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  1. That .sav file is encrypted you need to use a save manager like checkpoint to decrypt it.
  2. @theSLAYER Care to comment on this?
  3. Youcould try that. I'm not sure what else you can do except start a new game, then use the block importer to transfer plot flags into the new save, then move all your pokemon.
  4. VBA has been known to screw with the RTC function. There should be an option to disable the RTC in VBA which might help.
  5. @Demonic722 @DeadSkullzJr Can either of you help this poor soul out?
  6. I meant the legality checker says it should be met at zero. Once again sorry for not being clear.
  7. I guess I wasn't being clear. Pkhex says mine shoud be met at 0 )not sure why). that's why I put the quotes.
  8. The thing i can view ythe initial record game saved 16.7m times(0xFFFFFF) but if i go to select another record that is when i get the error i posted
  9. Pkhex does have the option it is in the SAV tab under event flags
  10. heracross caught in fr pattern bush "should be" met at lv 0. Plesse ignore encounter/PID mismatch was playing on an emulator 214 - HERACROSS - 1462DCC15DB0.pk3
  11. The save has had extensive AR abuse so alot of data is/was 0xFF'd most of it was automatically corrected by pkhex but the records seem to have all been set to 0xFFFFFF
  12. After you set the rom, click maps. Below where you select the map there is a tab for scripts.
  13. I think OP means the contents of the balls. that data is stored in the script table for each map iirc.
  14. The save should be 128 kb for some reason yours is 136
  15. That is the starter from let's go pikachu
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