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  1. Version


    Disclaimers: Do not set the top screen menu to "Map and Team", this will break the game! This is a demo and does not contain the whole game yet. Gates to Infinity Demake is a project that aims to recreate Gates To Infinity in the form of an Explorers of Sky rom-hack. Made In celebration of GTI's 10th anniversary, this hack aims to recreate the original game as closely as possible with minor improvement along the way. With improvements such as more starters, faster text speed, improved graphics (very subjective), and reworked dungeons. This project is a work in progress and is constantly changing. Frequently Asked Questions: Is this hack complete? Not yet. While I plan to cover the entire game, It is currently just a demo for now. When will this hack be complete? Not for a while. It takes a lot of work to make rom-hacks, and considering how ambitious this hack is and that I'm only one person, it may take up to two years or more to complete. However, I will be updating the hack with more story and gameplay so be sure to check every so often. I also have a twitter where I'll tweet when major updates come out. How do I play this hack? You'll have to patch a clean US rom of Explorers of Sky in order to play this. You can use xdelta to patch the rom which come preinstalled with the download. After that, you can play it on any nds emulator or on an actual DS. Will this hack feature base-building Yes Some of the Pokemon are different species from the original game. Why? All gen 5 sprites for EoS are fan-made and many sprites don't exist yet for certain Pokemon. These are currently placeholders with whatever species is the most similar. If you find any bugs, issues, or have any suggestions, then feel free to ask me on the SkyTemple Discord: https://discord.gg/skytemple Special Thanks to TheKitchenSunk for helping with gameplay and balancing
  2. PRESENTATION Hello everyone! Here is the presentation of my rom hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heaven. I've always loved Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I was always frustrated by the lack of difficulty, and the fact that the game was finishable without using all the QoL offered by the game, like IQ, linked moves and other mechanics. After discovering SkyTemple, I tried to create my own rom hack, and finally get the game I always wanted to play. With Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heaven, you can expect : - Choose your difficulty - New starters and new Pokemon from generations 5 to 8. - New dungeons, boss battles and items. - The fairy type added. - Mega Evolution - Shiny Hunting - And other features. A secondary version "Explorers of Hell" also exists, and is available by joining the discord. This one has all the dialogues modified with dark humor, so if you are sensitive, I don't recommend you to play it. In this thread, I will present you some new features, you will also have some screenshots of the game, and you will have some data related to the game, like the list of legendary Pokémon that can be found with the mystery part/secret slab or the list of new attacks. First of all, I want to thank the whole SkyTemple team, this would not have been possible without their engine and hard work. I also want to thank the spriters without whom the new Pokémon could not have appeared in my game. Finally, I would like to thank Mond who generally helped me a lot in the creation of my rom hack. He also created his rom hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Alpha, I invite you all to go and see his project. Remember to talk to the Porygon2 in the game crossroad for a detailed list of spécial thanks. FEATURES AND NEW MECHANICS Random features : New gameplay mechanics : New Pokémon : New moves : MASTER PLAYER USEFUL DATA Pokemon shiny location : Location of Pokemon found with the Mystery Part / Secret Slab : All IQ Groups in Heaven and Hell (Thanks to Picalex) : Pokemon Locations (Thanks to Migo) : Général Guide (Thanks to Smash) : SCREENSHOTS : New title screen : New starters / partners : Examples of new boss battles : New shiny Pokémon : Master Player & Difficulties : Old PMD Games ref : Other Screens : SPECIAL THANKS Thanks to the spriters for making the portraits of the old and new Pokémon, as well as for the sprites of the Pokémon from generation 5 to 8 : Thanks to all the SkyTemple team and its community for their help, especially : Thanks to the beta testers for spotting the problems of the game, as well as for helping me with the dialogues : Thanks to Fke for designing the text box and the teams stats. Thanks also to all those I didn't mention. Thanks also to all those who followed the progress of the game and who supported the project since the beginning. It's thanks to your messages and your support that I had the motivation to work for several months on this game, so a huge thank you to you, and I hope you will like the result. DOWNLOAD & DISCORD You will need to patch a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky Explorer US rom. Avoid using savestates to apply future patches. In the file, you will have a tutorial to patch your rom. Joining the discord will be essential for your adventure. Indeed, you will find there the rom for Explorers of Hell, an active community, guides, information, news about the next updates, and especially: You can try the Master Player challenge! So think about joining us if you want to try the adventure! Here is the link : https://discord.gg/6QbPHYZDtg f
  3. Hi there I couldn't find a gameboy forum so im popping my post into GBA as its closest thing to it, so I'm planning on making a ROM hack probably very difficult due to it being gen 1 and not having a single clue about coding other than having the story of strangled red creepy pasta. The story of the fake game has always made me wonder what a game without the original characters would be like before red, before team rocket what would the main goal be in the story apart from the obvious ones we know given to us in the story. So yeah I'm basically calling for help if anyone knows decent tools i could use for making a gameboy hack with that might still be around from early 2000s? Many thanks.
  4. Version


    The first publicly available hack for Pokemon Battle Revolution, apparantly! (???) This hack modifies the stats and typing of Pokemon and moves to match up with those found in Pokemon Renegade Platinum, in the hopes of creating a cool way to do battles between players of that game. Documentation is included, with a step-by-step guide on how to import from your Renegade Platinum save via PKHeX. Comes as a .xdelta patch - use xdelta patcher to apply it to an unmodified US rom. Move names and descriptions are only updated in english as of right now.
  5. I know that GUMY art and others have pdf templates but I would rather download the sprites myself and make it , can someone tell me where to get the sprites like in GUMY art's video he used the professor oak's lab which had no objects how do I get that or how can I make that? If there a way to extract assets or tiles from the game itself(the game I am looking to extract from is Pokemon fire red or lead green) then Please help
  6. Hello everyone , I am working on a romhack of PMD Sky based on the 2021 rewrite of the "Explorers of Death" Creepypasta. The following screenshots are from what I have so far. Here is also a short video showcasing the hack: https://youtu.be/4SvShOFe41E And here is a download link for the cutscene demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UicUpgDEk5Wa-Kj-H7crvdiL3BCqU_zk/view?usp=sharing (please note that features which require ASM hacking have not been implemented yet)
  7. As we all know, if you want to migrate pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald to Gen4, you need to use Pal Park to migrate. You have to insert Diamon/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver into slot1 of NDS(L), and insert Gen3 cartridges into slot2. Then from the start menu of Gen4 game you can find an option to migrate pokemon from Gen3. What needs to be noted is that: 1.For jap/eng/fra/ita/ger/spa Gen4 rom, Gen3 rom must have the same language as Gen4 rom to migrate. 2.For kor Gen4 rom, it can migrate both from jap Gen3 rom and eng Gen3 rom. So is there anyway for Gen4 rom to migrate from any region of Gen3 rom? The following are several methods for Gen3 Region Unlock (Reading this Guide requires some basic knowledge of hexadecimal and RomHack experience): Method 1: Hack GBA Rom header (Emu or GBA flashcart) Principle: Changer the Language code of Romheader. Practice: Take jap Gen4 & eng Gen3 as an example. 1.Open the eng Gen3 with a hex editor, you can see ‘POKEMON RUBYAXVE’ at address 0xA0. Below ‘AXVE’ you can see ‘0x41’ at address 0xBD。 2.Change language code: Since jap Gen4 is where we need to receive pokemon, we should make eng Gen3 rom like jap Gen3 rom. The ‘E’ of ‘AXVE’ is language code, so we change it to ‘J’-‘AXVJ’. 3.Change header checksum: While ‘E’ changed to ‘J’, it hex value also changed from ’0x45’ to ‘0x4A’, which 0x45 + 0x5 = 0x4A. So we need to change header checksum at address 0xBD, let ‘0x41’ minus 0x5, which 0x41 – 0x5 = 0x3C. So change checksum from ‘0x41’ to ‘0x3C’. 4.After that, this hacked eng Gen3 rom can be recognized by jap Gen4 rom through emulator or flashcart. Here are other language code (note capitalization): Japanese-J, English-E, French-F, Italian-I, German-D, Spanish-S. Method 2: Hack NDS language value (Emu or NDS flashcart) Principle: Let the language values which NDS use for checking GBA rom all change to the values matching NDS language. Practice: Take jap Gen4 (Diamond) & eng Gen3 as an example. 1. Use CrystalTile2 to open Diamond rom, search for ‘AXVJ’, you can find several columns of similar characters, 5 Gen3 versions, and 6 languages. Versions: Ruby-AXV, Sapphire-AXP, Fire Red-BPR, LeafGreen-BPG, Emerald-BPE. Languages: Japanese-J, English-E, French-F, Italian-I, German-D, Spanish-S. Combine a total of 30 corresponding Gen3 game codes. The following analyzes the structure of this table, using ‘AXVJ’ as an example, every 8 bytes in groups: ‘41 58 56 4A 00 00 01 00’ The first 4 bytes are the Ascii code corresponding to ‘AXVJ’, and the second half only needs to pay attention to the 7th byte, ‘0x01’, here as the language value Japanese to judge. The correspondence of language values: Japanese-0x01, English-0x02, French-0x03, Italian-0x04, German-0x05, Spanish-0x07。 When the Gen3 cartridge is inserted, the NDS side compares the first 4 bytes of the game code with gba haeder, and when it finds a value that matches, it returns the 7th byte (language value), and only when the language value matches the language value of the NDS game, the Migration option will be opened. 2. According to the above, you can know that as long as all the language values returned by 30 game codes are changed to the language values of nds, then Gen 3 games in all languages are compatible. In this ezample, the Jap Gen4 (Diamond) needs to change all 30 language values to 0x01 Japanese. 3. After saving edit, you can make this Jap Gen4 (Diamond) recognize the Gen 3 cartridge in all languages. It should be reminded that in the Rom of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, these game code and language value are uncompressed, while in HeartGold/SoulSilver, this part of the content is compressed and cannot be directly searched to find, you need to decompress ‘overlay 9_0074.bin’ file (this file name is unpacked from CT2, the name may be different if you use other tools to unpack) to find the corresponding data, and after hacking, you also need to compress it. Method 3: Hack NDS asm code (Emu or NDS flashcart) Principle: Hack the function mechanism of Migration judgment. Practice: 1. At the beginning of the guide, it was mentioned that jap/eng/fra/ita/ger/spa Gen4 rom can only receive the same language of Gen3 rom, but Kor Gen4 can receive jap&eng of Gen3 rom. Therefore, there are essentially two Migration judgment mechanisms in Gen4 game. In Gen4 ROM, the file where the Migration judgment function is located is: Diamond/Pearl: overlay9_0083 Platinum: overlay9_0097 Heart Gold/Soul Silver: overlay9_0074 (1) Codes for Jap/Eng/Fra/Ita/Ger/Spa version (taking the pret project Eng HeartGold as an example): see this file and line number ‘/asm/overlay_74_thumb.s #L832’ (the following is the assembly code, If you don't understand it, you can skip it directly, see the description below). ——————————————————————————————————————— _0222767E: 0x0222767E 1C20 add r0, r4, #0 0x02227680 FF16F5F2 bl sub_0201A4B0 0x02227684 68A8 ldr r0, [r5, #8] 0x02227686 FF69F602 bl Pokedex_GetNatDexFlag 0x0222768A 2800 cmp r0, #0 0x0222768C D00B beq _022276A6 0x0222768E F99BF00C bl PmAgbCartridge_GetLanguage 0x02227692 4905 ldr r1, _022276A8 ; =gGameLanguage 0x02227694 7809 ldrb r1, [r1] 0x02227696 4281 cmp r1, r0 0x02227698 D105 bne _022276A6 0x0222769C FF98FF00C bl PmAgbCartridge_GetVersionInternal 0x0222769E 1C40 add r0, r0, #1 0x022276A0 6268 str r0, [r5, #0x24] 0x022276A2 FCE7F00E bl ov74_02236074 _022276A6: 0x022276A6 BD38 pop {r3, r4, r5, pc} .balign 4, 0 _022276A8: 0x022276A8 020F5670 .word gGameLanguage ——————————————————————————————————————— The code here roughly means about migration: 1) whether to obtain the national pokedex, if passed, go to 2, and if do not pass, ends; 2) Check whether the GBA Rom language value is equal and compare with the NDS Rom language value, if it is equal, go to 3, and if not equal, ends; 3) Check the GBA Rom version, which is displayed in the menu when migrate. (2) Codes for Kor version (taking the Kor HeartGold as an example, some function naming is modeled on the naming of the pret project) :(the following content is assembly code, if you can't understand it, you can skip it directly, see the description below). ——————————————————————————————————————— _0222807E: 0x0222807E 1C20 add r0, r4, #0 0x02228080 F9E2F5F2 bl #0x201a448 0x02228084 68A8 ldr r0, [r5, #8] 0x02228086 FBB3F602 bl #0x202a7f0 ;Pokedex_GetNatDexFlag 0x0222808A 2800 cmp r0, #0 0x0222808C D00D beq _022280AA 0x0222808E F9A1F00C bl #0x22343d4 ;PmAgbCartridge_GetLanguage 0x02228092 2801 cmp r0, #1 0x02228094 D003 beq _0222809E 0x02228096 F99DF00C bl #0x22343d4 ;PmAgbCartridge_GetLanguage 0x02228098 2802 cmp r0, #2 0x0222809C D105 bne _022280AA _0222809E: 0x0222809E F993F00C bl #0x22343c8 ;PmAgbCartridge_GetVersionInternal 0x022280A2 1C40 adds r0, r0, #1 0x022280A4 6268 str r0, [r5, #0x24] 0x022280A6 FCDFF00E bl #0x2236a68 _022280AA: 0x022280AA BD38 pop {r3, r4, r5, pc} ——————————————————————————————————————— The code here roughly means about migration: 1) whether to obtain the national pokedex, if passed, go to 2, and if do not pass, ends; 2) Check whether the GBA Rom language value is 1 (i.e. Japanese), go to 4 if it is equal, and go to 3 if not equal; 3) Continue to check whether the GBA language value is 2 (i.e. English), if it is equal, go to 4, and if not equal, ends; 4) Check the GBA Rom version, which is displayed in the menu when migrate. 2. So what we need to do is to change ‘if not equal, ends’ to ‘if not equal ,continue’ . In two cases above, you only need to change 0xD105 to 0xD1FF, that is, you only need to change one byte 0x05→0xFF. After that the region restriction will be unlocked. The following is a list of the addresses where 0x05 needs to be changed to 0xFF in each language version of Gen4 rom: Version language ROM address RAM address Assisted search code Diamond/Pearl Jap 0x0030169A 0x0223083A E0 04 24 00 E0 03 Diamond/Pearl Eng 0x002F1718 0x0222D6D8 (ibid) Diamond/Pearl Fra 0x002F1918 0x0222D8D8 (ibid) Diamond/Pearl Ita 0x002F1918 0x0222D838 (ibid) Diamond/Pearl Ger 0x002F1918 0x0222D898 (ibid) Diamond/Pearl Spa 0x002F1918 0x0222D8F8 (ibid) Diamond/Pearl Kor 0x002F2D1C 0x0222D83C (ibid) Platinum Jap 0x0038D918 0x0222A378 (ibid) Platinum Eng 0x0038F518 0x0222AF78 (ibid) Platinum Fra 0x0038F318 0x0222B158 (ibid) Platinum Ita 0x0038F318 0x0222B0D8 (ibid) Platinum Ger 0x0038F318 0x0222B118 (ibid) Platinum Spa 0x0038F518 0x0222B178 (ibid) Platinum Kor 0x0039051C 0x0222BE7C (ibid) HeartGold/SoulSilver Jap 0x00235D09 0x02226BD8 (ibid) HeartGold/SoulSilver Eng 0x00236B0E 0x02227698 (ibid) HeartGold/SoulSilver Fra 0x00236B10 0x022276B8 (ibid) HeartGold/SoulSilver Ita 0x0023670E 0x02227638 00 04 24 00 E0 03 HeartGold/SoulSilver Ger 0x00236910 0x02227678 E0 04 24 00 00 E0 HeartGold/SoulSilver Spa 0x00236B0F 0x022276B8 E0 04 24 00 E0 03 HeartGold/SoulSilver Kor 0x00237113 0x0222809C E0 04 24 00 E0 00 * Assisted search code is used in fan translated ROM which the address may changes to help find the location of the migration function and 0x05 more quickly. Method 4: Cheat code hack NDS asm code (Can use for Cartridge) Principle: Same as Method 3, but don’t need to change the ROM while this method change the RAM. Practice: 1. For codes of migration function will be loaded to RAM, so we can use cheat codes to edit RAM without edit ROM. It means we can apply this region unlock hack on Real Gen4 cartridges by using tools like Aciton Replay, NitroHax etc. (see video link Jap HeartGold migrate from Eng Emerald (Pal Park region unlock) ) I’ve made the region unlock codes written in Action Replay format for NitroHax and can also be used for emulator. You can download this file ‘cheats.xml’. Pal Park region unlock code: Diamond/Pearl: Platinum: HeartGold/SoulSilver: cheats.xml
  8. Version 1.15


    Pokemon didn't get harder, you got better. Challenge yourself to a Pokemon game where everything is different. Features A new type chart, balanced using an algorithm Hundreds of new moves, roughly 85% of moves have been altered 26 new regional forms + Alolan forms and more Physical/Special split Infinite use TMs More Shadow Pokemon than base Pokemon XD Updated typing, movesets, and abilities for almost every Pokemon in the game Updated outdated textures such as Rapidash's flames Huge thanks to Stars for his help, his amazing GoD tool, and for allowing Pokemon XG to serve as the foundation. Join the Gamecube Pokemon modding discord server here: https://discord.gg/aucXehNbwM Also thank you to r/SnappySkillz for their type balancing tool How to patch: Patch the file using NUPS if you are on windows, or Multipatch if you are on Mac into a clean Pokemon XD - Gale of Darkness (USA) rom. NUPS can be downloaded here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/606/ Multipatch can be downloaded here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/746 Also if you are playing on Dolphin I recommend the 60fps AR code: 004e6c35 00000002
  9. I can’t figure out how to use the trainer editor on PK3DS on ultra moon. Can somebody help me? I can’t change the Pokémon people have. In the picture it shows a mime junior but I can’t change it.
  10. Hello guys. This is my first post, and I'm very new to script. So, I want some help from you all. Question: What is a "CommonScript" I think this command should be related to some events/stories tbh. For example, "CommonScript 2036" and "CommonScript 2038" in script#1 of a Script File 842. (First ever event on overworld) It's the actual thing, see below Script 1: MecScript LockAll Movement Player Action#1 Movement Overworld.0 Action#2 WaitMovement CommonScript 2036 WaitTime 30 0x800C Movement Overworld.0 Action#3 WaitMovement TextPlayerName 0 GenderMessage 0 1 SetFlag 283 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 2 SetFlag 284 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 3 SetFlag 285 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 4 SetFlag 286 PlaySound 1418 WaitSound Message 5 CloseMessage WaitTime 15 0x800C Movement Overworld.0 Action#4 WaitMovement CommonScript 2038 SetVar 0x4106 1 ReleaseAll End As you see, after those two movements ended, a script will run "CommonScript 2036" obviously. And at the top of the bottom four line does "CommonScript 2038". Of course, I tried these commands for original event script but...It hasn't been worked. Now I have absolutely no idea how are they working. Anyway, thank you for watching my dodgy english writing and teeching me everything what you know
  11. Hello everybody! DISCLAIMER: As this is my first post ever on such community, try to give advices instead of imperative bashing or insults. No.2 DISCLAIMER: I won't be paying or compensating nobody in any way, I'm sorry. This is intended to be for fans, from fans, I don't know if I'm wrong or not but everyone can have his opinion. I have been playing some hack-roms recently and enjoyed quite all of them, especially those from none other than king Drayano himself, and I felt motivated to start my own project, centered on the figure of the Gen IV League's Champion, Cynthia. Since her past, except some main events, is covered in a mist of unknown, I feel like it is about time that it gets unveiled. But what about it, you may ask. Well, I have some major ideas that can be developed and further discussed with the help of who desires to join my efforts. the game will be centered in the region of Sinnoh, as there is where she has the only known relatives, being her grandparents and her sister the story will be sort of "usual stuff", as we know she had helped prof. Rowan just as the player does, but with some storyline-kickers she will start the game with a Gible, as to keep the usual 3-stages evolutionary line she will encounter the rest of her Platinum team as event Pokemons she will not battle the same old Gym Leaders, as it is unlikely that they remained the same (or maybe, she won't battle any at all) she will have some other major events that has to cover, being her interest on mithology and legendary Pokemons depending on debates among us, she will or will not face rivals or enemy teams wild Pokemons will cover Gen IV - VI, fairy types included, types nerfs (i.e. Steel), physical and special split, eventually even Megas the post-game isn't required, but any suggestions will be considered Who do I need? I am gonna need at least two or more persons to work on sprites, in and out of battle one or more persons to work on text one (or more?) person to work on cutscenes, some reworked and potentially some new one or more persons to join me on plot decisions (don't necessarly need to be others) Unfortunately, I am very very negated to all technical jobs, but if needed I'll try to cover what possible.
  12. The game is Pokémon SORS, a rom hack based on fire red. Briefly explain what happened: I accidently added 50 master ball into my bag without noticing. (via a cheat software) After 2 days of playing, I noticed that these 50 master balls were storied in HM/TM case, instead of balls' bag. Now every time I use a TM, the game is gonna crash. I tried to use A-Save and PKXDelta to remove the item but then the game would say this save file is corrupted and force to restart a new run. If i use PKHeX to fix the checksums, the game still says the save file is corrupted but it will run the backup save. Can anyone help me with my save file? I have no idea what to do about it, I even tried to edit it with a Hex editor 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).sav ↑ Here is my save file after i tried to fix with PKXDelta. 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).sav ↑ This is the game save file without me doing anything to it. I have no experience on editing pokemon's save file, so im assuming that the rom hack changed the block structure of the backpack, and changed the memory location for ball bag into the HM case. So the only thing I needed to fix this problem is to remove the item I added to this block, but I have no idea how to locate this part in a hex editor
  13. I plan on making a new story for the games, and a new story means much more than a few small text changes. I plan on doing much more. I also plan on making new forms of Pokemon, and customly changing battles. I would like help in the forms of beta testers, writers, general Pokemon fans, and people who have experience in the field of making custom textures for Pokemon. I changed a ton of text on my own time the other day, but I realized if I truly wanted this I would need much more help. I am new to making a lot of different won hacking but I believe I can do this with help.
  14. Cutting right to the chase, it seems whenever you enable regular (non important) trainers to do a Double Battle, one of the following 2 things will occur; A: If you talk to the trainer and start the battle, they will have no text and there will be a blank textbox, but apart from that it's fine. B: If they engage the encounter, the game freeze's in place, which is a softlock. I've heard multiple reasons why this occurs, but I want to know exactly what causes this so I can figure out a way to fix it. Also I'm assuming actually fixing this issue will most likely require a hex editing tool or something else complicated, so any tool recommendations? I'm absolute trubbish at hex code but I'll try my best (and also apologies if this topic is formatted incorrectly, this is the first time I've made one for this site). I don't think it matters, but the Emulator that I'm using for my Rom Hack is DeSmuME. Latest Version. And to clarify, the Rom is a USA Pokemon Black rom.
  15. If I wanted to compile PKHeX with the personal data of the pokemon from a GBA ROM hack, how would I go about doing so. Specifically pokemon clover v1.2.
  16. Title. This is with regards to editing things like move power, accuracy, effects, etc. Is this planned on being added in a future update of the tool? If not is there other means to do this with decrypted files?
  17. Firstly, I hope this is the right thread. I'm studying software development in school, and I want to get into ROM hacking. Eventually I'd like to make a full hack, but I figured I'd try to walk before I run. I want to try adding areas like hidden grottos to HGSS, then maybe work my way up to an oasis/hidden town of sorts. Does anyone know if this is possible? Can I use SDSME to make it happen, or am I going to have to get creative? I've tried to find info online and in these forums but can't find anything for gen4. It looks like AdvancedMap can be used for GBA title, which I COULD do, but Heart Gold is my favorite title. That's why I want to start there.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hello readers! Here is another file by me for rom hacking. It is a hybrid Parody of the Windows 8 Internet Explorer logo and the GBA e-Reader logo. As both things died out with a bad reputation, and are significantly different from this, I did no wrong. I also used a Public Domain Wikipedia version of Internet Explorer's Metro Logo, which I modded in GNU Inkscape with 2 simple polygons, (a circle and rectangle,) so as to resemble both logos as an allusion to the Mobile System GB, which had webmail ability. I feel that this makes a perfect joke, and I colored it to black to avoid robots falsely flagging it as copyrighted, when I made it using PD resources to resemble abandoned tech, therefore resulting in no legal trouble. It is in SVG vector format at 256x256, so it will need to be rasterized and recolored to blue to work in a hack before resizing. It cannot go as small as the original, but it is still able to go down to 32 or 64x instead of 16x. It also works at 1bpp, so use as you wish. I offer it as Public Domain under Creative Commons CC-0 PD Dedication. Use it for making distro cards, custom pokedex cards, DS homebrew for Lites with E-readers, and Gamecube Homebrew with anything you want on the cards. This will disclaim it from a real card due to its shape.
  19. I'd like to apologize first off if I'm posting this in the wrong area of the forum. If I'm doing anything wrong here, please either move this someplace that's worth it or just delete it and ding me however is needed. I understand. To my point, though, I'm totally new to the concept of ROMhacking, especially in ISOs like Gamecube titles. The closest I've come to experiencing it is that time when Starsmmd made Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen and I got that installed on my computer. That was a load of fun, and it made me wonder just what else could get cracked into. Thus my idea came to a childhood favorite guilty pleasure and admittedly-novel concept of Pokemon Channel. Y'know, that Pikachu TV-watching simulator that looked so babyish to you that you passed it up? Unless you lived in Europe and could get Jirachi by finishing the game? Well, I'd love to know if anyone's already worked on that or if I can be pointed in the right direction. It wouldn't be for anything big or expansive like exchanging Pikachu's model for Tyranitar or modding out cries or soundbytes or something. The absolute most I'd love to do is change text around when it's prompted, or be able to control the text boxes period. Like for a little personal machinima project that I'd love to at least take a look at. If anyone knows where I could start pulling threads in terms of codebreaking or hacking, please. By all means, be as blunt as possible in what I should do. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.
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