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  1. Under Level Collection

    A new batch of under-level mons. Raticate from Route 7 in HG and the rest are from Route 10. By the power plant. 012 - BUTTERFREE - 0B3066F7AEA1.pk4 020 - RATICATE - 45B6760CE809.pk4 020 - RATICATE - A3C39C6E3C2E.pk4 022 - FEAROW - 47D4C3371F0C.pk4 119 - SEAKING - FF10F44CAD46.pk4 195 - QUAGSIRE - 49A4D0EF21E7.pk4 466 - エレキブル - 7AA5157B7F01.pk4
  2. [Question] Pokémon of older games with exclusive moves

    My mind is stuck in the past. I'm thinking gen 3 and use it for secret bases. I don't know what half the moves so these days or which Pokémon learn them. I'm not into battling so I don't know which ones are good. And Boomlax is the only other one I know and it was already listed.
  3. [Question] Pokémon of older games with exclusive moves

    I've never been one for strategy. I got my Boomlax from XD:. I like to breed Treecko and Feebas with dragonbreath.
  4. Here you go. Card # 0627 - Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap).wc7
  5. Under Level Collection

    I just added the SuMo In-game trade Poliwhirl to the list. I'm pretty sure these Pokemon are identical but just in case. It would be nice to get 2 more for the evolutions. I also added the JP Blue under-leveled in game trade mons as well. They're technically under-leveled since you can't normally get them at such a low level. 061 - Whirly - C2C1427E3A05.pk7
  6. [Gen 4] Pal Park Research

    I'm in the middle of getting my DS repaired. The L + R buttons don't work. The DS I've been using to migrate barely works and it makes migrating Pokemon even more terrible than it already is. It's got mushy buttons, a broken hinge, broken R button and missing L and the top screen doesn't work. So I decided to work on my Colosseum project instead. I was also tired of putting that project off.
  7. Under Level Collection

    I was taking a break to work on my dumpster-fire of a Colosseum project. I'm going to get back to that level 20 Peliper in Diamond. I just added the 2 Tyranitar.
  8. I got this Celebi hours ago. I'm done with this project. The save was started on a PAL copy, in English and changed to German early on. By me. I wasn't planning on sharing this Celebi. But I started to remind myself of those rare event hoarders I hate and I'm not them. 251 - CELEBI - C8563D77D9AE.ck3 Edit: I only speak English. But I like to think i'm half-decent at being able to at least recognize other languages. This looks Spanish to me. But the Pokemon is French. So I don't know what's up with it.
  9. This suggests slightly different. It's OT name is Emeritae. So to get every variant, I'd need to track down Spanish, German and Italian copies and play each copy, backup the save and convert it to each language and bla bla bla. But my munny is too tied up to bother tracking down 3 more language variants of Colosseum.
  10. My Action Replay lists Pokemon Colosseum (DE) and I only know that means German from my experiences as an Achievement hunter and collecting EU Xbox games. I managed to get the Celebi code to work. The Pikachu menu crashes every time and I don't have the PokeCoupons to test it out. This Celebi is weird. It's OT is German but it's French because my Colosseum copy is French. I have no idea if I have to use my French Ruby/Sapphire or if any language will work or if the GBA cart has to match the Colosseum save or the Colosseum language.
  11. Whatever code I had entered before I replaced it with this one took me nowhere. I can change the OT of the Celebi and language to whatever AGATE is in each language. But i'm not sure what the translation of COLOS would be in each language. E-reader shadow mons: Only way I'm getting all languages is by changing them and their languages. I still have to make E-reader save states and catch them multiple times to even do this. Agate Celebi and Colos Pikachu: The current AR code doesn't work for me. German or whatever the other code was. Mt.Battle save states: I can't convert the save between regions and there's no way i'm playing the game in English and Japanese so I can make Mattle Ho-oh states. I already don't want to climb Mt.Battle for the 10th time, let alone 2 more after. This project is a bust.
  12. I'll test the German code later then. I'll make a video of the results. I'm getting the E-reader mons in every language no matter what. I'll just do the battles in my NA Colosseum save and convert the individual Pokemon to each language if I have to. It just feels like accepting defeat and I can't share save-states like I intended to. If I have to do that, I'm not wasting my time with Mt.Battle save states either. And if German and English are the only languages the AR codes are in, I can't get the other Agate Celebi or Colos Pikachu.
  13. The E-reader room works just fine in the North American copy of the game. But I can't do anything with the E-reader room until I'm able to successfully convert my save from PAL to NTSC. How did you access the bonus disk content? I've only seen a copy for the German version. And I can't tell if that's German as in the German Pal copy or if it will work with my Spanish copy, with the save language set to German.
  14. Under Level Collection

    Where is this Kadabra location? I don't have an under-leveled Crystal Kadabra marked down.