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  1. Hello. All of a sudden, my Colosseum stats won't update. When I edit a Pokemon base stat for colosseum in the Pokemon editor, then click save, it reverts back to the default value

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    2. Aurorans


      Whelp, I reverted to an earlier snapshot to fix the problem temporarily, but it is sure to come back in the case that I make the same mistake again accidentally.


      Anyway, quick question about Move editing features: Why does every move name only allow you to edit the same or less number of characters? when I wanted to change Bone Club (9 Characters) to Superstone, upon pressing enter, it would revert back to bone club. However, I believe I can rename it to any other name, as long as it's equal to or less than nine characters.

      I don't think this is 100% correct assumption though.

      Octazooka was successfully renamed to Holy Water (9 characters to 10 characters.). Holy Water is a Lugia exclusive move, akin to Sacred Fire for Ho-Oh, both dealing 180 base damage and burning (sacred fire) or freezing (holy water) the opponent.

      At other times, the move name won't rename... at all.

    3. Aurorans


      Final Bug report: Although you added support to edit Plusle, Ho-Oh, Celebi, and Pikachu, after saving your edits, it reverts back to default. This does not happen with editing Umbreon and Espeon, however, if you edited their levels, they will not change in-game.

    4. StarsMmd


      I've uploaded the latest version of the tool here: 

      I think that should solve most of the bugs. As for the inability to change the lengths of the names. Some of the text files are required to stay within a certain size limit. This means that in order to add characters to a name, you first need to remove characters from other names or other pieces of text from within the same file.

  2. Well, thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate it. And thanks for the update! EDIT: I just saw that... Battle Revolution Hacks! Can't wait!
  3. Yeap, after a day of trial and error, I figured it out with sierra OP. Now I am Having a problem with the file systems. When I extract the iso, I get some files that were unable to extract. In addition, some of the files are missing from the game. I don't believe they existed at all, since when I scanned the colosseum ISO for checksum, it came out exactly the same. This is for the colosseum tool. Here's a list of files that are missing. mailopen_menu.fsys mewwaza.fsys orre_menu.fsys worldmap.fsys I'd like to note that these files are in XD, but when attempting to transfer them over to colosseum, I get a file mismatch.
  4. I got this error message with Colosseum Tool when trying to rebuild the ISO

    file doesn't exist: /Users/brandon/Documents/Colosseum-Tool/MenuFSYS/mailopen_menu.fsys


    I checked there, and in fact, it does not exist (almost as if it was never extracted.) I tried extracting the iso a few times over, and it still did not appear.


    EDIT: It seems like I get this error message on a few of the MenuFSYS files. Do I have a bad dump, or is it the editor acting up? I tried extracting the individual files with dolphin, but when I rebuilt the ISO with the extracted files, it returns a mismatch error for specifically those files.


    Also, check out the output data for the extraction I attached.

    It displays a lot of error messages with "file type does not exist"


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    2. StarsMmd


      Which changes have you made using colosseum tool? Which tools and patches have you used and are any AR codes on?


      EDIT: I've found the issue and will get a fix out soon.

    3. Aurorans


      Thank you.


      I still have that problem with the latest upload

    4. StarsMmd


      I've uploaded a new version now which shouldn't cause the issue anymore. Before you use it you'll need to run a quick program to fix the corrupted data.

      Colosseum Fix.zip

      Place the file "battle_fix.bin" in the Colosseum-Tool folder and then run the colosseum fix program. You can delete both files once you're done. ?

  5. Hello, StarsMmD. I tried your Gale of Darkness Rom Editing tool with both Colosseum and XD, but was unsucessful at extracting the rom.

    Apparently, there's no feature (or even a menu bar) to help me extract the file.

    no menu bar.PNG

    1. Aurorans


      nevermind, I found the menubar. It was on top. Once my review goes through, I'll edit it after I test it out.

  6. By the way, I see what you accomplished there. Could you tell me how you did this? I'm having trouble with getting IOS to run with virtual box
  7. Yo, what's up? I think I asked this question before, but, here we go again. Do you plan to release a Windows Version of this? I only have windows, and I don't think I can create a MAC virtual emulator with Windows.
  8. Hello, can I possibly make my own hack, or does that require a lot of programming (Which, I know none of... and am too lazy to think of working my brain... I work with user interfaces, not programming languages) Also, when can I expect a hack tool to drop for Windows? Or is that also out of the question? I can't afford a mac, really.
  9. Hi!

    Any luck with a Pokemon Colosseum Hack (trainer modifications, pokemon modifications, type modifications, etc.) for Windows? And an XD one for windows too?

    1. StarsMmd


      I'll try and figure something out this summer. ?

    2. Aurorans


      ok, thank you!

  10. My camera's dead. Any other ways I can do this? I cannot really afford another 3DS at the moment.
  11. Hello, I am wondering how to add new bases, as I don't have a way to find other people's bases in ORAS, since the game is so old and not many people in my area play it (Actually, I have not had 1 passerby since I started playing last December) I want to add new bases for my game, but everytime I hit save, it reverts to nothing.
  12. Nevermind, I found my answer. I was able to change shaymin into sky forme. Oddly enough, my game was on AM time, not PM time. Changing this allowed the transformation to take place.
  13. So... I tried to gen a Shaymin in PKHeX with valid stats and such, and inserted it into my gamesav. However, when I recieved the gracedea flower and used it, it said it had no effect. The time of day was daylight, the moves are valid, the met date is today, in a normal pokeball, has it's own PID and SID and my Shaymin was from 3 different areas: Diamond Poketransfer (Fateful Encounter) X (Fateful Encounter) (Threw the "Unable to match to a mystery gift in the database" Error, as well as "Unable to provide a suggestion") Platinum Flower Paradise (Fateful Encounter) I don't know why it isn't working for X and Y... any help would be appreciated. Ignore Image Below (Don't know how to delete from Uploaded Images)
  14. Hi... just saw a video of Pokemon XG. I am amazed on how well you did. I have a question: How did you find the values for the Shadow Pokemon's moves? How did you manage to change them? If I may ask, what are those values? I am trying to modify the opposing trainers' shadow pokemon shadow moveset values, but the codes available only change the normal moveset. Also, did you ever discover shadow lugia's textures whilst in your RAM hacking? If so, could you dump the texture and upload it here?
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