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  1. Has anyone found anyway to edit the type chart in SwSh?
  2. Thanks. Yeah it looks unclear what the differences correspond to, so I think I'll stick with modding raid rewards for item farming.
  3. Has anyone found a way to modify 1) Type matchups 2) Shop inventory and prices?
  4. Hey everyone! Attached is a step-by-step guide I made for editing moves! https://gamebanana.com/tuts/13737
  5. How do you open/extract WAZABIN files? Hey everyone, big update here. So using the information provided from the others in this thread, I figured out how to hex edit the move properties. Thus far I've been able to tweak base power, accuracy, PP, effect chance, type, physical/special, and priority. I haven't tested in-game yet, and it's a little confusing because the offset configurations can vary greatly from one move to the next. But once I know this works for sure I'll put a guide together. What I don't know is if animations are tied to the waza files for each move. In theory, you should be able to copy and replace files for each move and then tweak any of the above properties. But this only works if animations are tied to file name and not actually anything in the file. Will run some tests soon and report back.
  6. Much appreciated! Not having easy access to adding effects is definitely a bummer for now, but even the basics of BP, ACC, and effect chance are way more than enough to fix up some moves in dire need of a boost. Thanks alot! Are tweaking the hex values straightforward?
  7. Absolutely yes please! Tedious is way better than what we currently have which is nothing lol.
  8. As stated by others above, and sorry if this is pestering... but is there any sign to a Move Stats editor coming? Even a technical explanation would be nice, seeing as how it works for Let's Go and pretty much everything else in the game is editable just like previous games.
  9. One of the biggest things I'm hoping comes to PkNX soon is move editing like in previous gens (i.e., changing move Power, effects, etc). Has anyone had success hex editing so far? Are we close to making the process more streamlined?
  10. I know this feature's available for Let's Go, wasn't sure if it was in the work to work with Sword and Shield as well.
  11. PkNX doesn't allow editing moves in SwSh, is there another way to do this with decrypted files or will that be a feature eventually added?
  12. Title. This is with regards to editing things like move power, accuracy, effects, etc. Is this planned on being added in a future update of the tool? If not is there other means to do this with decrypted files?
  13. I've just gotten into ROM hacking, playing around with pk3DS in ultra sun. I notice that some moves have inherent effects that cannot be changed with the standard move editor, the main culprit being Mind Blown. I am trying to remove the 1/2 health recoil effect and it seems it's built in to the move's code. What is the best path forward if I want to change this?
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