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  1. I have begun starting a project of fire red that is based off a sequel of the Pokémon colosseum. And I need a team of hackers, spriters, scripters, texters, big testers everyone. I am somewhat experienced In Some of the programs. If you’d like to know about the plot just shoot me a message. Here is my progress so far, I’ve only begun with the sprites editing.
  2. We have a new awards system, complete with descriptions on each award. This post will no longer be maintained. If you have any suggestions for new badges, please create a thread in Forums Feedback, or if you wish to nominate someone for an award, please open a ticket. The old post: ----- Project Pokémon's Forum User Ranks Guide There are a few more ranks in this Forum than before. Information regarding the rank is provided in the below space. Hope you find it helpful and if you have any questions regarding User Ranks please feel free to post here. Be sure to remember this is only for questions, congratulations and information, but we are also one to new rank suggestions. Project Pokémon's Forum User Ranks Staff Ranks: - Administrator - Assistant Administrator - Super Moderator - Moderator - Event Staff - News Team - Former Staff IRC Ranks: - IRC Owner: Owner of the site's IRC. - IRC SOP: Super Op User on the site's IRC. - IRC AOP: Op User on the site's IRC. - IRC HOP: HalfOp User on the site's IRC. - IRC VOP: Voice User on the site's IRC. Contributor Ranks: - Image Contributor: User contributes images to the site that are implemented for use. - Event Contributor: User contributes Event Pokémon to the site. - Site Contributor: User who adds to the site significantly. - Forum Contributor: User who significantly contributes to the design of the forum. - Wiki Contributor: User contributes high quality articles to the wiki. Articles should be clear, detailed and show a mastery of the subject matter. - Save Editing Contributor: User has made significant contributions to Save Editing programs and/or related subjects but not qualifying as research. - Translation Contributor: User has contributed to the translation projects. Researcher Ranks: - RAM Researcher: User researches the games' RAM and publishes research and/or AR Codes using that research. - ROM Researcher: User researches the games' ROM and publishes information regarding structures found within ROM. - Game Save Researcher: User researches info on the games' Save structure and related information. - Developer: User creates and/or helps making either Save, RAM, or ROM editing programs for the use of others. - ROM Hacker: User uses ROM hacking tools to make quality ROM hacks. Misc. Ranks: - Helpful Q&A Member: User who has significantly posted helpful posts and aids users in need often. - Helpful Request Member: User who has given custom works to people such as custom Signature Requests, Pokésav Requests, etc. - Team Rater: User who contributes often in "Rate My Team" discussions as well as helping in "Rate My Team"s.
  3. Distant Land Collection Project UPDATE 7/13 The first release of the project has been completed. Here is the info (which is also included in a text file in the zip archive) Distant Land Collection This package contains the complete collection of untouched Pokemon from both Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon - Gale of Darkness. Pokemon Colosseum contains one OT, plus event Pokemon Main game Pokemon (OT WES) were submitted by DanteKoriyu e-reader Pokemon (OT Pikachu in Japanese) were contributed by Poryhack Event Pokemon are from the Pokemon Database Pokemon - Gale of Darkness contains three OTs, plus event Pokemon Main game Pokemon (OT TRISTAM and Tristam) were contributed by Gallade Mt. Battle Pokemon (OT Solis) were contributed by Soladept Update 7/19 The first release has been re-uploaded. There were a few small trashbyte issues, but they have been corrected. If you downloaded the original release, please re-download it. The second release has been uploaded! This is a supplement to the first. If you wanted to complete the first collection with Mt. Battle Pokemon from one of the main OTs, then here you are. Gallade has completed his run-through of the mountain and submitted all three prize Pokemon in the Tristam OT. And, if you wanted an set with only ONE OT, DanteKoriyu has submitted a complete collection in the MICHAEL OT. Here is the info: Distant Land Collection This package is a supplement to the first Distant Land Collection. Incldued in this package are: -The three Mt. Battle Prize Pokemon with the Tristam 61567 OT. This is for anyone who wanted that version of the collection to be all the same OT (there are two IDs). -A second set of Pokemon from - Gale of Darkness. This set has one OT (MICHAEL) and was contributed by DanteKoriyu. It includes both Zaprong Elekid movesets as well as male and female Pokemon from the Pokespot. Event Pokemon are from the Database. For those of you with HeartGold/SoulSilver fever, this collection features a LOT of Pokemon from Johto, so you may just want to check this out if you can't wait for the GS remake to be released. Keep in mind that while all of these Pokemon are naturally untouched, the starter Pokemon have been adjusted back to their appropriate levels and had their exp and IVs removed. This was to make it so you collectors could do what you wish with them. Please note it is extremely unlikely (and probably impossible) for a starter Pokemon from these games to be legitly completely untouched. Also, please note that all of the Pokemon have the fateful encounter flag ticked, so they make a nice, sparkly addition to anyone's Pokemon Ranch. Please don't tell me that the e-reader Pokemon have zero IVs, because I know. It is believed that that is the way they come. I think that it's probably to make these special occasion Pokemon not too difficult to catch. I've done my best to check through and organize everything, but if you DO noticed something that's not quite right, please let me know. I'd like to again give a HUGE thanks to all of the contributors (they put my own collection to shame, by the way). Included Pokemon: Pokemon Colosseum Pokemon - Gale of Darkness Previous updates to original post Distant Land Collection.zip Distant Land Collection - 2nd.zip
  4. Okay, so that was my introduction for me to ask for help. As you can tell, I'm more than a bit of a Dragon Ball fanboy (in addition to my Pokemon fandom), but my downside is that I don't understand a more than a lick of the series original language. I got very few romanji down, and even less kanji, and hiragana...nada. So I need some help with those who have a decent understanding of the language. To be honest, I need more than SOME help, but this will do for now. I either need to find a buddy to be my personal translator/dictionary, or do it myself (which won't happen). Anyway, my later plans are to make a site for all the images and a database detailing all the information needed for DBN, like stuff I clarify for my take on the series, things I've changed or retconned, etc. I want to do this in a similar format to a Wiki, though only in information, not in actual layout. So for starters to get my foot in the door, I need some help translating. To start off, for those who don't know, the original Super Saiyan transformation has 3 actual levels: Super Saiyan (grade 1) Super Saiyan grade 2 Super Saiyan grade 3 The romanji for each level is: Sūpā Saiya-jin (dai ichi-dankai) (Super Saiyan grade 1, aka Super Saiyan) Sūpā Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai (Super Saiyan grade 2) Sūpā Saiya-jin dai san-dankai (Super Saiyan grade 3) Similarly, the kanji for each is: 超サイヤ人 (I'm actually missing the kanji for the "dai ichi-dankai" part if you feel like helping =P) 超サイヤ人第2形態 超サイヤ人第3段階 So to finish it all up this is most wiki's format: Super Saiyan grade 2 (超サイヤ人第2形態, Sūpā Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai; Super Saiyan 1 Stage 2) Now to get to my point (I know, it was a long time coming, huh?), I want to create these stages as a part of my "Fannon" for Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. So I need help translating my intentions. Form: Super Saiyan 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 1 of the second transformation Kanji:??? Romanji:??? Form: Super Saiyan 2 grade 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 2 of the second transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 2 grade 3 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 3 of the second transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 English: Super Saiyan 3 stage 1 of the third transformation Kanji:??? Romanji:??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 grade 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 2 of the third transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 grade 3 English: Super Saiyan 3 stage 3 of the third transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to clean up anything that needs to be fixed, I know Japanese seems to be a very literal language so the removal of certain words just to include the needed information is fine, as long as it fits with the right word style (like how some kanji are different but means the same thing, or vice versa.). I know Guested could probably do this sleeping... lol Sorry for the wall of text, I just didn't want to confuse anyone, which I probably did anyway. And also still looking for someone with experience making a website, preferably in Dreamweaver, or anyone who doesn't mind being bombarded with a ton of questions about the Japanese language.
  5. I took it upon myself to use the RSS feed from the Project Pokémon Wiki to create a PP Wiki Twitter! For those of you with a Twitter account, you can now track changes made to the wiki! So hopefully this is useful to someone.
  6. As above, been looking for some PKM files but can't find it.
  7. I've just uninstalled it, and it still shows my save files, as something different. I want to change it back to normal (Not recognized from some program)
  8. You must read and abide by these rules to be a member of ProjectPokemon.org, this includes the wiki, forums, and IRC. If you do not, there will be consequences as detailed in the post below. Keep in mind that the interpretation and enforcement of these rules is strictly up to staff members and is not open for debate. Site-wide Rules Abide by Canadian and International laws when on this site. Project Pokémon is hosted in Canada, and as such all material on it must abide by Canadian and International laws. This means you cannot upload or link to pirated material (copyrighted material which you do not have the rights to distribute). If you mention having a ROM in any of your posts, we will assume that you backed it up from a retail cartridge that you own. Should you need to share an edited ROM with others, you must use a patch file; linking to or uploading a ROM, even if it has been edited, is strictly forbidden. Be considerate of other members and Pokémon fansites. This encompasses many of our rules. Specifically, do not offend other members and/or Pokémon fansites in the IRC or forums. Do not flame or write slanderous comments regarding any other websites and/or members. Keep in mind that CAPS LOCK is generally considered shouting and should only be used accordingly. You will be penalized if you do not follow these rules. Do not impersonate Project Pokemon staff. While using the Forums, IRC, or other Project Pokemon services, you are not allowed to impersonate a member of Project Pokemon's Staff in any way. This includes, but not limited to, similar nickname(s), similar username(s), stating you are staff, etc. You will be asked to change your Nickname/Username. On the forums, please PM an administrator to change your user name. Failure to avoid this may result in a ban. Staff: Forum Staff and Site Admins; IRC Staff Do not request to be Project Pokemon staff. Do not ask to become part of Project Pokemon's staff. If we need to add staff, we'll ask you. If you want to be on staff, follow the rules, contact staff or use the report button when you see a problematic post, and just try to set a good example for other users. Try to be reasonable when reporting. In IRC, staff might give temporary moderator staff status to users who are being considered for some type of staff status. Do not post inappropriate content. Posting pornographic, vulgar, explicit, or otherwise inappropriate media is forbidden. Swearing is acceptable in moderation (read: when used as a part of normal speech to add emphasis or meaning); in excess it qualifies as inappropriate content. This includes inappropriate words in usernames. Do not advertise. Promoting anything exclusively for your own benefit or that is not related to the topic at hand is considered an advertisement. Blatant ads will not be tolerated anywhere on the forums, even the off-topic boards. Do not spam. In other words, do not post unnecessary or irrelevant messages on any part of the site. Use common sense and pay attention to what other users do and don't post; it should give you an idea of what is acceptable. This rule is somewhat more lax on the IRC. Always search this site and the internet before asking a question or asking for help. In the majority of cases any question you may have will have been addressed on the main site or the forums already. By asking such a question that has already been answered in plain site, you are wasting the time of others. Write in a manner that others can understand easily. Messages must be written with proper spelling and grammar for ease of reading (to the best of the poster's ability). Again, this rule is more lax on the IRC channels. Follow the reporting procedure if you think another member is not abiding by these rules. If you come across another user that is violating these rules, you may politely point it out to that individual, assuming they have not been notified already. However, moderation should be left to the staff; do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. The correct course of action is to use the report button if on the forums or PM an operator if on the IRC. As always, be patient. Do not misuse the report button. The "Report" button is intended to be used to notify us of posts that you think are breaking our rules. Please do not use it simply to ask questions or because you disagree with the author's opinion; in these situations the correct course of action is to reply to the post or private message the author. (Note that you will not be penalized for reporting something if you think it's against the rules when it turns out to not be; this rule only applies to reporting something for the wrong reasons.) Do not impersonate anyone. There will be very little tolerance for members found to be impersonating other people or misrepresenting their own identity, specifically others in the online community. Coming onto the forums, wiki, or IRC under multiple accounts is a violation of this rule, even if one account has been banned. Consequences for ban evasion include an even longer suspension and permanent bans for any alternate accounts. Do not scam other members. This applies to anyone offering a service on this site, whether it's battling, trading, requests, or something else. If terms agreed on beforehand are broken, it will be a violation of this rule. Do not cheat. We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. Do not use significantly hacked Pokémon in battle or in trades with those who are unaware hacked Pokémon are in use. Details about this rule can be found here. Forums Specific Rules Post threads in the appropriate forum. It should be pretty clear where any given thread goes, but if it isn't just post it in one of the general boards and a staff member will move it if necessary. Keep in mind that all of the editing forums have a sub-forum for help. Any questions or requests for help belong there and not in the parent forum. This rule will be flexible for new users but repeat offenders will face consequences. Stay on-topic. For the sake of simplicity, create a new thread if you start getting too far away from the topic of the original. Be specific when titling your topics. A topic title should give others a good idea of what your thread is about without them actually visiting it. This is often an issue with threads in the help forums; be specific as to what your issue is. Keep in mind that topic titles can be changed by their creator at any time. Do not stretch the page. Page stretching is done when someone posts an extremely large image or amount of text and it causes the page to stretch horizontally or vertically. If you have a large image, long code, or other material that may stretch the page, put it in between spoiler tags so that other members can read around it comfortably. Consequences - The Infraction System The Project Pokémon forums use Invision Community's warning system to keep track of users who've violated the rules and issue temporary bans when necessary. In the infraction system, each violation of the rules is given a point value and a length of time. When a rule is violated, a moderator will select the corresponding infraction from the list below. The point value of that infraction is added to the offending user's total infraction points. After the amount of time specified, those points will be removed. Should a user accumulate 100 or more total infraction points, they will be automatically banned for two weeks. This system makes the job of a moderator much easier and ensures consistency among punishments. Keep in mind that "custom" infractions of any point value can be issued in the event that the violation does not fit one of the infractions below. We also reserve the right to give a longer or permanent ban for repetitive or blatant violations of the rules. .cms_table_tborder_td { padding: 10px; border: solid black 1px; } Infractions Violation Points Expires Thread title is not descriptive. 20 1 Month(s) Thread posted in wrong forum. 20 1 Month(s) Spam/off-topic. 20 1 Month(s) Thread title is not descriptive. 20 1 Month(s) Inconsiderate Behavior. 20 1 Month(s) User is reacting excessively to another user violating the rules. 20 1 Month(s) Not using reasonable spelling/grammar. 20 1 Month(s) Asking question(s) without searching first. 30 1 Month(s) Mild inappropriate content. 30 1 Month(s) Mild advertisment. 30 3 Month(s) Flaming/trolling - User is being intentionally offensive. 30 1 Month(s) User is obviously discussing pirated material. 30 2 Month(s) Warez - User is linking to or asking for pirated material. 50 3 Month(s) Scamming - User has broken pre-determined conditions for a service. 50 3 Month(s) Cheating - battling with or trading significantly hacked Pokémon against or with unsuspecting opponents. 50 3 Month(s)
  9. I've always wanted a uniform Pokemon World uniting all the generations, but that will never happen within the games. The closest thing I can do bring together all the sprites from the Pokemon world into one style. Battle sprites would take for ever, so overworlds are the next best thing. The only complete region right now is Sinnoh (though a few extra characters from outside the games are being made once I find pictures), and though you won't find all the actual sprites that were extracted from DPPt, you will find all the characters. Certain people, like the Psychics for example, had the same sprite for both genders. I removed the hermaphroditic sprite and modified it into the two split genders. Included characters: Kanto (Gen 3 and 4) Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Orre (Both games, one template) Fiore Almia Pokemon Island (Pokemon Snap locations) All Regional Pokemon Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Disclaimer: Some of the Hoenn sprites were originally made by a member of Deviant Art named Kymotoniam who has allowed free use of them. All of said Hoenn sprites have been remade by me though, as Kymotoniam only uses a Pseudo-DPPtHGSS overworld style on the sprites, shrinking some of them to a set of 4-5 uniform body styles and lacking the appropriate colored outlines instead of shades of black.
  10. I don't know if this is in the correct place, But I thought that it would be cool to create a program (to be worked on pc) Which promotes trading between two game (and game saves of course) This is because using PPSE or Pokesav to shift an event pokemon from one sav to another isn't enough as because if it ain't done by trading, the event flag won't be triggered (such as directly moving the Eigakan Arceus won't trigger Hiker event in platinum; Another example is TRU Regigigasu directly implanted won't trigger REGIs trio cave) Not everyone has two DS, and without the WiFi protocol behind hacked, Trading is hard (especially if it has a Classic ribbon, so can't use GTS) If such a program is too tedious and time consuming, At the very least some kind of plugin to allow trading between emulators (like give the game a false "wireless network" or something) So I'm wondering anyone who is good with programming and stuff to be kind enough to pick up this project?
  11. Hello Project Pokémon-Community! I'm TERRA#493 and i registered me here for help by using Pokésav. Pokésav is really a awesome programme, which saves me plenty of hours of breeding for right IVs, EV-Training etc. - you must know, i'm a Competitive Battler since 3 years now. Thank you, that you've created this programm! I don't want to tell about my person, if you have questions, just ask =) > Ho-Oh HeartGold Style is really one of the best Forum-Styles i've ever seen. Good Job! __ So, then i'll create a new topic for my question. I would be happy, if i would find quickly help.
  12. So, as a few people on the internet might remember, (it hasn't really reached that many people,) I've been working on formulas that could make Pokemon from, (hopefully in the end,) any part of the franchise where user control exists, at least apprximately, in D/P/Pt. ...So far, I've worked on Pokemon GSC, the TCG, & PMD. Considering this is not an actual hack, (& probably never will be but if someone changes the coding to implement this as a feature, that's very fine by me,) but just formulas, I see it as very well for Pokesav doing more than just cheating your way through the game, for instance. So, I posted on the NSider2 Forums a guide to what I've done so far in it, & i thought it would be best that I share it with this forum. Here's the link: http://nsider.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=494209&st=0&p=8938571entry8938571 Thanks, PM260
  13. can some one tell me how ppse works i havnt been able to figure it out
  14. PPSE is, cross platform, open source software written in Qt C++, and is still very much in development. The release philosophy for PPSE will be to release things as soon as they are done and have everyone beta test. For those interested in the source code, the project has a public SVN: http://svn.projectpokemon.org/ppse/. For those that wish to view the source without downloading it, the trac browser is more useful: http://ppse.projectpokemon.org/trac/browser Features: -Both Platinum and DP support -Pokedex Editing -Drag and Drop Pokemon organization. Changelog: 0.00: Checksum Fixing for D/P and Pl. Save type determined automatically. 0.01: Pokedex Editing without most special cases (spinda included). 0.02: Pokedex Editing revamped by Jiggy-Ninja, unown order editing added (not fully functional). 0.03: Pokédex complete. Added all of the special forms dialogs into the UI. Added functionality to the sprite boxes as well, showing the proper default forms for each entry. Spinda's spots are drawn in the Individual tab according to the PID, but not drawn in the Formes tab. 0.04: (revision 95) One click complete Pokedex Added new button to complete the gender forms area. Pokemon organizing dialog inspired by Codemonkey's PKMN Box Mark II. It's awesome, really. Spinda form editor in Pokedex improved. You can now drag a save into the main PPSE window to load it if you don't want to use the load dialog. Added support for loading saves using the command line. This means that if you associate .sav files with ppse.exe, double-clicking the save file will automatically open it in PPSE. 0.05: (Revision 100) * Added some context menu options for the Pokemon Organizer. * Added ARDS code output option to the Pokedex Editor and Pokemon Organizer. Windows version Mac version [intel Macs only, so far] (compiled by Balrog) Linux version to be compiled.
  15. Project Pokemon is 1 of the best websites on the internet for pokemon Its easy, convenient for events, well designed, moderated by excellent people and best of all, it has me as a member!......rofl, jk My suggestions for the site? All the GBA Japanese event pokemon and egg moves in the pokedex Once all of the above have been furfilled, this website will be better than serebii
  16. I'd like to say hey and cheers to everyone. I like the community you have. I have not seriously used a pokemon game since crystal. Which I loved. I'd love to play some of the newer games like pokemon diamond, or the new hg or ss. My only problem with these is of coarse, I want to use my old team. Which is a lot of hoops to jump through. I'm all for hacking and that's fine means for me however, I'm running a mac that has os x (obviously) and 64bit windows 7. instead of really just tinkering and tampering with everything and learning how to. I was thinking I might just pay some one to do it. One of you, since I understand that you guys do this sometimes. (this project pays 15$) (paypal) but if more than one person is interested, we can have a reverse auction where someone will do it for cheaper and cheeper. (we'll see what happens) I do however have a few things that I want; -The six pokemon requested will have legit stats. (high but not hacking detectable high) -I get a file that is compatible with Visualboy advance. (which shouldn't be a problem) -A save file from both pokemon Heartgold and either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. That's it. I believe that all my pokemon have legal moves that are appropriate with them. if anyone is interested in making some money, though not a lot please respond here or send me an email at fmbarrientos@gmail.com I really appreciate it guys. Hopefully everyone has a great thanksgiving.
  17. Here will be a nice list of ToDo's for PPSE. This list will be updated with new stuff, and old stuff will be subtracted as necessary. Change hardcoded resources.cpp information to a text or binary loaded resource to lower initialization file. Add PokeText <--> Unicode library for fixed-length, dynamic length strings, and trash byte support using the font dictable. Create a universal file loading handler to handle all possible formats. Handler will keep the file in memory then convert the file to the raw SAV format. Create a universal file saving handler to handle all possible formats. Handler will covert the modified sav file to the same format as the original file from memory. Handler should automatically handle headers/footers.
  18. Just introducing myself, thought it was proper. Just call me Fuerte, came onto these forums in case I might need help, and I was told to after I DL'd the pokesav.
  19. Hello! I hope I will like it here.I am not a Wi-fi Battler, though.I am from ShoddyBattle!So yeah, lol.
  20. I feel that because Project Pokemon is it's own community, we should have our own tier list for Pokemon. However, we need peoples help, by gathering your opinions. Testing will be active on Shoddy Battle on the Project Pokemon server. This is the current list I have generated:
  21. Hey all, I've been looking for a good website to get involved with Pokemon since I've been playing forever and this seemed to be it. Recently some people on another board I visit, /v/, mentioned Pokesav. I've downloaded it, and seen the youtube video. However I don't have the physical equipment needed to use it. So before I make a request for a team, I have a question: 1. Me and my friend used to use action replay way back when. It was great to manipulate the game, but it messed up the saving of the game. Does using pokesav mess up the save file (or anything else)? 2. I've been told using Pokesav makes people be able to notice if you've used it, so they wont battle with you or trade with you. I doubt this is true, but is it? 3. If someone uses Pokesav to make a team of pokemon, then are they able to use the Wi-Fi system and trade? Because I would be happy if I supplied the info for a team I want and then someone loads it up then trades with me. However I dunno if this is possible. Thanks for input, and sorry in advance if these are stupid questions.
  22. Has anybody thought of aranging tournaments just for us guys and gals here at PP, we could post what date and time they are being held, we could also have different ranks that allow the use of only certain tiers/types/evolutions, maybe even a ranking system or special prizes, the prizes could be pokemon with PP only trainer IDs or whatever, ok maybe the GTS wont accept them but who cares, we all hack anyway so they could be pokemon we only use here. im sure it wouldnt be too hard and i think people would like the chance to earn kudos amongst there fellow PP members by battling each other, it would also be a way of people sharing tactics and teams. Just an idea
  23. (Greencat vs. NeoDraven) Shoddy Warstory Also, the first Warstory of ProjectPokemon.org and Shoddy Battle! Rules: Sleep Clause, Species Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Greencat (w/ no item) NeoDraven (w/ a quickly put together team)
  24. Ok, my current wiki project is a large one. I'm working on building a guide to all the places in pokemon sort of like Serebii's pokeearth. These pages would include a lot of information that of course is only obtained while in game and not using any other outside resource to build the page. It will cover detailed information on all the places a page for each place. This information should be listed by game so for example route 201 (my current page in the works) should have information for platinum, pearl, and diamond games. What is included in these pages? ~Place name ~How to get to place ~Pokemon that are in this place while walking around in morning, day, and nighttimes ~Pokemon that can be found using only the pokeradar ~Pokemon that can be found only when a certain GBA game is inserted into the GBA slot on the ds/lite ~Trainers in this place and pokemon ~Items Where I need help Everywhere, this is a big project for one person to take on alone. I was hoping to get people to handle certain routes or people to handle certain aspects of a page. Like a certain group of people will handle what pokemon can be found in the morning in platinum. Or people that do specifically the pokeradar pokemon. If you would like to offer your services PM me. What region to start with? Sinnoh is the current region to work on. Then we'll work back from there. However, sinnoh, in and of itself will be hard to complete and should take a while. The next region to work on will be hoenn but dont even bother with that. For now sinnoh. I will update this post when sinnoh gets completed. Questions? PM me if you have any questions or you want me to assign you a job. If you do help.... If you do help and decide to finish a route or notice a route is complete please PM me telling me it is complete so I can take it off of the list. Note: I will be doing other side things for wiki whenever I get like, a light bulb idea, so to speak but this will be my main focus. Please comment, and PM me with your questions and offers to help!
  25. For lack of a better name, I want to start what I'll call the Project Pokemon FAQ (frequently asked questions) System. It will be hosted on the main site, and all users will be expected to have checked it before asking questions. It should be searchable or at the very least easy to navigate. The goal is to provide a better experience for our members as well as cut down on repeated questions in the help forums. I'd like for this to be a community project for several reasons. I think having all of you involved will make for a more well-rounded list of questions, your input will make for more intuitive answering, and doing it myself or even between all 5 admins would just be too tedious. The purpose of this specific topic is to get your input and, eventually, your help building and maintaining this system. Please reply only if you have something valuable to contribute. The obvious point of discussion here is what questions/answers to include, but I'd like to put that on hold for a short while. Instead consider some of the following points: Technical aspects - How would the backend of this system work? Intuitiveness - What is the best way to structure this system so that users can find an answer without confusion? What is the most efficient way to ensure that users have checked the system before asking for help? That's all I've got for now; there's probably more though. Don't let what I've mentioned limit you; I want to hear any and all suggestions.
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