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  1. According to PokeGen which is my goto for gen 4 pokemon editing there are several dozen across all methods documented at the the time of it's most recent release. (there is no way i'm typing all that into a spreadsheet :P) AFAIK method 2 and 3 are common to emulators and have basically never been confirmed on og hardware. for more info check this smogon writeup
  2. @theSLAYERI think this should be moved to the PkHex forum.
  3. So the backup save slot can be populated.
  4. The game needs to be saved at least twice in order for pkhex to recognize it. Also GLDAAUE is just the internal cart identifier.
  5. Have you tried opening the edited save in pkhex after exporting it to check if the changes are seen by it? Did you make sure to click save in the items window?
  6. I don't think that feature existed in gen 4 or 5. Gen 3 yes (Record mixing). Gen 6 Definitely (pss).
  7. You might need to enable gen 2 tradeback moves when loading a gen 1 save
  8. I don't know of anything for LGPE or GO. Gen 1 is RBY, 2 is GSC, 3 is RSEFRLG, Gen 4 is DPPHGSS, Gen 5 is BWB2W2. LGPE is considered Gen 7.
  9. For gen 1 and 2 you can use pikasav. For gen 3 you can use a-save by kazowar. For gen 4 and 5 you can use pokegen by codr. All of which are available in the downloads section. If you want to edit more than pokemon and items I don't think their is anything public to do so except a mystery gift injector for gen 3.
  10. The term you're looking for is "recursive scan" @Kaphotics Any chance you could implement a toggle?
  11. Looks good to me. EDIT: You'll want the first 4 bytes which is the first 8 characters.
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