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  1. I know this has been most likely addressed and might be closed but I want to let you guys know of this issue. I downloaded the compact version of PokeSav for HeartGold/SoulSilver thinking it might let me use the Event section. When I unzipped it, the file disappeared and I got a message from my McAfee Anti-Virus software that it removed a trojan. The trojan is called Generic BackDoor!ctv (Trojan). I am not sure if it thinks the program is the virus or not. Also, it stated that the regular version of PokeSav HeartGold/SoulSilver was malware or something similar, but I was able to not let it trash it. I was just letting you know of this problem, not sure if anyone else has reported it. Also, I read on another post about the Anti-Virus software either being cheap or there was already a virus on the computer. This is not the case for me, I have no viruses and my version of McAfee came with the Cox Suite Package.
  2. How do I get the event pokemon with PokeSav since the section is greyed out? Will there be an update soon that allows for the appearance of WonderCard export codes?
  3. *Note: If this is the wrong place for this thread, any Moderator can move it to the appropriate section. If it requires it to be moved, please send a message to me notifying where it is move to. Thanks and not to the information: I am seeking to obtain Ho-oh in Coloseum Mode of Mt. Battle. Here is my team and Moves so far: Tyranitar - LV 55 Metagross - LV 50 Suicune - LV 65 Umbreon - LV 60 Raikou - LV 40 Entei - LV 42 I am seeking in game Pokemon, unless I can use GBA Pokemon to get Ho-oh.
  4. I don't think Phantom Champion Z is a Pokemon. It sounds more like a person instead of a Pokemon. The silhouette is more along a partner to the Phantom Champion. Also, the shadowy thing that looks like Ash, could be an evil side of him from a different time era or reality that came into contact with Ash's time line or reality. Also, the design from ImageShack (one that was thought to look like Knuckles) seems more promising, but we shall see when the image is completely released.
  5. I am seeking several Pokemon to trade with some Charmander that I bred for my right Charmander for team. Here is the list of the Pokemon, for those that can be obtained via Event (can be in any language, know that Japanese events work with English Pokesav). For all these requests, I want them as a Wi-Fi Trade, I am available at any time, just PM me when you are ready for the trade. Also, you can make trade suggestions for the Charmanders. All Charmanders are LV 1 *Note: For spaces with nothing mean any or if says (If any) does not apply to pokemon, unless included in an Event. Most of these are either Event Pokemon or those not in Platinum. I am not worried about those like Ho-oh, Lugia or such that can be captured in Pokemon HG/SS. If some of the event pokemon already have a code, please provide link to the appropriate topic with details about the link, like Pokemon name and event.
  6. In my opinion, it will either be released on a new system or Wii. My theory is supported by these facts: The best bet for Gen V Pokemon Game will be on the Wii, that way no new system will be developed and released in order to get the game out quickly. However, there is another possibility that Gen V won't be introduced to a new system or Nintendo Wii. Gen V could stay on the DS systems, but have more enhanced capabilities if used in the Nintendo DSi. Like use the DS Shop or a new feature added through a special promotion.
  7. When it comes to the US, I will pick cyndaquil in HG and totodile in SS. I will get chikorita either through GTS or Pal Park from Pokemon Colloseum/Gale of Darkness.
  8. Could someone please rate my team/moveset and suggest moves/team replacements. Charizard LV: 42 Move 1: Return Move 2: Flamethrower Move 3: Quick Attack Move 4: Cut Giratina LV: 48 Move 1: Fly Move 2: Ancient Power Move 3: Dragon Claw Move 4: Shadow Force Empoleon LV: 52 Move 1: Surf Move 2: Waterfall Move 3: Defog Move 4: Metal Claw Torterra LV: 37 Move 1: Rock Smash Move 2: Earthquake Move 3: Bite Move 4: Razor Leaf Rotom LV: 35 Move 1: Thunder Shock Move 2: Confuse Ray Move 3: Shock Wave Move 4: Hydro Pump Alakazam LV: 64 Move 1: Psychic Move 2: Thunder Punch Move 3: Fire Punch Move 4: Ice Punch
  9. I would say these are my least favorite: Mew - cause it can learn ANY move (to many options to choose from) Male Gardevoir from 3rd gen games - why a male, it has a dress like thing on (also what happens if you move a male Gardevoir to the ds what will happen? Skuntak - its noise if farting and it looks like it will spray you with skunk stink Spiritomb - what is with the one eye thing? Drapion - ugly (arms coming out of head???) Of topic Shaymin - Cutest. Pokemon. Ever. It reminds me of the Chachia pets.
  10. I am not blamming the programmers. The comment for US having poor translation and dubbing products from Japan (games and anime) was in general. The game is great even with the error.
  11. Now that makes sense. That is the problem with the US, they translate things that come from Japan poorly, and usually they dub them down (yes the dub part is referring to Anime).
  12. I know this is a little off, but still in the R/B/Y days. I remember trading a Raichu for a pokemon on I think Cinnabar Island, well after talking to the again once the trade was done, he said something like this: "What? My Raichu evolved!" Is that just a glitch the game says or is it for something Nintendo planned but never released?
  13. My idea would to incorporate all the regions into one game. Here is how it would work: 1) The regions would be in this order: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. 2) To go to the next region, you need to beat the Elite for in the previous region (except Kanto) i.e.: Johto needs Kanto Elite four beat. Plus the possibility of seeing the pokemon from that region. 3) Once you CAPTURE all non-event pokemon in that region, 1 or more event pokemon will be available for that region (i.e. Mew for Kanto, Jirachi for Johto, and Deoxys for Hoenn). It may be much but at least not need the previous generation games.
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