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  1. I don't think z-moves have existed in the same game as mega evolution so it would be quite an arduous task just to add either to a game where the other already exists.
  2. I believe "level scripts" are just the scripts associated with each map. You should be able to use ppre to edit them for dppt. As for documentation, I believe the project pokemon wiki has the info you need.
  3. Please post the pk5 here so we can take a look.
  4. Click edit to the right of TM/HM Choose the ones you want click save go back to main window Click export code check the box for tm/hm click save save it to your desktop with some name open the generated xml file copy everything from "94000130" to "d2000000 00000000" inclusive paste code in emulator code section. DO NOT open your save with it.
  5. I don't know the specifics of how, but I know it does in fact change the PID as necessary to retain non-shinyness. I'm pretty sure, as you experienced, it only changes a single bit.
  6. you can use pokesav to create a code for a custom tm/hm loadout.
  7. Basically you would need to do extensive edits, because in order to guarantee shinies that are transferable to other games you would need to call the rng until a shiny pid occurs
  8. Please upload the pk4 so we can take a look at it.
  9. There are plenty of saves in the downloads section for you to choose from.
  10. The part in brackets should be replaced with the actual name of the person. I did it like that because I'm not sure who ripped them.
  11. I'm pretty sure the models on this site are ripped directly from the game, so I think if you put something along the lines of "Thanks to [whoever ripped the models] for ripping the models from the game" you should be good
  12. You could try using the RTC reset function and set it to an absurdly high time (10000+ days).
  13. Here's a bunch from the downloads section with various starter and skin tone choices.
  14. Just wanted to add that I'm pretty sure Suicune's stats are generated way before you ever encounter it. If it's not shiny the first time you encounter it, it never will be. I could be wrong though
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