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  1. I'd like to apologize first off if I'm posting this in the wrong area of the forum. If I'm doing anything wrong here, please either move this someplace that's worth it or just delete it and ding me however is needed. I understand. To my point, though, I'm totally new to the concept of ROMhacking, especially in ISOs like Gamecube titles. The closest I've come to experiencing it is that time when Starsmmd made Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen and I got that installed on my computer. That was a load of fun, and it made me wonder just what else could get cracked into. Thus my idea came to a childhood favorite guilty pleasure and admittedly-novel concept of Pokemon Channel. Y'know, that Pikachu TV-watching simulator that looked so babyish to you that you passed it up? Unless you lived in Europe and could get Jirachi by finishing the game? Well, I'd love to know if anyone's already worked on that or if I can be pointed in the right direction. It wouldn't be for anything big or expansive like exchanging Pikachu's model for Tyranitar or modding out cries or soundbytes or something. The absolute most I'd love to do is change text around when it's prompted, or be able to control the text boxes period. Like for a little personal machinima project that I'd love to at least take a look at. If anyone knows where I could start pulling threads in terms of codebreaking or hacking, please. By all means, be as blunt as possible in what I should do. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.
  2. Well, since I'm raising 30 or so mons all at the same time (in total for my full playthrough), around the time after I beat Blaine/Snattle, I used a hacking tool (basically called Pokemon GC Save Emulator) to give everyone 31 IVs, and distribute EVs to max everything out. I did it again for the 8 or so between that and Bruce/Gorrigan. For Mira, my Ludicolo, I gave her 252 special attack, 252 speed, and 4 special defense. The game eventually added in 2 Attack EVs because of who I ended up fighting I guess. But for some reason, in the save editor for Mira, Egg is checked. And when I tried unchecking that and saving, it just seemed to come back. It only shows she's an Egg in the Pokemon party menu, not in the PC or when you look at her stat screen. I can't use her in battle, leveling her up with a Rare Candy doesn't help, and I'm scared of having to start all over again.
  3. And another thing that kinda just popped up on my game. Recently I've been using this save-checker my friend recommended to me (he was using it himself to raise all his XG mons perfectly with perfect IVs and EVs), and during this second playthrough I figured why not do that myself. So I've been doing it, and all of a sudden, my Ludicolo's turned into...I think it's a Bad Egg. I can't use her in battle, she doesn't gain experience from Exp. Share, and I can't get rid of Surf. I thought it was an issue with the wrong layouts for EVs, but they're still all right. It had an "egg" indication checked, but I unchecked it and put the file back in. Still Bad Egg. To anyone who would know and still reads this, how would I fix such a thing? I don't want to break the game with this, I just wanted an easier time...
  4. Hi again, Stars. I just finished the game (at least the main story), and now that I've finally finished it, I decided to do a non-stream quick run-through of the game. I did not realize (since I didn't save at the right time, or I overwrote that save from being so salty at the time) that Commander Ray had TWO Shadow mons, one a Sneasel and the other a Carvanha. That Carvanha you said I would find with Mirror B eventually? NEVER showed up again. For the entirety of the playthrough. Only ever got the Sneasel. But sweet holy CHRIST I must've been crazy or something, or the game just glitched up for that fight. But this time, I CAUGHT the damn thing, so I can finally do this game proper. Sorry for such a random update on the subject, but I FINALLY finished this thing and had an epic ending. Thanks again for making this, and here's hoping 0.9.8 is even better this time.
  5. I actually didn't, I don't think...no, I just checked. I hacked off bits and pieces of my streams for intro videos but I guess I didn't have any fond memories of that loss to save it, and most likely it's gone from Twitch by this point. I still have the Report though, showing Carvanha as "Snag Failed." Suddenly I regret making that last reply before I had to go to work, because there were SOME other things you may or may not be aware of that just came back into my mind that I dunno if you have any power over, but would be interesting to note. For one thing, the Realgam Tower seems to have some strange bug in the room that causes the screen (at least on the emulator) to go widescreen, as in the screen just shortens in height for some undisclosed reason. It's when I go down the steps and walk around. Cause menus or boxes to pop up, and boom it's okay again for that brief moment. Even while going through, say, your Pokemon screen. And another thing, I just remembered in my last exploit concerning Skyla's second battle that something peculiar happened. Probably happened earlier but this was the most prominent time I can remember. After knocking out her team and whittling her down to 2 shadow mons, I chucked as many balls as I could. I caught one, then I caught the other, thinking that she didn't have any more. Lo and behold, after she was down to 1 shadow mon earlier, she sends out the THIRD member of the trio and her THIRD Shadow mon. I'm assuming that was something that had to do with where the Pokemon were in opposing party slots. It's hard for me to describe. Best I can do is that I think the game was tricked into thinking she was in a single battle and you were in a double battle, since it shifts back to single if that side has no more Pokemon to send out (the mon jumps to the middle of their field). There's also a weird bug in that no matter who else I target for something like Clefairy's Heal Pulse, it never affected anyone but itself. Target the enemy? Clefairy regained health. Guessing that's lumped in there with all the "engine is incapable of replicating" stuff. ...and literally just now, while grinding my mons a little, a Forretress used Thunder Wave on my Volt Absorbing Jolteon and somehow got through to paralyze it. That's like...literally-just-happened territory. And also off the top of my head, Wobbuffet should not be allowed to use Protect! That's pretty much it though on my petty niggles. I hate sounding negative when I still like it, but y'know...constructive.
  6. O_O ...you watched my stream...he watched my stream...I...this is...holy crap...I am not worthy... Yeah, after losing to Blaine like twice while playing 0.9.1 and realizing you updated a LOT, I started the whole file over again on a newly-patched 0.9.7. Thank you very much for watching me, in all seriousness. If I can just contemplate without ever looking AT the data, I'm guessing that the trigger for losing the chance to catch the Pokemon isn't directly linked to the Pokemon itself. Meaning that...like...say I caught a Zigzagoon, it'd trigger all the stuff following including saving my catch and going through the routine of party or PC. The thing is, I think it's some sort of if/then/else kind of thing. If "Pokemon" is caught, then "Pokemon" goes through basic catching protocols after battle. Else, run another protocol involving this placeholder. What I'm trying to get across is, it's not grabbing data correctly and there's some piece in there that still thinks it's a Sneasel. Then again, I'm not the coder; I tried taking C and C++ and scraped through both with....well a C. Insert rimshot here I guess. Honestly I'm surprised you were able to do what you did considering switching around battle animation protocols and such. I think someone up above mentioned a thing about certain animations being pause-heavy. First thing to come to mind is my Houndoom's Nasty Plot taking a moment to camera-target himself before boosting. Hell, I'd love to suggest certain things to slip into 0.9.8 if possible. Like No Guard (though with this setup you'd just have to give Machamp all-new moves with 100% accuracy and that's not genuine...plus that'd take forever), or Lightningrod being a clone of Flash Fire, or maybe some reacharound that changes Light Ball to boost physical attack as well as special attack. Either way...seriously, thank you for keeping up with my streams. Due to personal events, I'm probably not gonna be streaming till the end of the month. Like literally the 31st. But I really do appreciate the attention. And I will gladly play through the whole game again if I have to for this patch to work. It's been a trip.
  7. Hello Stars. I'll be totally honest, I made this account just to talk to you. I had heard about this project from the moment it was posted here (from a good friend), and ever since then, I've fallen for it hook line and sinker. It's legitimately a great mod. After starting to get used to stuff like the Gen VI metagame and Kaizo Blue, I started wishing vanilla Pokemon would have a better challenge. And here it is. I'll admit, the game is sincere amounts of wish fulfillment, what with Wild Flare and Short Circuit and the like, but so many other things are in it that make me excited to catch and purify a new Pokemon and see just what strange new skills you give us next. I've been streaming the game for my friends trying to look all professional-like, and by doing so I've actually been catching and raising a LOT of Pokemon. I think my count right now (just beat Skyla's second battle) is 32? I purify and use each boss's Pokemon, as well as the starters, 4 of the 5 Eeveelutions, a Pikachu (Thank you for the light ball batch btw), and several little odds and ends. And a Suicune. Have you noticed I love to ramble about this game? The name changes are a bit hit-and-miss for me. Some names like Ash feel like low-hanging fruit, but I do appreciate the effort you went through to try and make it more normal-sounding. That said, for the 0.9.7 patch at least, I can list a few major bugs that specifically bugged ME. -For one thing, I'm the one idiot guy who lost to the Commander with the Carvanha. HOWEVER, when he beat me, I noticed that the text said "SNEASEL fled somewhere," instead of the Carvanha. So I'm pretty sure that means Carvanha's literally lost forever. I know, because I caught the Sneasel, and I do remember him having a Sneasel in the .9.1 version of the game. So if no one said that earlier, it may be time to patch that along with battle bingo (seriously, take your time on this, we're loving the game so far as you can tell). -Second, there's a few moves that I feel are a bit peculiar in execution. I'm guessing you had to copypaste a bunch of data and code over from one attack to the next, then fiddle with it as you needed to, that's totally understandable. But I wish there was a way for you to copy something from, say, Diamond and Pearl, over to XG. Namely, how attacks work in that game compared to what you've cobbled together over here. Sucker Punch is rather OP in that it'll attack no matter what move the target does. I know because the Snagem boss KO'd my Chansey while she was setting up a Reflect. And that just kinda got on my nerves. The other stuff involving Pixilate or Prankster or Refrigerate, I understand why it's flawed, because the engine probably can't replicate that and you HAVE to make new Hyper Voices or Body Slams. Besides that, I honestly can't think of anything that really annoys me. There's the fact that Discharge and Bulldoze don't hurt the ally, but really I've taken that and rolled with it. I haven't tried that many combinations, I'll admit, despite the large amount of mons I'm raising. But really, I'm just happy this game's as satisfying as it is. Thanks, Stars. Thanks for the awesome nostalgia trip.
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