manaphy I had showed the Faraway Place location in my Sun save, but after trying to get the exact same file from Platinum to Sun again the met location was the proper one (Pokémon Ranger). I don't know why this happened but it was probably my mistake after moving them around a bit.
  9. Nobunaga's Rayquaza flagged as illegal

    I RNG'd two Nobunaga Rayquazas earlier this year and both get "unable to match to a Mystery Gift in the database" message. I attach the pk5 and pk7 of one of them which are untouched (obtained IG). As some extra info, the Pokémon isn't flagged when shown on boxes if opened from a save but the warning sign appears when you click "view" and when you paste the mon somewhere else. Kind of a minor bug (if this is even a bug) but I hope this can help. 384 ★ - レックウザ - DEDB0C7A001E.pk5 384 ★ - レックウザ - C6780C7A001E.pk7
  10. web.archive.org copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's archives

    You mean the one I downloaded files from? I'm sure it was from the pkmdb.com website back in 2009, when I was a kid that liked to mess around with PokéSav and had no idea about Pokémon legality or anything related to that. Going through those files will be funny but I might find interesting stuff. But at least these files seem to be around, unlike what what happened with PokéCheck, the biggest loss ever in terms of .pkm files (I still have like 10+ boxes of content from the site I'll end up uploading after a cleanup).
  11. web.archive.org copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's archives

    I'm sure that I had the files from that website on my old computer. I was going to place it in another room (it is now disconnected) which means I can search next week. That being said, aren't those uploaded here already? I might be wrong, thanks for the upload!
  12. Please help with legality check

    Before one of the updates that made work PKHeX exactly like the bank does the Egg Met Location from the Manaphy I rng'd in Platinum changed from Pokémon Ranger to Faraway Place for some reason (getting it flagged as illegal). Fixed now since that field stays unaffected when I drag the Manaphy from Platinum to Sun.
  13. Rainbow Egg Sprite?

    Are you sure that the rom wasn't modified at all?
  14. The Chromebook VBA-M (according to what I found after a bit of research) is based on an old Mac version of VBA. If I'm not wrong that version only supported save states (so no .sav loading), had not option for cheats and even fast forward was missing.
  15. System recommendation

    PkHex is a PC software. And you can use PkHex as long as you have access to homebrew launcher (which has no risk involved), there's no need to install arm9loaderhax (but its recommended though). You just need to remember to have backups of the saves you edit in case something goes wrong and you should be good.