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Found 5 results

  1. Version 2.9.0


    Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness hack tools and randomisers. If you need advice or support you can find me in the Gamecube Pokemon Games ROM hacking Discord. Join the discord server for information on the beta version of the windows tool. The all-in-one tool for hacking and randomising the Gamecube Pokemon Games. The tool can be used for: - Trainers - Pokemon, Move, Item Stats - Pokespots - Gift Pokemon - Type Matchups - Scripts and Game Text - Item Boxes - Textures and Images - Patches like Physical/Special Split - Randomiser - Save editor - Unzip .fsys files The tool can also be used to export/import files from/to any Gamecube ISO.
  2. The randomiser functionality has been incorporated into Gale of Darkness Tool. This makes it easier to make small tweaks after randomising (e.g. making sure the starters are viable) and to apply patches such as the physical/special split. Available here -> Gale of Darkness Tool
  3. So I have an idea of a heavily story and character driven Ruby (or maybe Fire Red) hack that will feature Ash as the hero and that will feature multiple legendaries, shadow pokemon, and of course... a Pikachu who follows you (as well as Misty and Brock, if possible). The game will be based in a new region known as Genesso. Based shortly after the Sinnoh series, Oak and Rowan will ask Ash to come to the newly discovered region that is supposedly the region where Pokémon first came to be. The main things I need help for is mostly the scripting and stuff like getting Pokémon and people (Misty and Brock) to follow you. I work a lot so I don't really have the time to do everything myself. I have most of the overworld sprites made already. Anyway, it will also feature Jessie, James, and Meowth who will actually become permanent good guys toward the end of the game. Gary will also be making a comeback. Finally, I plan to set up a sort of second series by allowing Ash and Misty to well... fall in love in the game. The second series will be sort of like how Boruto is to Naruto. It will feature Ash and Misty's son as the hero, but none of that will make an appearance in the game. Just lmk if you're interested. Don't really wanna post too much of it upfront in case no one is actually interested haha.
  4. Curse Of Darkness Team inspired by Legacy Raider's Curse Tyranitar team ------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Around the D/P Era as well as early Platinum I ran a bulky offensive team on shoddy as well as WiFi, the basic strategy behind it was to use Dual Screen Bronzong lead to set up rocks and D/S so it could make things easier for DD Tyranitar to sweep. http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46608 This was by far one of the best teams I ever used, it got me the most wins and hardly more than 3 members died, after a while I believed the team reached it's limits so I retired it till a few days ago. On smogon I saw a RMT post by Legacy Raider promoting (I believe) Curse Tyranitar using Pokemon like Gliscor and co to make things easier for him to sweep (Gliscor dealing with fighting moves as well as psychics and other stuff dealing with things that hinder Tyranitar's sweep don't remmber the details as for some reason it got deleted). With the team posted I noticed the team resembled my team with new additions to fit the Platinum metagame, basically what the team did was make me want to rework my old team using some things LR used. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Team Line Up ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ In-depth look ------------------------------------------------------------------ Metagross @ Leftovers Ability: Clear Body Nature: Adamant (+Attack, - Special Attack) EVs: 252 HP | 236 Attack | 12 Defense | 8 Speed Bullet Punch Earthquake / Meteor Mash Stealth Rock Explosion ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Taken straight from the Smogon dex with Leftovers over Occa Berry. Metagross as a lead is very interesting, the purpose of this set is to set up rocks while dealing with some of the common leads in the metagame like suicide leads. With his typing and ability Metagross provides my team with useful resists, when Stealth Rock is up normally save Metagross for later so I can check some dragon Pokemon (predicted Outrage etc), normally this Pokemon is Salamence as Salamence can be a pain to kill when played right so it is important I keep Metagross alive as long as I can. The EVs give Metagross a bit of bulk as as I am not really interested in out speeding other Pokemon, the move sets goes either way for me, I tend to use Meteor Mash over Earthquake most of the time so I can attempt an early sweep but that would mean steel types resist all of my moves, Explosion is to take out a key member as a perfectly timed Explosion can be game breaking for this team. Gliscor @ Leftovers Ability: Hyper Cutter Nature: Jolly (+Speed, - Special Attack) EVs: 252 HP | 40 Special Defense | 216 Speed Swords Dance Earthquake Roost Stone Edge ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Now this is a member I am very fond of. Gliscor acts as a fighting check (I think) as well as a great supporting Pokemon for my team, with his speed, decent attack and defense stats he is normally one of the last members standing late game. The move set is so that i can stop stat up users that are outsped by Gliscor as well as ruin some other sets for Pokemon, this has helped me stop Pokemon from stalling with Recovery as well as screw up switch ins, Roost gives Gliscor well needed recovery and the rest deals with fighting Pokemon and Heracross as well as Pokemon weak to ground. The EVs are so that Gliscor can have as much health and speed as possible while having a ok attack and defense stats, I haven't used this set in a while so I don't know remember it fares against Lucario. Zapdos @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Nature: Timid (+ Speed, - Attack) EVs: 252 HP | 80 Special Attack | 176 Speed Thunderbolt Heat Wave Roost Hidden Power [Grass] ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Zapdos is one of the defensive cores of the team that is able to check stuff like Swampert that give this team a lot of trouble, I felt that Salamence was dead weight on the team, which died too soon because of the Life Orb + Stealth Rock + Sandstream combination. Zapdos also aids in beating Scizor which is a thorn to Tyranitar, my old team used to have major problems with SD Scizor especially but the addition of Zapdos with recovery as remedied that. Uxie @ Light Clay Ability: Pressure Nature: Impish (+Defense, - Special Attack) EVs: 252 HP | 180 Defense | 76 Speed Reflect Light Screen Memento U-Turn ....................... Comments & Suggestions: This is the first time I have ever used Uxie and I must say he/she is a fine addition to this team. I consider Uxie to be the Mesprit and Bronzong mixed together, my old team had Bronzong set up screens while crippling another pokemon while I had a psychic immune to ground scout what my opponenet does, Uxie accomplished these taaks by setting up screens and crippling with memento, if I want to save him/her for later I U-Turn out of there. Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, - Special Attack) EVs: 248 HP | 252 Attack | 8 Speed Bullet Punch Superpower Pursuit U-Turn ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Scizor with Choice Band is an excellent addition to any offensive team that needs a raw revenge killing Pokemon, with Choice Band + Stealth Rock you are looking at killing alot of Pokemon denting enough to be killed by other offensive pokemon. The key to this set is making sure you are not predicable, this means most of the time you are going to need to use the odd pursuit, but I mainly stick to U-Turning ass scouting is a massive help, with U-Turn I can plan what my next move is gonna be, though this does not work against his main counter that being Heatran, a well predicated Superpower decimates his ass, and if it is not Scizor I am still doing hells worth of damage providing a ghost does not come in and kill me. This is also the perfect trapper imo as well as the best set for Scizor, Choice Band + Bullet Punch will indefinitely deal with Gengar, and if he decides to switch out, Pursuit deals with him, Gengar as well as everything that is weak to Pursuit is in a no win situation when in the same ring as Scizor. (Another lazy repost) Tyranitar @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream Nature: Careful (+Special Defense, - Special Attack) EVs: 74 HP | 252 Attack | 8 Defense | 176 Special Defense Curse Crunch Substitute Stone Edge ....................... Comments & Suggestions: Credits go to Randomspot for showing the set. Anyways Curse Tyranitar is a beast, that is all I have to say, after two curses and stuff Tyranitar becomes a very difficult Pokemon to take down providing everything that kills him is weakened/taken otu beforehand. This set is a little different to the the normal set found on Smogon, as I don't like Rest I decided to use this set. Basically you sub as early as possible and curse up behind the sub, with Tyranitar's decent special defense and attack while being boosted by Curse he should be able to clean up late game. The move set is what I am having problems with, Payback is a powerful move but I feel Crunch will be better suited for that move slot, with the other moves I have the option of using Stone Edge, Earthquake or Crunch, it is hard choosing a good move for it. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The End ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok so I know that the team is not perfect, I am considering dropping Salamence for a Latias as well as trying out Celebi, the Curse set has been working well for me. (I have been lazy in this rmt, sorry). ------------------------------------------------------------------ Change Log ------------------------------------------------------------------ Gave Tyranitar Crunch and Stone Edge Changed Gliscor's spread Changed Gliscor's move set Changed Gliscor's nature and ability Mesprit and Salamence gone New members being Uxie and Zapdos ------------------------------------------------------------------ Change Log ------------------------------------------------------------------ Coming soon
  5. I couldn't believe it at first, because it was pink and all, but I really think that this could be a shiny Celebi in Expl. of Darkness. Opinions anyone?
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