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Pokemon Colosseum: Poison Version 1.0.1

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Hello, Poison types are my favorite in Pokémon, and thanks to StarsMmd I was able to mod my favorite game to make all the Shadow Pokémon poison type.

Since there aren't enough poison types, the unevolved forms received stat changes so they can still perform well. They don't evolve so they have their own role. For example, the Nidorans are fast and have great attack, while their evolutions have more balanced stats.

I was still short of Shadow Pokémon so I made up new ones, like Umbreon, who is Dark/Poison since his sweat is poisonous.

The hack is tested and possible to beat.



-All the Shadow Pokémon are poison type.

-The unevolved Pokémon have updated stats. They don't evolve and the stat total is the same than their last form.

-"New" poison type Pokémon, some with modified textures.

-Slightly modified learnsets for few Pokémon.

-Shadow Pokémon are purified faster.

-Opposite teams are changed but bosses retrain the same strategies. Nobody uses poison type Pokémon except you, aside from the shadow ones. Mt. Battle and Battle Mode trainers are unchanged.

-Custom title screen and banner.

- *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso.


Quick summary of changes in the Pokémon you can have



  • Bulbasaur: Balanced stats
  • Ivysaur: Defensive role
  • Venusaur: unchanged
  • Beedrill: New ability -> Levitate, Stat buff: +20 Attack, +10 Defense, +10 Speed
  • Ekans: New type -> Poison/Dark. Support role
  • Arbok: New type -> Poison/Dark
  • Nidoran female: High special attack
  • Nidorina: Support role
  • Nidoqueen: unchanged
  • Nidoran male: High physical attack
  • Nidorino: Balanced stats
  • Nidoking: unchanged
  • Zubat: High speed and attack
  • Golbat: Defensive role
  • Crobat: unchanged
  • Oddish: Higher speed and Special attack
  • Gloom: Defensive role
  • Vileplume: unchanged
  • Paras: New type -> Bug/Poison, high speed and Special attack
  • Parasect: New type -> Bug/Poison, Stat buff: +10 Defense, +15 Sp. Attack, +10 Sp. Defense
  • Venonat: Bulky, high Special attack
  • Venomoth: New ability -> Levitate
  • Bellsprout: High offense
  • Weepinbell: Balanced stats
  • Victreebel: unchanged
  • Tentacool: High speed and Special attack
  • Tentacruel: unchanged
  • Grimer: Defensive role with good offense
  • Muk: unchanged
  • Gastly: High speed and Special Attack
  • Haunter: High speed and offense
  • Gengar: unchanged
  • Hypno: New type -> Psychic/Poison
  • Koffing: Physical defense and offense
  • Weezing: unchanged
  • Seadra: New type -> Dragon/Poison, Stat buff: +10 HP, +25 Attack, +5 Sp. Defense, +5 Speed
  • Spinarak: Better speed stat
  • Ariados: Stat buff: +20 HP, +20 Attack, +10 Sp. Defense
  • Umbreon: New type -> Dark/Poison
  • Gligar: New type -> Ground/Poison, New ability -> Levitate
  • Qwilfish: Stat buff: +10 HP, +10 Defense
  • Shuckle: New type -> Rock/Poison
  • Dustox: New ability -> Levitate, Stat buff: +20 HP, +10 Attack, +10 Sp. Defense
  • Shroomish: New type -> Grass/Poison
  • Breloom: New type -> Fighting/Poison
  • Torkoal: New type -> Fire/Poison
  • Roselia: Stat buff: +15 Defense, +20 Speed
  • Gulpin: Defensive role
  • Swalot: unchanged
  • Seviper: New type -> Poison/Dark
  • Cradily: New type -> Rock/Poison



Check out my other hacks:
logoredux.thumb.png.e1b554118acef098e632d97e78450d6e.png  logo.thumb.png.186dc6f07a279c24456e937e8dcfa817.pngsketchlogo.thumb.png.44be17d6e9d4cdb0e4bc4fde4731c799.png


Edited by JagGentlemann

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Fixed some Shadow Pokemon not having random natures and genders.

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