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  1. Simple question about PIDs

    So for Wurmple if the PID in hex ends in 0-7 I believe it'll evolve into silcoon, 8+ for cascoon. In regards to changing the pid after minor edits; it not necessay. IV's and nature are unrelated to PID, starting this generation (Gen 5). In regards to shininess if you don't care about traded status just click get shiny id in the OT/Misc tab
  2. I'm pretty sure there's a method to bruteforce, i would ask around on the irc see if anyone there can help you.
  3. There should be guides on how to decrypt on gbatemp. After that's done just load it into pkhex and export main to get a save usable by most homebrew save managers
  4. If a pokemon has a move upto index 373 it should simply notify the player thats viewing the pokemon's move page in its summary, or selecting the move in battle, (in a game thats not gale of darkness) will most likely cause the game to crash. I'm not saying out-of-bounds moves should be selectable from the combobox, just that they not be deleted automatically. If a player has the knowledge to add such moves to their pokemon manually they shouldn't be penalized for opening the pokemon in an editor. My reason being it's completely possible to trade said pokemonto as well as migrate to dpp via palpark without problems. For example i migrated my machoke that i taught "shadow rush" {via the emerald exclusive "any tm/hm teaches x move" AR Code), to diamond and it showed up as gravity (the move with index 356 in dpp) after I caught it in palpark. I was also able to trade a mewtwo that I taught "Shadow Rave" (index 361) to with no problems.
  5. TM/HM Error

    I used a code to get all tm/hm then manually removed the hms with ppseds.
  6. TM/HM Error

    When editing my pokemon diamond save; I went to edit items, and got an "unrecognized item Item ID 65535 Item is after hm06" dialog box about six times (pressing ok each time caused another to draw) when trying to save the changes get an error Save Attached
  7. Ability error

    when loading an emerald save rayquaza displays tangled feet as ability 1 and 2
  8. not a valid encounter

    lv5 route 101
  9. Question concerning editing save files

    there's ppse (a.k.a. pokesav ds) by Chase-san for use on a flash card. But I haven't heard of any for use on phones.
  10. HG/SS Restrictions?

    If your editing a narc file there shouldn't be any problems like those you listed as long as you extract the sub files. Narc files have a header indicating the size of each file within.
  11. Pokemon Emerald - How can I convert raw VBA codes to AR?
  12. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Yes, I did it myself, but I'm not sure everyone else has the know how.
  13. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    I would reccomend changing the internal game code and name so that this can be played alongside the origonal on a wii using wiiflow
  14. ROM Editing Capabilities

    Sorry, can't help you there. Not that I know of, but then again I'm more into the ram side of the games. The reason for the FireRed guides is because there were several expansive romhacks using firered as a base. If all else fails, try asking around gbatemp.
  15. ROM Editing Capabilities

    You Should be able to do most of that with this, text editing with this. Map editing: here, battle frontier: here. models can be replaced with ppre iirc.