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  1. For gen 3-5 you would have to restore your save to a legit cartridge and use the official method. For gen 6-7 you would still need to use the official method, but it can be a cartridge or digital copy. I do not think it will ever be possible to transfer directly from pc to home.
  2. I was wondering if anybody new of an alternative to this or was willing to port it windows. Thanks in advance.
  3. Under SAV tab, in event flags make sure "seabreak path appeared" is checked and "shaymin (flower paradise) disappeared" is un-checked.
  4. You can try posting the save here. Maybe some kind soul is able to see what went wrong with the save and attempt to fix it. @theSLAYER Are you willing to check this out if op posts their save.
  5. You can save the text in the spoiler to a .txt file and just change the file extension to .lua
  6. Did you power off your system before removing the sd card?
  7. Wish Chansey is an event pokemon so, it doesn't follow the usual algorithm.
  8. I'm pretty sure the only way to get a surfing pikachu in gen 4 is via the pokewalker. The pokemon from the pokewalker had an extremely restricted PID range, so I don't think they could be shiny. I'm not sure about the IV's though.
  9. 3ds.hacks.guide has an easy to follow step by step tutorial for installing cfw
  10. Sabresite said they're on the github, so you have to goto the github to download them for now. @theSLAYER would you mind adding these to the downloads section.
  11. You can ignore that message if you don't care about legality, which I assume you don't mind too much since you said it was for personal use.
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