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  1. Hi HaxAras!
    I saw your response in the thread linked bellow:

    "I know. I have a video of it as well as I own the actual cards. I have a 100% complete Colosseum collection of E-reader cards. I'm an E-reader enthusiast. "

    And i was wondering, do you have a album of them uploaded somewhere on the internet (The individual cards)? Iv been working on making a complete list of all the cards with the actual images of them. Iv had good luck scowering yahoo auctions japan and found almost all the cards but im still missing a few.
    The images i have to my hands on are most "passable" as they where not scans of the cards but low ress images of them (Some of them have so low resolution iv had to use outside sources to guess work what card is what)

    If you don't have them uploaded somewhere, do you happen to know any good sources on where to find them and a complete list of them? So far iv built my list from the .raw files i found here in the event gallery and some random luck on yahoo auctions japan.

    1. theSLAYER


      @pkmn_trainer_leon user is no longer on the forums, so you won't get an answer.

    2. pkmn_trainer_leon


      Alright, thanks for the replay Slayer

  2. Hey, do you have a zip file or something of all the Pokemon you have collected for Gens 1 and/or 2?

    1. theSLAYER


      The member has left the server a long time ago. You probably shouldn't just randomly message people expecting them to be around.

  3. Can I have my username changed to "Deleted User" ( or some variation) so people will hopefully stop messaging me. I haven't used the forums in over 2 years but occasionally need to download stuff or view topics. Deleting my account/posts wouldn't work because of my contributions and a lot of threads wouldn't make sense anymore.
  4. Will this program ever allow the editing of wonder mail missions? I have a save file with the Wi-Fi missions downloaded. I can't send them to my Japanese save file through wireless. They don't have a password to enter. Writing the save to the Japanese cart will just delete the save file on the cart. I'm sure something could be done with hex editing or something else to convert the save to Japanese but that's not a skill I have.
  5. I already did this if you want an English/North America save. I also did Japanese And with the help of a friend, PAL regions. You can just use save editors to change the OT/TID/SID and carry your own Pokemon over tot he save. you should be in the E-reader room and if you use the Scizor save, *should* be able to re-battle any of the E-reader trainers.
  6. Pokemon Blue - Pokemon Mansion -15% Muk. 089 - MUK - B185.pk1 Edit: Route 22 Fire Red Poli family. I never searched for the Gyarados. 061 - POLIWHIRL - 7232ABE31570.pk3 062 - POLIWRATH - 46DDECD48CFF.pk3 186 - POLITOED - 9C798E8F3ED1.pk3
  7. Sendoff spring and Turnback cave Pokemon. Level 20 surfing Golduck Level 16 Dusclops and Dusknoir Level 17-18 Golbat/Crobat. 042 - GOLBAT - 4423817430D0.pk4 055 - GOLDUCK - 1CB450384B01.pk4 169 - TooManyBAL - 0462D831B7B1.pk4 356 - DUSCLOPS - 4FF598954A6C.pk4 477 - DUSKNOIR - 3C93D9C520A0.pk4 Can somebody get me a download for these?
  8. Here's a dump of what I've been working on. Some are just alt-route mons. Download what you want. Route 210 N - Machoke and Machamp Mt.Coronet Whishcash, Golbat and Crobat. Level 21 Dragonair. The level 20 is for trade, if you have something good. It's a 1 in 720 fishing encounter. Old Chateau - Platinum Gengar Orbergh Gate - Crobat Victory Road - Platinum Rhyperior Lost Tower - DP Crobat Lost Tower - Platinum Golbat and Crobat. Golbat is level 21 and Crobat is 22. Since Golbat evolves at level 22 normally, I'm still considering Crobat underleveled. It's not really an alt-route version of the same Pokemon but alt game. Do what you please, download it or don't. I decided to go for it regardless. A lot of these are just evolved versions of Pokemon we have, I prefer to have un-cloned copies for my personal collection. (un-cloned as in I don't want the same Plat Victory Road Rhyperior to be a clone of Rhydon.) 042 - GOLBAT - 731B1D5C665E.pk4 042 - GOLBAT - D92328690932.pk4 067 - MACHOKE - 547C70095018.pk4 068 - MACHAMP - 56B06D99F9F7.pk4 094 - GENGAR - E312A37E4B9E.pk4 148 - DRAGONAIR - 3EE300802C6A.pk4 169 - CROBAT - 77AC6B7E895F.pk4 169 - CROBAT - 7391CFEC3A8C.pk4 169 - CROBAT - BA2B2F0319AF.pk4 340 - WHISCASH - 50D1E019D5D7.pk4 464 - RHYPERIOR - 91BCB6692CAB.pk4
  9. The D/P Pokeradar Kirlia can be found in routes 203 and 204. Gallede should be listed as an evolution as well. Same goes for the Route 210/211 Machoke and their Machamp evo's and the Platinum Sedra to Kingdra. The Great Marsh DS Arbok requires Fire Red, is an 8% encounter. Edit: Arbok. 024 - ARBOK - 64B959D370F5.pk4 Edit 2: Level 20 Golbat/21 Crobat in Mt Coronet Level 20 Whiscash in Mt Coronet (Caught)
  10. I wish I could use that. I have to cross-reference Jojo's list with my own and all the files people uploaded so I can make sure mine is up to date and correct. This is the Fuego Ironworks Marmortar from Platinum. We already had Jojo donate the Magmar so I caught this to have both. On the off chance anybody wants to contribute alt-route mons, I caught the 3 Poliwhirl's from route 22 in FR/LG. I evolved one with a water stone but I don't currently have a method to extract gen 3 saves so I can't contribute them yet. 467 - MAGMORTAR - 83F916CE2C3D.pk4
  11. I only have my brothers old save for Diamond and I hate having to remember to change the OT name every time I catch something on that save. I might start searching for a Magmarizer in Plat. It took me an hour to find a single one last night though. I wanted to knock out some Pokemon but most of the missing Pokemon are just evolution's or water route Pokemon so I picked Magmar as a last resort. I thankfully started making a Platinum living dex so hopefully I have compound eyes.
  12. I never thought I'd be here again but this thread/project really made me miss it. I have 2 DS' and multiple games. My brothers old Diamond save *might* have a Magmarizer on it but I only have 1 on Platinum and I want to save it. I no longer have HG/SS or the gen 5 games and I don't have Crytal on my 3DS yet so I'm a lot more limited in what I can contribute. I also never Bought Ultra Spunk and Ultra Taint so I can't contribute anything from those. I'm considering working on Blue/Yellow stuff.
  13. There was an under-leveled Electabuzz in Crystal that can now now be obtained and evolved in gen 7 for an underlevel Electavire. Here's the friend safari Magcargo, Garbodor and Grumpig. For some reason I had the Sunnyshore Octillery listed as something that can be obtained in Platinum but it appears it's a D/P only thing. I obtained the level 28 Magmar from Fuego Ironworks in Platinum but I can't get anybody to help me evolve it so I can't contribute it yet. I'm updating my spreadsheet with the new Pokemon and I'll contribute as I obtain more. 569 - Garbodor - A2ECC516D521.pk6 219 - Magcargo - AB0E2F251B28.pk6 326 - Grumpig - 5EC5C02E7C0C.pk6
  14. I'm pretty sure it was a Few traded over. We wanted it because so few remain on gen 1 games these days. I forget to check Digiex and never get notifications so I doubt I'll respond there either.
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